Korn - Dead Bodies Everywhere - Family Values Festival 2013 - Broomfield, CO, USA 05/10/2013 PROSHOT

  • Опубліковано 7 жов 2013
  • Korn - Dead Bodies Everywhere - Family Values Festival 2013 - Broomfield, CO, USA 05/10/2013
    1st Bank Center


  • David Rinden
    David Rinden 6 років тому +207

    My favorite Korn song.
    Some bands are better on record than live but not Korn. They always put on an amazing show.

    • Bleeched
      Bleeched 4 місяці тому


    • Sea Change
      Sea Change Рік тому

      @EY awakening I’m not a liar - I wrote all of Master of Puppets and Follow the leader. My name is in the credits. I am a very rich music producer - Ross Rock is my name.

    • EY awakening
      EY awakening Рік тому +1

      @Mister Magulag Johnathan had gotten sober by that time.

  • Frank Smythe
    Frank Smythe Рік тому +18

    Of all the nu-metal bands Korn really was and is the sickest and most original.

  • Andrew Atterberry
    Andrew Atterberry 3 місяці тому +5

    Their non hit songs live should be paramount. Incredible that those songs sound so great live!

  • Diego Salgado
    Diego Salgado 2 роки тому +63

    Took me about ten years but lets recognize that Ray Luzier is an AWESOME drummer

    • xwinglover
      xwinglover 23 дні тому

      One of the greatest showmen with amazing skills

    • Uncle Monster
      Uncle Monster 2 роки тому +2

      dsvlg the mans a beast!! Been on the scene for a long time. He’s a good dude and as a drummer I’m usually slack jawed watchin his skills

  • Mikey Von Swank
    Mikey Von Swank 2 роки тому +204

    Munky using the “Talk Box” effects on this song is amazing

    • Mikey Von Swank
      Mikey Von Swank 11 днів тому

      @OCEAN ANGEL 🤙🏻🙏🏻🙌🏻🔥

      OCEAN ANGEL 11 днів тому +1

      @Mikey Von Swank , That's Right 💯🤘

  • EyeShotFirst
    EyeShotFirst 8 років тому +216

    That's 1998 right there. Don't care what anybody says, that is old school KoRn on that stage.

    • 🏁FOND-A-Way RACING 🏁
      🏁FOND-A-Way RACING 🏁 2 роки тому +1

      1994 and Meth is old school Korn. Try google?

    • Malaki Sands
      Malaki Sands 2 роки тому

      I say them in Rochester NY back in 98 they kicked ass

    • MDE-11-84
      MDE-11-84 3 роки тому +1

      @Tokin Bud
      What are you talking about? Did you watch this video with your eyes closed?
      All the members of KoRn are in this video.

    • Tokin Bud
      Tokin Bud 3 роки тому +1

      Not really cause they are missing two great x bands mates but to each is their own, they are good but nowhere near good as the original band

    • MDE-11-84
      MDE-11-84 3 роки тому +1

      This is the 1st song I heard by this group

  • Miguel Uribe
    Miguel Uribe 5 років тому +39

    This song needs to be in every Korn setlist. It's a good song to mosh to when the drop comes

  • Alejandro González
    Alejandro González Рік тому +6

    Como puede un público desaprovechar de una de las mejores canciones hecha en el mundo?

  • Andrew Atterberry
    Andrew Atterberry 5 місяців тому +2

    The thing that makes respect Korn, is their willingness to preform, their non hit songs! I love this one!

  • BoberMcBoberson
    BoberMcBoberson 7 років тому +361

    Jonathan Davis is 42 years old in this. Can any of you teenagers watching this imagine having a father like this LOL!

    • Leon Rive
      Leon Rive 6 місяців тому

      My father was a minister and I been listening to korn over 25 years now and can't believe he's Christian now it is funny to me my parents hate korn or anything heavy

    • garagedays
      garagedays 11 місяців тому

      My dad loved korn he was 47 , rip dad

    • Slayerr96
      Slayerr96 11 місяців тому

      @Deby Ferreira what 🤨

    • Slayerr96
      Slayerr96 11 місяців тому

      Honestly that would be stressful when your younger but when your a teenager and adult it will be cool

    • EY awakening
      EY awakening Рік тому

      @Mister Magulag you just sound like you dont wanna hang out with someone who is religious so you should keep all your judgments to yourself becuz we will all be judged one day!!! You would be lucky to say you hungout with any member of KoŘń. Dont lie, you would tell ppl. Have a nice day.

