This Ball is Impossible to Hit

  • Опубліковано 27 тра 2023
  • I think next season's rules will include some revisions.
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  • Mark Rober
    Mark Rober  День тому +4206

    Welcome to your LEAST BORING SUMMER EVER! Come join me at Camp CrunchLabs all summer long-

  • MLW Wiffle Ball
    MLW Wiffle Ball День тому +27135

    Was a blast playing with you Mark!! Unreal experience.

    • METHAP r
      METHAP r День тому +501

      He too cool for humanity

    • Primus54
      Primus54 День тому +476

      I had no idea there was a MLW. Totally awesome. I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest Mark’s contraptions might have been a bit of a stretch of your rules. 😂

    • FerreTime
      FerreTime День тому +122

      Mallards bringing it home this year
      Quack ATTACK

    • Instant
      Instant День тому +61

      Mark is truly the best WiffleBall player

    • OfficialChannel
      OfficialChannel День тому +31

      It really is unreal

  • Coulson in Tahiti
    Coulson in Tahiti День тому +1732

    Mark: Baseball.
    Mark five minutes later: ASTRONAUT WRENCHES

    • Emanuel Lopes
      Emanuel Lopes 21 годину тому +38

      being a nasa engineer really messed his head

    • Joshua Tallman
      Joshua Tallman 18 годин тому +8

      @Emanuel Lopes it didn't mess up his head he just uses his knowledge he got from NASA to make entertaining videos

    • A Texan Kid
      A Texan Kid 16 годин тому +8

      @Joshua Tallmanhe was being non-literal

    • • 3 years ago
      • 3 years ago 16 годин тому

      Wiffle ball*

    • PurplPotatos
      PurplPotatos 15 годин тому

      ​@• 3 years ago but hw was talking about baseball

  • Lachillea
    Lachillea День тому +3160

    Mark is the definition of “but wait: there’s more”

    • Sean Ferree
      Sean Ferree День тому +8

      100% agree!!

    • pvic
      pvic 23 години тому +8

      more like "wait: theres mark"

    • nobody
      nobody 20 годин тому +1


    • MUNCHY
      MUNCHY 19 годин тому

      @nobody no

  • Pongfinity
    Pongfinity 8 годин тому +55

    So cool to spot our spin shot in there! 🏓 Loved the video!

    • zack josh
      zack josh 8 годин тому +1

      First reply hi guys hope your doing great!

    • HexBug88
      HexBug88 8 годин тому +1

      yeah i noticed too, he just had to include the best table tennis players

  • The Monster Jack
    The Monster Jack День тому +626

    I laughed so hard at every little trick, he was prepared for everything

    • theepicsealshow123
      theepicsealshow123 19 годин тому +4


    • jaketh
      jaketh 16 годин тому +7

      ​@theepicsealshow123 aint no way bruh💀💀💀☠️☠️☠️

    • kydenhanley
      kydenhanley 10 годин тому

      @theepicsealshow123 It was a decent comment?

  • MarctheLegend
    MarctheLegend День тому +394

    Mark is the definition of golden retriever energy and we’re all here for it

    • Xanzi
      Xanzi 8 годин тому

      Actually that was Andy Dwyer in Parks and Recreation but sure

  • A Watermelon
    A Watermelon День тому +16848

    Mark is the only person who can get away with blatantly cheating because of how cool it is. 😂

    • timda dwagan
      timda dwagan День тому +722

      It’s not cheating they never said you couldn’t move the bases

    • idk
      idk День тому +104

      ​@timda dwagan 💀

    • End Slayer
      End Slayer День тому +111

      Also, he’s just a fun goofy guy

    • SkittsTheTurtle
      SkittsTheTurtle День тому +198

      What do you mean, I dont see a single cheat in this entire video, you must be off your rocker!

    • SillyWillyExpressionilly
      SillyWillyExpressionilly День тому +182

      If there’s not a rule for it, then it’s not against the rules, therefore not cheating.

