This Ball is Impossible to Hit

  • Опубліковано 27 тра 2023
  • I think next season's rules will include some revisions.
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  • Mark Rober
    Mark Rober  День тому +3115

    Welcome to your LEAST BORING SUMMER EVER! Come join me at Camp CrunchLabs all summer long-

  • A Watermelon
    A Watermelon День тому +9777

    Mark is the only person who can get away with blatantly cheating because of how cool it is. 😂

    • timda dwagan
      timda dwagan День тому +414

      It’s not cheating they never said you couldn’t move the bases

    • idk
      idk День тому +55

      ​@timda dwagan 💀

    • End Slayer
      End Slayer День тому +63

      Also, he’s just a fun goofy guy

    • SkittsTheTurtle
      SkittsTheTurtle День тому +100

      What do you mean, I dont see a single cheat in this entire video, you must be off your rocker!

    • SillyWillyExpressionilly
      SillyWillyExpressionilly День тому +105

      If there’s not a rule for it, then it’s not against the rules, therefore not cheating.

  • JRodizAwesome
    JRodizAwesome День тому +1868

    There’s story telling, there’s science, there’s innovation and engineering. Wish we had someone like Mark when I was growing up.

    • Dystopic
      Dystopic 21 годину тому +11

      Yeah, imagine how inspiring it would be as a little kid seeing content like this!

    • Claire_Wow
      Claire_Wow 21 годину тому +14

      Bill nye the science guy?

    • BakersTuts
      BakersTuts 19 годин тому +7

      You still are growing up. Everyone is.

    • AlmostRevan
      AlmostRevan 19 годин тому +2

      @Claire_Wow fr bill nye was such a w

    • PeruvianChocolate
      PeruvianChocolate 18 годин тому +2

      Here he is on youtube teaching us, and here you are not dead yet. Not too late

  • Jammes Dean
    Jammes Dean 21 годину тому +528

    Mark is literally living a cartoon-level plot line in this

  • ターニャ
    ターニャ 20 годин тому +365

    Stepping forward to catch the ball before it split was utter genuis, realising that in the moment is so impressive

    • QuillX Pets
      QuillX Pets 18 годин тому +1


    • Obi-Wan Kenoli
      Obi-Wan Kenoli 17 годин тому +2

      No it’s pretty obvious. The ball splits to make it hard to hit, so just hit it before it splits. It’s simple

    • benjamint
      benjamint 16 годин тому +17

      Often the things that seem the most obvious in hindsight are the hardest to realise in the first place

    • benjamint
      benjamint 16 годин тому +13

      Having said that... I got a very scripted vibe from this video. More than usual for this channel

    • Just Onyx
      Just Onyx 16 годин тому +6

      @benjamint Agreed. Stuff like them disconnecting the air supply and then the goal slowly recompressing in the reverse order to its deployment seems ridiculous

  • Ldog.T
    Ldog.T День тому +87

    I love how mark just walks into a house and everyone is cool with it lol

  • Joshua
    Joshua 21 годину тому +106

    This is exactly why I love Marks content. Light hearted relatable humor with educational elements that make sense to everyone.

  • Pepeutra
    Pepeutra День тому +3142

    This is like the mad scientist villain in a cartoon trying to cheat in a friendly competition, but the cheating inventions didn't backfire

    • P
      P День тому +12

      My farts are better than Mark's farts

    • Kash B
      Kash B День тому +23

      Its like Eggman in Sonic.

    • Noah Rehborg
      Noah Rehborg День тому +4

      What would be all the names for them?

    • TotallyNotNoah
      TotallyNotNoah День тому +3

      he's definitely not the villain... he's the hero

  • schizophreniegenie
    schizophreniegenie День тому +38

    seeing the little kid starting to glow from joy when she opened the door made me really happy

  • My Open Mic
    My Open Mic 21 годину тому +17

    The nostalgia was real with this one. Well done Mark!

