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Hozier - Eat Your Young (Official Lyric Video)

  • Опубліковано 15 бер 2023
  • Official lyric video for “Eat Your Young” by Hozier
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    I’m starving, Darling
    Let me put my lips to something
    Let me wrap my teeth around the world
    Start carving, Darling
    I want to smell the dinner cooking
    I want to feel the edges start to burn
    Honey, I
    Want to race you to the table
    If you hesitate
    The getting is gone
    I won’t lie
    If there’s something to be gained
    There’s money to be made
    Whatever's still to come
    Get some
    Pull up the ladder when the flood comes
    Throw enough rope until the legs have swung
    Seven new ways that you can eat your young
    Come and get some
    Skinning the children for a war-drum
    Putting food on the table selling bombs and guns;
    It's quicker and easier to eat your young
    You can’t buy this fineness
    Let me see the heat get to it
    Let me watch the dressing start to peel
    It’s a kindness, Highness
    Crumbs enough for everyone
    Old and young are welcome to the meal
    Honey, I'm
    Making sure the table’s made
    We can celebrate
    The good that we’ve done
    I won’t lie
    If there’s something still to take
    There is ground to break
    Whatever's still to come
    Get some
    Pull up the ladder when the flood comes
    Throw enough rope until the legs have swung
    Seven new ways that you can eat your young
    Come and get some
    Skinning the children for a war-drum
    Putting food on the table selling bombs and guns;
    It's quicker and easier to eat your young
    #Hozier #EatYourYoung

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  • @zacharyperuch8322
    @zacharyperuch8322 Рік тому +21464

    Hozier releasing a song that sounds like the sexiest thing on the planet and it actually being about older generations exploiting the younger generation is so perfectly on brand. Fucking obsessed

    • @zelbernil3790
      @zelbernil3790 Рік тому

      bad news in a pretty sexy mouth 😗👌

    • @campkoala
      @campkoala Рік тому +97

      nailed it!

    • @icymoons
      @icymoons Рік тому +721

      "I want to wrap my teeth around the world" agressively recontextualized by the rest of the song. the Imperial War Machine goes brrrr

    • @HitomiKitage
      @HitomiKitage Рік тому +35

      Oh even yesser!

    • @ayoolukoga9829
      @ayoolukoga9829 Рік тому +102

      And thou shalt eat the fruit of thine own body, the flesh of thy sons and of thy daughters, which the Lord thy God hath given thee, in the siege, and in the straitness, wherewith thine enemies shall distress thee. Deuteronomy 28:53

  • @gothicxromantic
    @gothicxromantic Рік тому +12217

    “Come and get some, skinning the children for a war drum” is so horrifying and poignant these lyrics are incredible

    • @zelbernil3790
      @zelbernil3790 Рік тому +318

      oh this is so tiktok ready in the best way like a thirst trap for a discourse on capitalism, exploited labor

    • @ayoolukoga9829
      @ayoolukoga9829 Рік тому +133

      And thou shalt eat the fruit of thine own body, the flesh of thy sons and of thy daughters, which the Lord thy God hath given thee, in the siege, and in the straitness, wherewith thine enemies shall distress thee. Deuteronomy 28:53

    • @jasmine24K
      @jasmine24K Рік тому +49

      can someone please explain the song to me

    • @saltstar7109
      @saltstar7109 Рік тому +183

      "Throw enough rope until the legs have swung" is also a dark but perfect lyric, made my head snap to my phone when I first heard it

    • @gothicxromantic
      @gothicxromantic Рік тому +490

      @@jasmine24K it’s inspired by Dante’s 3rd Circle of Hell, or Gluttony. He uses a lot of food and feast imagery to reference different kinds of gluttony, specifically wealth at the expense of others, war profiteering, etc.
      The “Eat your young” and “skinning children” parts seem to be references to a famous Irish satirical writer named Jonathan Swift. He had an essay called “A Modest Proposal” where he satirically suggested cooking and eating children to solve the famine/poverty in Ireland. Swift suggests different ways to cook the children and use their skin for clothes and stuff, to not be wasteful. It’s an incredible essay but people were outraged by it at the time because I guess they either took it seriously or thought he was mocking the situation rather than criticizing the rich for their exploitation of the poor.

  • @Naturetoa
    @Naturetoa Рік тому +2362

    Something that I adore about this is the use of the phrase "Come and Get Some" because based on tone and context it can mean either an invitation to dinner or a promise of violence

    • @myaduhart3370
      @myaduhart3370 Рік тому +29


      @XXSQUIDGLEYXX Рік тому +84

      I love how so many of his lyrics have double meanings. It just ads so many layers to the songs

    • @angelvollant864
      @angelvollant864 11 місяців тому +93

      Or also sexual advances. The tone of this song, and the way Hozier sings is quite sensual

    • @vallivergano239
      @vallivergano239 6 місяців тому +4


    • @lenneti.s6277
      @lenneti.s6277 27 днів тому

      or have sex

  • @isabelaconsolim4434
    @isabelaconsolim4434 Рік тому +7871

    Hozier is the only person alive that can make gluttony sound like lust

    • @steveshadforth
      @steveshadforth Рік тому +62

      it's not about cannablism

    • @pasharighton
      @pasharighton Рік тому +652

      the sound is about lust
      the lyrics are about gluttony
      the theme is greed

