How Rie and Alvin Make Egg Fried Rice At Home

  • Опубліковано 6 кві 2021
  • Rie and Alvin show you how they make perfect fried rice at home.
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  • TheFatCat
    TheFatCat Рік тому +4

    Rie's method of adding alcohol to everything she cooks still stands true.

  • Zheng
    Zheng Рік тому +2

    Rie's technique is call "gold over silver" where as Alvin is using "silver over gold". It all comes down to when the eggs are cooked/added. Gold over silver is usually more technical when done in the pan, but Rie's hack of premixing egg and rice before hitting the pan is a nice workaround.

  • Shravya Boggarapu
    Shravya Boggarapu Рік тому +614

    When Rie is explaining Japanese para para ... My brain instantly translates it into Indian name for it. The description was so perfect 😂

  • Bhavini Gourishetty
    Bhavini Gourishetty Рік тому +904

    Rie: flips rice. Two grains of rice come out of the pan

  • Sleepyramyeon
    Sleepyramyeon Рік тому +2

    Rie’s used pan looks better than my one month old pan...

  • Shōra Space Ch. / 小良の「空間」

    I see Rie in the thumbnail of making fried rice, my first thought was "ahh.. there's no way Rie will add some alcohol into her dishes, right? Since it's fried rice and it doesn't need alcohol"

  • chenie_derp
    chenie_derp Рік тому +502

    Alvin's version is called Yangchow fried rice in my country, that Chinese Sausage is the important part and I love it. He's right it's definitely sweet, not like any other sausages.

  • Spiverse
    Spiverse Рік тому +2

    Alvin says he needs a lot of fried rice.

  • Afreen B
    Afreen B Рік тому +56

    I'm going to use "para-para" to describe my fried rice from now on. Thank you Rie for teaching us Japanese words and phrases! Haha

  • Molly’s Cozy Kitchen
    Molly’s Cozy Kitchen Рік тому +42

    I made Rie's fried rice with a couple substitutions: shallots instead of onions and celery leaves instead of scallions (because I didn't have scallions). It was absolutely incredible. Super flavorful and succulent, not at all mushy or oily. I highly recommend it and I will 100% be making it again.

  • Le Nhat Anh
    Le Nhat Anh Рік тому +849

    "Treat every grain of rice like a steak"

  • RyllenKriel
    RyllenKriel Рік тому

    How can anyone not like this channel? Beautiful video! Everyone should love fried rice!

  • Avika Rahim
    Avika Rahim Рік тому +11

    I tried Alvin's recipe today, but replaced the sausage with shrimps, and it tasted incredibly delicious!! My friends enjoyed it a lot too. Additionally, I added some oyster sauce and Ponzu sauce and it was incredible!

  • asa0.0hikun
    asa0.0hikun Рік тому +9

    i always do Rie’s technique of mixing the egg with rice before cooking!! Wow i didn’t think it was a right thing to do!! 🤧💓

  • Sarah Miller
    Sarah Miller Рік тому +1

    This is perfect. I love making fried rice but I know it's pretty mediocre, so it's fascinating to see how Rie and Alvin make it and how different techniques can still make tasty results!

  • Rebelle Nomad

    After seeing 3 videos from Alvin's channel, I certify him a Food Artist 🎨 He has ICON Status. Salute Alvin!

  • Zuhaili Yahya
    Zuhaili Yahya Рік тому +600

    it’s like every egg fried rice video is going to be judge by Uncle Roger 😂😂😂

  • chaaangster
    chaaangster Рік тому +16

    Would love to see Inga’s version of fried rice

  • Ishigami Senpai
    Ishigami Senpai Рік тому +1

    Egg Fried Rice videos:

  • Ayumi S

    The method they use is correct in their own way. I’m Japanese, I once tried Rie’s way - mixing egg and rice beforehand, but I felt that method suits if you have a large pan, not my small pan, because you want to cook it with single layer like Rie does in the video. So I went back to my way - cook egg halfway, remove it to side, fry everything else, and add the egg back to the pan at the end. egg can be cooked while it’s off heat slowly, and I can get fluffy texture which I look for :)