  • Ultra
    Ultra 21 годину тому +78

    Mark really did the impossible. Making baseball entertaining

    • Beef Wellington
      Beef Wellington 20 годин тому +6

      Baseball is for people with a brain

    • megadrive7
      megadrive7 20 годин тому +9

      ​@beefwellington9371 yeah and nothing else to do

    • ozy locz
      ozy locz 19 годин тому +10

      @Beef Wellingtonand nothing going on inside it

    • Shaun
      Shaun 19 годин тому +2

      @Beef Wellington a unfunctioning one

    • bzibubab bzibubab
      bzibubab bzibubab 19 годин тому +2

      ​@Beef Wellington and a brain with nothing to do

  • Eternally_in_vr
    Eternally_in_vr День тому +97

    Hey, Mark! So I have been learning Wiffle Ball Pitches, and the physics on how the ball curves have helped so much with figuring out how to curve the ball with different hand positions. Thanks for the explanation!

  • Jacnson
    Jacnson 20 годин тому +25

    Why did the ending unironically make me tear up. Childhood innocence and bliss can so easily escape from you and treasuring it is a top priority because it will be the only chance you get to. Love you Mark!

  • MLW Wiffle Ball
    MLW Wiffle Ball День тому +19764

    Was a blast playing with you Mark!! Unreal experience.

    • METHAP r
      METHAP r День тому +345

      He too cool for humanity

    • Primus54
      Primus54 День тому +337

      I had no idea there was a MLW. Totally awesome. I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest Mark’s contraptions might have been a bit of a stretch of your rules. 😂

    • FerreTime
      FerreTime День тому +89

      Mallards bringing it home this year
      Quack ATTACK

    • Instant
      Instant День тому +42

      Mark is truly the best WiffleBall player

    • OfficialChannel
      OfficialChannel День тому +21

      It really is unreal

  • Loletipse
    Loletipse 21 годину тому +33

    I think that you could use a spring loaded pneumatic piston for the mid-air trayectory changing ball. You wouldnt need to retrieve the slug because air is always readily available. Maybe it would have some unforseen problems though, I'd imagine Mark probably thought about that when doing this since it isn't too outlandish of an idea and chose not to use it. Maybe it was for the storytelling value. Awesome video.

    • Awesomesheep
      Awesomesheep 19 годин тому +3

      He probably used the brass slug cause it relates a lot better to the astronaut wrench example

    • kickassnetwork
      kickassnetwork 18 годин тому +2

      The Slug is really heavy (compared to the ball) thus it can move the ball a lot further than air. How much it moves is Mass*Acceleration=Force. So the Brass slug is pretty heavy so it gives a lot of force. If it was just air you'll need to have it eject at extreme high speed to make up for the loss of mass.

    • Max Yang
      Max Yang 16 годин тому

      Not enough mass. The way the ball moves midair is based on conservation of momentum.

  • Brandon
    Brandon 16 годин тому +2

    This guy is going to educate an entire generation. Keep it going strong, Mark~

  • Grant
    Grant 19 годин тому +2

    I can only imagine all of the future scientists and engineers that are growing and learning because of Mark.
    Incredible story telling and education, per usual!

  • Lachillea
    Lachillea 16 годин тому +3

    Mark is the definition of “wait: there’s more”

  • Al-Aqmar Mustafa
    Al-Aqmar Mustafa 20 годин тому

    Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate how much effort Mark puts into our balls :)

  • Alec Warda
    Alec Warda День тому +3208

    Thank you so much for having us out Mark, was a blast meeting you and the crew!

  • 50k challenge with 0 video
    50k challenge with 0 video 15 годин тому

    The part that Mark says to cherish and protect your passion really resonated with people.

  • Daniel Mok
    Daniel Mok 16 годин тому +1

    the intro was so wholesome that it made me cry out of so much nostalgia as a kid... well put sir

  • Marty Flannigan
    Marty Flannigan 22 години тому +1

    well done Mark you prove why us guys will always be a kid deep down in our hearts

  • Melinda Rivera
    Melinda Rivera День тому +1

    Mark was so surprised that he hit the ball, he totally forgot to run!!! Haha 😂😂

  • ArmandRose TV
    ArmandRose TV 16 годин тому +1

    This is my favorite video from you Mark! Bravo! Bringing my childhood back!

  • ChaseNJohn14
    ChaseNJohn14 День тому +1190

    I love how when he actually hit the ball normally, he threw the bat up like it was a home run in itself lol looks like you guys had fun! 😄

    • P
      P День тому +2

      My farts are better than Mark's farts

    • Marcy Moore
      Marcy Moore День тому +2

      @P why??? 🙄

    • I Love T
      I Love T День тому +3

      @PMay I verify?

