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Face Your Biggest Fear To Win $800,000

  • Опубліковано 9 лют 2024
  • I can’t believe how far he got
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  • @MrBeast
    @MrBeast  16 днів тому +83193

    The new Feastables bars will take some time to hit shelves! Should be in every Walmart right now and give the other retailers some time to get the new product ❤

  • @MattChessco
    @MattChessco 16 днів тому +42216

    Mack's determination and resilience are truly inspiring. He deserves all the success that comes his way.

  •  3 дні тому +3056

    You can tell Jimmy gets sad when contestants lose.
    So wholesome.

  • @Oblaczech
    @Oblaczech 16 годин тому +65

    Tbh, he kinda proved he wasn't afraid of failure already when he agreed to do the last challenge. He just wasn't able to complete it.

  • @nickyt2k9
    @nickyt2k9 3 дні тому +933

    Mack deserves a spot on the team - he's a whole character

  • @thaiscastillo3833
    @thaiscastillo3833 День тому +138

    man, this may be one of the most touching videos of Jimmy i've ever seen

  •  16 днів тому +18900


  • @codtoxic8818
    @codtoxic8818 2 дні тому +539

    Pls give Mack a spot on the team....
    He deserves it

  • @Official_NightStriker_YT
    @Official_NightStriker_YT 2 дні тому +327

    Mack has some crazy dedication, please bring him back sometime!

  • @sorcerermickeyfanguy6271
    @sorcerermickeyfanguy6271 День тому +47

    Give this dude another chance, he deserves the 700K!

  • @bewilderedgaming517
    @bewilderedgaming517 День тому +319


  • @Qeepisim
    @Qeepisim День тому +31

    Mack was captivating....a legend.

  • @BrentTV
    @BrentTV 16 днів тому +23204

    Mack deserves at least a dollar for trying

  • @hashashafashasha
    @hashashafashasha День тому +336

    with the amount of people demanding a third chance for mack he might as well become the main character of the channel at this point

    • @Hoink543
      @Hoink543 День тому +1

      Ya lol

    • @viogo4690
      @viogo4690 16 годин тому +2

      U might want to look up Airack and Mack's ties with him.

    • @RXSY22_search_TG
      @RXSY22_search_TG 11 годин тому

      Under l6 yers 🥰 my name

  • @legendmovies3102
    @legendmovies3102 2 дні тому +397

    Pleeeeeaaaaase!!! Oh please Jimmy. Bring him back one more time, he's been through a lot and he really deserves to win. Seeing him lose was so heartbreaking

  • @Nothing-To-Put
    @Nothing-To-Put 22 години тому +3

    Jimmy needs to give 500k to Mack for his dedication

  • @Dark_Fire2871
    @Dark_Fire2871 День тому +75

    Please jimmy give Mack just one more chance this man uas the most dedication I've ever seen in my entire whole lifr

  • @Dude_Chad
    @Dude_Chad День тому +2

    Mack begin his villain arc after that day 😂

  • @AmThucMeLam
    @AmThucMeLam 15 днів тому +6184

    Mack resilience and determination are truly inspiring. He is very deserving of all the success that comes his way. ❤

  • @pragalradha7856
    @pragalradha7856 День тому +36

    Mack is true inspiration 🐐🐐

  • @Need_cyanide366
    @Need_cyanide366 2 дні тому +274

    Man deserves a spot on the team ❤️

    • @TheSkywalkerLegacy6485
      @TheSkywalkerLegacy6485 День тому +3

      Hes with Airrack

    • @catfighter5879
      @catfighter5879 День тому

      @@TheSkywalkerLegacy6485yeah but who the hell watches Airrack

    • @viogo4690
      @viogo4690 16 годин тому

      ​@@catfighter5879Here's the thing. Airack fakes his videos. Mack has assisted him in that. Though faking videos is one thing their slander of a pilot is another.

