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How Martin Scorsese Directs a Movie | The Director's Chair

  • Опубліковано 3 лис 2019
  • Martin Scorsese Film School ►► bit.ly/2NsSuwo
    In this video, we let Martin Scorsese teach you about filmmaking without having to pay for an expensive masterclass. Martin Scorsese Filmmaking has been ripe for film analysis, video essays, and filmmaking theory alike, but we think it's better if you hear it from him first hand. Martin Scorsese Movies generate a lot of buzz, like his new film The Irishman. You know Martin Scorsese's unique filmmaking and directing style are able to attract the biggest movie stars like Robert De Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, and others.
    Martin Scorsese's career of directing movies may have begun with Boxcar Bertha and Mean Streets, but it truly took off after the success of his feature film, Taxi Driver. Since then, he has made some of the most important films to date, including Raging Bull, The Color of Money, Goodfellas, Cape Fear, Casino, Gangs of New York, The Aviator, The Departed, Shutter Island, Hugo, The Wolf of Wall Street, and his new film The Irishman.
    In this episode of The Director's Chair, we combine Martin Scorsese interviews with clips from his films so that you get your own Martin Scorsese masterclass of tips found over years of filmmaking.
    Scorsese explains his unique directing style, and you'll get to see how Martin Scorsese goes about directing movies with no need for film analysis, video essays, or filmmaking theory - but rather from his own experiences.
    Are you excited for the new Martin Scorsese movie? Do you want to learn from arguably one of the most popular film directors working today? Then make sure to check out this film analysis video: The Director's Chair: Martin Scorsese.
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  • @StudioBinder
    @StudioBinder  4 роки тому +520

    Name your favorite Scorsese film, ready? Go!

    • @gouthambodiga5643
      @gouthambodiga5643 4 роки тому +142

      I never enjoyed a movie as much as WOLF OF WALL STREET

    • @BhagyanagarRE
      @BhagyanagarRE 4 роки тому +28

      I like every film of he's... specially some of the underrated one's color of money, after hours, bring out the dead... Even films like New York New York & Boxcar bretha which were like Scorsese's tribute to American musicals and B grade cinema

    • @gouthambodiga5643
      @gouthambodiga5643 4 роки тому +2

      @@user-wx8mi1pd6g Absolutely

    • @loganmenchaca
      @loganmenchaca 4 роки тому +54


    • @Filmmaker809
      @Filmmaker809 4 роки тому +20

      After Hours. Though, I love all his work.

  • @strongwise1255
    @strongwise1255 4 роки тому +1526

    70' taxi driver
    80' raging bull
    90' goodfellas
    2000' the departed
    2010' the wolf of wall street
    the king of all decades

  • @emudeko
    @emudeko 4 роки тому +2555

    I love all of his MCU (Martin Cinematic Universe)

    • @StudioBinder
      @StudioBinder  4 роки тому +155


    • @mohamedashian604
      @mohamedashian604 4 роки тому +159

      Yeah who needs the marvel cinematic universe when you have the Martin cinematic Universe

    • @illaveyoubutler2
      @illaveyoubutler2 4 роки тому +98

      Goodfellas vs. Avengers.....Marty’s boys would kick their butts

    • @mohamedashian604
      @mohamedashian604 4 роки тому +5

      illaveyoubutler2 well we got to help Marty’s guys they can’t do it alone you know

    • @illaveyoubutler2
      @illaveyoubutler2 4 роки тому +12

      @Mohamed Ashian Iron Man laughs at Tommy DeVito, Marty’s boys won’t need no help

  • @hassancamara9175
    @hassancamara9175 4 роки тому +1230

    As far back as I could remember, I‘ve always loved Martin Scorsese movies

    • @LuisSierra42
      @LuisSierra42 4 роки тому +20

      You are so funny

    • @hassancamara9175
      @hassancamara9175 4 роки тому +42

      Luis Sierra wha...what do you mean funny? Funny how??

    • @mynameisshephard2394
      @mynameisshephard2394 4 роки тому +32

      @@LuisSierra42 does he make u laugh ? He's here to muse u ?

    • @necroyoli08
      @necroyoli08 4 роки тому +21

      To me being part of Martin Scorsese's crew was better than being President of the United States.

    • @nnnnnn496
      @nnnnnn496 4 роки тому

      @@LuisSierra42 OK Boomer

  • @rahallivex
    @rahallivex 4 роки тому +1039

    These are the directors who make movies for pleasure not for box-office.

