Top 10 Richest YouTubers 💰

  • Опубліковано 5 лип 2021
  • UA-camrs can make some serious dough, that is no surprise. But were you ever curious which UA-camrs make the most money? Well in an article posted by Forbes, we get a run down on the top 10 highest paid UA-camrs..
    Forbes List: ...
    #10 | Jeffree Star
    #9 | David Dobrik
    #8 | Blippi (Stevin John)
    #7 | Nastya (Anastasia Radzinskaya)
    #6 | Preston Arsement
    #5 | Markiplier (Mark Fischbach)
    #4 | Rhett and Link
    #3 | Dude Perfect
    #2 | MrBeast
    #1 | Ryan Kaji (Ryan's World)
    Host: Chris wggchrisp
    Editor: Axiyum axiyum
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  • Influenced by DEXERTO
    Influenced by DEXERTO  8 місяців тому +142

    Check out a breakdown on how MrBeast makes his money! 👉👉

  • Insane_stupidity
    Insane_stupidity 10 місяців тому +4033

    bro, ryan has been 9 for like 5 years…

  • just a random girl
    just a random girl 7 місяців тому +499

    My little sisters are 7 years old, and they literally said: "If everybody could buy all those toys Nastya have, she wouldn't be so famous. She is just spoiled rich kid". I have never been more proud of them.

    • NRG Gaming
      NRG Gaming 4 місяці тому

      Your Sisters got my respect 🔥

    • Venkatesh Radha
      Venkatesh Radha 4 місяці тому +1

      Well I am proud of your sisters

    • Imtheonewhoasked
      Imtheonewhoasked 4 місяці тому +2

      Ur sisters have an idea of why they're so popular.
      Gonna go buy ur sisters clone on the black market now cya-

    • background character .no.007
      background character .no.007 6 місяців тому +6

      So proud of your sisters being haters and mini Karen's

  • FinnCraft Gaming.
    FinnCraft Gaming. 6 місяців тому +98

    Markiplier, Dude Perfect, Mr. Beast. I'm proud of you three.

  • Fox Tron
    Fox Tron 7 місяців тому +194

    If I can tell you one thing, it's that Ryan is not having fun, and he is most certainly no longer being a child. It's sad really

    • Ethan Divino
      Ethan Divino 5 місяців тому +3

      There's not that many evidence though but if we look at upload, Ryan's channel upload like twice a week of something and still ryan is still a kid so uploading twice a week is hard to do espeicially for a kid but kid's never really know how to hide emotions and if your look at ryan he just looks so happy... and yes his mom was arrested to stealing almost 100 dollars worth of clothes that doesn't mean she can't mature and grow up and also the channel as creatdd because ryan wanted to be like the other kids and be on youtube.

  • fried beanz
    fried beanz 6 місяців тому +29

    I feel so bad for Ryan, he probably has no idea how money hungry and bad his mom is, I heard he got yelled at backstage on his TV show for forgetting lines

  • Blank the Yeet
    Blank the Yeet 9 місяців тому +1371

    Ryan doesn't even look like he's having fun any more and just looks like parents milking content...
    edit: I don't want to sound like that person..... but there is a war in the replies. also thanks for 1k likes to give me serotonin for 2 seconds

  • Cypher
    Cypher 4 місяці тому +22

    Jimmy’s net worth is actually less then most of his friends, for example, because Karl wins so many challenges and gets paid by Jimmy as well as being friends with many people of the dream smp and therefore getting popular videos and livestreams, he is probably richer then Jimmy because Jimmy reinvests into his videos so much

    • Candy Pop
      Candy Pop 4 місяці тому

      that's not what not worth is lmao. in cash, yes but net worth is wayy higher. net worth means the value of all the assets a person (in this case Jimmy) owns

  • Anonymous Game Clips
    Anonymous Game Clips 6 місяців тому +5

    I DEFINITELY want to see what Ryan will be like when he’s old and mature around the age of 20 to 18

  • Atlas
    Atlas 6 місяців тому +49

    You can’t get mad at Ryan, only his parents.