  • Gonzalo Barrera
    Gonzalo Barrera 8 років тому +78

    I think this is the best live version of this song...

  • Greg 1213
    Greg 1213 2 роки тому +9

    Ray is an amazing drummer i saw them in 2016 (5th time seeing them) Head was having trouble with his guitar pedals so Ray went on like a 10 min drum solo and omg it was the best solo ever he's too underated as a drummer

    • Uncle Monster
      Uncle Monster 2 роки тому

      I would have been glued to it listening to school being tossed at me

  • David Morales
    David Morales Рік тому +3

    La mejor canción de Korn.

  • Molon Labe
    Molon Labe 2 роки тому +22

    This band is Legend.

  • Chad Miller
    Chad Miller 8 років тому +45

    had no idea family values is still going on, that's awesome.

    • Kup k
      Kup k 10 місяців тому +3

      @Sea Change Damn i didn’t even know you’d reply, have a good day

    • Sea Change
      Sea Change 10 місяців тому +4

      @Kup k nothing. I was just trolling sorry. This is 3 years old. I am no longer a troll

    • Kup k
      Kup k 10 місяців тому +5

      @Sea Change Tf did chad miller do

  • RolanTHUNDER
    RolanTHUNDER 6 років тому +9

    Great performance! The KoRn is A L I V E

  • MDE-11-84
    MDE-11-84 2 роки тому +9

    Having seen #korn live a total of 3 times I'd definitely say KoRn sure puts on 1 hell of an impressive concert.
    I mostly like the overall style guitar playing they used for this song.

  • Johann tabone
    Johann tabone 8 років тому +8

    An amazing Performance . Korn 4 life !!!

  • Sandra Yorlady Trujillo
    Sandra Yorlady Trujillo Рік тому +7

    me gusta cuando el vocalista se cruza de brazos❣❣

  • Sergio Figueroa
    Sergio Figueroa День тому

    Desde Argentina con el alma, aguante Korn! Hoy, mañana y siempre...

  • WaterMonStar
    WaterMonStar 2 роки тому +5

    First time I heard this song live, very bad ass! One of my favorite songs of all time

  • Andres Castañeda
    Andres Castañeda 5 років тому +3

    que hermosura preciosa melodia grande korn.

    JUST A GOYUM 8 років тому +9

    they still got it!!!!!

  • illskilled1
    illskilled1 Рік тому +2

    Love how fieldy has his hands in the air but you can still hear the bass being played

    • darkySp
      darkySp 6 місяців тому

      I didn't see anything, so I'll assume you meant the bass hits at the beginning.
      That was never Fieldy. It's a sample played by the drummer.

  • Mr-Riley
    Mr-Riley 6 років тому +12

    bad ass song love it

  • carlos santos
    carlos santos 2 роки тому +1

    Korn é bom d+

  • Joseph Shane Fuller
    Joseph Shane Fuller Рік тому +1

    Such a great band

  • William Summerson
    William Summerson 2 роки тому +2

    That crowd sux. I love korn been a die hard fan for over 20 years. I think they are extremely underrated as a band and as musicians. Jon is the best vocalist by far, head and munky and the best guitar duos ever, fieldy is a great bassist and ray is a very good drummer but I think David is better. Much respect for my fellow korn fans.

  • Eddy Irsik
    Eddy Irsik Рік тому

    Still have faith in korn they are a great band and put out some good stuff

  • Michael Ritter
    Michael Ritter 7 років тому +4

    fieldy is a savage....id love to see them play this live..epic

  • Reign
    Reign 2 роки тому

    My favorite band of all time!
    I LOVE KORN - #Family values

  • sydIRISH
    sydIRISH 2 роки тому +47

    Ray is such a killer drummer.

  • Ruben Villanueva carrasco
    Ruben Villanueva carrasco 2 роки тому +1

    Pasada de concierto ❤️

    • gawl
      gawl 2 роки тому


  • Hillbilly Vol
    Hillbilly Vol 3 роки тому +3

    I started head banging back in the day with BS and Ozzy. Still bangin it today.

