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정국 (Jung Kook) 'Standing Next to You' @ iHeartRadio LIVE

  • Опубліковано 3 лис 2023
  • #정국 #JungKook #StandingNextToYou
    Jung Kook performs “Standing Next to You”. Watch his full iHeartRadio LIVE show on December 11th @ 5pm PST in VR only in Meta Horizon Worlds. #iHeartJungKook @MetaQuestVR
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КОМЕНТАРІ • 19 тис.

  • @mimibts
    @mimibts 28 днів тому +21

    Who agrees that Jungkook is the best?

  • @zendyk
    @zendyk 14 годин тому +150

    I can't get enough of this specific performance. No backup dancers. Just JK and a live band. It's brilliant.

  • @user-zz2ns1eo5s
    @user-zz2ns1eo5s 12 годин тому +30


  • @user-li8bo1pz8q
    @user-li8bo1pz8q 7 годин тому +18

    Am i the only one who like his live vocal than the studio one? Even in bts songs, i was always excited to hear his live version especially when he did karaoke in weverse/vlive. His raw vocal just so beautiful and addictive.. ❤

  • @zooos178
    @zooos178 14 днів тому +420

    How he manages to sound better live than the studio recording! Wow. A real artist and a once in a generation talent. Jungkooks growth is insane! He works super hard and has extraordinary talents. One of the best voices in the industry hands down. So proud of you JK! A total super star

  • @nolabound3865
    @nolabound3865 12 годин тому +17

    JK will dominate the rock scene one day. I love this performance. So commanding!👑🐰

  • @Japuligame
    @Japuligame 28 днів тому +9

    I literally dropped my jaw

  • @rfuuhfdtsdf7528
    @rfuuhfdtsdf7528 21 день тому +160

    방탄팬 아니고 그동안 한국인으로 방탄에 고맙긴해도 인기가 이해가 잘 안됐는데 정국은 어나더 레벨이네ㅋㅋㅋ

  • @user-tp9dc3dn8g
    @user-tp9dc3dn8g 21 день тому +502

    기본적으로 노래를 잘 하니까 솔로 활동까지 찢어 버리네 멋있네요

  • @user-sl7lp6rt9m
    @user-sl7lp6rt9m 14 днів тому +106

    진짜 개잘한단말 밖에 어나더 레벨..

  • @ukkikkki
    @ukkikkki 21 день тому +566

    베이스 지린당ㅋㅋㅋ 방탄 관심1도 없는데 이거 라이브세션으로 들으니 중독성 개쩌네ㅋㅋㅋ 춤도 멋지고ㅋㅋㅋ 빌보드1위하길!

  • @shinwoori84
    @shinwoori84 28 днів тому +260

    정국은 정말 시대를 지배하는 팝스타가 되려고 마음을 먹었구나 .. 진심 최고다

  • @user-zt1rh4tq2v
    @user-zt1rh4tq2v 21 день тому +178

    제스쳐 하나하나가 왜이리 멋있지,,,모든게 자연스러워서 조아

  • @lizettc3598
    @lizettc3598 14 годин тому +29

    This song its the best song is one of the best of the year. This masterpiece diserves a grammy! OMG like for real, JK is not my bias but gosh he naild it. Kookie you are getting better every comeback and I couldnt imagine that was possible but it is. BTS must be proud of you:) .

  • @serayang7210
    @serayang7210 7 годин тому +7

    인제 10일후에 정국이가 입대한다는게 믿기지가 않네 지난달에 첫솔로앨범 발매하고 공식활동 끝난시점에서도 해외스타들의 끊임없는 콜라보 요청으로 입대직전까지도 쉴틈없이 열일하고 있는 정국씨 ㅠㅠ 제대후에 최대한 빨리 솔로활동 해주길 두손모아 바래봅니다.🎉

  • @zzzheeuu
    @zzzheeuu 14 днів тому +89

    이런걸 신들렸다고 해야되나...미쳤다 진짜..

  • @user-ff6pw2ve3r
    @user-ff6pw2ve3r 16 годин тому +83

    개인적으로 이 무대가 스넥유 무대들 중에 원탑이라고 생각함… 라이브랑 사운드가 미침

  • @flygray7326
    @flygray7326 28 днів тому +87

    I don’t know how but I really want to shout in Jungkook’s ear that this is the best live performance. I'm just shocked, how is it possible to perform a song better than in the studio recording? The album has better results, I won’t be surprised if our fandom grows to a couple more million people 🤭 But guys, let’s get in line, 5 years have passed and I’m still in line for tickets... so yeah 😉

  • @user-ec4fw9bu8h
    @user-ec4fw9bu8h 21 день тому +108

    와 진짜 존잘에 노래도 잘불러 춤도 잘춰 빠지는게 없다

  • @hp9529
    @hp9529 21 день тому +95

    아니 진짜 개잘하네 곡도 너무 좋고