    • Jose Cruz
      Jose Cruz День тому +8

      What got me was how he was so excited he actually made contact that he forgot to start running the bases lol

    • gtALIEN
      gtALIEN 23 години тому

      ​@P proof

  • Tim Li
    Tim Li День тому +1

    Thank you Mark for posting this video today! My godfather passed away seventy five days ago due to lymphoma. This video has really brightened my day!

  • 50k challenge with 0 video
    50k challenge with 0 video 15 годин тому +1

    Mark Rober never runs out of ideas. He could walk into a room and come out with 5 banger videos.

  • Jaxson Burtanger
    Jaxson Burtanger 20 годин тому +1

    The end had me in tears the way he said he was waiting for the street lights on was beautiful

  • 0 To 100k Without Any Video's
    0 To 100k Without Any Video's 15 годин тому +1

    I love how the baseball guy just know he can hit everything, but then casually miss..

  • Lisa Wyzard
    Lisa Wyzard 20 годин тому

    I laughed so hard at this video! Thanks, Mark. 😂 Sounds like the best camp ever!

  • BazilRat
    BazilRat День тому +874

    Mark is like the kid that never grew up, only got smarter instead. He's got that same 'I'm going to do what I want and have fun' attitude of Tony Hawk and I love it.

    • Harry Joe
      Harry Joe День тому +5

      More like Tony Stark

    • IceMetalPunk
      IceMetalPunk 23 години тому +3

      The only difference between kids and adults is that adults are forced to pay for things. Anyone who thinks there's more to it than that is only limiting their own potential happiness.

  • dreejz
    dreejz День тому +1

    This was so fun to watch, you're awesome Mark!

  • Shroom
    Shroom День тому +1

    My favorite part of this video was when Mark threw a wrench a knorp, funny stuff😂

  • Emlyn Laughrey
    Emlyn Laughrey 20 годин тому

    bro ur so amazing, your creative, inspirational, not afraid to try new things, take risks, lets just take a minute to apperciate all that you do :)

  • Zombierion
    Zombierion День тому

    Mark is the kind of guy you will never beat... Kind of like an deceiving final boss that gets harder and harder over time.

  • m
    m 15 годин тому

    Can you do behind the scenes; who was doing activating the strike zone mechanisms? Also a deeper explanation of the aerodynamics would be brilliant.

  • Tobias Maagaard
    Tobias Maagaard День тому +3356

    the fact the pros kept going with all of Mark's gimmicks really show how cool they are.

    • Joe Samels
      Joe Samels День тому +24

      No thay destroyed them like abunch of Bulley's

    • P
      P День тому +6

      My farts are better than Mark's farts

    • pilotreg
      pilotreg День тому +217

      ​@Joe Samels they just got featured in his videos and followed the script lmao

    • Thymecrafter
      Thymecrafter День тому +7

      @Pnot these bots they are just weird

    • Geert
      Geert День тому +42

      ​@pilotreg yeah some parts felt really scripted. Still enjoyable to watch though

  • Roblox storytime
    Roblox storytime День тому

    Every time mark makes a new video it just gets even better

  • Sebastian Blass
    Sebastian Blass 16 годин тому +1

    This it like the wacky races of wiffle ball.... truly a legend. As always a perfect video :)

  • PixieGirlie
    PixieGirlie 21 годину тому

    I like how in the beginning Mark was just giving those kids no mercy

  • Golden Snowflake
    Golden Snowflake День тому

    this was a beautiful example of "everyone has different useful skills"!!!
    Very epic video, great execution!

  • Cartoon Box
    Cartoon Box 15 годин тому

    I love your content, keep and never stop doing what you are doing.

  • MrSwagBrainer
    MrSwagBrainer День тому +771

    Imagine if Mark supplied the bats. He could just say "expelliarmus" and Jimmy's bat would just fly away like a rocket.