    • @RXSY22_search_TG
      @RXSY22_search_TG 11 годин тому

      Under l6 yers 🥰 my name

  • @robertkissane5917
    @robertkissane5917 3 дні тому +127

    This goes straight to Mack’s determination

  • @vincentlabianca
    @vincentlabianca 21 годину тому +3

    this man has worked so hard give him anopther chance

  • @joni_wasabi
    @joni_wasabi 16 днів тому +5099

    The last challenge is absolutely the hardest for him, even he so fast, he forgot that he shouldn't break the cookie

  • @2007.j
    @2007.j 3 дні тому +40

    Mack has amazing flexibility, he's also great, and he deserves all the success

  • @dataserveruz
    @dataserveruz 3 дні тому +185

    Yea Mack is a true inspiration, his resilience is unmatched

  • @elgatocosmico403
    @elgatocosmico403 День тому +6

    Gracias por toda tu apoyo tenés mi respeto gran hombre

  • @gabbyyyyY2
    @gabbyyyyY2 2 дні тому +92

    Bro’s dad lore is gonna be insane 😂

  • @KV-44M_RS
    @KV-44M_RS 21 годину тому +3


  • @7T8EDITZ
    @7T8EDITZ 16 днів тому +2675

    mr beast videos has become action movies now days

  • @Spiderman.figure.posing
    @Spiderman.figure.posing 3 дні тому +47

    Mack has to come back! HE IS INCREDIBLE WE WANT HIM TO COME BACK!!!

  • @DaneMattingly-qq8rj
    @DaneMattingly-qq8rj День тому +39

    Give Mack all the chances until he wins!

  • @gunar-k4290
    @gunar-k4290 3 дні тому +41

    Macks resilience and determination are truly something to look up to, you need to give him another chance.

  • @iGameApple
    @iGameApple 14 днів тому +3125

    Perfect contestant! This was intense.

  • @nazarethindia
    @nazarethindia 3 дні тому +68

    please give him one more chance he is a legend

  • @bushy8343
    @bushy8343 2 дні тому +44

    Bro is mental his resilience and bravery is crazyyyyy

  • @Godfather43464
    @Godfather43464 14 годин тому +2

    This is one of the best videos that I've ever seen

  • @andrewtran6835
    @andrewtran6835 День тому +27

    Jimmy bring Mack back pls!! Make this a trilogy for all the marbles.

  • @aliyahbrown5335
    @aliyahbrown5335 9 годин тому +1

    The last challenge failure almost made me cry

  • @SubRedPlay
    @SubRedPlay 15 днів тому +1124

    Respect Mack's

  • @murta925
    @murta925 2 дні тому +33

    this man deserves a third chance for completing 5 of the challenges

  • @jaba8532
    @jaba8532 3 дні тому +53

    He was such a good sport. He deserves another chancel

    • @hollyfut
      @hollyfut 2 дні тому +1

      No another one deserves one

  • @2ambriella
    @2ambriella День тому +1

    Put him on the team!!!

  • @dracarolmessiasvet
    @dracarolmessiasvet День тому +6

    8:35 It was at that moment that my suspense went to endless laughter 😂

  • @pavanisdanceworld9972
    @pavanisdanceworld9972 18 годин тому

    Mack is a legend

  • @KiaroYun
    @KiaroYun 16 днів тому +1502

    My heart stayed on 20:40

  • @saierwe
    @saierwe 3 дні тому +12


  • @user-hj8qj9px6e
    @user-hj8qj9px6e 2 дні тому

    Give this man another chance. He has fought harder than anyone else on this channel. He deserves another chance. It literally got me tears!!!

  • @EfsaneviSarklar-jt3hd
    @EfsaneviSarklar-jt3hd 23 години тому +2

    Maçka has every fight to become a villa.

  • @zoais4513
    @zoais4513 День тому +6

    Mack has every right become a villain

  • @Chaengsbea0
    @Chaengsbea0 18 годин тому +8

    Mack has every right to become a villain.😅

  • @Infamous_wu13
    @Infamous_wu13 16 днів тому +1698

    17,000,000 in 5 hours is crazy

  • @Sn0wB34r-qg2dv
    @Sn0wB34r-qg2dv 3 дні тому +127

    Mack is a good guy so plz give him one more chance

  • @user-kv6tw9ez2i
    @user-kv6tw9ez2i 2 дні тому +12

    Mac deserves another chance! Jimmy, give him another chance please. Jimmy, give him a chance to win all the money he lost!

  • @lola_playz9147
    @lola_playz9147 13 годин тому

    Maaaack stop breaking my set got me 😂😂😂

  • @elreymosquera-mos
    @elreymosquera-mos 12 годин тому +2

    todo sebe super bien algun dia tendre tantos suscriptores como MR BEAST

  • @Boqing
    @Boqing 16 днів тому +4487

    Mack has every right to become a villain.

    • @SiboBushings
      @SiboBushings 16 днів тому +15


    • @LAVODKA12
      @LAVODKA12 16 днів тому +7

      Here before it blows up...

