The Melodic Genius of STING

  • Опубліковано 10 вер 2022
  • In today’s video I discuss Sting's key elements of his unique melodic writing style.
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  • Tiberius James
    Tiberius James 14 днів тому +243

    I never get tired of listening to Rick talk about the genius of Sting.

  • Anthony Heastrup
    Anthony Heastrup 14 днів тому +126

    So mature, smooth & charismatic. I’m a sucker for his Fortress Around Your Heart. One of our generation’s singing legends!

  • Daniel Ecoff
    Daniel Ecoff 14 днів тому +10

    Sting is one amazing song writer and artist. I worked with him on 2 music videos back in the 80s. Fragile being one of them. I watched him play it with his wife by his side, sitting on an apple box and no shoes on, and wanted to always learn the song. Its so haunting and beautiful. Would be great to hear you disect it.

  • Scott Johnston
    Scott Johnston 14 днів тому +31

    Not only is this song wonderful, but the drum solo by Omar Hakim in the live performance of this song was glorious. That group of musicians playing this music was divine.

  • Greg Meeuwsen
    Greg Meeuwsen 14 днів тому +41

    Sting is a MONSTER composer! The chord progression from Synchronicity 2 is INSANE....

  • PJ Light
    PJ Light 14 днів тому +59

    As a musician and audio engineer, I agree with you regarding Sting's brilliance. Loved Sting way back to the Police.

  • Rob Montraix
    Rob Montraix 14 днів тому +28

    One of the greatest songs ever written. The live version with the Blue Turtles band was amazing as was the original Police version. Check out the best drum based ending of all time by Omar Hakim in the film Bring On The Night

  • Diesel Toys
    Diesel Toys 14 днів тому +5

    His music paints such a beautiful mental picture on "Why Should I cry for you". Takes my breath away every time I hear it. Just an absolute masterpiece of a song. The Symphonicities album just takes it up another notch which is quite an impressive feat considering how good the original version is.

  • BassByTheBay
    BassByTheBay 14 днів тому +56

    I have the Brimstone and Treacle soundtrack and love it. I loved "I Burn for You" so much that I wrote an arrangement for my old a cappella group. It's one of my favorite songs of all time. Stewart and Andy are

  • David Harding
    David Harding 14 днів тому +13

    A brilliant song. Full credit to Sting. Special mention to Omar Hakim on the live version circa 1985. Phenomenal drumming.

  • jazztheglass
    jazztheglass 14 днів тому +17

    The thing to remember about the police. Half their career was at the same time as the Sony Walkman, aiwa, Panasonic personal stereos came out. It really made you appreciate the arranging, engineering, production etc. Very classy band, perfect trio

  • David Amason
    David Amason 14 днів тому +83

    The Police just bowled me over-back in the eighties-little did I know then that Sting would become the Measure of all I had dreamed of doing with Original music as a Vocalist, Guitarist, and Bassist. His Orchestrated Album continues to Move and Enchant me , and when I am vulnerable, brings me to Tears for what this Life Might have been.

  • steve hartsell
    steve hartsell 14 днів тому +8

    He really knew how to make you FEEL what he was feeling, with words and sounds. So figgin underrated. Top 3 singer/songwriter of all time!

  • Andrew B Frost
    Andrew B Frost День тому +1

    It’s amazing that that Sting can write a minor song without making it feel minor.

  • Geoff Lupton
    Geoff Lupton 14 днів тому +2

    Love these fantastic deep dives into the details of the melodies and their relation to the chord progressions. It seems sometimes the more "obscure" songs, rather than the "hits" are the most interesting songs that artists challenge themselves with, just to keep their hand in the creative pool.

  • Jochen Vogel
    Jochen Vogel 14 днів тому +2

    Sting is a master of the old game of tension and release. The only game there is in music, really. Thank You, Rick, for sharing a glimpse of how it works in melody (and harmony yet once again)!

  • Martin Elduin
    Martin Elduin 14 днів тому +5

    Sting is an amazing artist. Your ability to explain this music with all it's complexities is also amazing, and it all comes out so instinctively. Of all the live concerts I've ever seen Sting sits far above the others. He and his bandmates, the tour after his second solo album, I will never, ever, hear anything like that again. Thank you for all you do. Nobody explains it better.

  • PJ Light
    PJ Light 14 днів тому +65

    What is beautiful is that you, Mr. Beato, decided to share your mighty talents in examining songs and the artists who write them. That is beato-tiful! 😉😊

  • deeceetee
    deeceetee 14 днів тому +11

    I fell in love with the original Police version of the song which was on the B side of the Wrapped Around Your Finger single. It's actually quite hard to get as a Police song (can't find it on Spotify the last I checked). The Police version is in Fm, modulating to Dm. The key change, from this, jazzier, version, is irrelevant; the modulation is still glorious and moving. Tears will flow. Loving yer work, Rick.

  • nleite
    nleite 14 днів тому +8

    This is one of the least known Sting songs but one of his most beautiful. And a fan favorite. I remember that some years ago there was this poll on his website about which songs should he include in the set for an upcoming tour. I Burn For You won by far! Sadly it wasn’t included but shortly after that he re-recorded it for the Symphonicities album. The 1986 live recording is unparalleled, though, in my opinion - and the 2011 remix of this track will bring you to tears.