drumming with hulk feet

  • Опубліковано 8 сер 2022
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  • Dick Trickle

    That first part wasn't Bleed, it was a Harley Davidson with a big cam

  • SSTP
    SSTP  +346

    Lol the snort as well

  • Yo, Bro Man!

    Love the Hot for Teacher nod....

  • Matze B.
    Matze B.  +107

    You do know that you now have to wear those in all your videos, do you?

  • WebsterA
    WebsterA  +61

    Love how the go-to is still Bleed after a decade and a half 🙃

  • Pat Bruno
    Pat Bruno  +48

    How are you still playing well with that extra weight?!?!😂

  • IWatchTooMuchYT

    When you are soo baked that you start going through your old shit🤣

  • AlienFermentationLab

    HULK BLAST!!!!

  • Fizzo Marx

    This made my day thank you 🙏

  • Troy The Tinkerer

    "Grrrrr! Hulk BLEEEEEEED!"

  • Johel Leon

    At the first I tought that was bleed, but then it transformed into a Harley Davison XDD


    That snort made my day

  • A1d9n1 A1ds

    Bruh I’m tearing up over here

  • Brian Wright

    now you need to get the hulk hands to go along with these!

  • Grub 'N Gas

    The laugh and snort😂😂😂

  • Lisa Vara

    You make me laugh. Your wife is a very lucky woman.

  • Keenman00

    The illicit things I’d do to be able to reach that foot speed… :’)

  • Sloth
    Sloth  +1

    Me: I can't drum with anything more than a pair of socks on my feet.

  • Kekoapono

    A permanent addition to the drum streams.

  • HolyWars5678

    Now I’m seriously asking, what are those? I want ’em