    • @Phil-rn
      @Phil-rn 16 днів тому +4

      Here before it blows up

    • @ThaChickenMan
      @ThaChickenMan 16 днів тому +5

      Spiderman after he gets bitten in the first challenge

    • @m_jfortnite829
      @m_jfortnite829 16 днів тому +2

      Here before it blows up

  • @ahmetnuri7359
    @ahmetnuri7359 День тому +43

    Bro is a true Gryffindor 🦁

    • @derivoid
      @derivoid День тому

      Yeah, if Gryffindor was a total douchebag who helped Airrack dox someone

  • @nasrinhossainmonir6308
    @nasrinhossainmonir6308 2 дні тому +19

    Mack deserves a spot on your team

  • @NotFroot_Loops
    @NotFroot_Loops 19 годин тому

    His attempt was worth it but at least he deserves $100.00 for his effort and tension

  • @Ice-pop
    @Ice-pop 2 дні тому +16

    God loves you. He’s always there for you!!!!!!

  • @user-ce7ul8cp1s
    @user-ce7ul8cp1s День тому


  • @itsalexclark
    @itsalexclark 16 днів тому +842

    Where’s the snake?

    • @johndoe-fb9uz
      @johndoe-fb9uz 16 днів тому +93

      drakes borrowing it

      @MDSRSTORY 16 днів тому +7


    • @kiwiofficial64
      @kiwiofficial64 16 днів тому +14

      you are the snake

    • @IceIsNice9
      @IceIsNice9 16 днів тому +3

      If it would a snake it would've bit him

    • @4iter62
      @4iter62 16 днів тому +4

      Змея на фоне это просто фон

  • @sarahss283
    @sarahss283 3 дні тому +18

    Give him atleast something 😭 putting him through all that he atleast deserves a little. He’s probably at home right now hating himself for this. So sad. 😢

  • @jinchuriki7022
    @jinchuriki7022 2 дні тому +4

    That water one was crazy!

  • @visible746
    @visible746 День тому +1


  • @CurrentG.P
    @CurrentG.P 3 дні тому +8

    Mack is a true inspection 😂

  • @anshajgamerz8092
    @anshajgamerz8092 16 днів тому +3852

    bro was tortured and then got home with nothing.

    • @aleenalo8472
      @aleenalo8472 16 днів тому +52

      He deserves another chance

    • @MR.Cristian19
      @MR.Cristian19 16 днів тому +44

      Yeah the underwater and the heights one was crazy

    • @ThreeSheep69
      @ThreeSheep69 16 днів тому +7

      Estoy triste porque hoy es mi cumpleanos y no tuve ningún subsciptor ♥️♥️

    • @jorisvandersteen5558
      @jorisvandersteen5558 16 днів тому +8

      Thanks for spoiling man

    • @youngnutsack17
      @youngnutsack17 16 днів тому +7

      He knew the risk going into this

  • @vicky-15
    @vicky-15 3 дні тому +4

    Please give him another chance, he really deserves it 😢😢😢

  • @marksoberay2318
    @marksoberay2318 3 дні тому +5

    Wow Mac should definitely be a movie star, absolutely badass

  • @FunkyStudios
    @FunkyStudios День тому +1

    Bro is on his villian arc.

  • @Alexgaming_YT35
    @Alexgaming_YT35 2 дні тому +5

    he deserves a new match!!!

    @VOICE_AR_DON День тому +1

    love you mr Beast

  • @liam8117
    @liam8117 3 дні тому +5

    Even if he failed. he still gave it a good run. determination and resistence to your games. But alas...He was DOOMED to fail.

  • @matiasluna7688
    @matiasluna7688 16 годин тому +1

    tu eres increible MR BEAST !!! saludos desde ARGENTINA

  • @jaken65
    @jaken65 3 дні тому +4

    isn't him just attempting the final challenge mean he automatically overcomes his fear of failure?

  • @user-iw5bi6tv2l
    @user-iw5bi6tv2l День тому +1

    Jimmy, try making a seven day challenge in the sea

  • @hbjthechannel
    @hbjthechannel 15 днів тому +2369

    the "fear of failure" is the scariest one for sure. He deserved to win.