  • John Michael
    John Michael 5 років тому +61

    Ray added new life to KoRn....idk what everyone is talking about

    • Mantangamers
      Mantangamers Рік тому

      David still one of soul beats of KoRn... All greatest album of KoRn david create rhythm drum so awesome

    • The Never
      The Never Рік тому +4

      Ray helped put a different flavor to KoRn that i do really enjoy. Not a fan of his overplaying at live shows. But David's style is unique to him and David's groove really helps fieldy. Imo David and Ray are equals in their own right

    • Mikey Von Swank
      Mikey Von Swank 2 роки тому +1

      For reals

  • Grimfrost
    Grimfrost Рік тому +1

    My favorite Korn song

  • Diogo Pinto
    Diogo Pinto Рік тому +1

    A classic

  • Bautista Diaz Molina
    Bautista Diaz Molina Рік тому +3

    El bajista tiene una actitud barbara !!!

  • Наталия Горбаченко
    Наталия Горбаченко 2 роки тому +2

    Блядь, как я это люблю. Не хватает слов!

  • Greg Dorsey
    Greg Dorsey 2 роки тому

    Korn rocked it baby!!

  • Cale Dunsmore
    Cale Dunsmore Місяць тому

    There is no Band that sounds anything like Korn and that's the best thing a band can do
    I have no idea what you'd call the guitar and Fieldies unique bass
    The guitar is truly eerie
    You have the basic riffs but some of the sounds they create are truly incredible

  • Nogueira Weld
    Nogueira Weld 3 роки тому +2

    Foda demais.

    • ali ihsan
      ali ihsan 3 місяці тому

      Sensin kötü

  • Zona gamering
    Zona gamering 3 роки тому +2

    Korn the best

  • viva libertas ergo vivite libertatem
    viva libertas ergo vivite libertatem 6 років тому +1

    We are discussing this song in music lessons in school. It goes much deeper than most might think

    • Rarity Clarity
      Rarity Clarity 5 років тому +1

      Ozkurl You kinda do bc the lyrics tell a more than just the story story than the title, it expands on it. JD himself has stated what the song's about anyway though.

    • Daynbren
      Daynbren 6 років тому +1

      @Janniboy lp Yes, I can see how ppl don't see the music they're listening to can impact them in a certain without them noticing themselves. Good point!

    • viva libertas ergo vivite libertatem
      viva libertas ergo vivite libertatem 6 років тому +1

      +Daynbren well it is not the meaning of it but most people just listen to it for entertainment and don't think about what impact it has on you and by what it is caused

    • Daynbren
      Daynbren 6 років тому +1

      +Janniboy “abcnon” lp What does it mean??

  • Kevin Koons
    Kevin Koons 2 роки тому +3

    My favorite song but in all the times I've seen them live , they never played it when I was there.

  • Shawn GO GATORS R
    Shawn GO GATORS R 8 років тому +2

    Wow,epic & perfect

  • TheSuperhuman622
    TheSuperhuman622 7 місяців тому +1

    I’m native to Colorado and I seen Korn maybe three times and each time I saw them It was amazing but Brian was the first member I meet(well not really) my cousin had invited me to a church club that she had been going to for her first communion this was also the time Brian left the band I honestly didn’t wanna go but she said it’ll be fun so I went we ended up going anyways we had a meeting with a surprise guest and and holy fucking shit it was Brian from Korn and me being a Korn fan I lost my shit I was probably the only kid in there that recognized him haha

  • Supersnake 93
    Supersnake 93 2 роки тому +3

    2013 was an amazing year

    • MDE-11-84
      MDE-11-84 2 роки тому

      I agree with that statement.

    DEATH METAL BRONY 2 роки тому +3

    Dat bass 🤟🏻

  • Jure Primorac
    Jure Primorac 2 роки тому +2

    5:38 great growl, no matter how short it was. I'd love if Korn would do a death metal album, maybe with some funky vibes (to give it that KoRn touch), but still a death meatl album, something like their debut only heavier. I believe thet definitely have all the tools, not just Jon's vocals, Head and Munky know how to play death metal too.. If they fucking had the balls to do a fucking shit dubstep album, why wouldn't try with death, it's certainly much closer to their normal style. Or why not go even further? Imagine a Korn black metal album! :)

  • angel
    angel 3 роки тому

    I went to the 20th Year anniversary of Follow the Leader..09/15/2018 here in Vegas it was fucking amazing and it happened on my birthday also!!