  • Cassius
    Cassius День тому +295

    Learning Mark made a diy crossbow in 8th grade was unexpected but also exactly what I expected

    • PB Skits and games
      PB Skits and games 18 годин тому +3

      “Perry the platypus how unexpected… AND BY THAT I MEAN COMPLETELY EXPECTED”
      -Dan Povenmire (or however you spell it)

  • BlackScorpionTech
    BlackScorpionTech День тому +194

    This was actually far more entertaining than I thought. The stupidity of rigging everything and slowly revealing it made me smile.

  • AAron
    AAron 23 години тому +34

    Quite pleasantly surprised that these two channels came together. Unexpected while lovely.

  • Xpert Gaming
    Xpert Gaming День тому +826

    I could not stop laughing at the last gimmick.
    That was AMAZING

    • Horn Jiao
      Horn Jiao День тому +10

      That's AMAZING

    • Lovish Rana7
      Lovish Rana7 22 години тому +9

      yea lol caught us off guard

  • Relaxed Name
    Relaxed Name День тому +56

    I just want to say that your summer camp program is absolutely amazing and inspiring. You’re reaching out and feeding the drive of the future engineers of America… that’s heroic.

  • Jammes Dean
    Jammes Dean День тому +5068

    Mark is literally living a cartoon-level plot line in this

    • aku
      aku День тому +40

      He's your cool next door neighbor who shows all the neighborhood kids how to make all kinds of neat things

    • Mark Jones
      Mark Jones День тому +8

      Indeed, but did you enjoy how the editors included a Benny Hill sound track to the mobile bases scene? That's not cartoon humour. It's 1960s/70s English slapstick.

    • 🍑LIVE IN 10 MIN
      🍑LIVE IN 10 MIN День тому +2


    • Whynus
      Whynus День тому +1

      fr bro 🤣

    • 🍑LIVE IN 10 MIN
      🍑LIVE IN 10 MIN День тому

      @Whynus bb

  • magnulof
    magnulof День тому +72

    Forgetting to run when you suddenly score a hit is so relatable!😂

  • misterraej
    misterraej 23 години тому +15

    Couldn’t stop laughing when mark absolutely dominated those kids at the street games back in his home town 🤣

  • Caleb's crazy amazing life
    Caleb's crazy amazing life 23 години тому +27

    I love how wholesome this sport is. As a classic American kid growing up playing Wiffleball in my backyard I love it

  • Cameron Murray
    Cameron Murray День тому +27

    This is the best youtube video I have ever seen. The storytelling, the nostalgia grab, it worked wonders for me. Thank you, Mark. The wiffleball GOAT!

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks День тому +68

    Mark really did the impossible

  • Brandon
    Brandon День тому +1194

    This guy is going to educate an entire generation. Keep it going strong, Mark~

    • -
      - День тому +8

      He's been doing that...

    • Thefun bunns
      Thefun bunns 22 години тому +10

      no, the rest of the internet is what is raising the next generation

    • goku
      goku 22 години тому +4

      Hope not.

    • Liam Hanks
      Liam Hanks 19 годин тому +1

      Nice yui pfp

    • Liam Bohl
      Liam Bohl 15 годин тому +1

      Along with Khan Academy

  • WCFT
    WCFT День тому +14

    The collab we didn’t know we needed.

  • Deevilman
    Deevilman День тому +62

    19:54 "which honestly felt like cheating" got me🤣

  • Nathan
    Nathan День тому +6

    As a Canadian, this is brand new to me. A whiffle ball has always referred to practice golf balls to me!

  • Cheri
    Cheri 13 годин тому +1

    Wow Mark this is genius. It's amazing how you engineered your way through one of your favourite childhood games. This was great to watch.

  • Sheikashii
    Sheikashii  15 годин тому +1

    I loved seeing this guy’s childhood in contrast to his adulthood doing the same thing in the same environment so many years later. It’s nice to see the children of now keeping the activities alive

  • Pepeutra
    Pepeutra День тому +3601

    This is like the mad scientist villain in a cartoon trying to cheat in a friendly competition, but the cheating inventions didn't backfire

    • P
      P День тому +13

      My farts are better than Mark's farts

    • Kash B
      Kash B День тому +29

      Its like Eggman in Sonic.