    • @steveshadforth
      @steveshadforth Рік тому

      @@pasharighton is it fuck

    • @Catticus21
      @Catticus21 Рік тому +266

      to be fair what is lust if not gluttony in another font, the 2 are pretty similar when put against the other

    • @literallyDynk
      @literallyDynk Рік тому +11

      ​@@steveshadforth really do be tt

  • @angelsmith7680
    @angelsmith7680 Рік тому +7122

    This man doesn't have one bad song. Every single song of his is absolutely amazing

    • @mmelioniscrying
      @mmelioniscrying Рік тому +33


    • @sayonichatterjee2721
      @sayonichatterjee2721 Рік тому +23

      Couldn't have said it any better

    • @meredithellis1859
      @meredithellis1859 Рік тому +46

      I was PANICKED to see comments on this but only good things

    • @mmelioniscrying
      @mmelioniscrying Рік тому +18

      @@meredithellis1859 why? His music is so good idk if there could be ANY hate tbh fr ong

    • @Xoxotho
      @Xoxotho Рік тому +11

      Literally like so good! 😢

  • @sksummergirl7511
    @sksummergirl7511 Рік тому +5989

    The marketing of this song, the one clip we were all obsessed with before this released, draws us in under this false pretense of sexuality and heat. Only for Hozier to hit us with yet another moral and political narrative. Drawing people in with the lure of sex (one of the 7 sins referenced in the song ;) ) to send them home with a message about exploitation and the abuse of power is genius. Hozier never ceases to be not only a musical mastermind, but an incredible representative of the people.

    • @BlackKoshka23
      @BlackKoshka23 Рік тому +142

      That part of the song could very much represent the fact that some men are getting older and older, but their partner's ages remain the same (around their twenties), which leads to relationships with a huge power imbalance, and it can be another form of depredation, or "eating your young".

    • @albacarone7272
      @albacarone7272 Рік тому +3


    • @mwilson7842
      @mwilson7842 Рік тому +15

      Lust, not sex.

    • @peachyes19
      @peachyes19 Рік тому +3


    • @ShesAaRebel
      @ShesAaRebel Рік тому +75

      The song being disguised as something tempting, while if you pay attention you see the true nature of it, is really clever. Shows how you never get the full picture of what is happening unless you've got context.
      It's supposed to represent Gluttony. To me he speaks from a politician's POV. How they keep wanting more and more but are never full. "If there's something still to take. There is ground to break".
      Also the title, which to me means they will screw over younger generations to make themselves more comfortable.
      And then going back to my first point. Politicians are really good at candy-coating their words, and never speak plainly. You have to look at the whole picture in order to form your own opinion. Same goes with the song.

  • @EimhinMcGann
    @EimhinMcGann 7 місяців тому +273

    Really clever hint to Irish history by Hozier; for those who don't know, the Irish author Jonathan Swift wrote a pamphlet called "A Modest Proposal" in 1726, when there was yet another massive famine in Ireland due to intentional mis-management by the British oppressors.
    There was lots of complaining in Britain about the hordes of starving Irish begging for their children's lives outside the walls of government, so Swift wrote this satirical book explaining to the Irish that they and their children would be better off to "Eat Your Young", because Hell would freeze over before the British rulers decided to help them.
    What a lovely people they are :)

  • @lizzisfruity3006
    @lizzisfruity3006 Рік тому +895

    He's a genius for releasing the thirsty part of the song forst to get people engaged with the song and then it has such a heavy message

    • @mwilson7842
      @mwilson7842 Рік тому +40

      He is a genius in lots of ways. That's a good observation. That's why it had a shock effect, in a good and spooky way, on me.

    • @SuperLumianaire
      @SuperLumianaire 11 місяців тому

      He's a fool and a deviant.

    • @shirin9452
      @shirin9452 7 місяців тому +1

      Wait what’s the thirsty part? lmao cause to me this sounded like some Gimme Shelter shit

  • @notalexisnicole
    @notalexisnicole Рік тому +2254

    this man’s ability to conjure up such bewitching lyrics and vocally transmit each emotion is a feat not only of masterful musicianship, but also of magic.

    • @ayoolukoga9829
      @ayoolukoga9829 Рік тому +2

      The hands of the pitiful women have sodden their own children: they were their meat in the destruction of the daughter of my people. Lamentations 4:10

    • @Peter-uo9km
      @Peter-uo9km Рік тому +5


    • @videosbylex
      @videosbylex Рік тому +3

      @@Peter-uo9km period

    • @GhostEye31
      @GhostEye31 Рік тому +10

      Well the man is Irish, he might very well be a bit Fae.

    • @MrKevmor
      @MrKevmor 11 місяців тому

      God is a wo.....man

  • @haileythomas7615
    @haileythomas7615 Рік тому +3725

    He never fails to amaze me. In such a unique way, he talks about how the choices we make are harming and killing our children, that it would simply be easier to eat them than to have them suffer through the world

    • @zelbernil3790
      @zelbernil3790 Рік тому +83

      in such a sexy club banger no less 🤣🤣

    • @cassie1969
      @cassie1969 Рік тому +5

      Nicely put!