  • Jesse Helms
    Jesse Helms 2 роки тому +1

    That 6 string bass though

  • Jared Doran
    Jared Doran 3 місяці тому +1

    Munky might be the guitarist of Korn, but after seeing this, I'm going to tell everyone he's the didgeridoo player for Korn

  • NEOS
    NEOS 8 років тому +1

    que buen tema y que buen disco

  • Simon Bertrand
    Simon Bertrand Рік тому +2

    Good to hear the bass finally.

  • Ahling Hung
    Ahling Hung 2 роки тому +1

    Its awesome , badass......

  • Driven by Excellence
    Driven by Excellence 8 місяців тому +2

    THis is heavier than The Family Values tour I been to back in 99.... danG KORN RHOKX

  • Tasha Trannon
    Tasha Trannon 2 роки тому +34

    The crowd had absolutely no appreciation for the efforts it took to play this song.... At all!! Im pissed!

  • Hijo Del Maíz
    Hijo Del Maíz 8 років тому


  • คนบะดาย
    คนบะดาย 8 місяців тому +2


  • James Mitchell
    James Mitchell 2 роки тому

    Korn signed an 8 album contract for 50 million after the self titled album...made them rich but no one can maintain the music that made them famos when you have 5 years tomake 8 albums

  • Julie1969
    Julie1969 Рік тому

    I have seen Korn 18 times and there are always people who don’t know all their music and only activate when the popular tunes are played. Who cares? I go for my enjoyment and always rock front row and could care less if you aren’t enjoying the show as long as you don’t interfere with my enjoyment. 🤷‍♀️
    😊 Do what you want and stop being so judgy.

  • Gigi1972
    Gigi1972 Рік тому +1

    Anybody else here in 2021wishing for live music again 🤘🤘🤘

  • Radam TV
    Radam TV 3 роки тому +1

    That bass thou

  • Justin Bardales
    Justin Bardales 8 років тому +16

    Munky is so awesome!

  • Cate
    Cate 3 роки тому +136

    I hate how weak crowds in metal concerts are now

    • chrisgunnerT
      chrisgunnerT 11 місяців тому

      Come to a concert in argentina 😎

    • Joshua Schwartfigure
      Joshua Schwartfigure Рік тому +2

      @Mister Magulag Spaceballs reference. Nice. Never heard that one before. 😐

    • Mister Magulag
      Mister Magulag Рік тому

      @Joshua Schwartfigure May the Schwartz be with you

    • Joshua Schwartfigure
      Joshua Schwartfigure Рік тому

      Shit, I'm 19 and I hit shows a lot. I'm from the Dallas Fort worth area and theres a whole moshing organization. Cattle Decap was pretty good. Same with Obituary. My only issue is all the hardcore dancing. Crowd killers screw everything up.

    • Mister Magulag
      Mister Magulag Рік тому

      I hate how being a metalhead is synonymous with being a soft whiney pushover. Metalhead used to be tough. Bring the sense of danger back to rock n roll. It belongs their. It'll toughen you up and put hair on ur chest. Beta metal has to go

    BINSPRD 5 років тому +8

    3:03 - 3:10 Mood AF

  • ty riedle
    ty riedle Рік тому

    Korn rules #1

  • Sean Madison
    Sean Madison Рік тому +2

    Their guitars used to sound so powerful. Now they just sound like background noise.

  • ToneSkates74
    ToneSkates74 Рік тому +1

    Theme song for 2021.

  • B Real
    B Real 4 роки тому +2

    Damn their distortion is neutered compared to the late 90s. Go watch their UNO Lakefront Arena show from 1998. The sound was monstrous. This is empty as fuck.

  • Cristina Lima
    Cristina Lima Рік тому

    Jonathan Davis *-* muito lindo

  • Kati Karthe
    Kati Karthe Рік тому


  • John barrett
    John barrett Рік тому

    Yeah it be awesome having a father like that.

  • Eddy Irsik
    Eddy Irsik Рік тому

    Yeah I was at this show that night I live in Broomfield just down the road from this place colorado metal fans and shows are normally off the fucking crazy shit we get crazy but this show it was good but just think there was a lot of older people not young crazy people so but I thought it was a hell of a good show mean ive seen three family values shows the one way back with ice cube and mac ten and corn deftones that was a epic show so off the charts

  • Malaki Sands
    Malaki Sands 3 місяці тому

    I was going to say this has the vibe of 1998 Family Values. Ramstein, Ice Cube and Orgy. My girlfriend at the time took me. Only show that was better was 1993 or 1994 with Deftones

  • Ruben Almighty
    Ruben Almighty 8 років тому +1

    old school..TOP

  • AtomSmasher17
    AtomSmasher17 7 років тому +6

    The guy in the cage at 2:40 behind Jon doesn't seem very excited lol. Should have given me his ticket!