    • Noah Rehborg
      Noah Rehborg День тому +5

      What would be all the names for them?

    • TotallyNotNoah
      TotallyNotNoah День тому +6

      he's definitely not the villain... he's the hero

  • Peter
    Peter 19 годин тому

    I just love how he just brings attention to random stuff. Much appreciated, especially for someone who has a wiffle ball field in there yard and has been playing wiffle ball for my whole life

  • EddieCS4
    EddieCS4 20 годин тому +1

    You are inspiring. Using your platform to educate and create more learning opportunities for the rest of us. Humble, family-friendly, amazing content. YOU ARE MY IDOL!

  • Persassy Todoroki
    Persassy Todoroki 9 годин тому

    i feel like i always end up tearing up or crying at the end of his videos!! How is this guy so inspiring????

  • Sahvant
    Sahvant День тому +2

    This is easily one of the most entertaining videos you've made. Great job!

  • C4
    C4 День тому

    As someone who tried a very similar project with actual baseballs, the kitchen timer setting off the mechanism is something I wish I thought of and the end result is amazing. My new favorite video of yours!

  • JRodizAwesome
    JRodizAwesome День тому +2632

    There’s story telling, there’s science, there’s innovation and engineering. Wish we had someone like Mark when I was growing up.

    • Dystopic
      Dystopic День тому +16

      Yeah, imagine how inspiring it would be as a little kid seeing content like this!

    • Claire_Wow
      Claire_Wow День тому +23

      Bill nye the science guy?

    • BakersTuts
      BakersTuts День тому +13

      You still are growing up. Everyone is.

    • AlmostRevan
      AlmostRevan День тому +4

      @Claire_Wow fr bill nye was such a w

    • PeruvianChocolate
      PeruvianChocolate День тому +4

      Here he is on youtube teaching us, and here you are not dead yet. Not too late

  • Andy Austen
    Andy Austen 16 годин тому

    I just love how Mark loved playing with the kids like when he was a kid❤ Best memories❤️

  • vapete 123
    vapete 123 22 години тому

    It was that line regarding reliving your childhood that really got me in the heart, knowing that in my 59 years I've missed out on so many fun experiences and found myself struggling with living 'Life'

  • benjyheffer
    benjyheffer День тому +14

    Really interesting that the wiffle ball moves towards the angle of the smooth side. Similary in cricket players have a shiny and rough side, but the ball in this case moves away from the shiny side. Players can get it to reverse swing back the other way! Would love to hear the physics on this!

    • Tim Crampton
      Tim Crampton 17 годин тому

      I’m not a scientist, but my guess is the rough side might act like a golf ball and create better aerodynamics on that side vs the smooth side.

  • Life
    Life 11 годин тому

    Mark: “Now here’s a little lesson of trickery”
    Also Mark: Never let them know your next move

  • Alec Warda
    Alec Warda День тому +3627

    Thank you so much for having us out Mark, was a blast meeting you and the crew!

  • Oaken Shadow
    Oaken Shadow 13 годин тому

    The fact the new home owners knew him is so cool. I hope they become engineers to continue the tradition.

  • NRG_Fishy_2
    NRG_Fishy_2 21 годину тому

    You never disappoint us with these creative and entertaining videos 👍

  • Mark O'Connell
    Mark O'Connell 16 годин тому

    This was just so fun to watch! Looked like everyone had fun!

  • FF_ Gaming
    FF_ Gaming День тому +1

    Mark truly is an inspirational person and makes highly entertaining videos. He inspired me to take engineering for college and persue a career in that field. Hopefully one day I'll be able to make a plethora of useful gadgets to solve common problems I have xD

  • Liam Mitchell
    Liam Mitchell 18 годин тому +1

    One of the best UA-cam videos I think I've ever watched. The level to details is just surreal!

