Jordan Peterson: "I'm NOT Anti-Feminist" REACTION

  • Опубліковано 2 сер 2022
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    Jordan Peterson: "I'm NOT Anti-Feminist" REACTION
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  • Colonel B
    Colonel B  +108

    Alex you touched on a point here that's really worth elaborating. Peterson gets his data from looking at clinical research or other studies or talking to his patients directly, so when he says something like, "aggressive young boys who are antisocial by age 2 whose parents don't get them socialized by age 4 are more likely to become criminals in their teenage years" - he's not saying that because he read it on facebook or saw a reddit post by some rando - he's saying that because he's studying antisocial behavior for decades and knows the research that he and others have done. A lot of the criticism he gets takes the form of "Peterson has this crazy opinion" and it's not an opinion he made up, it's something he researched. He's talked about climate change and folks have given him crap about that b/c he's a psychologist and they don't know that HE SERVED ON A UNITED NATIIONS COMMITTE FOR TWO YEARS STUDYING CLIMATE CHANGE, so again, he's not some facebook mom quoting something she saw on reddit. XD

  • soulsfang
    soulsfang  +47

    JP Wednesdays should be a thing! I would honestly love to see you have a video going over his university lectures (and I know youll get tons of requests for those, his biblical lecture series is absolutely top notch, and this is coming from a former athiest) and/or just a reaction video to the 12 Rules / 12 more Rules with your thoughts on each rule. There are a few that have had life changing impacts on me, but the one that always really stuck out to me was "Treat yourself as if you were someone you were responsible for helping."

  • Clément Bonhomme

    Hey Alex, love your content. I would suggest checking JP's biblical lectures and/or his university lectures on Pinocchio and the Lion King. These are longer videos that would probably require more work on your end but I think it could make an interesting reaction and conversation!

  • Cindy Pavin
    Cindy Pavin 14 днів тому

    Alex, thank you for your videos. They are though provoking and incredibly fun. Definitely need the laugh these days. Love your channel so much. Again... thank you.

  • Timothy Young

    Dr. Jordan Peterson is so misrepresented. He is so sincere. I went and saw him when he came to my city in Canada. Just brilliant! I walked away feeling like something huge just happened to me. Finally someone who speaks truths.

  • Gut Shot Ninja

    On behalf of the lobster people thanks for your content. JP bases everything on facts. Not just "I feel". He also teaches women how to handle themselves in the corporate world. Not just men. Liked the lady at the end. Very savvy person.

  • IAmBecomeJeff

    Saw a comment that wanted "Jordan Peterson Wednesdays" and I'd love to have a set day of the week for reaction videos pertaining to "polarizing" content like this! It's great to get different perspectives and to analyze things objectively and I'd love to have that on a regular schedule!

  • Eg Az
    Eg Az  +7

    Love JP, love you and please make more and more of this fantastic content. It keeps me sane! Thank you so much ❤️

  • Mimipt94

    I love Jordan. As a woman i agree with him . He uses facts and inteligence against ignorance and emotion.

  • Ziggy
    Ziggy  +6

    Damn, that clip was too short. There’s so many great laughable moments in this debate

  • Josh Kasper

    Can you watch the rest of the interview? It's really powerful, I think you'd appreciate it.

  • K V
    K V  +1

    Hey man, love your videos. Late congrats on the wedding, your girl is beautiful. Keep doing you and being yourself. Thanks for all the great content.

  • Martino Simone

    Hi Alex! I am from Italy. I just discovered your channel. You're funny as hell and have a very likable personality. Keep it up! Subscribed.

  • Krotesk
    Krotesk  +4

    You killed me with the double bacon cheese burger 🤣🤣

  • Sumcracker

    The biggest problem I see is society is stuck in the semantics of a very important arguments and we need to stop.

  • # ComingUpWitAName

    My favorite streamer!!!! Its great to see you again! Wish you the best as always brother :)

  • Granite State of Mind

    If you want a good video to react to that blends music and politics, I would highly recommend Timcast’s “Will of the People” music video

  • David Kling

    "You're minutes up." "alright I'll shut up..."

  • Battery

    Alex: "doesn't matter who you are, what you eat..."

  • Michael Livesey
    Michael Livesey 21 день тому +1

    Jordan just to smart for our Aussie women