• Опубліковано 27 сер 2022
  • @Jordan B Peterson calmly explains "How to know your true friends," and this is absolutely eye-opening! I took what I learned in this video to see if MY friends are actually TRUE friends, or not!
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  • M169
    M169  +27

    I love the fact that you look up a word immediately when you don't know what it means. Major props for that.

  • T. O.
    T. O.  +111

    People saying, "Do not do Peterson videos anymore." Are in fact, not your friends.

  • Brian Stanaland

    Ugh. My daughter needs to see this so badly. She’s 22 and refuses to see how the people she hangs out with only bring her down.

  • Colonel B
    Colonel B  +23

    Hey Alex, you know you're getting old when "sleeping wrong" starts to cause you physical pain, lol.

  • Kathi Murray

    I had an Language Arts teacher in the 8th grade who insisted on teaching us on a college level. A writing assignment I will never forget is "What is a friend?" He had us think more deeply and refused the answer of "someone you know and like and enjoy hanging out with" ect. No one got an A on that paper. I got a B+. And what he explained to us is 100% true- a friend is someone you can trust with your life. If anyone has more than one honestly true friend in their entire lives they are extremely lucky! At 50 years old I can say that I have only had one true friend. And unfortunately he passed away on August 7th of this year. Guess my luck ran out...if you find someone you can trust with your life, never take them for granted, tell them what they mean to you because when they're gone, the loss is so painful it can't be put into words....

  • martin sandt

    My best Friend for about 30 years sent me that Video to tell me how much he appreciates me , great feeling😎

  • PensionZoom

    Hang on to that dude as a friend. He’s a solid one.


    Dude that second person you called is the real deal :-) I try to be that kind of person all the time, because I’ve had so much help in my life and people really being there for me, it feels like a no-brainer to always be there for people if ever I can. I just hope your other buddy was busy at work or something and couldn’t get back to you :-)

  • Aundria C Premo
    Aundria C Premo 28 днів тому +3

    All you need is one real friend. Sounds like you have that. 💞

  • CW_SkaapSlet
    CW_SkaapSlet 28 днів тому +4

    With me after cancer i saw all my friends walked out my life, when they thought i wont survive,but still got one friend though that walks that path of recovery with me

  • Sinaasappel
    Sinaasappel 14 днів тому

    That reaction from your buddy was super wholesome man, he's truly a good friend

  • David Palmer
    David Palmer 21 день тому

    It's not the number of friends you have, it's how true of a friend they are. One good one is enough.

  • l' Indébandant

    I have "only" one best friend. But he passes the test everyday.

  • Octopus Ears

    I just cut out a long-time "friend" today.. for the second time actually.. so the timing couldn't have been more spot-on with this video.. it's a really tough thing.. because part of it too is that I personally want to see him turn things around.. but he literally said the other day that he doesn't want things to be good.. and he has kids and stuff.. so that was the beginning of the end.. he's just constantly full of anger, and can't express himself at all.. it's tough

  • Paper2Gold
    Paper2Gold 14 днів тому

    A wise man once told me "You can only ever count your true friends on one hand"

  • Linda Halfpenny
    Linda Halfpenny 28 днів тому +4

    I always believe that a good friend is one willing sacrifice the relationship in order to save you from bad / damagung choises.

  • Alien Lifeform

    Wise words, Alex. No wonder you vibe with Jordan. Good for you, my son. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🧡

  • Joseph Graham
    Joseph Graham 21 день тому

    Love your videos, brother. You’re a joy & inspiration. Dig it.

  • Aundria C Premo
    Aundria C Premo 28 днів тому +1

    My Best Friend of 21 years and I pick up right where we left off, even when it's been over a year since we've seen one another. I wouldn't hesitate to share any news with her. She's my only legitimate friend, aside from my husband. We'd give each other an organ if she needed it. 💯

  • Skyler Brown

    bruh ive been using the quarters versus pennies phrase for years. i love it. i have like 4 friends right now as well. i remember in high school i had so many people id hang out with or talk with regularly and now i dont talk to any of them. except 2 of them. but yea, quality over quantity. that interaction between you are your boy was heartwarming as fuck. love it.