    • @swordofice890
      @swordofice890 Рік тому +4

      idk man, i'd rather put up with all sorts of hell for my kids than eat them. if that was the case why didnt our parents turn un into drums and dinner at 6? you push through for those kids, not just treat them as a liability and decide to get rid of them

    • @amyswarbrick6251
      @amyswarbrick6251 Рік тому +108

      ​@@swordofice890 that is really not the point that this person is making. They're saying that all the crap that the older generation is putting the younger generation is worse than a lack of existence, I.e. them eating us. It's a hyperbole to enhance effect

    • @meepmoopmeep1
      @meepmoopmeep1 Рік тому +79

      A lot of animals eat their young and we see it as this horrific, beastly act (which it is) but the world that we have left our children just creates a long, drawn out version of the same act. I don’t think the song is saying that children would literally be better off not suffering through life- more so that we are no better than the animals who eat their young

  • @cantnv1
    @cantnv1 Рік тому +1091

    Heard this song right after ANOTHER mass shooting at an elementary school in Tennessee, and that line "putting food on the table selling bombs and guns, skinnin' the children for a war drum" has been whirling around in my head ever since! What an amazing song, absolutely amazing.

    • @zelbernil3790
      @zelbernil3790 Рік тому +78

      I was also thinking that. He just performed at an LGBTQ benefit in Tennessee barely 2 weeks ago. It's sick that the state's banning drag performances yet have not banned deadly weapons. So where's the concern for kids now?

    • @MyLondon4Life
      @MyLondon4Life Рік тому

      @@zelbernil3790what’s a “deadly” weapon? Are knives “deadly” as they kill 5 times more people per year than AR-15s. Oops, did I mess up your bullshit ?

    • @LawnPygmy
      @LawnPygmy Рік тому

      ​@@zelbernil3790 It's quicker and easier to eat your young.

    • @Unwanted_truth_
      @Unwanted_truth_ 10 місяців тому +2

      I'll be honest, this is poor taste

    • @MegaMilenche
      @MegaMilenche 10 місяців тому +6

      @@zelbernil3790 Nobody is banning drag performances for adults. They want to put a stop to sexualised drag performances for kids under 18. So, don't spread lies.

  • @jocelynlopez4149
    @jocelynlopez4149 Рік тому +1017

    Hozier never disappoints. The timing and message of this song are impeccable. Reminds me of A Modest Proposal essay too

    • @zelbernil3790
      @zelbernil3790 Рік тому +8

      It's a Provocative Proposal now modest goes unheard these days

    • @avacado5486
      @avacado5486 Рік тому +45

      I had to read a modest proposal for my English class a few days before this song came out and it was the first thing I thought of when I heard this song. It’s sad how relevant that piece of literature remains today

    • @degreeinnerdology
      @degreeinnerdology Рік тому +17

      ​@@avacado5486 my english teacher assigned it right before Thanksgiving Break and swore us to not speak about it until after school on that Friday
      It's got such a good message and it's a shame that such similar methods need to be used in order to showcase the relevance it still holds

    • @obliviouscandybar
      @obliviouscandybar Рік тому +38

      The reference is intentional, Hozier is Irish.

    • @WeAreAirborne
      @WeAreAirborne Рік тому +35

      It's intentional. The song is literally about A Modest Proposal, which was written specifically to call out the English government on its horrific treatment of the Irish. Hozier is Irish and is making the exact same points. As for "seven new ways that you can eat your young," Jonathan Swift recommends that Irish children can be prepared in six ways: "...[W]hether stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled; and I make no doubt that it will equally serve in a fricasie, or a ragoust." It's not an accident.

  • @hinrinn1788
    @hinrinn1788 Рік тому +911

    "It's quicker and easier to eat your young" is *incredible*

    • @luismanuelresendizolvera4234
      @luismanuelresendizolvera4234 Рік тому +3

      what that does mean? His youth or his children?

    • @hinrinn1788
      @hinrinn1788 Рік тому +82

      @@luismanuelresendizolvera4234 I've been interpreting it as children, or just the younger generation. The actions of the older generations which are inspired by greed and gluttony are causing the destruction of the younger generation, so it would be "quicker and easier" to just eat them.

    • @NGraceW
      @NGraceW Рік тому +21

      @@luismanuelresendizolvera4234 I propose you read "A Modest Proposal" by Jonathan Swift

    • @brynmcclennan973
      @brynmcclennan973 Рік тому +36

      It's a reference to the satirical article "A Modest Proposal" by Jonathan Swift which was written during the Irish Famine (genocide) explaining numerous ways to resolve famine by eating your children.

    • @amygray5285
      @amygray5285 Рік тому +15

      As mentioned I also think it could be in reference to Swift's satire (which I had to read in English when I didn't know what satire was, so believed Swift was being completely genuine)
      But (and this could be complete coincidence, and have nothing to do with the song) many animals will actually eat their young when under attack. I remember learning that hedgehogs will eat their own babies because in their minds their children will be eaten anyway by the creature attacking them, and the hedgehog doesn't want to waste a free meal.
      Lots of other species, like harpy eagles, will abandon their young if they can't fend for themselves, because it's easier to just start from scratch and raise a new chick.
      So what Swift was (satirically) suggesting, and what humans do (shift responsibilities onto the younger generations, or try to essentially trivialise their input and views on society) can be found in the natural world
      I'm sorry. This was a very long reply, but I love learning about the natural world.

  • @ashandgold
    @ashandgold Рік тому +2532

    A masterful reflection on generational trauma. I've been listening to Hozier since Take Me to Church when I was young, and he's only been getting better since - Eat Your Young is nothing short of continuing that trend.

