World's Largest Oreo!

  • Опубліковано 11 тра 2022
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КОМЕНТАРІ • 10 926

  • AnAverageOreo
    AnAverageOreo День тому +1

    As an Oreo, I can confirm this is epic.

  • RapisGames
    RapisGames День тому +449

    "The world is scary and dark I wanna go home"

  • Michael Richardson
    Michael Richardson 6 годин тому +10

    It's amazing that people can make things of this size. We love your contents Jimmy, keep it up. 🌍

  • Raz DM
    Raz DM 15 годин тому +921

    World largest oreo.... Challenge accepted

  • Great Odin's Beard
    Great Odin's Beard День тому +985

    Great duo. Jimmy and Chris are hilarious together 😆

  • Bailey 🍆 I am Online 💋 F Uc_k me
    Bailey 🍆 I am Online 💋 F Uc_k me 15 годин тому +5

    Great duo. Jimmy and Chris are hilarious together

  • Anoy Art Hub
    Anoy Art Hub День тому +108

    Happy birthday Jimmy your videos never disappoint!😍😍😍😍

  • XDMeep.MeepXD
    XDMeep.MeepXD День тому +269

    Jimmy: “the worlds largest tablet”

  • hecker
    hecker День тому +1

    Oreo's in milk isn't just a taste, it's an experience

  • Lmant
    Lmant День тому +2

    Can we all just appreciate the content this man and his crew makes it's just a masterpiece imagine what's he's gonna be doing in the future..

  • dolita windo
    dolita windo 8 годин тому +2

    This is amazing content Jimmy! Keep it up

  • Thug life Kermit
    Thug life Kermit День тому +544

    The fact that people can make things at this size is amazing!! Keep it up I love your content!!!

  • Karamela Lb
    Karamela Lb 23 години тому +5

    I love to see the Hacksmith featured in Mr. Beast videos. Those guys deserve so much love and attention!

  • Blaise Leonards
    Blaise Leonards День тому +233

    This is legitimately my favorite Beast channel. Love the interactions with Jimmy and Chris lol

  • YouTube
    YouTube День тому +235

    the oreo. the nugget. the dorito. honestly, im blown away!!! H U G E

  • gioyu comi
    gioyu comi 11 годин тому +4

    I love how subtle Jimmy and Chris are with staying until the end

  • Martin Shaju
    Martin Shaju 20 годин тому +11

    It's amazing that people can make things of this size.

  • Quanas
    Quanas День тому +5

    Way to go jimmy, you have a good heart buddy. Keep pumpin out vids and makeing the world a better place, one $ at a time

  • Gabriella Rami
    Gabriella Rami День тому +3

    I dip my Oreos in milk lmao I think it’s just better Chris is right for once lmao 😂

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini 15 годин тому +1

    happy birthday jimmy! i love these videos so much and you are the kindest person EVER. keep making videos. they really are making people feel happier.