  • Wisper 1x
    Wisper 1x День тому +638

    I just love how he makes such random things, you never know what he will do next

  • The Lover Of Your Mother
    The Lover Of Your Mother День тому +1

    This man’s videos are ALWAYS great and viral, the algorithm obeys him. Can’t be too long until you’re one of if not the biggest channels,

  • IronGarrison
    IronGarrison 13 годин тому

    This was an amazing video loved it so much! Keep inspiring others, brother in engineering!❤

  • joanbennettnyc
    joanbennettnyc День тому

    I laughed and smiled through this one a LOT more than I expected

  • g4p5l6
    g4p5l6 18 годин тому

    Outstanding. Amazing to watch your projects and almost learn something at the same time. :)

  • ChaseNJohn14
    ChaseNJohn14 День тому +1291

    I love how when he actually hit the ball normally, he threw the bat up like it was a home run in itself lol looks like you guys had fun! 😄

    • P
      P День тому +3

      My farts are better than Mark's farts

    • Marcy Moore
      Marcy Moore День тому +3

      @P why??? 🙄

    • I Love T
      I Love T День тому +6

      @PMay I verify?

    • Jose Cruz
      Jose Cruz День тому +13

      What got me was how he was so excited he actually made contact that he forgot to start running the bases lol

    • gtALIEN
      gtALIEN День тому +1

      ​@P proof

  • m
    m День тому

    Can you do behind the scenes; who was doing activating the strike zone mechanisms? Also a deeper explanation of the aerodynamics would be brilliant.

  • warren moore
    warren moore 15 годин тому

    I feel like there's a lot that he could try and do with tennis stuff cause the different spins are nuts!

  • Shadow
    Shadow 13 годин тому +1

    Hey Mark. I'm a huge fan of archery and also your videos. I was inspired by your auto-bullseye dartboard. Would it be possible to make a similar concept with a bow and arrow? Just a thought 😅

  • Ryan C
    Ryan C 22 години тому

    Such an amazingly nostalgic video. My kids and I have loved all of your videos, classes and crunch boxes. Thanks for this trip down memory lane 😅😢❤

  • EliS
    EliS День тому +368

    Mark is the GOAT of turning spectacles into stories.

  • Cartoon Box
    Cartoon Box День тому +1

    I love your content, keep and never stop doing what you are doing.

  • WokeUpScreaming
    WokeUpScreaming День тому

    You are such an incredible teacher! Keep up the great work.

  • alecboi777
    alecboi777 День тому

    the family seems so nice i need more of them

  • drewdane40
    drewdane40 23 години тому +6

    20:20 When you said you were going to rely on everything you had learned, I thought you meant you were going to throw a wrench at him.

  • tunedskillsz
    tunedskillsz 7 годин тому

    So jealous of the neighborhood he grew up in. I used to walk past those kind of houses on my way to school and only day dream about how it would feel to live there.

  • Ryan McDonough
    Ryan McDonough День тому +191

    I always click on a Mark video for the cool science, and within minutes he also has me tearing up and appreciating life. Best content creator on here!

    • Spygirl812
      Spygirl812 День тому +2


    • Claire_Wow
      Claire_Wow День тому +2

      U got a cool hat in ur pfp

    • Ryan McDonough
      Ryan McDonough День тому +2

      @Claire_Wow thanks haha I got it at a rainforest cafe in disney when I was real young!

    • Claire_Wow
      Claire_Wow День тому +1

      @Ryan McDonough cool

  • TheOnlyName
    TheOnlyName 17 годин тому

    I had heard of Wiffle ball ball before this, but knew very little. Thanks for showcasing this interesting sport!

  • Elise Curran
    Elise Curran 15 годин тому

    Mark never science teacher ever! (from a HS chemistry teacher)

  • Aviation Disaster Investigations

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    The video keeps us on the edge of our seats as we witness the determination and perseverance of the players. Each attempt becomes more intense, and it's captivating to see their reactions and strategies to overcome this seemingly impossible task.
    Props to the creators for coming up with such a unique and challenging concept. It's a testament to the endless possibilities of creativity and innovation in the world of sports and entertainment.
    Watching this video reminds us of the importance of pushing ourselves beyond our limits and embracing challenges that seem impossible. It's a great source of inspiration and motivation to never give up and keep striving for greatness.
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  • Michael McDowell
    Michael McDowell 12 годин тому

    Mark is really putting off early-2000's cartoon villain energy with the drone ball and robot base. Totally plays out like an episode of Sonic the hedgehog or kimpossible

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname День тому +971

    Knorp came expecting wiffle ball while Mark was actually playing Calvin ball. Absolutely brilliant! Gotta give them credit though, the pros seemed to be taking it all in stride!