    • @cassie1969
      @cassie1969 Рік тому +13

      Same. I started listening in 2014 and have been obsessed ever since.

    • @thefiretailedweasel6206
      @thefiretailedweasel6206 Рік тому +1


    • @ayoolukoga9829
      @ayoolukoga9829 Рік тому +6

      And thou shalt eat the fruit of thine own body, the flesh of thy sons and of thy daughters, which the Lord thy God hath given thee, in the siege, and in the straitness, wherewith thine enemies shall distress thee. Deuteronomy 28:53

    • @shahrulnazri9004
      @shahrulnazri9004 Рік тому

      ​@@cassie1969 ksn

    • @chiffymonroe5687
      @chiffymonroe5687 Рік тому

      Wamenya bho

  • @asmrkat1491
    @asmrkat1491 Рік тому +438

    Lyrics are so grotesque yet so poignant, while the music behind is so groovy - I LOVE IT

  • @sethamederat5841
    @sethamederat5841 Рік тому +263

    i dunno what crack this man puts in his music but *god damn* ive been unable to stop listening on loop since they released, im afraid its my new personality now

  • @DonPasquale_
    @DonPasquale_ Рік тому +1449

    All 3 songs are genuinely incredible. If the rest of the album is this good, it's gonna easily be the best one yet

    • @korbaisblessed2562
      @korbaisblessed2562 Рік тому +27

      I hope wasteland baby is a masterpiece

    • @evainwonderchains
      @evainwonderchains Рік тому +40

      i don't believe anything can ever top wasteland baby but hyped!!

    • @tulipsbogman
      @tulipsbogman Рік тому +1

      Where can i listen to the 3rd one i could only find eat ur yound and through me

    • @ahmadh653
      @ahmadh653 Рік тому

      @@tulipsbogman any streaming platforms

    • @ahmadh653
      @ahmadh653 Рік тому +8

      It WILL be his best so far. I guarantee that

  • @congrate4100
    @congrate4100 Рік тому +3148

    You don't see too many artists stepping out of the classic love ballads and writing what is just pure form of art and poetry! Hozier has done it again! Much love from Bangladesh

    • @stacyaaa9471
      @stacyaaa9471 Рік тому +12

      Ah yes another fellow Bangladeshi hozier fan💖 I wasn't expecting it tbh XD

    • @MariaHossain
      @MariaHossain Рік тому +4

      ​@@stacyaaa9471 we exist, man

    • @SuperLumianaire
      @SuperLumianaire 11 місяців тому

      Trash song.

    • @stacyaaa9471
      @stacyaaa9471 11 місяців тому +2

      @@MariaHossain oh damn👀ami jni na ami kno surprised but i am-

    • @viniciuscorrea6828
      @viniciuscorrea6828 11 місяців тому

      elas apareceram aqui

  • @Karishma_Unspecified
    @Karishma_Unspecified Рік тому +724

    How can a song be both chill and chilling? Wow.

    • @sherrybentz3263
      @sherrybentz3263 Рік тому +12

      Because it simply dares to speak the truth like a prayer from the depths of a gentle soul…..

    • @lolalolita3537
      @lolalolita3537 Рік тому +14

      It leaves you an opening, welcoming feeling so that you listen but then slams you with chilling truth of your actions or what can be better if we stopped somethin

  • @emilyburton7829
    @emilyburton7829 Рік тому +1853

    38 mins straight of just this song over and over as I drove to work. Started with: omg how he says darling, “get some” frick that’s hot.
    Then on the third time I really listened to the lyrics and was like “oh….OH” of course Hozier makes a song about for profit war and my animal brain thinks it’s hot. I’ve now listened to it like 15 times and it’s so powerful. Why spend time raising your kids just to let them die in a war for money when you can just eat your young.

    • @modestMousse
      @modestMousse Рік тому +226

      Ah, yes. The classic Hozier "I'll turn you on, babe, but also, let's recall the horrific implications of unchecked late stage capitalism. All my love to you. Back to being sexy."
      You know, that Hozier.

    • @AuditoryOdditor
      @AuditoryOdditor 9 місяців тому +14

      I had a very similar reaction to this song. I was turned on by the first part, thinking sexy foreplay, but upon further inspection was rewarded with a deeper meaning.
      Also, my fiancé remarked about the title and looked up the lyrics to prove a point. He read the lyrics and commented how they made no sense. I told him it's poetic.

    • @MrGamelover23
      @MrGamelover23 7 місяців тому

      ​@@AuditoryOdditoryour fiance is denser than a black hole.

  • @fercabral4
    @fercabral4 Рік тому +904

    hozier can never do ANYTHING wrong. the man’s an absolute gem

  • @novemberaddams2779
    @novemberaddams2779 Рік тому +690

    Listening to this song makes me feel like I've just drank water after 10 years of thirst

    • @bid84
      @bid84 Рік тому +31

      I’m picturing a wet skeleton

    • @jaded_tofu
      @jaded_tofu Рік тому +10

      Ironically, this song makes me so thirsty i crave anything to quench it

    • @irissupercoolsy
      @irissupercoolsy Рік тому +2

      That probably means you can relate to the song, which is really sad in this case 😦😦

  • @Zer0Sympathy
    @Zer0Sympathy Рік тому +563

    This sounds so corny but I think I genuinely felt a shiver up my spine when the implications of these lyrics hit me. I am a young queer man who grew up in America and this hit home. Beautifully written and executed, much love Hozier! Thank you for writing for those who can't or don't know how.