  • Southie
    Southie Рік тому

    I saw them six times and every time either I went home bleeding or I made someone go home bleeding. Pit life

  • Oswaldo Netto
    Oswaldo Netto 2 роки тому +1

    Fucking awesome

    ARMANDO ROJANO 8 років тому

    Powerfull viva koRn !!!! l..l,

  • Rafa Moreno
    Rafa Moreno 2 роки тому +2

    Follow the leader🖤

  • Logan Harris
    Logan Harris 2 роки тому +1

    Dudes playing drums is fucking it all up

  • historyof LOL
    historyof LOL Рік тому

    When I saw em in 2004 I was so far back I couldn't see the guitars and I thought they did a violin loop lol

  • Cristina Lima
    Cristina Lima Рік тому

    Nossa estava procurando essa musica

  • lsnicket94
    lsnicket94 8 років тому +2

    I love how everyone gets distracted at 6:14 because a pick got thrown.

  • Tails The Otter
    Tails The Otter 5 років тому +3

    Yessssss a talkbox!!!

  • WD113
    WD113 5 років тому +26

    I hate that Korn doesn't play much from Follow the Leader anymore, my favorite album. They only play Got the Life, Freak on a Leash and occasionally Dead Bodies Everywhere...lame.

    • Moneybagg jo
      Moneybagg jo 3 роки тому +1

      Seed is the best on the album

    • Jens Laughing Fox
      Jens Laughing Fox 3 роки тому +3

      It's on, bbk, reclaim my place and pretty are amazing songs and should be played more often. I grew up listening to this album, good times.

    • Derek Kolaga
      Derek Kolaga 4 роки тому +1

      Thats my favorite on the album

    • Sea Change
      Sea Change 4 роки тому +5

      what about its on?

    • Rarity Clarity
      Rarity Clarity 5 років тому +3

      alexander johnson I really hope JD becomes ready to play "Pretty" since he did manage to have it in him to play "Daddy" a few times finally.

  • Fuzz Brain
    Fuzz Brain 4 роки тому

    That new drummer is pretty good. I'd say he's a little more technically skilled than Dave, especially when it comes to speedy fills and stuff, but Dave is a fuckin monster on the kit. Plus he helped write everything so obviously people are going to prefer him

  • theophilus thistler
    theophilus thistler 8 років тому

    can you bring this tour to australia !!

  • Colin Melton
    Colin Melton 5 місяців тому

    I wanna hear Munky do "Dreams are messages from the deep" from Dune

  • Crazy Joe Davola
    Crazy Joe Davola 2 роки тому +5

    I've often never wondered what it would look like to see Munky's lips wrapped around a mic...ever. Thanks UA-cam

  • chris sheather
    chris sheather Рік тому +1

    Must suck not having an Aussie mosh pit every where you play lol

  • ton t.v
    ton t.v 2 роки тому +2

    The deliver of the song is so fucking soft

    • MDE-11-84
      MDE-11-84 2 роки тому

      This does not even come close to being the worst performance I've seen.

  • Jay Kidd
    Jay Kidd 2 роки тому

    never heard their music...never seen them before but I spent 6 months in the county jail and their name was scratched on to everything...I like it...good fuckin shit maynard….

    • MRPiBB
      MRPiBB 10 місяців тому

      Excuse me what

  • Deby Ferreira
    Deby Ferreira 4 роки тому

    I fucking love the hair of Brian Welch

  • Gordo do Gentili
    Gordo do Gentili 2 роки тому


  • Cody West
    Cody West 6 років тому +55

    This song is all Head

  • Steven Davidson
    Steven Davidson 2 роки тому +2

    I like the one with dreads, he's cool.

    • Kenny McCormick Plays
      Kenny McCormick Plays Рік тому +1

      ah, you must be talking about Brian “Head” Welch, he’s amazing ain’t he? :)

  • Ketchupz Studio
    Ketchupz Studio 2 роки тому +12

    I miss JD wearing addidas!