JDevil - "Serenity" Korn Tour Intro Song HQ

  • Опубліковано 18 кві 2012


  • Daniel Davis
    Daniel Davis 6 років тому +71

    If you listen to this in the night, in the dark, while driving on the highway...... It's something indescribable

  • Thomas Taylor
    Thomas Taylor 7 років тому +32

    They shouldve put this on the Path Of Totality with a full band,, the possibilities are endless great song

  • ShameToSmokeIt It's LikeKillingAUnicornWithABomb

    In my opinion, I think this is the best beat J devil has made.. Has a euphoric Vibe....

  • Christopher Lopez
    Christopher Lopez 5 років тому +15

    I love this song. It's a very helpful to stay calmed and finding your very own serenity

  • ConcertJoey34
    ConcertJoey34 2 роки тому +3

    even after all this time, still gives me goosebumps..

  • BamBam Baby
    BamBam Baby 8 років тому +13

    Still my favourite by JDevil.

  • kornfreak78
    kornfreak78 2 роки тому +2

    I have loved this since the first time I heard it... It always put me in a strange state of mind... It's comforting yet a feeling of unknown overtakes me. I tell ya.. with the times we're living in now.. this song just feels fitting.

  • Lina Baužytė
    Lina Baužytė 7 років тому +5

    You know, I have been a fan for around ten years now. KoRn song gave me loads of different emotions, but I never thought that my ears would get something like this. It would be amazing if JDevil came up with an ambient album like this song.

  • U'nique Areola
    U'nique Areola 3 роки тому +2

    Wishing this song was longer. I love this song.

  • Daniel Edelmann
    Daniel Edelmann 7 років тому +10

    one of the best intros i*ve ever heard

  • Crow Montez
    Crow Montez 9 років тому +4

    For some reason when I hear this I takes me back through time and reminds of when I was a kid! Such a great song, I could lay down and listen to this all day and just reminisce.

  • ForceOfVader
    ForceOfVader 9 років тому +4

    Such a mellow song, but it got me so hyped when I was waiting for Korn to hit the stage!

  • CooCooAwesome
    CooCooAwesome 9 років тому +2

    Ever since I first heard this at the Korn show, I've been looking for it. It's an amazing song.

  • jacob961000
    jacob961000 5 років тому +19

    this song isn't long enough

  • House Bearcrusher Late Night
    House Bearcrusher Late Night 9 років тому +2

    I have immense respect for what JD's tryin to do with this stuff. I can really get behind this stuff.

  • OiY DoLL
    OiY DoLL 9 років тому +1

    So much love for Jdevil!!!

  • Eric Lalonde
    Eric Lalonde 6 років тому +10

    Davis you are one of the few who feel the music. Thanks many time bro. keep working on your music and please give more room to jdevil

  • Matt Moore
    Matt Moore 9 років тому +5

    I just saw Korn like 20 min ago, they played this right before they got on!

  • D Beruvides
    D Beruvides 9 років тому +2

    I feel liberated listening to this! JD you are a genius!