Metal Drummer reacts to 7-year-old drummer (Caleb H)

  • Опубліковано 12 лип 2022
  • This 7-year-old drummer must be STOPPED
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  • 66Samus
    66Samus   +115

    Caleb HELLHAMMER! 🤘🤘

  • Caleb H Drummer

    Yayyy! Thank you so much, that was Awesome 🙌💙🥁🙏

  • Kristian Gustafsson

    All I can say is wow. I have played drums for 15 years now and this 7 year old kid is way better than me. I think Caleb is going to be big and i hope he's going to be in a great band someday. Rock on little dude. An inspiration for all young and future drummers.

  • Sebastian Orlander

    Seeing Caleb nail the fills on Tom Sawyer is amazing. it also fills me with hope that at least some people are teaching kids music that would otherwise go forgotten in the current pop music listening habits

  • Blaine MacInnis

    We will be hearing this young mans name a LOT in the coming years. Definitely going places for sure 😃

  • Michael G
    Michael G  +33

    You can tell how consistent he is by the wear on his snare head. Literally insane how amazing he is at his age.

  • Craven Madness

    The sheer amount of amusement and appreciation you show for the folks you react to is a pleasure to watch along with. All of these greats deserve to know how much they are appreciated and respected for their art and skill. Keep it up, and keep inspiring.

  • Rebecca Becker

    Obvs this kid is a drum prodigy, and so adorable to boot. I also appreciate your joy in watching other drummers and giving them props. That’s so needed in todays world. Thanks 😊

  • Just a guy on a bike

    The day Caleb was born he drove his parents home and put them to bed.

  • JTGMusic
    JTGMusic  +60

    If I had 22% of the amount of talent this kid has, I'd be a happy bahee hahaha this kid is incredible

  • Ml ord
    Ml ord  +2

    I'm seriously blown away...

  • Scruffy Nerf Hearder

    There are so many ways to remark on this kid's ability but I just wanted to call attention to the ergonomics. Imagine having to play fast double bass from an almost standing position and with your snare almost sticking in your chest. As soon as I can find a barstool to replace my throne I'm going to try this out just so I can appreciate his ability even more.

  • Matt F
    Matt F  +9

    I find it weird that Jay hasn't already reached out to this kid to at least meet up and talk shop. I'm sure Jay got to meet all his idols growing up because of his dad and appreciates how inspiring that can be to a young talent.

  • Muff-Waggle-B

    This kid is absolutely incredible! Love his style not a lot of flash just beating the living hell out of these drums and having an absolute blast while doing it ! Well done young man well done

  • Matthew March

    One of the most incredible and mysterious things about humans is that it seems like many of us were born to do something. It takes decades for some of us to find our thing, and many more never find something that they connect with on a visceral level. Caleb is not only fortunate, he's a potent example of dedication and hard work, especially for someone so young. Watching him crush Eyeless by Slipknot was inspiring and pure joy.

  • Neil Turton
    Neil Turton 19 годин тому

    What I love most about Caleb is not just how good he can play already at his age. The thing I love the most is that his parents saw he had a passion for something and rather than what I see a good amount of parents do, which isn't encourage it. They found ways to get him kits and help him become what he is today at 7!!

  • OG- Nesley

    Holy shit... This kid is ..... I don't even have words for how insanely perfect his drumming is already.

  • WishMount
    WishMount 21 годину тому +1

    Jay Weinberg gave that young man his signature snare, it sounds bloody amazing 😂

  • SinisterNewt

    I think this is the best child drummer I have ever heard. This kid ROCKS.

  • Bobby Morris

    Also he did make an appearance on stage with Slipknot. Jay Weinberg praised he awesomeness in front of thousands!