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How did AEW World & ROH Tag champ MJF respond to last week’s brutal attack?| 11/15/23 AEW Dynamite

  • Опубліковано 14 лис 2023
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    How did AEW World & ROH Tag champ MJF respond to last week’s brutal attack?| 11/15/23 AEW Dynamite
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  • @wstine79
    @wstine79 14 днів тому +741

    “You are trying so hard to be the hero but that’s just not who you are,you are the villain always have been always will be” Jay White is harsh but true

  • @kadharefinley224
    @kadharefinley224 14 днів тому +284

    Face or Heel MJF’s promo’s will keep you intrigued and wanting more. MJF vs Jay White at Full Gear is gonna be a great match

  • @sabreejohnson1551
    @sabreejohnson1551 14 днів тому +364

    “You are the villain, always have been and always will be.”

  • @mrdude88
    @mrdude88 14 днів тому +82

    It’s likely not going to happen, but imagine if Switchblade wins this Saturday. Imagine if he had Max’s number these past weeks. But, it’s pretty predictable and everyone already know Max will lose the opening match, and will win the Main Event.

  • @pettypamsh5954
    @pettypamsh5954 14 днів тому +59

    Closing the go home show with the World Championship segment. As things should be 👏

  • @erickelm4974
    @erickelm4974 14 днів тому +107

    Favorite MJF promo is still his kamakaze shoot-style promo where he called out Tony Kahn and the whole locker room in a curse filled rant delivered with intensity... "Fire me Tony, you F****N MARK!!!" Earned his new contract in THAT promo (well, and his entire body of work in AEW)

    @KINGPIN_OF_MODERN_ERA 14 днів тому +11


  • @john.miner1
    @john.miner1 День тому

    MJF has always been SOLID on the mic & can hang with the best, but IMO, this MJF that we are seeing now is the best MJF yet & is only getting better.👏👏👏

  • @forgottenmma3694
    @forgottenmma3694 14 днів тому +31

    Jay White has a ton of charisma. Its a shame his first AEW Title feud was snake bitten from tge start. I would’ve had Jay White looking strong af in every match b4 this feud started. Seems like Jay White has been treated as an afterthought despite being the mainevent of a major MARKET event.

  • @SolomonValor
    @SolomonValor 14 днів тому +28

    MJF has successfully bridged the gap between old school and new school. This guy is next level genius.

  • @tyreepowell8367
    @tyreepowell8367 14 днів тому +31

    MJF'S Promo Never Disappoints

  • @drewlove6983
    @drewlove6983 14 днів тому +1

    It’s near time that Bullet Club Gold hold all the gold. Can’t wait to see that. Juice, is getting better every week. The Gunn are a great team and Jay White is international. Let’s do this .

  • @babysealclub11
    @babysealclub11 14 днів тому +37


  • @stuckintheinbetween
    @stuckintheinbetween 14 днів тому +3

    Great show last night. Fun matches and segments advancing stories and feuds.

  • @jonathanoscategui2678
    @jonathanoscategui2678 14 днів тому +67

    Whoever this Devil imposter is they have completely revitalized the main event scene and have MJF in the most compromised position in his career.

  • @jonathanoscategui2678
    @jonathanoscategui2678 14 днів тому +46

    For the first time in forever the ODDS are insanely stacked against the Devil MJF 😨 and he is truly on an island 🏝️ alone against a bunch of threats such as physical beasts and Bullet Club sharks 🦈🦈🦈....

  • @giorgiasimeoni8437
    @giorgiasimeoni8437 14 днів тому +1

    MJF is amazing I love him he is the best thing currently in AEW I love him too much he is one of my favorites currently in the world of pro wrestling in general and in AEW but Jay White is crazy a great heel I really like him and I don't see really looking forward to seeing their match for the AEW world title at Full Gear this match will be epic in my opinion 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • @greatheightsu
    @greatheightsu 14 днів тому +4

    Amazing character development. I hope MJF takes the devil's deal with Samoa Joe and Joe eventually takes the title.

  • @davidfox2360
    @davidfox2360 14 днів тому +49

    MJF is retaining both titles. Samoa Joe is going to team with MJF

  • @honchodamenace1179
    @honchodamenace1179 14 днів тому +28

    MJF = The Loki Of AEW