    • wolf 101
      wolf 101 День тому +41

      Calvin ball is the best way to describe this

    • Logan Lyons
      Logan Lyons День тому +24

      No space.
      But yeah, this is Calvinball.

    • wobbly sauce
      wobbly sauce День тому +6

      And that he struck some pro baseball players out was nice.

    • Dragon of Loc'Niroth
      Dragon of Loc'Niroth День тому +3

      @Logan Lyons absolute chaos, my favorite

    • Iminumst
      Iminumst День тому +2

      love this reference.

  • Jackson McGrath
    Jackson McGrath День тому +2

    MLW is legendary. Glad to see the legend of Knorp is growing

  • Legless Wonder
    Legless Wonder 11 годин тому

    Whole video had “1% guitar skills and 99% editing skills” energy
    I love it

  • Alex Willis
    Alex Willis 21 годину тому

    I'm so impressed with the pro players for making time, taking part, being sporting losers, and letting Mark win.

  • buffyVampslyr364
    buffyVampslyr364 20 годин тому

    Very little in this video was relatable to me on the surface. I'm not into sports, I never played baseball or wiffleball except when I had to in gym class. I don't have memories of playing those types of games. (I have memories of playing other things, more role-playing type stuff). But still, through the power of storytelling, I felt so connected to this video. I cried when Mark got to play with the kids in the neighborhood he grew up in. One of my absolute favorite things about this channel and Mark's videos is how he weaves his love of engineering and so much heart together for such entertaining, informative, and heart-warming videos. 💛💛💛

  • jeneriss
    jeneriss 22 години тому

    What a great video! Major league wiffle ball looks like tons of fun

  • BazilRat
    BazilRat День тому +900

    Mark is like the kid that never grew up, only got smarter instead. He's got that same 'I'm going to do what I want and have fun' attitude of Tony Hawk and I love it.

    • Harry Joe
      Harry Joe День тому +6

      More like Tony Stark

    • IceMetalPunk
      IceMetalPunk День тому +3

      The only difference between kids and adults is that adults are forced to pay for things. Anyone who thinks there's more to it than that is only limiting their own potential happiness.

  • VGA Port Authority
    VGA Port Authority День тому

    Nice to see people who never gave up on youthful fun. I still miss kickball to this very day... Last time I played it was probably 1990...

  • Guest Star
    Guest Star День тому

    I love this video about wiffle learn something new if you're open to see it, everyday 😄

  • Joshman
    Joshman 22 години тому +2

    wish it was more real life reaction (like the other videos. Feels more real) rather then scripted but love all that you do for us to enjoy as well as the kids for camp. Thanks Mark!

  • Itsneight
    Itsneight 14 годин тому

    The colab I didn't know I dreamed about!!! I was already subbed to BOTH and never saw this one coming!

  • MrSwagBrainer
    MrSwagBrainer День тому +796

    Imagine if Mark supplied the bats. He could just say "expelliarmus" and Jimmy's bat would just fly away like a rocket.

    • P
      P День тому +5

      My farts are better than Mark's farts

    • Whatnuj Gaming
      Whatnuj Gaming День тому +23

      Don’t give him ideas

    • Daryl Pang
      Daryl Pang День тому +6

      I'd love to see that.
      Or he could say "Lumos" and the bat produces a series of flash that blinds the player for a few seconds haha

    • Whatnuj Gaming
      Whatnuj Gaming День тому

      @Daryl Pang I said DONT give him ideas

  • BobMerlin
    BobMerlin День тому

    The only thing I miss in this hilarious video is to see more of the audience's reaction when Mark is unabashedly cheating! ^_^

  • Maple
    Maple День тому

    I don't even watch baseball or wiffleball, but this video is one of my favorite Mark Rober videos ever

  • Zaq Carson
    Zaq Carson 21 годину тому

    This is like one of those Saturday morning cartoons where the characters all use their superpowers to play sports.