    • Luise Palad
      Luise Palad 4 місяці тому +2

      Every kid deserves parents, but not every parent deserves a kid.
      - unknown but wise

    • Rain
      Rain 4 місяці тому +1


  • Sebru
    Sebru 4 місяці тому +34

    Sad fact: Ryan is abused by his parents, greedy for the money. Its actually funny that her mother got arrested for shoplifting despite being rich. Poor kid

    • Sebru
      Sebru 4 місяці тому +1

      @Albanian V1nce depressing fact i suppose

    • Albanian V1nce
      Albanian V1nce 4 місяці тому

      This isnt a fun fact

    • Sebru
      Sebru 4 місяці тому +1

      @October 2K until now

    • October 2K
      October 2K 4 місяці тому +1

      Bro I’m pretty sure that was years ago

    BORAHAE ARMY 9 місяців тому +1228

    ryan when he turns 18-20: so where’s my millions?!?
    his parents:👁👄👁 😐 idk

    • inv1ncible
      inv1ncible 4 місяці тому

      @Nop E bruh Ryan's parents took that to a whole new level

    • •_ArixnaLiz_•
      •_ArixnaLiz_• 9 місяців тому


    • Nop E
      Nop E 9 місяців тому +2

      Mom: *Let me keep it for you so you won't lost it*

    • Dhruv Adhikari
      Dhruv Adhikari 9 місяців тому


      BORAHAE ARMY 9 місяців тому

      @Lee-An Dave Garcia ryan’s parents dies:
      lawyer: the money that ur mother and father left u is 7billion
      ryan:WTF i thought its gone

  • Alice Mansfield
    Alice Mansfield 17 годин тому

    Go Preston, go mrbeast! They're my favourites out of this list

  • WyvrrnYT
    WyvrrnYT 4 місяці тому +12

    I feel bad for Ryan because his parents use him and force him into making content for their monetary gain, I have watched some of his videos and his happiness seems forced and unrealistic. We need cps to help this poor kid

  • Jd Sweets
    Jd Sweets 2 місяці тому

    Crazy how Ryan’s whole childhood is literally on UA-cam like he can legit watch them years from now and look back with nostalgia (although ik it’s not only what he does I’m sure it’ll be similar)

  • M1erAm
    M1erAm 8 місяців тому +1

    I like him he just gets to the point

  • Airoez
    Airoez 9 місяців тому +2594

    “Ryan is just having fun as child”
    Ryan: forced against his will to make kids content even though he wants to grow up
    Edit: wow a lot of likes

    • Airoez
      Airoez 4 місяці тому

      @inv1ncible agreed

    • inv1ncible
      inv1ncible 4 місяці тому

      Abortion is ok like if someone does not want a child thats up to them cuz the child has not been born yet, but abusing a child for money deserves severe punishment

    • Paxton only Lopez
      Paxton only Lopez 8 місяців тому

      This is true and how the hell dose he have that nobody watches him anymore

    • Puss Grey & Puss Meng
      Puss Grey & Puss Meng 8 місяців тому

      Bill gates has UA-cam Channel

    • Furry deleter
      Furry deleter 8 місяців тому

      @Vxmpsera oh yes

  • TheCoconut World
    TheCoconut World 4 місяці тому +1

    Its not a mistake ✨ ITS A MASTERPIECE ✨

  • Ana Markoljević
    Ana Markoljević 4 місяці тому +39

    I dont think Ryans parents, especially mom deserve his millions because its just not aight to use your child.
    I also think that MrBeast really deserves the first place because he gives away all his millions to homeless and subscribers and he doesnt save anything for fancy stuff for himself.

    • UnexpectingDuck
      UnexpectingDuck 4 місяці тому +1

      He would probably be 1# if you added his giveaways in the past year

  • Flordie Lina
    Flordie Lina 4 місяці тому +1

    I love how a kid is richer than a flipping adult

  • Sharkegy
    Sharkegy 8 місяців тому +47

    Sooner or later Ryan will realize what monster his parents are

    • Alex Martinez
      Alex Martinez 4 місяці тому

      @Tiktok_Content 💀 bro his parents yelled at him forgetting his line backstage when the cameras were off at his own show dude

    • Gamer 39
      Gamer 39 6 місяців тому

      @Tiktok_Content 💀 but it looks like (4me atleast) he isnt intrested 10yrs kid playing with toys? Just my opinion

    • Gamer 39
      Gamer 39 6 місяців тому

      @Tiktok_Content 💀 i never said for sure only a guess

    • Tiktok_Content 💀
      Tiktok_Content 💀 6 місяців тому

      @Gamer 39 Cmon bro, please do you have any more proof?