    • @drownedtrashrat3501
      @drownedtrashrat3501 Рік тому +23

      Aw same mate I'm a young queer transmasc who's currently unable to get out of America, and y e a h

    • @somethingcreativeprobably5160
      @somethingcreativeprobably5160 11 місяців тому

      ​@@drownedtrashrat3501queer young woman unable to just exist in peace in a highly homophobic third world country

    • @artemis7496
      @artemis7496 11 місяців тому +14

      I'm also a queer man and I FUCKING WISH i was born in America, i let you guess wish hell of a country i was born in.
      Hint: I'm using a vpn to access youtube

    • @rymacreeks2k07
      @rymacreeks2k07 11 місяців тому +1

      @@artemis7496Pakistan? Iran? India? China?

    • @MegaMilenche
      @MegaMilenche 10 місяців тому +1

      @@drownedtrashrat3501 What's could possibly be stopping you from leaving America?

  • @rouaaguesmi8333
    @rouaaguesmi8333 Рік тому +562

    I'm starving, darling
    Let me put my lips to something
    Let me wrap my teeth around the world
    Start carving, darling
    I wanna smell the dinner cooking
    I wanna feel the edges start to burn
    Honey, I wanna race you to the table
    If you hesitate, the getting is gone
    I won't lie, if there's something to be gained
    There's money to be made, whatever's still to come
    Get some
    Pull up the ladder when the flood comes
    Throw enough rope until the legs have swung
    Seven new ways that you can eat your young
    Come and get some
    Skinning the children for a war drum
    Putting food on the table selling bombs and guns
    It's quicker and easier to eat your young
    You can't buy this fineness
    Let me see the heat get to it
    Let me watch the dressing start to peel
    It's a kindness, Highness
    Crumbs enough for everyone
    Old and young are welcome to the meal
    Honey, I'm making sure the table's made
    We can celebrate the good that we've done
    I won't lie, if there's something still to take
    There is ground to break, whatever's still to come
    Get some
    Pull up the ladder when the flood comes
    Throw enough rope until the legs have swung
    Seven new ways that you can eat your young
    Come and get some
    Skinning the children for a war drum
    Putting food on the table selling bombs and guns
    It's quicker and easier to eat your young

    • @znab7610
      @znab7610 Рік тому +7


    • @djsuryansh9022
      @djsuryansh9022 11 місяців тому +3

      This is a lyrical video

    • @DanielWillMusic
      @DanielWillMusic 11 місяців тому +35

      @@djsuryansh9022 if someone is singing and learning the words, I find it’s easier to read the comment as oppose to waiting for the lyrics on screen to show.
      I always find comments like these helpful

    • @nkbujvytcygvujno6006
      @nkbujvytcygvujno6006 11 місяців тому +4

      @@djsuryansh9022also how is it your business what other people commented?

  • @tamyawaiters7078
    @tamyawaiters7078 Рік тому +443

    How he’s able to evolve his sound and his voice fits always is amazing

  • @ZR-tc1ll
    @ZR-tc1ll Рік тому +425

    “It’s a kindness, Highness” actually took my breath away

  • @TheLawSystem
    @TheLawSystem Рік тому +439

    this hits different when you've just started therapy for all the generational trauma your family's had, and subsequently put you through. such an amazing song, could not have come at a better time. love hozier so much

    • @sharpeningtheaxe
      @sharpeningtheaxe Рік тому +12

      Congrats on starting therapy! It’s so worth it, and I hope you find so much healing ❤

  • @emyszred
    @emyszred Рік тому +198

    Hozier's lyricis are unbeatable. They almost always have a melody that sounds sound like you could dance the bed-tango to it but the words in it are nothing to do with that, it's something deeper, darker. And I love him for that.

    @D1ZZYDRE4MER Рік тому +381

    I’ve been so unbelievably excited for this song since I first heard the clip and god this mans music could never let me down

  • @FraserFir
    @FraserFir Рік тому +337

    My God that chorus might actually be his best yet as far a catchy-ness goes. Combine that with the absolutely chilling lyrics and we have a contender for his best work yet!

    • @ayoolukoga9829
      @ayoolukoga9829 Рік тому +3

      My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? Matthew 27:46

    • @winnieitashi
      @winnieitashi Рік тому +2

      @@ayoolukoga9829 wait, that's actually from the bible? I though it was SOAD :-P

    • @ayoolukoga9829
      @ayoolukoga9829 Рік тому +2

      @@winnieitashi SOAD Doesn't have the Intellect, unction nor Creativity to come up with Such Profound, Revelant or Resonant Lyrics.

    • @kyleo8688
      @kyleo8688 Рік тому

      Dont use God's name

    • @FraserFir
      @FraserFir Рік тому +21

      @@kyleo8688 Friend, you're on a video called "Eat Your Young" by an Artist notoriously well known for calling out the hypocrisy of the Church. Admire your commitment to your cause but I can't say your strategy makes sense to me

  • @faisalliot
    @faisalliot 9 місяців тому +68

    Honestly, the outro for this song that begins around 3:13, marked with that tense piano, is what really speaks to me the most about this song. I usually listen to it over and over again, because something about it strikes me as so... _sad._ I feel this deep wave of secondhand, stoic(?) solemness. The pulls of that violin, too...god, it's all just absolutely enchanting.