    • @StudioBinder
      @StudioBinder  4 роки тому +132

      Absolutely! Not only for the pleasure but also for the pure passion for their craft.

    • @rahallivex
      @rahallivex 3 роки тому +22

      lilmil MARVEL.

    • @rahallivex
      @rahallivex 3 роки тому +13

      lilmil ok DC too then. He’s right actually about marvel, they are just comic book movies with big budgets. Marvel had early on success which is fading because they are making too much movies. Captain marvel, doctor sleep and avengers endgame was terrible. I honestly walked out on endgame because it was boring, uninteresting fights and conversations was just too much. No one is gonna remember these movies in a decade but Goodfellas still stands the test of time to this day and will in future. Comic book movies just don’t have the emotional pull and investment. I mean do people really care if one of the avenger dies, i sure don’t. By the time we reach the intermission they already had killed a thousand people and destroyed half a country. That’s always the plot with changes so it doesn’t appear obvious. Of course they make it for the money man, look at the selling of merchandise and movie sequels. Scorsese never made a sequel, his work is always different and original. He’s very far ahead of his time. People just don’t get it.

    • @rahallivex
      @rahallivex 3 роки тому +3

      Leonardo Kwak oh please. Endgame was terrible. Walked out halfway through the movie.

    • @ericho6063
      @ericho6063 2 роки тому +8

      Lmao all these people hating on Marvel just because it's popular 😂

  • @jordsjek
    @jordsjek 4 роки тому +1039

    safe to say: the guys a cinema genius

    • @LuisSierra42
      @LuisSierra42 4 роки тому +7

      The master himself

    • @georgeguja6155
      @georgeguja6155 4 роки тому +5

      Just genius cinematic or not

    • @AnnusMirabilus
      @AnnusMirabilus 4 роки тому +12

      the best of all time imo
      I was slightly disappointed with "The Irishman," but then again "slightly disappointing Scorsese movie"= better than 95% of the other crap that I watch

    • @thorshk
      @thorshk 3 роки тому +11

      @@AnnusMirabilus i wasnt disapointed at all. infact its my second favorite movie now. you have to be in the right mindset to watch it

  • @HoovyTube
    @HoovyTube 4 роки тому +802

    What fascinates me about Scorsese is that the way his career unfolded - unlike any other. Arguably, he made the best movie of the 70s, best movie of the 80s, best movie of the 90s and inbetween his most acclaimed movies he made less financially succesful documentaries and movies. I think that this is the reason why so many people adore him as a person, aside from his charisma. If he doesn't succeed, he persists, gets back up and proves himself again and again.

    • @linkbiff1054
      @linkbiff1054 4 роки тому +45

      Hoovy Tube Taxi Driver: one of the best of the 70s.
      Raging Bull: THE best of the 80s.
      Goodfellas: most influential of the 90s.
      The Departed: one of my personal favourites of the 2000s.

    • @KungaMatata
      @KungaMatata 3 роки тому +21

      You can make the argument that The Departed, The Wolf of Wall Street and The Irishman were the best of the 2000s and 2010s.

    • @jeda7343
      @jeda7343 3 роки тому +17

      @@linkbiff1054 best of the 70s / all time is The Godfather part I & II

    • @josuem7398
      @josuem7398 3 роки тому +9

      @@jeda7343 Godfather 2 > or = to Taxi Driver > Godfather 1. Regardless I don't believe their is one best director ever. There are many greats it's like science there isn't one greatest scientist work builds upon previous mistakes.

    • @jeda7343
      @jeda7343 3 роки тому +1

      @@josuem7398 watch the godfather saga version

  • @Maximillionaire666
    @Maximillionaire666 4 роки тому +433

    That part about the music really spoke to me, whenever I listen to a song or a piece of music I immediately think of how it could be used cinematically. Honestly surprised Scorsese hasn’t done a musical yet considering he’s so good at marrying music and images.

    • @StudioBinder
      @StudioBinder  4 роки тому +27

      Absolutely! The pacing in his films are just as thoughtful as a composer's symphony. Notice the way he conducts his hands, like he's leading an orchestra, 0:06 as the scene plays out. Wouldn't be surprised if there was a piece of music in his mind at that moment tied to that particular moment. 🎼🎶🎥🎬😊✌🏻

    • @Maximillionaire666
      @Maximillionaire666 4 роки тому +1

      @Masked Movie Man I forgot about that one tbh but nonetheless would love to see him do ANOTHER one haha

    • @johnjohnson3709
      @johnjohnson3709 3 роки тому +1

      I do that also and when I hear that song in a movie it makes my day.

