$1000 Massive Electronic Drum Kit

  • Опубліковано 28 чер 2022
  • $1000 Massive Electronic Drum Kit
    DED-400: amzn.to/3MZ7wa0
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    Video edited by Zygo Media & 66Samus and was made possible thanks to Patreon support from Ashe Cordiner, Christopher Sanchez, Braden Ward, Carl Egan, Christian, Petropolis, Even Vangsnes, Ben Nickless, Kyle Castronovo, Sean Farmer, Timothy Bush, go_licpgm, Shane Lomboy, Raymond C. Ortega, Patrick Trumble, Harrison, Tim Stump, Benjamin Gleason, John N, Preston Tabor, Joakim Jakobsson, jose miguel sanchez carmona, Matto137, Lee Hunt, Dominick Gonzales, Micah Gallagher, Dustin Morris, Anders Wedholm, CJ Wagoner, Brian Begnoche, Heather Eliason, GillRigged, Kirill Sviderskyi, Lilli Dilorenzo, Benedikt Brixius, Shawn Tillett, Steve Peterson, Nick Eustaquio, Jedidiah Patton, Dave Klem, Christoffer Jaremo, Dylan Wells Anthony, James M Bonds, Garrett Morton, Kalebmp12, James Holt, Les Foy, DeeSlice Dime, Monte Traher, Michael Counsell, Michael Murray, Colin Fitzpatrick, PowerChugger, Paul Reszczynski, Puppies On Acid, Alex Rips, Tony Antoniou, Tev, Toxic Duck, Cseh Donát, Billy Payne, Scott Warren, Coin Crazy, Martin Gregurich, Victor Atroshchenko, Jordon Howe, hudson672, Michaël Testé, Paul Mason, Gavin Mackrill, Joseph Jimenez, Grindhead Jim, Seamus Gleason, Casey Carroll, Alexander Toivonen, Cooper Dustman, Lainel Orbera, Mike Wells, Vicky Grandy, Burt213, Patrick Thunder, Deanna Hockenberry, Cole Dockter, Matthias Strecker, Rob Baber, Korben Dallas, B17Nightmare, Lyndxn, Alec Stair, gnarlyranger, Matthew Sewell, Max Matone, Christoph Allmendinger, Jacoby Barnhill, Ondra Musil, Remi Kiwior, James Jesko, Adam, Justin King, Jan van Huizen, Kenny Johnston, Rob Fernandes, Michael J Coyne, Zachary Barton, Derek Schroen, Tomas Reyes, Mark Townsend, Ken Wade Jr, Joe Becker, Tatoposte, Mateusz Zelnik, Jason Rager, boysef, Felix Kuhn, MetalMusicianIT, Max Justice, Mike Silvestri, Miller Beer, Tomer Mandelbaum, Brandyn Kilpatrick, Scottie Bizzle, Daniel Lindemulder, Nick DeVincentis, Justus JT Gilfillan, Corey Allgood, A Smith, Stanley, Chris, Steven Taylor, Julien Vermeiren, Drumstick Pony, bgl314, Brandon Ruschill, Max Johnson, Ablazed Wasteland, Dante Escobedo, Linda Davis, Scarlet Midnight, Master Gamer 2008, Evan H, Mark Cerundolo, Uncle John, Andrew Emann, Logan Black, Al Francis, Thomas Tallant, Cytex, and many others.
    You guys are amazing. Thank you so much!!


  • Alternative Drummer

    Damn dude, that was some of your sickest drumming to date.

  • Andrew Davies

    I've dreamed of doing something like this for years! I finally have 2 electric kits, but not enough space! Ahhh!

  • Stumpy the Dwarf

    You always look like you're having so much fun playing! That smile you get. My Tama kit arrives tomorrow! You influenced me! Thank you! 58 yo playing drums for the first time!

  • M.M Andersson

    Is it just me that almost always rewind Samus videos every time he does something funny (pretty often) He´s humor is pretty much the same as mine. Never fails to entertain. Edit: Damn, that drumming to Painkiller was insanely juicy. Those double kicks made me nod my head like a complete maniac. I think I came a little too. Oooh yuuurr 🔥🤘

  • ubmastering

    Kit sounds super tight. Looks like you had a really fun time with this project. Your drum chops are 10/10.

  • Miller Beer

    That's smooth sounding, especially after dropping all the components together, including sounds. Couldn't imagine how much better when you mess with delay, sustain, etc. I have 2 Yamaha kits like this, using both brains. It's good for what suits my available free time. Great video. Sex!

  • Jeffrey van Doorn
    Jeffrey van Doorn 21 день тому


  • Michael Messina

    That kit sounds killer and Samus nails it again. That was some sick ass drumming.

  • oAPXo
    oAPXo  +6

    Hearing you play Emperor even for a few seconds made me smile so much, love the video!!!

  • Edster
    Edster  +13

    Dammit samus! You just could not help adding that speedy double bass at

  • Luis Castillo

    that Painkiller version gave me Death’s cover vibes, such a great cover that one is

  • Zairn
    Zairn  +1

    That was a sick set of beats man. Nice job

  • Jeremīsterbob

    New fan. here, you inspired me to get back into drumming, thank you. I guess you could say I have not had many opportunities to really concentrate on drumming technique in my life, but I have always concentrated on drumming (it worked when I thought it), and I have allot of time on my hands at this point in life. I picked up a VAD 306 With a TD 27 upgrade and extra higher grade additions, integrated with the offset pedal. I feel very fortunate to be able to have this high quality at my age and experience level. Aloha

  • Yannis Gouras

    I think if you did a combination of your different acoustic drums for the standard drum sounds and then combined it with the Donner kits using different effects different sounds but had them all as one kit so you could go seamlessly from one to the other I really think you could come up with something amazing like in your last video where you did a demo of the Chinese drums I really think you could do something with that and it would be epic

  • 0ktober
    0ktober  +16

    Aah, we did this thing back in high school music classroom. Frankenstein'd the hell out of those racks and even got the modules on top of each other, looked super pro.

  • Ryan Tishler
    Ryan Tishler 21 день тому

    Omg you are probably one of the best drummers. I got my old Royce drum kit out and started playing again. Feels so good Playing again thanks.

  • Rusken
    Rusken  +10

    Dude those are some clean linears. Man's been practicing hard!

  • James Erickson

    Honestly some of the best playing I have ever seen from you. Well done!!!!

  • Necropollis-

    This turned out to be even better than I anticipated! I’m so happy you chose to do this!

  • Butch Vick

    Right on man I'm not even a drummer but love your videos