Minecraft Death Shuffle...

  • Опубліковано 15 жов 2021
  • Minecraft Death Shuffle... Can we die some of Minecraft's most random deaths? Or will we live trying...
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    This is a new Minecraft but, 1.17 challenge that we have decided to try. We try and find ways to die random deaths that are selected after each round. We have five minutes to find out how to die the way that was chosen before we lose. Me and my friend George both get different random deaths, and whoever loses first loses the game.
    This is a little different than my normal content. Rather than being about combat or about trapping, this is about racing and about general Minecraft skills. This was super fun, challenging, and pretty funny overall.
    Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises.

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  • Dream
    Dream   +123

    Some throwback style content!! Hope you enjoy :)

  • Sof Gr
    Sof Gr  +2

    The funniest thing has to Dream critiquing George's portal making skils during editing

  • elementxxrider

    George: "This isn't fair! This game is literally based on luck!"

  • Calook 13
    Calook 13  +605

    George's death task: "Die by zombie"

  • Huxley
    Huxley  +395

    George: "Dream? Talk. What's happening? Have I already won? What's happening?"

  • XenonFlow08


  • mr.rishie VanGorder

    dream & george are so wholesome when they are around each other, and fun watching them play together too

  • Kiah
    Kiah  +17

    I don’t know what was more impressive. The fact the dream glitched into the void or that George found it

  • LegendarySoil10

    Dream: Glitches into the void which is supposed to be impossible

  • Robert Brandt


  • AnimEditor

    Everytime Dream and George do a challenge together, Dream always have the hard ones and somehow he still wins

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    The only time we'll see Dream actually die since he's immortal in Manhunts

  • falsedove
    falsedove  +741

    I feel like this is actually a good depiction of their style in playing Minecraft, Dream is intuitive yet more mechanical, consistent and depends a lot on his knowledge of the game, while George is usually memeing but at the same time playing smart, unpredictable and relying on his skill and intuition, also lady luck is somehow always on his side. Both of them make the best of plays in their own way and I think that's why their content together is very entertaining.

  • Monica Skrzy

    George sniffing out where Dream did the void death was actually insane.

  • Isaiah Kostyc

    I love how Dream just kept getting like the most mission impossible oceans 11 tasks and George got things like die to a creeper XD

  • Pandemonium

    We seriously need a continuity on this series, it's so enjoyable.

  • That One Bean

    I think it’s so funny to imagine what Dream looks like when he making kissing noises 😂

  • ry.
    ry.  +648

    “Strike me, Zeus!”

  • Nick Hogan

    I hope dream brings this series back if possible it’s a really fun idea.

  • IcarusInn

    Dream yelling "Strike me, Zeus!" is great.