Hip-Hop Head's FIRST TIME Hearing PANTERA: Domination (Live) REACTION

  • Опубліковано 1 тра 2018
    Pantera - "Domination" (Live in Moscow)
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  • DissonantWyatt
    DissonantWyatt 3 роки тому +4

    Who just came to see his reaction to the breakdown

  • Cody Withers
    Cody Withers 3 роки тому +1


  • DrManhattan
    DrManhattan 2 роки тому +180

    To this day, Pantera will always remain my favourite band. They were just a force of nature. Vinnie and Dime will be missed forever.

  • Jason Madore
    Jason Madore 2 роки тому +474

    Dude doesn’t realize how influential Dimebag was.

  • Ash King
    Ash King 3 роки тому +357

    That my friend, is the sight of 1.6 million metalheads moshing and headbanging in unison to the mother of all breakdowns.

  • Dusty Wizard
    Dusty Wizard 3 роки тому +18

    Seeing people's reactions to the breakdown at the end of the solo has become my new favourite pastime. You could show this to someone that exclusively listens to pop music and they will still be blown away. A truly incredible performance that's arguably better than the studio version. Dime lets that final note before the breakdown go a little longer and Vinnie absolutely smashes the drums which makes it sound so heavy. I could also do without the weird breathing sound during the breakdown in the studio version.

  • Bradley Horn
    Bradley Horn 4 роки тому +2

    Pantera will go down as one of the greatest metal acts of all time. Ive never heard a band that can play as good (if not better) live than on the actual record itself. Amazing reaction though man

  • Tech News for Tech Noobs
    Tech News for Tech Noobs 3 роки тому +43

    Having personally known and hung out with Dime and Vinny when I was in high school...seeing their success like this really made me feel good for them. And knowing that Dime was as bad ass a guitarist at 16 than most others are in their 30's just says everything about his talent (won every guitar contest in Texas by the timer he was 16).

  • Smallshrimpin69
    Smallshrimpin69 2 роки тому +75

    That breakdown nearly breaks my neck, even on the 100th time

  • Mike Comstock
    Mike Comstock 2 роки тому +56

    I was in the army stationed in Europe at the time this was going on. The Soviet Union had just fallen and western music was allowed for the first time. The place was a mad house! It was the best time ever.

  • Mike Burrell
    Mike Burrell 4 роки тому +9

    It's good that youre finally getting to know this side of music. The feelings it elicits, the passion it inspires. The sense of camerarderie- I mean, you can see the crowds here, and thats nothing unusual! There is no other form of music that inspires this. None.

  • King Garry
    King Garry 3 роки тому +67


  • Bob Falfa
    Bob Falfa 4 роки тому +683

    Pantera was, is and forever will be the best live band. I'm honored to have grown up when they were at their peak and kicking ass before it all came crashing down. RIP Dimebag.

  • Vicky N
    Vicky N 2 роки тому +3

    The first time I saw this performance, my cheeks hurt because I was grinning so hard. This is awe inspiring. That's the power of music- brought all those people together, the guys in Pantera were all amped up, firing on all cylinders and having the time of their lives, and we're here almost 30 years later, sharing the common experience of having our collective faces melted clean off our heads by this raw talent and energy.

  • RexRocker
    RexRocker Рік тому +2

    God Pantera was awesome live. Saw them a bunch of times. They changed and evolved over the years, each album from Power Metal to Cowboys from Hell and all beyond that, had different style and sound. Most bands don’t change their styles like that and still kick ass, they usually stick to the formula.

  • Scott Eddington
    Scott Eddington 3 роки тому +47

    The whole time in my mind I was like "dude don't even know what's coming!" Your reaction to the breakdown was exactly how I was the first time I heard it. PANTERA is METAL!

  • Eric Gill77

    One of the greatest and tightest sets of all time, so much energy in a small time. Pantera definitely brought it, considering where they spent the night, behind the stage in a shity tent

  • lorddresefer
    lorddresefer 4 роки тому +287

    Rest in peace Dimebag Darrel, one of the best guitarists of all time!


    Dime was MADE for the stage. Look how much fun he’s having and how deep his connection with music is. RIP.