Unsolved Mystery of Herobrine

  • Опубліковано 28 лип 2020
  • Herobrine, the evil creature of Minecraft. Is Herobrine real? Where did Herobrine come from? Has Herobrine ever been in Minecraft, and will he ever be? Is there any proof? This is, the Unsolved Mystery of Herobrine.
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    Herobrine has and probably always will be Minecraft's greatest evil villain. If Steve is Minecraft's best friend, Herobrine is it's enemy. Herobrine has been talked about time and time again, but no one has really gone into too much detail. This video goes into details about his origins, if he is real or fake, where it all started, and some interesting mysteries involving him.

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  • Abdul Alsalay
    Abdul Alsalay 2 роки тому +6

    Theory: Herobrine is just George looking for his glasses

  • Len
    Len Рік тому +2

    Imagine if you were randomly given an achievement called “herobrine”

  • Devesh Chak
    Devesh Chak Рік тому +3

    Theory: George is Herobrine with goggles covering his eyes.

  • Linearity
    Linearity  +280

    As a coder my self, the weird world elements are due to generation. The reason why bad had the village in his house because of corruption and land features

  • Emin Junior
    Emin Junior Рік тому +1

    I didn’t think a cube game would be this scary

  • Isaiah Null

    I remember this one time I joined my friend's survival world. I've played for a couple years, so I wasn't too experienced. I went to the local branch mine, obviously at level 12, looking for a diamond to make a jukebox. At the time, I finally had all of the music discs. Our mine was very large. (about 5x5 in a tunnels length) Then the mine started shrinking to a 2x2 level. I thought "Jake" was shrinking the mine so he could mine longer distances faster. So I kept going, eventually finding a diamond that hasn't been mined. Returning to

    HOLY CRUSADER 2 роки тому +2

    Plot twist: herobrine is just badboyhalo without his robe

  • Oakley Neaves
    Oakley Neaves Рік тому +823

    This genuinely brought back up my fear of herobrine. I'm strictly playing older versions now.

  • Holmat1
    Holmat1 Рік тому +982

    My theory about herobrine: Herobrine was meant to be a “work in progress” enderman. Teleporting once you saw him. He wasn’t doing anything else. Also if he was supposed to be an enderman, maybe he just didn’t had a model yet, so mojang used steve model. Maybe it just couldn’t have entirely same model, so they changed it by giving him white eyes. Maybe it’s supposed to be the skin of the player. That would explain the same thing as when you login to your account and connect to “yourself” (two minecrafts, same accounts) I tried it myself and it was very and I mean VERY glitchy. I couldn’t see the skin of the other account (even tho they were both the same accounts)

  • boondock_cobra

    I like how everyone naturally moves around when they're just talking

  • Joyful Julienne

    Plot Twist: George only wears those glasses because he has to hide his eyes since he is “Him”

  • Baby Fonic

    The scary thing is... A long time ago on a brand new world I was in creative mode and well... I saw a cross made of some block of the nether. But with red torches and fences on it. I didn't play for a week straight lmao

  • The Stickopia
    The Stickopia 2 роки тому +34

    There should be an achievement called “saw herobrine” and it’s given to you randomly

  • Altair Kapasi
    Altair Kapasi Рік тому +479

    It's always good to look back at Dream's unsolved series, the series that arguably made Dream. Look at what he's become now...

  • Idk
    Idk Рік тому +426

    Dream should really start this series up again, I get it's hard to balance with manhunt, meetup's, and everything else but i rlly wish he would start it back up.

  • Edrian Luna

    What if all those cave sounds or eerie noises we can hear underground was connected to Herobrine and mojang would later add Herobrine as a rare mob or something in future updates? Guess we'll never know.

  • Nocturnal Owl
    Nocturnal Owl Рік тому +460

    This video brought back my childhood fear. Whenever I played single player and I was mining, and the cave sounds played (that weird ass violin or whatever) I would literally back up into a wall and then cover myself with cobblestone to hide. Or I would give myself creative and fly out of there, I hated the mine shafts

  • D_stelthE _1

    He's not in the Nether if he is somewhere. They added the message later in 1.16.2 or .3 or something, but it's 1.17 that stopped it. If he did add himself back in, he's in the caves, and it's the same for 1.18 & 1.19. All of the updates have something to do with caves, and the Caves and Cliffs is the first to not remove him. It's a hint.

  • Gard Kop
    Gard Kop 2 роки тому +39

    Everybody gangsta, until the cave sounds start playing

  • s t a r l i g h t

    Sapnap: Minecraft's not like a scary game