    • @av1718
      @av1718 9 місяців тому +13

      I love it for the same reason. You got this upbeat song with such a deep message and you think maybe there's going to be another chorus but he just lets you sit with it for like a full minute with just these sad strings. It all just falls away and you're only left with the message of the song, like pulling out the rug from underneath you.

  • @kristinrad
    @kristinrad Рік тому +173

    What a modest proposal this is. Amazingly talented as always!

    • @zelbernil3790
      @zelbernil3790 Рік тому

      What a sexy provocative proposal?

    • @BrideOfTheWind
      @BrideOfTheWind Рік тому +17

      We see what you did there...

    • @atroposblack9492
      @atroposblack9492 Рік тому +7

      I have been thinking about this very thing. I was like.... wait, is he not referring to The Modest Proposal....

    • @ezraz.6335
      @ezraz.6335 Рік тому +6

      How on earth did I get this joke, I feel so old but also so cool

    • @rosethaturtl_2812
      @rosethaturtl_2812 8 місяців тому +2

      Haha love the reference

  • @TsvetaIvanova183
    @TsvetaIvanova183 Рік тому +222

    Never waited more impatiently for a song to come out. I love it.

  • @majesticheartproductions85
    @majesticheartproductions85 Рік тому +230

    It was released an hour ago, I think I’m on my 100th listen? We are witnessing greatness in the making with every new Hozier song. Congratulations Mr Andrew Hozier Burns, he’s done it again👌

    • @Rebecca-zf6ll
      @Rebecca-zf6ll Рік тому +11

      1 listen takes 4 minutes
      100 listens will take 400 minutes
      Which equals to 6.7 hours.

    • @Rebecca-zf6ll
      @Rebecca-zf6ll Рік тому +7

      You cannot listen more than approx 15 times in one hour 😢

    • @majesticheartproductions85
      @majesticheartproductions85 Рік тому +4

      @@Rebecca-zf6ll Umm, maybe. Your completely oblivious to my point, sorry

    • @majesticheartproductions85
      @majesticheartproductions85 Рік тому +3

      @@Rebecca-zf6ll great job. You completely misunderstood my comment and point, but there’s always one🙄

    • @Mani-xo8er
      @Mani-xo8er Рік тому +15

      @@Rebecca-zf6ll he put it on 6.7x speed.

  • @toofatforfun
    @toofatforfun Рік тому +75

    His lyrics are like some silver tongued devil, come to temp me to just accept fate and roll with it. I'm terrified and he sounds cruel, but he's probably right and the comfort of his voice is so seductive because I'm tired of fighting.

  • @maysilversi8253
    @maysilversi8253 Рік тому +49

    “skinning the children for a war drum” made my jaws drop omg Hozier I love you

  • @mr.alpaco855
    @mr.alpaco855 Рік тому +164

    The very first Hozier songs I’ll listen to on time (discovered him a year ago) 💚 I’ll cherish this moment forever

  • @jsmountain
    @jsmountain Рік тому +87

    "Alright, so we start with a thing that is perfect for thirst trap videos to hook them in, and then it is actually a song about climate change, generational violence, and exploitation" is such an incredible move.

  • @user-xl7dv7hi9b
    @user-xl7dv7hi9b Рік тому +78

    I am in love with those lyrics, Hozier is as poetic as always, but can we also take a moment to appreciate that chorus? the only singer who can make me jam to a song about eating children

  • @dawnmurray5126
    @dawnmurray5126 Рік тому +76

    Very powerful lyrics once again...this guy just seems to understand what's happening in the world & writes a song about it in a way that is catchy but also eye-opening 10/10

  • @norie_door9026
    @norie_door9026 Рік тому +45

    In Hozier we Trust 🙏🏼

  • @sophiahannahsobrepena2740
    @sophiahannahsobrepena2740 Рік тому +51

    Hozier's style of music and how he wrote his lyrics make me want to write an entire book about it

  • @graceiebug
    @graceiebug 9 місяців тому +17

    Kronos when he realizes his children might overpower him-

  • @kylenemelton5016
    @kylenemelton5016 Рік тому +26

    The chorus sings like a commercial jingle. Which is genius from both a pop music perspective, and also a biting satire of consumerism.

  • @martssipan
    @martssipan Рік тому +134

    Happy birthday Andrew! Thank you for bringing these wonderful songs into our lives ❤
    I’ve been obsessed with Hozier’s music since 2019 and waited for new songs to come … it was definitely worth the wait !

  • @nna705
    @nna705 Рік тому +66

    Hozier simply does not have an ability to create bad music

  • @adarklana
    @adarklana Рік тому +24

    I love that in almost every song Hozier sweetly invites you to dine together

  • @ApeironSound
    @ApeironSound Рік тому +54

    I've been having this on repeat since the first seconds on TikTok appeared and I CAN'T AND WON'T stop listening to this.
    Wonderful writing and vocal's are so on point.