    • P
      P День тому +5

      My farts are better than Mark's farts

    • Whatnuj Gaming
      Whatnuj Gaming День тому +21

      Don’t give him ideas

    • Daryl Pang
      Daryl Pang 22 години тому +4

      I'd love to see that.
      Or he could say "Lumos" and the bat produces a series of flash that blinds the player for a few seconds haha

  • Ella Donahue
    Ella Donahue День тому

    Mark I just wanted to say you are so amazing and so talented (also my role model) and I am hoping to do camp crunchlabs this summer

  • Xpert Gaming
    Xpert Gaming 16 годин тому

    I could not stop laughing at the last gimmick.
    That was AMAZING

  • Cassius
    Cassius 15 годин тому

    Learning Mark made a diy crossbow in 8th grade was unexpected but also exactly what I expected

  • Victoria Lin
    Victoria Lin День тому

    Could you do more videos that expand way more on the "18 second build montage"s in some of your videos? For years your videos have been a major player in my excitement for engineering (this fall I'll be entering college for engineering!). I'd love to see more of your engineering and design process! Maybe it could be a second video that's for all the engineering nerds in addition to the main video like this one. It'd be a great thing if you wanted exclusive videos for a Patreon

  • rolandpointoh
    rolandpointoh 21 годину тому

    I love the narrative of this! Really encapsulates the feeling of watching cartoons when I was younger; perhaps the same nostalgia that mark feels about whiffle ball!

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname День тому +948

    Knorp came expecting wiffle ball while Mark was actually playing Calvin ball. Absolutely brilliant! Gotta give them credit though, the pros seemed to be taking it all in stride!

    • wolf 101
      wolf 101 22 години тому +37

      Calvin ball is the best way to describe this

    • Logan Lyons
      Logan Lyons 22 години тому +22

      No space.
      But yeah, this is Calvinball.

    • wobbly sauce
      wobbly sauce 18 годин тому +6

      And that he struck some pro baseball players out was nice.

    • Dragon of Loc'Niroth
      Dragon of Loc'Niroth 18 годин тому +3

      @Logan Lyons absolute chaos, my favorite

    • Iminumst
      Iminumst 17 годин тому +2

      love this reference.

  • Don Goddard
    Don Goddard 21 годину тому

    Great video! I wonder if Mark realizes what he's done for Wiffle Ball?

  • Lula's Best Friend
    Lula's Best Friend День тому

    I’m a crunch box subscriber and I recently got the one about stop-motion, and I really enjoyed it! Thanks Mark Rober!

  • Shearluck
    Shearluck 22 години тому

    id love to see you cover disc golf as someone new to the sport the physics are so awesome

  • Double
    Double День тому

    Great video as always! Loved the parts where you confused the batters.

  • Ethan Mand
    Ethan Mand 17 годин тому

    As assisted and technically cheated the win was, it was so funny and cool to watch you and your team clutch up when it mattered. Knorp knows he’s still the greatest as well, but I don’t think he let you win either 😂

  • Brendan Schultz
    Brendan Schultz День тому +948

    Thank you Mark and Crew! It was an honor to meet you in Oklahoma. The MLW squad had a blast!

    JGRAHAM 23 години тому

    love the video as always i wished you made more than 8ish video year. i love the crunch lab thing you are doing for kids, not a lot of people do what you're doing that. Our kids are the future and doing what you can to inspire them, by showing them no matter how wild or crazy your imagination is that anything is possible that you set your mind to.

  • HeadshotH4rry
    HeadshotH4rry День тому

    I don't know how you do it, but you make the most enjoyable videos on youtube.

  • Jennifer Addison
    Jennifer Addison 21 годину тому

    OMG I love every shenanigan Mark gets up to!

  • Japheth Yang
    Japheth Yang 19 годин тому +1

    Mark has a certain way to explain concepts I understood, but in a more scientific and different way. It's so awesome!

  • ricefarmer
    ricefarmer 22 години тому

    “Finding something you’re truly passionate about that brings you joy is one of life’s most lovely gifts. And if you’re lucky enough to have found it, you should protect and cherish it like your most prized possession.”
    I burnt out of my childhood sport pretty quick during high school simply because i forgot how to enjoy it. It was only recently that I started getting back into it bc I missed the feeling of it. I’m also sure that applies to a lot of people not only with sports. Basically, that last statement hit harder than it should’ve lol.

