What Makes TommyInnit so Funny?

  • Опубліковано 8 лис 2020
  • TommyInnit is one of the funniest UA-camrs on the platform. But how does he do it? Today I'm going to be explaining just what makes TommyInnit so funny. By exploring many of his funniest and most iconic videos I narrowed it down to 4 categories all of which are very important to his success and why he blew up. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE with notifications on if you are new as I don't post often and it would help a ton!! Thanks and enjoy "What Makes TommyInnit so Funny?"
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  • EvanMCGaming
    EvanMCGaming  Рік тому +3

    Remember to like the video and PogChamp if you enjoyed

  • Crownsnek
    Crownsnek Рік тому +8

    He manages to give the annoying kid vibe without actually going over the annoying kid threshold. It's actually impressive

  • Layal Saleh
    Layal Saleh Рік тому +2

    let's not forget about his

  • macachee
    macachee Рік тому +1

    Tommy is the ultimate self insert. He IS Y/N. I think that's one of the biggest reasons why he is so popular. He is exactly who everyone wishes they could be, collabing with his heroes, fighting against them and making them laugh, and that's why we love him so much.

  • Nate The Great
    Nate The Great Рік тому +1

    Hes like Tony stark. Such an obnoxious jerk yet he somehow makes it come off as charming, confident, and funny. I'm kinda envious

  • Hoots DaGay
    Hoots DaGay Рік тому +2

    “He adds a level of innocence to his character.”

  • ArcticCat
    ArcticCat Рік тому +2

    The amount of relatability i got when he stopped streaming because he had an essay due that night was beautiful

  • OhNo mymy
    OhNo mymy Рік тому +1

    Really good video. Tommy is one of the few people that can actually make me cry with laughter but my favorite funny things he does is his oneliners. There's a reason Wilbur have a quotebook full of Tommyinnit quotes, they are always so out of left field.

  • Domoss Gameplays
    Domoss Gameplays Рік тому +507

    My favourite Tommy quote will forever be:

  • SgtIceColdWater
    SgtIceColdWater Рік тому +857

    The ego he has is actually realistic, and works with the rest of his personality. He’s gonna be arrogant, he’s just a kid yet he gets to play games with people who’re so much larger than his fan base is. I think the way he plays the innocent cards is hilarious and adds to each situation. Over all I think that he clearly knows how he can improve every conversation with his jokes and comedy.

  • V.V
    V.V Рік тому +805

    This is why the “Unload the Dishwasher” moment from recent Dream SMP streams happened. Tommy knew it would be hilarious, even if it was at his expense, so he yelled back to his mom straight from his chair, still on stream, not even muting himself. He knew it would be good content.

  • The Guardian S
    The Guardian S Рік тому +281

    I thought tommy was actually an annoying child when watching him from other people's povs, then when I started watching him himself, I actually really enjoyed watching him, an that he ended up being my favorite out of the whole group of people he plays with.

  • Memphis Magpie
    Memphis Magpie Рік тому +956

    "Average age of viewers is around 13"

  • Ambinub
    Ambinub Рік тому +2

    "The fastest growing child on youtube"

  • Water Truck
    Water Truck Рік тому +850

    He’s the type of guy who sounds annoying at first but as time goes on, you begin to get used to it and even love it. He’s like the one extrovert friend.

  • Woo The Shoo
    Woo The Shoo Рік тому +651

    He really is unique, any other person and he would be hella annoying, but he's just not. Despite all of the shouting and yelling, he sets up jokes really well and bounces of other people really well. All of that said though, I think a lot of his success is his based on his luck with being with the perfect friends. Him and Wilbur are the perfect combo, him and Pokimane's "mother" relationship is hilarious.

  • Tsstealthy
    Tsstealthy Рік тому +183

    This takes explaining the joke to a whole new level

  • Crust
    Crust Рік тому +134

    Tommy is like the mixed version of the class clown and the annoying loud kid, but remove the bad traits.

  • marwa azizi
    marwa azizi Рік тому +72

    i love how no one is acknowledging how tommy said he watches this video every day before sleep 😂😂

  • jetastronomia
    jetastronomia Рік тому +1

    Tommy's ego: I AM MASSIVE I AM MASSIVE