Composing With The Phrygian Dominant Mode

  • Опубліковано 31 сер 2022
  • In this episode we explore why the sound of the Phrygian Dominant Scale lends such power to both metal and film scoring music.
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  • 3LD
    3LD 28 днів тому +602

    Beato is so knowledgeable and presents with such enthusiasm he could run a segment on the Banana Splits or Milli Vanilli and I would think they were the greatest artists of all time.

  • TheWebStylist
    TheWebStylist 28 днів тому +394

    Who else would LUV if Rick scored an entire movie?!

  • Starman 2112
    Starman 2112 28 днів тому +223

    Rick is the ultimate music appreciation teacher.

  • Whitestripe71
    Whitestripe71 28 днів тому +206

    It's videos like this that first attracted me to this channel when I first discovered it, probably about five years ago. Tons of information, zero waffle. I love this - just clear, concise information, perfectly demonstrated and explained. There's not another youtuber I can think of who would cover this much information in just 7 minutes. Brilliant stuff.

  • Helium Road
    Helium Road 28 днів тому +3

    Jeez, Rick you even crush the piano like a boss. That last piece was freaking amazing!

  • Bob Sullivan
    Bob Sullivan 28 днів тому +189

    You had me at Tool 🇺🇸

  • Shane Elson
    Shane Elson 28 днів тому +38

    Only Rick Beato could go from Tool to a film score and show us the links. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Patrick Hollen
    Patrick Hollen 28 днів тому +19

    Yes! An old-school Rick music theory vid 👍👍👍 THESE are what I originally subscribed for back in the day

  • Luke Sadler
    Luke Sadler 21 день тому

    This is why this is the best music channel on youtube. Composing 2 world class pieces perfectly demonstrating and explaining the concept

  • FugginRambo
    FugginRambo 28 днів тому +176

    Tool Phrygian Rules! Glad to see you go over so many genres and bands.

  • Jason Constantine
    Jason Constantine 28 днів тому +22

    This is my favorite scale in all of music. Its so emotive, it can sound happy, sad, and down right evil or inspiring depending on your phrasings and chord choices. There is no better scale in all of music!!

  • Nick X
    Nick X 28 днів тому

    Rick's mastery of music never fails to fascinate me.

  • GlennFiddles
    GlennFiddles 28 днів тому +88

    I miss your content like this with your compositions to demonstrate things. Also, this scale comes into Western music from the Arabic and Ottoman modal traditional (through Maghreb/Spain and Anatolia) where it's known as Maqam Hijaz/Hicaz You can raise the 6th degree sometimes which is nice giving a Rast flavor

  • Mattimerson
    Mattimerson 21 день тому +1

    Probably my all-time favourite scale. It'll never not sound cool, no matter style of the music it can sound dark and evil like in metal or majestic as in Rick's film score-esque example. Incredibly versatile and just cool

  • Lawren Rich
    Lawren Rich 21 день тому

    This guys becoming like a national treasure. Certainly a trove of all things music

  • Robert Kise
    Robert Kise 28 днів тому

    The speed that Rick applies what's in his mind to the fretboard is totally amazing. Especially with such complex chords and patterns. I've been playing guitar for about 40 years and when I see Rick effortlessly soloing & using scales like the ones in this video, it lets me know just how much I don't know about guitar and how much there still is to learn. Rick, you inspire me to always keep learning and never settle for 'good enough'. Thank you.

  • Ricardo Aranda
    Ricardo Aranda 21 день тому

    A great example of this scale being used in a musical score is Oil by Jonny Greenwood. When I first heard this in There Will Be Blood it gave me chills.

  • Ma and Pa Music
    Ma and Pa Music 21 день тому

    The first song we released was inspired by a couple of your videos (I went to the keyboard to write “something different” from the pop songs that all use the same chords which you are able to pick out so easily.) Now you’ve given me something new to work with. Looks like it’s time to write a song. 😊

  • Jerm
    Jerm 28 днів тому +10

    That was some great piano and guitar playing. You should record a solo album.

  • KickinBass TV
    KickinBass TV 21 день тому

    That piece at the end deserves it’s own film! 👏🏻🖤🎼