Minecraft Death Swap 2...

  • Опубліковано 11 кві 2020
  • Minecraft Death Swap 2... My friend and I switch locations every 5 minutes. We have to trap each other to win. Who will win?
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    This video is similar to my other Minecraft, But, 1.14 challenges. Me and my friend try to trick and trap each other. The first person to die loses. This competition was crazy fun and crazy challenging. If you have any tips and tricks leave them in the comments!
    200,000 likes and we'll do this again!

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  • Dream
    Dream  Рік тому +7

    Subscribe, you can always change your mind later :)

  • S.O.K. #1
    S.O.K. #1 2 роки тому +23

    Never has someone trying to get a water bucket in minecraft been more intense

  • Just a Tiger
    Just a Tiger Рік тому +3

    Out of context, this is just Dream laughing like a psychopath while suffocating his friend with gravel.

  • WyattW! [OFFICIAL]
    WyattW! [OFFICIAL] Рік тому +3

    “I’m gonna kill you on this first swap”

  • andrew li
    andrew li  +906

    Would it be possible to do this with more than 2 players? Adding that element of randomness, where you're not sure who's landing in whose trap, could be really fun

  • Erwin Rommel
    Erwin Rommel Рік тому +1

    can we appreciate how smart George is with his traps

  • lacy petra
    lacy petra  +255

    George has so many clever trap ideas, and dream has so many clever clutch ideas. the two of you up against each other is so awesome to watch! I love you guys sm <3

  • 庫倫亞利克
    庫倫亞利克 2 роки тому +3

    I think the chest trap embodies Dream's biggest weakness as a tactician: he doesn't expect George to be able to deploy brilliant plans too.

  • Mukundan Apps
    Mukundan Apps Рік тому +558

    alternate title - Dream and George just saying "I have the best trap ever" for 20 mins straight

  • The Storm
    The Storm Рік тому +283

    Dream won but George really had some dope traps, props to that.

  • Joshua Askew

    I applaud George for using a chest trap. 👏 👏👏👏👏

  • deuterium tritium
    deuterium tritium Рік тому +769

    George's trap at

  • Kameron Velez

    can we just appreciate how dream takes time on these videos and puts effort into to these videos

  • MelancholyMaids
    MelancholyMaids 2 роки тому +10

    I love how he does a 1000 iq window breaking move, then proceeds to not jump Off his tower

  • 日衵馹鈤
    日衵馹鈤 Рік тому +553

    I really love that dream gave George a super cool music when he almost killed him.

  • ati veyie
    ati veyie Рік тому +2

    Dream: "if this video gets 3hundred thousand we will make a part 3"

  • Grey Murphy


  • Mʀ Pʀɪɴᴄᴇ
    Mʀ Pʀɪɴᴄᴇ Рік тому +306

    Dream before: Wasn't even making traps

  • Trumpett
    Trumpett  +25

    I like how last death swap, Dream doesn't even try and Dream ends up winning with a god apple, but Dream actually tries this time, but George outplayed him, anyways.

  • PieOfCthulhu
    PieOfCthulhu 2 роки тому +7

    George's acting when he sets up the trapped chest really sells the whole trap. It's just so convincing.