    • Gamer 39
      Gamer 39 6 місяців тому

      @Tiktok_Content 💀 "can" yes not 100% sure

  • Ellis.mp3
    Ellis.mp3 9 місяців тому +726

    ryan being number 1 is saddening. knowing that his parents don’t care about his well-being and that they care for the money he generates more than the child himself.

    • WVWMike
      WVWMike 9 місяців тому

      I'm 700 likes

    • Ellis.mp3
      Ellis.mp3 9 місяців тому

      @Kiyoshi doesn’t mean he can hide from the bullying he will receive for is weird fucking videos he made when he was in elementary school.

    • 👾Apex👾
      👾Apex👾 9 місяців тому

      Is this why i dont watch ryan's toy review???!!

    • The incredible Dubu
      The incredible Dubu 9 місяців тому

      Tbh what do you expect when on of his parents went to jail ?

    • Jelly MD
      Jelly MD 9 місяців тому

      Sad fact that my brother i watching ryan right now

  • Risky
    Risky 4 місяці тому

    These shorts are so entertaining they always make my day better💕

    • sopohi
      sopohi 4 місяці тому

      @syxfiq ong

    • syxfiq
      syxfiq 4 місяці тому +7

      These comments are so botted they always makes my day worse 💕

  • ♡[ ᴋᴀʀɪᴄᴀᴛ_ᴏғғɪᴄɪᴀʟ ]♡

    When i was a kid, i love watching Dude perfect

  • Sussy Amogus
    Sussy Amogus 4 місяці тому

    That moment when a nine year old made more money in a year than you will ever have

  • Cione’
    Cione’ 4 місяці тому +5

    Jimmy’s Twitter said “I want to make the world a better place before I die”

  • Colin McMahon
    Colin McMahon 8 місяців тому +1902

    My sisters friend was in one-off Ryan’s show and when the camera wasn’t rolling his parents would scream at him cause he forgot his lines. He was not having fun being a child.

    • inv1ncible
      inv1ncible 4 місяці тому

      Yeah, makes sense , look at lil tay? Is that her name you know the 9 year old that blew up in like 2017, yeah, her family milked her for veiws and money

    • eggmansoc00l333
      eggmansoc00l333 4 місяці тому

      @Steelpump100 the parents are so scared he gonna spend it all on something like marshmallows

    • eggmansoc00l333
      eggmansoc00l333 4 місяці тому

      @Xdpataer probably blow it on marshmallows

    • Eben Hareesh
      Eben Hareesh 4 місяці тому

      Hey atleast he was a good actor...I guess

    • Evan Turner
      Evan Turner 4 місяці тому

      Ok 👌 🆗

  • JustAn0Here
    JustAn0Here 6 місяців тому

    You have to remember Rhett and Link have a fancy studio and all that, like LTT, it isn't just 10 million for each of them

  • SlavicKittyCat
    SlavicKittyCat 4 місяці тому +1

    Mr. Beast is god of UA-cam like no cap!! Even if someone has much more subscribers or views

  • Curiosity
    Curiosity 4 місяці тому

    it’s not a mistake, ✨ITS A MASTERPIECE ✨.

  • Arley Channel
    Arley Channel 4 місяці тому

    Impossible how is Ryan more richer than MrBeast?!?

  • Mohy Ayyat 🇵🇸
    Mohy Ayyat 🇵🇸 9 місяців тому +731

    When Ryan turns 18-21 years old, he’s gonna look back at how much money he made when he was a kid and will be like “yo where’s my cut” and take his parents to court

    • inv1ncible
      inv1ncible 4 місяці тому +2

      Maybe but i feel like cuz he is being used at such a young age he wont try anything cuz his parents might not let him progress so much in his life and use him for money and they will probably keep him under they nose at all time so that he cant take legal action, also, the parents might OWN the vids so its really sad for ryan

    • Radioactive Elephant 🧣
      Radioactive Elephant 🧣 4 місяці тому

      Dude I hope he does take them to court.

