"THE CUBE" - a Perfect Life, Determined by Algorithms

  • Опубліковано 1 бер 2021
  • Russian subtitles are available for this video.
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    "Germany is controlled by a perfect algorithm: "the Cube" enables people to live a carefree life, pays everyone a basic income, nips crime in the bud. In return, it collects even the most intimate data. Predictability has become the most valued good. One of the few rebels is 28-year-old Taso. With great effort he evades the overwhelming surveillance. Dalia fled from a backward sect and desires nothing more than a life in the beautiful world of the Cube. Taso falls in love, just as the Resistance plans to recruit him. Suddenly, he is faced with an impossible decision: Will he betray his ideals - or the ideal world?".
    This is the summary of Bijan Moini's first novel. In a conversation with Olha Mukha, we will ask him whether the perfect algorithm can exist and whether Moini's novel is utopia or dystopia. We will also talk with Moini about his new book "Rettet die Freiheit! A wake-up call in the digital age". In it, he warns of the dangers of total control by the state and IT companies as a result of digitalization and artificial intelligence. However, it is not a plea for a return to the age without the Internet. Bijan Moini has very specific suggestions on how to preserve our freedom despite the digital progress.
    The event is part of the accompanying program of the exhibition Data CTRL Center, implemented by the Goethe-Institut Ukraine in partnership with Kunsht (UA) and Tactical Tech (DE).