Breaking Down Toto’s Greatest Song

  • Опубліковано 29 лип 2022
  • In today's video I analyze the incredible songwriting featured on a famous Toto song.
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  • Rick Beato

    Please report all these fake spam comments. I don’t know why UA-cam can’t get this together but every comment you see for me is a fake bot looking to scam people. Thanks!

  • Joga Bonito

    "I wont hold you back" and "I'll be over you" are two of the most beautiful ballads of the 80s. Steve Lukathers vocals are incredible.

  • Jonas Meier

    TOTO is for over 40 years THE BEST BAND on the planet. Other great TOTO songs: "Manuela Run" (TOTO - 1st album), "Afraid of Love" (TOTO IV), "Endless" (Album: Isolation), "Stop loving You" (7th album), "Home of the Brave" (7th)....Over all it's hard to find a bad TOTO song.

  • Andre Ghouse

    Im so glad that Rick is doing these Toto features. I have been a fan of Toto for nearly 40 years and as a drummer, Jeff is my idol. When he passed, nearly 30 years ago, the drumming community shed many tears and we still do. It is fantastic that a newer generation are being introduced to more than Africa and Rosanna, and learning how wonderful their musicianship individually and collectively is. Their influence on modern music is without peer; my favourite quote is, "More than 90% of the worlds population has heard a song where at least one of the Toto members is involved." No other collection of musicians can make that claim. Toto is the best, and long live the memory of the greatest, Jeff Porcaro.

  • jeff mazzei

    There are so many Steve Lukather solos that are Masterpieces ! Toto is underrated and should be in the Rock nRoll hall of fame!

  • marus119

    Since Toto IV came out, I have felt that album is the cleanest and best produced album of all time. After all these years I feel that it is still the best. Awesome work!

  • Gabriel Nizetic

    I rarely write anything on UA-cam because I don’t want to contribute to the noise. When I saw the title I immediately predicted it was either “I Won’t hold you Back” or “Africa”. This song was never a top 10 for Toto but anyone who’s ever heard it never forgets it. It’s so emotional it demands your complete attention and drains you. After 40 years I never tire of it and new listeners are in instant awe of its beauty and grace. Created during a time when musicians knew what they were doing and had the talent to be able to do it. Not trying to be snobbish but comparatively speaking, to me most of the current popular music sounds bland, crude, vulgar, and devoid of any feeling or talent. The singers all sound the same, and everything sounds synthetic.

  • Iván Véjar

    Toto is amazing and underrated AF.

  • SteveMac

    Luke’s solo in I Won’t Hold You Back is so soulful. Along w Jeff Beck’s Cause We’ve Ended as Lovers, it is one of the great examples of how a guitar can convey emotional depth.

  • Spencer Conklin

    Timothy B Schmit sang his heart out and really carried the chorus. Surprised you didn’t mention him Rick. This is a wonderful Toto tune, no doubt.

  • MrDrewseph

    Please also note: the vocal mix. It sits IN the mix, rather than plastered on top. You can hear everything! That's why I like older music.

  • Brick Williams Guitar

    Would love to hear Rick do a “What Makes This Song Great” on Toto’s “Can’t Stop Loving You”.

  • DrKevGuitar

    As a guitar teacher I have brought this solo up with so many of my students. It's an masterclass in phrasing and far more difficult to play well than solos with more shredding. Bending the right notes, to exactly the right pitch, at exactly the right time, is not easy. And of course the pinky hammer-on at the top of the bend is a challenge to pitch just right! Anyone who studies this solo, paying close attention to the details, and tries their best to play it right will ALWAYS improve the skills as a musician!

  • Hotmess Express
    Hotmess Express 14 днів тому

    I love so many Toto songs but I think this is one of the most beautiful songs ever written. Luke's vocals are perfection and with Timothy B. Schmidt in the backround it makes me want to cry. I play this song a lot in my ear buds when I'm trying to fall asleep. It's so soothing.

  • Dave Gross

    the string arrangement under that guitar solo is legendary.

  • SLM

    Wow. I am allergic to ballads, and despite coming from a family of musicians, I have no musical ability to speak of. However, a couple of years ago I put my old Toto album from high school on the record player bought for my husband’s 50th birthday & told him, “I know you’ll think it’s stupid, but the piano/rock/strings combo in this song has always fascinated me.” Thank you for affirming, blows my mind anyone besides me appreciates this song!❤️

  • Kevin The Traveling Country Boy

    I'm a band/orchestra kid from way back and this song gives me serious goosebumps every time during the solo. The French Horn with Luke's solo is badass. This song gives off so many emotions. It is extremely underrated.

  • Amelia Humphries

    Toto IV is a masterpiece. Reminds me of driving around Marietta, GA, at age 16. I constantly had it in my cassette player. I always thought the guitar solo in I Won’t Hold You Back sounded like weeping. You can feel Luke’s sadness through those notes. Masterpiece.

  • Winston Smith

    One thing I've learnt about Steve Lukather, is not only is he incredibly talented, he's also really funny.