    • CWS Gaming11
      CWS Gaming11 8 місяців тому

      btw he is kinda rip off

      PARALLELOGRAM 不安 9 місяців тому

      @》◇Water♡》 nothing he did nothing wrong it’s just his parents are exploiting him for money and will never give Ryan his cut

    • Ronzaa
      Ronzaa 9 місяців тому +1

      @》◇Water♡》 nah there just jealous that he has money then all of us who aren't billionaires

    NTO HACKER 4 місяці тому

    Fun fact:Ryan's mom has actually went to jail for shop lifting

  • 500 before May?
    500 before May? 4 місяці тому

    Shorts always make my day better :)

  • Banana
    Banana 5 місяців тому +1

    BRO! How dose a kid that opens and plays with toys for a living have more money than mr beast?!?! ( no hate in Ryan he’s just a little kid living life to the fullest I’m just confused 🤔 )

  • Aaron Hampton
    Aaron Hampton 6 місяців тому +4

    Ryan's been nine for 20 years how many clones does this man's have

  • Darkeneerr
    Darkeneerr 8 місяців тому +1014

    Fun fact: Ryan’s mother got arrested for shoplifting and went to prison

    • Maksym Andriienko
      Maksym Andriienko 4 місяці тому

      That is a fun fact

    • Lincoln8rNGU
      Lincoln8rNGU 4 місяці тому

      I am not surprised

    • Hi
      Hi 4 місяці тому +1

      I heard it was community service, that she decided not to do

  • Levi Laraki
    Levi Laraki 8 місяців тому

    Jeffree star has opened up that he makes 40-50 mill a year or up in the triple digits. He owns multiple companies and is one of the biggest companies if you put them together

  • nabhan terin
    nabhan terin 6 місяців тому +1

    My favorite UA-camr when I was a little kid is blipi but now I like mr beast and ryan

    ABIGUS 4 місяці тому +1

    Bruh how did Ryan beat MrBeast

  • ☻︎tblwRemii☻︎ #roadto200
    ☻︎tblwRemii☻︎ #roadto200 4 місяці тому +2

    I decided to watch natsyas video and in one of then, the dad was looking at the globe. Then the kid (Natsya) was like, 'where was I born' and the dad said Russia. He pointed to China on the globe.

    • Rain
      Rain 4 місяці тому

      Is the dad a no-brainer or something?

  • mid
    mid 8 місяців тому

    When a child has more money than most of us

  • Sven Zuzaku
    Sven Zuzaku 3 місяці тому

    IM proud of mark

  • Tooka
    Tooka 4 місяці тому +2

    Bill gates be like: Am I a joke to you

  • jellycat
    jellycat 4 місяці тому +1

    Imagine making less money than a 9 y/o 💀

  • Cope
    Cope 9 місяців тому +792

    You know the world is fucked when a “professional blogger” makes more money than engineers, surgeons, etc.

    • The bup!
      The bup! 9 місяців тому

      And crazy people

    • Joners
      Joners 9 місяців тому

      Entertainment always pays the best. Look at sports or music

    • Autistic Whiteboy
      Autistic Whiteboy 9 місяців тому

      You acting like overpaid celebs never exist before UA-cam.

    • Dov
      Dov 9 місяців тому

      How is that fucked? He’s making money cause he just got luckier

    • Aarna
      Aarna 9 місяців тому


  • Blacker
    Blacker 5 місяців тому +7

    Ryan : *enjoying his childhood*
    Me: *suffering on school works*

    • Fiona Sahil
      Fiona Sahil 4 місяці тому

      @Alex Martinez understandeble have a nice day 👍

    • Alex Martinez
      Alex Martinez 4 місяці тому

      @Fiona Sahil n***a bro mama Ryan mom shoplifted is was on the internet and off camera on his own show you can hear Ryan’s parents screaming at him but when the camera was off of course but only if you were actually there in the studio and your the audience

    • Fiona Sahil
      Fiona Sahil 5 місяців тому

      @BlurrC where do y'all found this information?

    • Blacker
      Blacker 5 місяців тому +2

      @BlurrC wait actually he was actually abused?

    • BlurrC
      BlurrC 5 місяців тому +2

      Actually he is abused

  • 🤍janelley_belly🤍
    🤍janelley_belly🤍 8 місяців тому +1


  • Name name
    Name name 4 місяці тому

    Rhett and link are some of the only UA-camrs to make it from the of days without changing into Fortnite UA-camrs.

  • Xavi Esaya
    Xavi Esaya 4 місяці тому +1

    Preston did actually surprise me tho, though he wouldn't be on the list

  • YO MAMA IS OBAMA • 9 years ago
    YO MAMA IS OBAMA • 9 years ago 9 місяців тому +1137


    • jonh video
      jonh video 9 місяців тому

      Yeah ryan mom has criminal bacground

    • Draglox
      Draglox 9 місяців тому

      @° mina ° yea...