    • @user-jz2gh4zl7l
      @user-jz2gh4zl7l 15 днів тому +13

      Не заслужил,он принял решение и проиграл

    • @GanaDineroconmigo
      @GanaDineroconmigo 15 днів тому

      Estoy triste porque hoy es mi cumpleaños🎉 ❤y no tuve ningún suscripto🎉❤

    • @tocano1643
      @tocano1643 15 днів тому

      @@user-jz2gh4zl7lя посмотрел бы на тебя как ты бы справился со всеми испытаниями

    • @unread6653
      @unread6653 15 днів тому

      @@user-jz2gh4zl7l как нет,если это был страх сам по себе. Он согласился - значит преодолел страх. А так это просто испытание - проиграл,потерял деньги. Выйграл - получил. Проиграл бы он только в случае если отказался.
      Проверка страха это есть проверка на твою прочность психики,и если ты согласен сделать это - это УЖЕ победа.
      Различай понятия "испытание страха" и просто "испытание"

    • @KindAresYT
      @KindAresYT 14 днів тому +2

      ​@@user-jz2gh4zl7lно при этом он достойно боролся

  • @internetandlifehacks
    @internetandlifehacks 2 дні тому +4

    This is entertainment at its best 💯

  • @I_am_islamic_67
    @I_am_islamic_67 2 дні тому +3

    Moral is very important here for loss of mack ,fear of own failure. ❤❤❤

  • @Adaiste6711
    @Adaiste6711 День тому +1

    please jimmy! Give mack just one more chance!

  • @shadowmaster420
    @shadowmaster420 2 дні тому +3

    Every year we are getting closer to Saw

  • @Deathgun294
    @Deathgun294 День тому

    Congratulations beast, you almost overtook T Seris

  • @sbs-vino2180
    @sbs-vino2180 2 дні тому +5

    Mack really a demon foreal🔥bro can do anything

  • @peterwild2974
    @peterwild2974 3 дні тому +3


  • @mneico
    @mneico День тому +1

    Mack is amazing

  • @gileadesgs
    @gileadesgs 3 дні тому +2


  • @anwaradlan6022
    @anwaradlan6022 16 годин тому

    Mack is bouta hold the fear of failure for a long time

  • @catdawg5291
    @catdawg5291 3 дні тому +5

    Mr. Beast sir.....give him one...last...chance, 3rd time is a charm, best contender on this show hands down, give him one more chance, WHO'S WITH ME

  • @AbhishekPal-pe9lj
    @AbhishekPal-pe9lj 2 дні тому +3

    Naruto in Japanese sound track is wild 😭🔥☝️

  • @tbookplays4550
    @tbookplays4550 День тому

    Give mack another chance he deserves it fosure ✨one of the best human and contestant ive ever seen surely the best entertainer

    • @viogo4690
      @viogo4690 16 годин тому

      He's Assisted Airack in faking charity videos. And slander a pilot. He isn't the best human.

  • @johnathonbinnion
    @johnathonbinnion 2 дні тому +3

    Mack is and will always be the goat god speed 🥹

  • @centralcitytaxi1097
    @centralcitytaxi1097 День тому

    Beast, please give him at least 3 more chances plz he needs to win 😢

  • @aliyakim629
    @aliyakim629 15 днів тому +3528

    Bro has every right to become a villain

  • @leodewin
    @leodewin 2 дні тому +3

    Bring Mack back, he deserves another chance

  • @mariebergeron7835
    @mariebergeron7835 2 дні тому +6

    The man dancing is incredible

  • @user-vm5zc5ck4u
    @user-vm5zc5ck4u День тому


  • @kylesmith4711
    @kylesmith4711 2 дні тому +7

    Give Him One More Chance JIMMY😭❤

  • @tararamharak5870
    @tararamharak5870 22 години тому

    Mr beast, u can maybe make an caramel flavoured feastables.
    That woyld taste AMAZING with ur new chocolate!!

  • @bene99
    @bene99 13 днів тому +2673

    He did things that most people wouldn’t be able to do. Please give him another chance, he really deserves it.

    • @joseavianeda
      @joseavianeda 13 днів тому +8

      Hell no

    • @maisie1120
      @maisie1120 13 днів тому +20

      No. Stop. He’s failed twice already

    • @jeffjayofficial9795
      @jeffjayofficial9795 13 днів тому +2

      After all the hell he faced 😢😢😢

    • @henriquesouza5302
      @henriquesouza5302 13 днів тому

      Quantas vezes ele for. Ele vai fracassar.
      Já tá fadado ao fracasso :(

    • @QIwemCi
      @QIwemCi 13 днів тому

      Да я сам в ахуе как можно так глубоко погружается под воду без балонна воздуха