  • @TheBillNye
    @TheBillNye Рік тому +40

    I can't express how ready I am for this EP

    • @daniabarajas5160
      @daniabarajas5160 Рік тому +5

      I didn't know that Bill Nye was such a big Hozier fan 😂

  • @octavia5906
    @octavia5906 Рік тому +55

    I fall in love with this man a little more every time he released a new song 💛

  • @emilyalexis5905
    @emilyalexis5905 9 місяців тому +33

    I'm not sure if anyone picked up on this but I think this song is a reference to "A Modest Proposal" by Jonathan Swift. If you have the time to look it up it's very interesting. It's about a man who suggests eating Irish children to help with food scarcity because of Britain's tyranny at that time. His words are drenched with irony, he doesn't really mean anything he says, he just wanted the British to realize how bad they were treating Ireland.

  • @davidj.diehlii6607
    @davidj.diehlii6607 Місяць тому +6

    Dude is a lyrical genius. Haunting and beautiful interspersed with duality at every turn. Incredible.

  • @mikewright668
    @mikewright668 Рік тому +26

    Hozier has always done a good job talking about issues and addressing them musically . I hope he can expand his sound a little and try to take risks with his voice , his greatest instrument

  • @blackstag9366
    @blackstag9366 Рік тому +30

    What provocative truth... there's so many ways this song can be interpreted and none of them are right, yet none of them are wrong either. Fascinating

    • @thepiousskeleton6046
      @thepiousskeleton6046 Рік тому +6

      Say you don't understand the meaning of the song without saying you don't understand the meaning of the song.

    • @blackstag9366
      @blackstag9366 Рік тому

      @@thepiousskeleton6046 It's obviously about the exploitation of younger generations for wealth and power. But all I was saying is that it has the potential of meaning far more to different people. But yes, keep being an ignorant jackass and speaking as if your entire personality was made from TikTok videos 😂

    • @moondustcompliments5329
      @moondustcompliments5329 Рік тому


  • @namida-lm1km
    @namida-lm1km Рік тому +45

    Perfect. So powerful with such a deep yet morbid meaning. I passed my dance examination with this song . My choreography got 82 / 100

  • @julis.6667
    @julis.6667 Рік тому +10

    thirst trapped and teased us into dealing with the pressing issues, genius

  • @grandmasarmchair2000
    @grandmasarmchair2000 Рік тому +44

    I’m so excited for this album 💓

  • @_ovi_nian_
    @_ovi_nian_ Рік тому +65

    Oh my goodness, that meal was an absolute delight! Every bite was bursting with flavor and my taste buds were dancing with joy. From the appetizer to the dessert, I was in a state of pure culinary bliss. I couldn't help but savor every morsel and even closed my eyes to fully immerse myself in the experience. Thank you so much for such a wonderful dining experience!*****
    ****** I always enjoy your true meaningful songs. *******

  • @kjlucky6501
    @kjlucky6501 Рік тому +26

    My favorite artist ever. Hozier’s music has got me through a LOT. When I felt like I had nobody, I found comfort and belonging in his music and I will always be grateful for how much it has helped me over the years. I’ve been waiting all day to put my headphones on and sit back for my first listen and while I expected it to be amazing, I’m still blown away at how he just can’t miss. Thank you, Hozier, for blessing us with more of your beautiful music❤

  • @deijahalbarado6545
    @deijahalbarado6545 Рік тому +9

    Modern music with Shakespearean quality lyrics. I love this man.

  • @anna_banana414
    @anna_banana414 Рік тому +9

    hozier and taylor swift releasing songs at the same time actually criminal but also a dream come true.

  • @sabisgambi3818
    @sabisgambi3818 Рік тому +16

    He just… never misses. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

  • @blairdoesntnotcare3323
    @blairdoesntnotcare3323 Рік тому +68

    Good bluesy disco vibe. I love how you treat the artistry of guitar as a black art first and every beautiful breath you take is in homage to those beautiful bones of rock and roll. Keep the blues in ya hozier. I love your art.
    Also Thank you for keeping trans rights in your heart. These days people seem utterly complicit in our destruction, be it blind eye, arrogance, or ignorance all seems lost most days. Your voice is honey to the sore soul these days.

  • @Emmsies_OuO
    @Emmsies_OuO Рік тому +29

    Hozier never fails to impress! Amazing musical performance and a pertinent, shrewd message.

  • @moorlova
    @moorlova Рік тому +34

    Happy Birthday Andrew! Thank you for your music. The songs are incredibly beautiful, deep and always on repeat ❤

  • @ajoop...
    @ajoop... Рік тому +7

    Hozier releasing this music is an act of kindness, highness🧎‍♀️

  • @hollycrossingxo
    @hollycrossingxo Рік тому +8

    holy shit- this song is mindblowing on so many levels. The production quality, the instrumentation, vocals, lyrics. Hozier is unparalleled.

  • @michaelsheridan3219
    @michaelsheridan3219 Рік тому +25

    You are literally the mouthpiece for the world through your lyrics man! The world would stop in the wake of your silence so please keep speaking for it 💚💚

  • @micaelaosorio7228
    @micaelaosorio7228 Рік тому +34

    Hozier never disappoints me ❤

  • @annadavis8494
    @annadavis8494 9 місяців тому +6

    He will go down as one of the best lyricist ever.

  • @user-SubvurzIV
    @user-SubvurzIV Рік тому +52

    First time I'm hearing this artist...dope AF!
    Props to anyone that uses their platform to make thought provoking music. ❤

    • @missmadness1107
      @missmadness1107 Рік тому +4

      If you like this you'll love his other music

    • @hescrem9316
      @hescrem9316 Рік тому +4

      You gotta listen to more of his stuff, i promise you it’ll be worth it!