    • ° mina °
      ° mina ° 9 місяців тому

      @Draglox well that took a dark turn

    • Ocean Of Bleach
      Ocean Of Bleach 9 місяців тому

      Lol they can buy a full Lamborghini and a mansion O.o

    • Jordan Lindsay Taggart
      Jordan Lindsay Taggart 9 місяців тому

      @✨ Monty Simp Lmao ✨ straight facts

  • Mubashir
    Mubashir 8 місяців тому +4

    Mr beast will eventually top all of them

  • LunatyRain
    LunatyRain 4 місяці тому

    blipi.. bruh the old as hell memories of that guy

  • toruto
    toruto 4 місяці тому +1

    I love how he just says Nastya a 6 year old

  • Light Robot
    Light Robot 4 місяці тому

    David dobrick hasn't made a Dollar from UA-cam for 3-4 years now

  • Desmond Ruwe
    Desmond Ruwe 8 місяців тому +90

    It’s so wholesome that literally every creator on the platform loves markiplier

  • -_- really funny -_-
    -_- really funny -_- 4 місяці тому

    Fun fact : Ryan want to make videos when he was 6 but when he got more popuplar his parents kinda forced him to do videos now.

  • The green bacon - jjjsss2556
    The green bacon - jjjsss2556 6 місяців тому

    How is Ryan much more richer than Mr beast!?!

  • BLUE Ninja
    BLUE Ninja 8 місяців тому +1

    I like how he said a 6 year old🤣😂

  • Pluto_Riotous618
    Pluto_Riotous618 4 місяці тому +2

    I'm pretty sure if MrBeast never gave away his money but his videos still got the same amount of money then he would probably be higher than Ryan. I honestly thought MrBeast would be at top. I forgot completely about Ryan although my younger cousin says I look like an older version of him.

    • Smriti Mondal
      Smriti Mondal 4 місяці тому

      Ryan mainly makes that much money as he has his own line of toys, and has made several deals with companies like Disney and Walmart.

  • EEK Turk
    EEK Turk 9 місяців тому +443

    ryan's parents don't deserve the money, mrbeast does because he donates most of it and makes actually good videos with it.

    • VECTOR
      VECTOR 9 місяців тому

      Neither does ryan

    • Sparty
      Sparty 9 місяців тому +1

      @[O_O ] yeah but photography could work for a certain company and have a talk with two parties they get tasks to do if they do that

    • Sparty
      Sparty 9 місяців тому +1

      @[O_O ] and I’m not the only one who thinks this millions of others too it’s not an excuse it’s kind of like saying it’s not really in a talk with two parties they could also bribe their way in. Free money for merchandise

    • [O_O ]
      [O_O ] 9 місяців тому

      @Sparty if anyone’s dumb here is the one saying that making content isn’t a real job, would you say photography isn’t a real job because they creat content for pay? What about art? Also that was quite a lousy excuse bud, come on

  • DaMuffinKid
    DaMuffinKid 7 місяців тому

    Jeffery star actually made 300 to 500 million from UA-cam

  • Ryan Jagpal
    Ryan Jagpal 8 місяців тому

    How did Mr beast get so rich?
    How did children get so rich?

  • jelly siili🍋
    jelly siili🍋 4 місяці тому

    It's not a mistake 🌿 it's a masterpiece

  • Jelly Gaming
    Jelly Gaming 5 місяців тому

    Mr Beast be like :
    How did a kid got richer than me xd

  • lovelysunnies
    lovelysunnies 9 місяців тому +883

    as flamingo decribes ryan:
    “this kid is probably richer than all of us watching combined”

    • No
      No 9 місяців тому

      I haven’t watched flamingo in years damn

    • d£m!rT!an
      d£m!rT!an 9 місяців тому

      *RESPECT THE VETS!!!!!!!*

    • MaybeNico
      MaybeNico 9 місяців тому


    • *•Jillian•* 🇺🇦
      *•Jillian•* 🇺🇦 9 місяців тому

      Ew a flamingo stan

    • Mari
      Mari 9 місяців тому

      @gab Bartolay she was an ex- convict she is not a criminal
      A couple months in jail doesn’t make you a criminal what makes you one is if you keep doing it over and over again ok
      And it isn’t fair to hold going to jail against someone
      My friends dad went to jail for drunk driving which resulted in him crashing into a woman who died he spent 1 1/2 years in jail but he’s working hard as he’s now a single father his oldest holds that against him which damaged her relationship with my friend
      He’s a great man from what I’ve heard he works very hard for his daughter
      ( his oldest is 17 and lives with their grandparents)
      One bad thing doesn’t define you