  • Wisper 1x
    Wisper 1x День тому +636

    I just love how he makes such random things, you never know what he will do next

  • Dante Alejandro Lorini
    Dante Alejandro Lorini День тому

    A video from mark is always something special

  • Ani
    Ani День тому +1

    This is hands down the best sport anime ever (Haikyu comes second) with an amazing comeback! (also 21:45 was the biggest plot twist)

  • Model AAA
    Model AAA 16 годин тому +1

    Much as I love the principles this video teaches and the stories it tells… … idk how to feel about all the cheating at the end lol 😆😅

  • Cavemanjojogaming Myers
    Cavemanjojogaming Myers День тому +297

    This man's UA-cam videos always feel like storybooks. What an experience.

  • Tagliac
    Tagliac 21 годину тому

    mark is literally the king of plot twists

  • Hussein Hussein
    Hussein Hussein 20 годин тому

    This video brought back childhood memories for me, thanks Mark

  • sawyer groves
    sawyer groves 19 годин тому

    I like how after explaining how the whiffle ball work he still asks how he pitches like that

  • Emulation Emperor
    Emulation Emperor 21 годину тому

    Absolutely enthralled with the story telling of this video.

  • phonybolony
    phonybolony 21 годину тому

    Mark you gotta be the best content creator I've ever seen. Thanks for the wicked vids!

  • flymentos
    flymentos День тому +751

    As a non-American who never heard of Wiffle ball, this was still very entertaining to watch! Great video, thanks 😊

    • P
      P День тому +4

      My farts are better than Mark's farts

    • RedPine 20
      RedPine 20 День тому +20

      I'm pretty sure most American's don't know about Wiffle ball. It's pretty cool though.

    • Bretek
      Bretek День тому +21

      @RedPine 20 I'd dispute this statement. I think most Americans know what wiffle ball is. Its just a safe version of baseball that kids can play unsupervised.

    • TypicalLateNightGamer
      TypicalLateNightGamer День тому +1


    • womp47
      womp47 День тому +1

      why would you need to be american or know of wiffle ball to like the video?? seems like really unnecessary information that nobody needed to know

  • ZeroTube
    ZeroTube День тому

    Keep up the great work Mark!

  • Coolio Ash
    Coolio Ash 23 години тому

    Its amazing what youre doing. Youre making engineers. I cant wait till we see what they do.

  • Twinkle toes meme
    Twinkle toes meme 18 годин тому +1

    Imagine if you actually made a jet pack out of spinning frisbees.

  • BobMerlin
    BobMerlin 16 годин тому

    The only thing I miss in this hilarious video is to see more of the audience's reaction when Mark is unabashedly cheating! ^_^

  • HollowSnow
    HollowSnow 15 годин тому

    The fact that i watch mlw on a daily basis and mark is insane never thought this would happen

  • Patty Mulcahy-Jones
    Patty Mulcahy-Jones День тому +147

    I’ve never seen Mark smile so much or so big! He was truly living his BEST life! 😀

    • P
      P День тому

      My farts are better than Mark's farts

  • SnailGamer
    SnailGamer 22 години тому +1

    This, honest to goodness, might be your best video ever. The amount of ingenuity in your shenanigans is entertainment at its finest.

  • Dhruv Avirneni
    Dhruv Avirneni День тому

    him referring to the thing that makes the balls curve as wrenches really helped me understand how this whole thingy worked better

  • Jessie Fraley
    Jessie Fraley 21 годину тому

    This is honestly such an amazing video of content and science.

  • Kfizzle
    Kfizzle 20 годин тому

    To be fair, it’s probably a world first to get all 3 outs consecutively by yourself in an inning. Congrats mark!!

  • YayWei
    YayWei 20 годин тому

    “Record breaking basketballs……” still waiting to see Mark eat a basketball after losing that bet to Dude Perfect! 😂
    Seriously though, love the way you explained fluid dynamics so simply yet accurately!

  • Ryan McDonough
    Ryan McDonough День тому +191

    I always click on a Mark video for the cool science, and within minutes he also has me tearing up and appreciating life. Best content creator on here!