    • @julesvillega
      @julesvillega Рік тому +2

      Oh you gotta listen to more of him

    • @user-SubvurzIV
      @user-SubvurzIV Рік тому +2

      You were all right, his other stuff is awesome!

  • @ajfjwoandoqkskphantom1702
    @ajfjwoandoqkskphantom1702 Рік тому +4


  • @brooklynpaul3131
    @brooklynpaul3131 Рік тому +11

    Happy Birthday Hozier 💋 thank you for blessing our ears once again

  • @imworm8695
    @imworm8695 Рік тому +7

    God yes, definitely not disappointed. This feels like the type of song where you sit there and watch as the cycle continues despite how much someone said they wouldn't continue it

  • @user-wp8ld5ep3c
    @user-wp8ld5ep3c 2 місяці тому +3


  • @cosmicwanderer2912
    @cosmicwanderer2912 Рік тому +5

    When the world needed him most, he came back.🤧

  • @Nr.1Mimir
    @Nr.1Mimir Рік тому +28

    Albums gonna be the death of me 3 songs already took me to the edge of existence

    • @carolinavanderlande4904
      @carolinavanderlande4904 Рік тому +5

      Buckle up! I just heard him say the album will consist of 17 or 18 songs, including this one.

  • @alisonmulholland167
    @alisonmulholland167 Рік тому +9

    Two perfect entities - relevant topical poetry, and beautiful music combined! How feckin cool is Hozier?!!! ❤️🥰

  • @autumn2845
    @autumn2845 Рік тому +3

    All 3 songs on repeat and the goosebumps just won't go away

  • @SereneStudio
    @SereneStudio Рік тому +10

    Absolute chills listening to this.... what a haunting song.

  • @eurus4809
    @eurus4809 Рік тому +5

    Since this man wrote songs , no man could ever take my heart. Hozier put the bar way too high no one could ever compete with that 😂

  • @morganwilson1791
    @morganwilson1791 Рік тому +27

    I've had the same favorite song for years!!! It was bumped to second place once I heard this masterpiece. I had goosebumps and tears in my eyes the entire song. It has been on repeat for the last 45 minutes!

  • @Slowcraftco
    @Slowcraftco Рік тому +2

    It's a pleasure to hear new music Hozier. Anything you make is always a heart opener. The words, the sounds, the composition. I am in love.

  • @gndnn1996
    @gndnn1996 Рік тому +7

    His lyrics are always so poetic!!! 😩💖💖💖

  • @zachmoser2961
    @zachmoser2961 Рік тому +19

    Wow this is incredible, there's a sureal quality hoizers music has, I don't think any artist has ever replicated it for me, I think that really speaks to how unique his music is

  • @yasmeenu
    @yasmeenu Рік тому +3

    listening to this song on repeat is not enough, i need to hear him sing it live straight to my ears.

  • @BipolarPerson
    @BipolarPerson Рік тому +4

    So grateful to all the artists that have taken me away from the pain of life that gets me so often. Hearing songs like this makes me want to continue to live! ❤❤❤❤

  • @lolgacha3217
    @lolgacha3217 Рік тому +12

    I love this song in all the posible ways a song can be loved

  • @Thealinevlogs
    @Thealinevlogs Рік тому +10

    He does it every time. Amazing AMAZING

  • @thighsquish4656
    @thighsquish4656 Рік тому +8

    Hozier never misses

  • @HalcyonoftheAuror
    @HalcyonoftheAuror 11 місяців тому +4

    What deep and transformative times, ( as a younger generation) we live in. As a weary old soul despite my age, this grief resonates. Thank you again Hozier for speaking up for Us all when it hurts too bad to speak. Another deep step towards World Peace, here.

  • @xchasingthefallx
    @xchasingthefallx Рік тому +5

    Being a sociology major and all too familiar with all the ways humanity can fuck over their own never ceases to be disturbingly dark. Greed is a hell in it's own, when there's nothing left to "eat" except your own blood money I hope in the most poetic and brutal way that they choke on it.

  • @apala09
    @apala09 Рік тому +4

    I love Hozier so much. He deserves the whole world 💕🌻

  • @f.b.1728
    @f.b.1728 Рік тому +5

    He never disappoints, and I'm so happy that I have the chance to listen to his songs.This is already on repeat. I love it so much❤❤❤

  • @miss.nobody4302
    @miss.nobody4302 Рік тому +1

    I immediately got chills hearing his voice!

  • @elanyacoleman9862
    @elanyacoleman9862 Рік тому +4

    Whew! Hozier you've done it for me again! Thank you always and forever ❣️!

  • @michaelschultz9092
    @michaelschultz9092 Рік тому +6

    Incredible song, listened to it so much today. It’s poignant, beautiful, and relevant. Thank you for this banger.

  • @celine__05
    @celine__05 Рік тому +4

    I waited so long for this song and now it's finally released. Hozier ist the only artist, who doesn't have bad songs. I love all of them.

  • @kaylax1171
    @kaylax1171 Рік тому +5

    this has been on repeat all day. andrew always delivers

  • @jennacook679
    @jennacook679 Рік тому +10

    People have been asking for new music for 4 ish years now, and I kept saying that if we just wait we’ll get masterpieces, and look at that! I was right!!