  • smug man
    smug man 4 місяці тому

    The fact that small children have earned more through youtube than both of my parents have is just

  • Mason Troy Adams
    Mason Troy Adams 6 місяців тому

    Lol no way a kid opening toys is making more money then MrBeast 💀

  • DJoy
    DJoy 6 місяців тому +3

    I love how Ryan is #1 even if he’s just my age that shows you can actually do anything

  • axer maxer
    axer maxer 4 місяці тому

    Ryan is a god I actually watch him

  • Northstar
    Northstar 9 місяців тому +906

    Ryan's parents be like:
    Hehe it's almost almost like in printing my own money

    • InoTjut
      InoTjut 9 місяців тому

      @Faye Tales is the fact that ryan mom take all his money from ryan the same thing you see when you just got 10 bucks from grandma and you're mom was liked "let me hold it for you"

    • •no_nàmé•
      •no_nàmé• 9 місяців тому

      @Bacon 🥓 true

    • Faye Tales
      Faye Tales 9 місяців тому

      @Gene h I am sure u are

    • Baby Works
      Baby Works 9 місяців тому

      @Hot its proves that youre 9yr old.

    • Gene h
      Gene h 9 місяців тому

      @Faye Tales yes and I am correct

  • Faceless
    Faceless 4 місяці тому

    One question, how can Ryan beat Jimmy at making money? Just asking.

    • Carnifier Pikachu Thing
      Carnifier Pikachu Thing 4 місяці тому

      He barely spends any money on the videos compared to Mr. beast and tons of kids watch his videos.

  • Charles101
    Charles101 4 місяці тому

    A kid made more than my salary.

  • munkhjargal amarsanaa
    munkhjargal amarsanaa 8 місяців тому +1

    Imagine is ryan parents spend all of ryan money when hes done college

  • Mr. NervC
    Mr. NervC 4 місяці тому

    Dobrik literally said he ain't made a dollar of yt for 4 years bruh how tf he in this list

  • Gerbaited422
    Gerbaited422 9 місяців тому +180

    Ryan: can’t I just have fun and go to school without the cameras?
    His parents: cut that out

  • TheUltimateP1e
    TheUltimateP1e 7 місяців тому +1

    Fun fact, mrbeast doesnt have any of his earned money for himself, he gives it away

  • JELLYgamerYT
    JELLYgamerYT 4 місяці тому +4

    Can we all just have a moment of silence for Ryan achieving this goal being the most richest UA-camr in 2020

    • uwu
      uwu 4 місяці тому

      oh my god the bean pfps are everywhere 😭😭😭

  • proBaconyt90
    proBaconyt90 4 місяці тому +1

    Actully Ryan’s mum was in prison once and they could be using ryan for money I’m just thinking about it so do not give me some hate pls

  • Dude Man
    Dude Man 8 місяців тому

    mr beast literally said he makes 4 million a month

  • • SallyFace •
    • SallyFace • 9 місяців тому +173

    Everyone talking about Ryan and i just love that he called Jimmy "the most generous man in the entire world" cuz thats a fact

    • Abrar Haque
      Abrar Haque 9 місяців тому

      Cause that's true who the hell on earth will do a million dollar challenge while earning only 350,000 on that video.

    • Sal Fisher
      Sal Fisher 9 місяців тому +1

      @• SallyFace • 100% Larry

    • • SallyFace •
      • SallyFace • 9 місяців тому +1

      @Sal Fisher Who is your favourite character?

    • • SallyFace •
      • SallyFace • 9 місяців тому +1

      @Sal Fisher I'm a simp for Sal ✌💙

  • Rashmita Gauda
    Rashmita Gauda 4 місяці тому

    I used to watch Blippy when I was a kid and also Preston and Mr Beast

  • Rapidfire Gaming
    Rapidfire Gaming 4 місяці тому +1

    The Mr beast one is not true. He revealed that he makes 3-4 million dollars a month so he easily makes more than 40 million dollars a year!!!