  • Kristian Brekke
    Kristian Brekke День тому +1

    Great. Would love to see more of the process of making the ball😊

  • Shode
    Shode 18 годин тому

    This actually made my summer very interesting. 😊

  • Pwarrow88
    Pwarrow88 День тому +382

    The part that Mark says to cherish and protect your passion really resonated with me. Love your videos as always 😊

    • P
      P День тому

      My farts are better than Mark's farts

    • The toe
      The toe День тому

      The toe is coming

  • HollowSnow
    HollowSnow День тому

    The fact that i watch mlw on a daily basis and mark is insane never thought this would happen

  • Timothy S
    Timothy S День тому

    Mark you gotta do a video on disc golf next! It takes aerodynamics to a whole new level!

  • Sco0t Rot0R
    Sco0t Rot0R 23 години тому

    Makes a guy want to be a kid again! Mark, you're awesome! 😎🤘

  • Joce 09
    Joce 09 День тому

    Doing amazing work. Keep it up!

  • Shadow Snake
    Shadow Snake День тому

    You are single handedly going to be the reason there's more rules in this sport, I hope you realize this.

  • Patty Mulcahy-Jones
    Patty Mulcahy-Jones День тому +147

    I’ve never seen Mark smile so much or so big! He was truly living his BEST life! 😀

    • P
      P День тому

      My farts are better than Mark's farts

  • Just a Person Who Comments
    Just a Person Who Comments 11 годин тому

    Imagine trying to hit that ball and realizing it's actually a stealthy ninja in disguise, effortlessly dodging every swing like a boss

  • MonkeyBoy68
    MonkeyBoy68 17 годин тому

    This looks like such a fun challenge for a professional team

  • BenRegen
    BenRegen 20 годин тому

    Now I want a Engineers' league for every sport 😂 just constantly throwing whammies at each other!

  • DevilGamer
    DevilGamer 14 годин тому

    I now want to see Mark take on the reason behind “reverse swing” in cricket, basically a ball moving towards the shiny side, instead of the scuffed up side

  • StoxmahStudios
    StoxmahStudios 11 годин тому

    Mark is such a shining light of intrigue and intellect on this platform.

  • Anonymous Noman
    Anonymous Noman День тому +171

    mad respect to the champs who played against Mark bearing all that tricks

  • Aŋʋʀʌʛ
    Aŋʋʀʌʛ День тому

    I did not expect the last trick 🤣🤣🤣well done mark!!

  • khanh iphone
    khanh iphone 7 годин тому

    Bro mark took”brains over brawn”to a whole other level😂

  • Dan Dubberke
    Dan Dubberke День тому

    this has to be the perfect example of story telling, what a video!

  • Daniel Demers
    Daniel Demers День тому

    Kind of cool to see this. Been a fan of MLW for some years now. Hope they get more of a following.

  • BabyDuckSki
    BabyDuckSki День тому

    I like how absurd professional sports have just become a part of Mark's recent videos

  • Ldog.T
    Ldog.T День тому +862

    I love how mark just walks into a house and everyone is cool with it lol

    • werxeh
      werxeh День тому +18

      Don't do that, look at what happened to Mizzy. Oh wait, basically nothing.

    • Steamrick
      Steamrick День тому +49

      It does help when they already clearly know who he is and that he used to live there.

    • Choco Mojo
      Choco Mojo День тому +2

      Everybody already knows him. It used to be HIS house .😊

    • D33r_Hunt3r_
      D33r_Hunt3r_ День тому +14

      And I am sure they called ahead. Place was spotless.

    • Ldog.T
      Ldog.T День тому

      @werxeh hahaha trueee, I watched the video by Charlie