LORNA SHORE - "Cursed to Die" Broke My Brain

  • Опубліковано 26 лип 2022
  • @Lorna Shore did it again! EXCEPT they slapped me around with BOTH Breakdowns AND Solos!!
    LORNA SHORE - "Cursed to Die" Broke My Brain
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    Special thanks:
    The Band for making this awesome music
    Every one of you guys watching this now
    I love yall! :)


  • MatTheMetalHead01

    Lorna Shore has been killing it right now and it shows, definitely in my top 5 favourite bands as of now and their musicianship is unparalleled. So looking forward to their new album in October 🤘🤘

  • TruePatriotGaming

    Every Lorna Shore song since To The Hellfire has made me feel like I could crush a planet with my bare hands. But this one makes me feel like I could crush a universe with my teeth.

  • Simon Heinrich

    This might be their best song with Will Ramos so far. They show that they are more than just breakdowns, crazy rythms, smeagol voices and just brutal stuff. This song has some kind of old school Melodic Death Metal vibe which I really love. I really, really hope that they can deliver more songs this good or even better. So far one of the best modern extreme metal bands right now.

  • Mr T. Rex
    Mr T. Rex  +23

    Will is the breath of fresh air this band needed. These guys are on a totally different level. The amount of talent is mind numbing

  • Daniel Powers

    Lorna Shore are in their Midas touch phase. Everything they produce is just perfect.

  • Rob Durfee

    Pain Remains tracklist

  • Stacey Baldridge

    I think having watched interviews with Will (Tea Time with Elizabeth- The Charismatic Voice, for instance) makes listening to Lorna Shore THAT much better. His sweet, bubbly, totally east coast chill personality are in direct contrast to his performance presence. He brings such intensity to such heavy music, but somehow is such a light, cheerful person. The first couple times I listened to Lorna Shore, it was just too much. But now having engrossed myself in it, I just giggle and smile, and can’t wait until October.

  • Jacob Brown

    The breakdowns are perfect, right in he friggin sweet spot, not long, not to short, just perfect, and they’re ALWAYS CRUSHING!

  • TJ Whitfield

    Man blows me away after finding you when you just discovered Metallica and Slipknot and were skeptical even back then and now you're listening to Lorna Shore with ease. Big proud.

  • Bill Gates

    These guys just keep getting better, extraordinarily melodic.

  • the3rdthorn

    Lorna shore is a bit more heavy than the stuff I normally listen to like Iprevail or something along those lines. But will Ramos is so insanely talented that I can’t help but love it

  • Lil Monk Monk

    I could be completely wrong, but my theory is this song is part 2 to Sun//Eater. If you look at the track list for Pain Remains, this song comes after Sun//Eater and it flows perfectly into Cursed to Die. It might also explain why the beginning sounds so similar to Sun//Eater (haven’t looked at the lyrics yet, just going based on music)

    ARCULOS  +6

    One of the things I love about the new singles is that they’ve done a great job at making Pain Remains more of a soundscape instead of just an album title. Every track so far has a consistent sound that seems to me like it will carry over through every track on the album

  • BcuzOf4reasons

    They're one of the/if not THE best deathcore band out there right now. Not a lot of bands can make deathcore sound that brutal but so emotional.

  • user1986

    This song stands out so much,... not over using breakdowns to rely on.. a goddamn euphoric melody line,.. pretty happy feeling.... I think this is the best song yet

  • Joseph Brehm

    Will is something special for this band his vocal is so clean

  • Renske -

    There is NO band that can compete with Lorna Shore. Really. Normally I don't really like Deathcore but THIS. Oh My God. I love the symphonic sounds in combination with absolutely everything. I can't wait to see them live next month.

  • kayla4702
    kayla4702  +26

    Ugh!! I'm stoked about this new song and that guitar is unreal. I've honestly been falling asleep to them sometimes at night, it can be calming lol.

  • Ridik 125
    Ridik 125  +32

    Bro Lorna shore has been killing it lately they've actually been my intro to death metal also love you Alex been with since the early days

  • Kartunga

    Definitely my favourite band on earth. Far beyond all others. This Melodic Deathcore thing is the best ive ever heard