  • Ceeyan Santos
    Ceeyan Santos 7 місяців тому

    Ryan still my favourite youtuber for 3 years

  • pokotendo
    pokotendo 4 місяці тому

    even though I don’t like kids channels
    blippi is a cool guy imo

  • Serbian V1nce
    Serbian V1nce 9 місяців тому +230

    Ryan’s parents actually thought the money he made on UA-cam wasn’t enough so they sold Merch.
    Edit: 200 likes, thanks guys the most I’ve ever had

    • natural_day
      natural_day 8 місяців тому

      @Vee more money

    • mycoldfries
      mycoldfries 8 місяців тому


    • Vee
      Vee 8 місяців тому +2

      That's the greedy af

    • Coopdog 0108
      Coopdog 0108 9 місяців тому +2

      @Serbian V1nce oh lol

    • Serbian V1nce
      Serbian V1nce 9 місяців тому +2

      @Coopdog 0108 ya

  • Andrea Pignataro
    Andrea Pignataro 4 місяці тому

    I mean, Mr beast does keep all that. All he gets is being reinvested in the videos. That's how he's imperium works.

  • eggmansoc00l333
    eggmansoc00l333 4 місяці тому +1

    bro the most generous man who pours his heart and soul in videos is getting beaten by a nine year old who plays with toys.

  • Eternal Donut
    Eternal Donut 5 місяців тому

    Random nine year old: has 29 MILLION dollars
    Me who works at a McDonald's: *Cries in minimum wage*

  • Gamsti
    Gamsti 6 місяців тому

    Damn I started my channel 10 years ago I am the definition of not being consistent.I Would have been like these guys but I took to long to do anything now everyone in there mommas has one it's never to late for anyone to try but I think it might be it for me ....(?)

  • No Religion
    No Religion 8 місяців тому

    ita crazy how a 8 year old can buy my whole family

  • socks
    socks 6 місяців тому

    Mr beast spent like 44 million just to buy a warehouse no way he's poorer than ryan

  • Dhruv
    Dhruv 8 місяців тому +1

    So you are telling me that there is a kid who gets more money than mr beast

  • Sharkegy
    Sharkegy 8 місяців тому +1

    "Professional Vlogger"
    More like

  • Wolfy
    Wolfy 9 місяців тому +109

    Ryan: Earns 29 million by doing kids stuff
    Me a 11 year old: WHERE THE HELL IS MY MONEY

    • Svndae⭐ミ
      Svndae⭐ミ 9 місяців тому +1

      I think u guys r older then me bc I'm 10 👁️👄👁️

    • Arlyn Molina
      Arlyn Molina 9 місяців тому

      You have to be a youtuber

    • Kyle gaz garrick
      Kyle gaz garrick 9 місяців тому

      @ieatgrass will my ask me to get a job at McDonald's so I can't get money form them

    • Baby Works
      Baby Works 9 місяців тому

      Yeah every body can relate with this

    • Wolfy
      Wolfy 9 місяців тому

      @Ariel1040 lol

  • Allan Koech
    Allan Koech 4 місяці тому

    I like the way he zoomed in to Preston's meme face

  • just e
    just e 5 місяців тому

    Every body who knows blippi's secret 😏😏

  • Rat57
    Rat57 4 місяці тому +1

    When he is 18 he will still say he is 9

  • Gaming with Imabiguhh
    Gaming with Imabiguhh 8 місяців тому

    There is no way Jeffery star has only 15 mil

  • iBlitzXD
    iBlitzXD 9 місяців тому +1760

    “having fun being a child”
    i like to call it *exploiting the youtube algorithm*

    • Phrog
      Phrog 9 місяців тому

      It exploits the child even more

    • MoeDankestr
      MoeDankestr 9 місяців тому

      @HPVRStuff Bet he’s gonna realize that his parents milked him for money and he’s gonna be pissed one day.

    • Daniel Cardenas
      Daniel Cardenas 9 місяців тому

      @AMV bro we hating on the parents who do this for money

    • Clash Master 999
      Clash Master 999 9 місяців тому

      @iBlitzXD mr. beast still has a lot of money. And of course Ryan is going to have a lot of money because his parents are buying most of his stuff and his fan base is huge and full of younger kids.

    • iBlitzXD
      iBlitzXD 9 місяців тому

      @Clash Master 999 i know but i was taking in terms of money