Why Kids Need Music Lessons

  • Опубліковано 29 сер 2022
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  • guitaro5000

    Licenses are taken very seriously in Georgia. If you get pulled over without your license, you immediately get transported to death row.

  • Steve Cork

    I’m 51…a couple coworkers and I always talked about music when we were in the office together. I would tell them all the time that I wanted to learn how to play guitar, but I’m too old now. They finally convinced me last year to start learning. Love it and wish I started sooner.

  • Max Herron

    My parents were just like yours. They never complained about the noise I generated in the house. I've been a drummer for over 50 years and also started playing guitar at 62 when I retired (and bass just a month ago). My wife and I passed that encouragement to our son. He has become an incredible drummer and Horn player.

  • Jack
    Jack 14 днів тому +2

    Rick, you mentioned the 'C' word, and you're absolutely right in doing so! The single biggest thing that kids need to be taught is confidence. It doesn't matter how talented you are, if you don't have confidence then no-one will ever know and it'll go to waste.

  • Scott V

    looking back now at age 60 i realize what a gift my parents gave me by being so supportive of all of my musical endeavors. they came to just about every gig that i played and always encouraged me to do more. i think playing music gives me more joy these days than almost anything else. your description of your parents' involvement really made me feel extra thankful for my parents. time to go and call mom.

  • GanstaCatCT

    Came for the license story, stayed for the happy tears as I thought of my parents supporting me. Beautiful messages about parenthood and education. Well said Rick.

  • Zane Charron

    I had a guitar student some years ago who was 80. Never played in his life but wanted to learn. Tall guy, probably 6'5". One lesson he told me "I won't be here for the lesson next week. They're changing my pacemaker and will have to stop my heart for a couple minutes." OMG! The next week he was there as usual. In other words, you're never too old!

  • jfan4reva

    As a 71 year old beginner piano student, it's nice to hear your encouragement for us old guys. No, I'll never play the 3rd movement of Moonlight Sonata, but there's 70 years of music from my lifetime out there, more than enough to keep me busy.

  • J O
    J O 

    Finding your license is great news. Knowing your parents loved you so much to support you like they did is even better news. Thank you for following your parents' example.

  • Kimber f
    Kimber f  +106

    Omg I love your mom and dad... I wonder what the world would be like if everyone hit the parent jackpot like you did. I bet it would be an entirely different world

  • Ken McCarthy

    You are a beautiful man. You and all the other great music teachers on the Internet are creating countless opportunities for people to learn music who otherwise might have none. You all are a real bright light in this otherwise messed up world.

  • Harold Glover

    Both of My parents worked full time but found the time to take us to any and all things we were doing as kids, dance, football, swimming and music. You are so correct!!! Support our kids and even push the music and sports. It’s so important. I am still playing guitar and trumpet at 57. I can’t thank my folks enough. and you Rick. Thank you!

  • Blunderr
    Blunderr  +411

    What Makes Rick Beato Great?

  • gcsoulsurfer
    gcsoulsurfer 28 днів тому +1

    Having supportive parents is everything.

  • Erick Sunny Music

    Muito bom Rick, muito bunito a sua história e muito afortunado vc foi também, que bom !! Pois temos hoje vc para nós passará tua visão e análises músicas muito interessante s. Que música seja levada mais a sério como matéria escolar, ao redor do mundo! E crianças que são respeitadas e amadas, se tornam adultos que amam e respeito. Que isso também se espalhe pelo mundo.

  • Ricardo Hernandez

    Couldn't agree more. My oldest son is now into music production education career, which he chose after hearing countless hours of all kinds of music, with unlimited resources over internet; he has now a level of knowledge I'd never be able to get when I was at his age. These are really great times for any thing we want to learn!

  • Me
    Me 28 днів тому +3

    I've done everything I can to get my 3 girls into music and taking up a musical instrument, but they're just not interested. I think you have to have an innate ability and love to become a musician. I always tried when I was younger, but just lacked the skills and dexterity needed, despite hours and hours of lessons and practise. It's like art - you've either got it, or you haven't and no amount of lessons or training will make any difference unless you have that elusive seed inside you...

  • Chris Matheson

    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. We love music. It’s only right that we pass on our love of music to our children. Play them all kinds of music . Give them the opportunity to learn an instrument . Teach them what music use to sound like because maybe it won’t be around for ever. Thank you Rick for all that you do.

  • Glenn Brien

    Rick Beato is a tremendous musician, educator, and storyteller! Yes, he lost his license in a parking lot, but within one minute the story shifts to his encouraging words to a 70 year-old who wants to take up the guitar; and within two minutes it's all about the power of encouragement and support with regard to helping people become their best selves.

  • Texas Bluegrass

    Listening to you talk about school makes me realize just how much I missed out on going to a barely funded po-dunk school in rural Kentucky. Man, we didn't have a chance. Basically the only thing I was taught was to be successful I needed to hurry up and get married and have children and I was in the "gifted" program. My school guidance counselor never spoke to me. I graduated in 92 and had my first child in 99. We picked up our 2 kids and went to Houston because my husband could transfer there. I pumped good music into those kids. They grew up listening to Pearl Jam, Tool, Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, Alice in Chains, Jeff Buckley, etc. My husband is an automation engineer but is a talented percussionist. The schools here had a good band program so my daughter went on to become snare captain and state champions. I look at her and I'm so thankful that we left our family and friends to give these kids the opportunities we were never given. They are both in college and music is an important part of their lives. I would do anything if our schools could receive the funding they need back in Kentucky because most of those kids don't have a chance of escaping. You are truly blessed and I envy you in so many ways. Not jealous, just wish everyone had these opportunities. Glad you got to achieve your dream! All we can do is work to help our kids to have great opportunities and access to awesome music programs!