    • Spygirl812
      Spygirl812 День тому +2


    • Claire_Wow
      Claire_Wow День тому +2

      U got a cool hat in ur pfp

    • Ryan McDonough
      Ryan McDonough День тому +2

      @Claire_Wow thanks haha I got it at a rainforest cafe in disney when I was real young!

    • Claire_Wow
      Claire_Wow День тому +1

      @Ryan McDonough cool

  • Neo-Tao of Guitar
    Neo-Tao of Guitar День тому

    This guys videos are always amazing at making you smile for 20 minutes or so 😆😅😂😊

  • CosmoClipz
    CosmoClipz День тому

    Absolutley awesome video. Im trying to be a young engineer and how you make your videos shows the engineering behind your creations and i love that😁

  • Steph E
    Steph E 20 годин тому

    Thanks for the video Mark, I really enjoyed it. I remember playing wiffle too, but stunk at it. We played a lot of pickle on the street and played many softball games at a Catholic school grounds. I miss those days and those people I played with. We're grow up now and moved, I think I'm the only one who moved out of the country as I live in Sweden.
    Thanks again for a great video. Have a great day!

  • timstarockz
    timstarockz День тому

    The best part of this that nobody is talking about is how he casually destroyed those kids Wolfle ball

  • StevenN
    StevenN 16 годин тому

    The camp crunch labs...I think that may make Mark the Willy Wonka of science. Too cool. Love the engineered wiffle ball.

  • EliS
    EliS День тому +367

    Mark is the GOAT of turning spectacles into stories.

  • Dabedeys
    Dabedeys День тому

    Thanks for another epic video Mark! 🍻

  • BinaryBlitz
    BinaryBlitz День тому

    I'm imagining a miles wide swath from the launch site in Cape Canaveral and out into the ocean of just hailing wrenches from the next launch. I'd pay to see this.

  • Jen Rose (Jenrose)
    Jen Rose (Jenrose) 18 годин тому

    the point where the base just ran away slayed me

  • Mallards1🦆
    Mallards1🦆 День тому +6

    AS A WIFFLE BALL FAN I AM STUNNED TO SEE THIS! AMAZING! My favorite video by far and I haven’t even watched the whole video 😂

  • Krieger
    Krieger 23 години тому

    That's awesome that you had the same streetlight rule as we did. That really brought back some fond memories. ❤

    • MESSAGE- MarkRober#0213 On Discord
      MESSAGE- MarkRober#0213 On Discord 23 години тому

      ᴛʜᴀɴᴋs ғᴏʀ ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜɪɴɢ ɪ ɢᴏᴛ sᴏᴍᴇᴛʜɪɴɢ sᴘᴇᴄɪᴀʟ ғᴏʀ ʏᴏᴜ ʜɪᴛ ᴍᴇ ᴜᴘ ᴛᴏ ᴀᴄᴋɴᴏᴡʟᴇᴅɢᴇ ɪᴛ ɴᴏᴡ 🎉🥳🥳^^^^^^^

  • Daan vR
    Daan vR День тому +581

    I like how Mark referred to the record set by Dude Perfect at 11:05, because he thought it wouldn’t be possible :)

    • PWB Wiffle Ball
      PWB Wiffle Ball День тому +53

      When is he gonna eat that basketball?

    • Lukas Smith
      Lukas Smith День тому +16

      But when is he eating his basketball?

    • PWB Wiffle Ball
      PWB Wiffle Ball День тому +5

      @Lukas Smith thats what I said

    • Bolles Brothers
      Bolles Brothers День тому +1

    • P
      P День тому +2

      My farts are better than Mark's farts

  • Damián "el Salsuero"
    Damián "el Salsuero" День тому +1

    The last "trick" was hilarious... because I should've seen it coming... but didn't. LOL It's so strange the timing of this video because I literally just discovered the MLW 2023 season started and had just watched several videos of their first games. Never saw whiffleball before. Also... odd... but I lived in Brea for 14 years. I didn't expect that either.

  • merric_the1
    merric_the1 21 годину тому +1

    mark would be the coolest person to have on your team during the apocalypse

  • Joce 09
    Joce 09 14 годин тому

    Doing amazing work. Keep it up!

  • your boi ivan
    your boi ivan 21 годину тому

    Mark is like the anime villain who would do anything to win