    • @MajorMlgNoob
      @MajorMlgNoob 8 місяців тому +4

      He has
      New York, New York (1977)

  • @ongogablogian
    @ongogablogian 4 роки тому +105

    The Irishman is so poignant, moving, and such a mournful eulogy for the gangster genre. The last hour is one of Scorsese's finest moments and the final shot will forever be burned into my memory. This video perfectly encapsulates everything I love about his movies. Great job!

    • @StudioBinder
      @StudioBinder  4 роки тому +5

      Thank you so much! The Irishman is definitely a fine work and sits well with the rest of his works. It's quite rewarding and awesome to see the work of a veteran filmmaker.

    • @tarun2298
      @tarun2298 8 місяців тому


  • @NxDoyle
    @NxDoyle 4 роки тому +453

    I'm gonna go watch The Irishman, watch The Irishman.

    • @samfisher2306
      @samfisher2306 4 роки тому +1

      Can't wait. I believe it'll be on Netflix November 27th.

    • @garad123456
      @garad123456 4 роки тому +3

      gonna see it in 18 hours in a theater, very happy

    • @mriganksonawane1277
      @mriganksonawane1277 4 роки тому +5

      I'm gonna go watch IronMan

    • @matonmongo
      @matonmongo 4 роки тому +3

      Seeing the Irishman cemented my appreciation for Scorsese, both as an artist, and just as a great human bean. He's kinda becoming a 'national treasure', if we still have such things.

    • @samiulsakib1033
      @samiulsakib1033 4 роки тому +11

      Jimmy Two Times xD

  • @MegaCameron92
    @MegaCameron92 4 роки тому +105

    Love your guys's videos, especially this series! Here are some other filmmakers to consider doing a video on for this series:
    - Tim Burton
    - Alfred Hitchcock
    - Steven Spielberg
    - Guillermo del Toro
    - Stanley Kubrick
    - Spike Lee
    - Edgar Wright
    - David Fincher
    - Paul Thomas Anderson
    - The Coen Brothers
    - Ridley Scott
    - David Lynch

  • @raygen578
    @raygen578 4 роки тому +534

    As far back as I remember I always wanted to be a gangster

    • @TheMrPANGSAI
      @TheMrPANGSAI 4 роки тому +12


    • @kkm5384
      @kkm5384 4 роки тому +1

      hahaha... had you been so.. You wouldnt be here to comment. lol..

    • @LuisSierra42
      @LuisSierra42 4 роки тому

      I understood that reference

    • @intrinsiccinema7374
      @intrinsiccinema7374 4 роки тому +1

      why, the movies glorify that life im sure alot people will tell you something different

    • @raygen578
      @raygen578 4 роки тому

      chinelo betserai it’s a quote

  • @rogerkincaid931
    @rogerkincaid931 4 роки тому +93

    This man's work are treasures. A part of my childhood.
    Admired him, loved him. Can't wait for The Irishman.

    • @AA-sn9lz
      @AA-sn9lz 4 роки тому +9

      Scorsese movies were your childhood?!!!! Epic!!! You're a real gangsta

    • @AIIA94
      @AIIA94 2 роки тому +2

      @@AA-sn9lz he's my dad's childhood too. He even got to watch Taxi Driver when he was 14 years old in a theater. Imagine that!!

  • @jackhill9803
    @jackhill9803 4 роки тому +446

    This is such a fantastic series. Please do Kubrick!!

  • @Ranlou
    @Ranlou 4 роки тому +54

    This intro compilation is so well edited

    • @StudioBinder
      @StudioBinder  4 роки тому +6

      Thank you! Our animator and editors produce some 🔥 content!

  • @gunndlewittlebaum8932
    @gunndlewittlebaum8932 4 роки тому +134

    As far back as I remember, I always wanted to be...Martin Scorsese.

  • @timothyday5187
    @timothyday5187 3 роки тому +8

    My Top 10:
    10. Gangs of New York
    9. The Wolf of the Wall Street
    8. The Aviator
    7. Hugo
    6. Casino
    5. Raging Bull
    4. Taxi Driver
    3. GoodFellas
    2. The Irishman
    1. The Departed
    Calling Scorsese a legend is such an understatement

  • @eddeh0772
    @eddeh0772 Рік тому +13

    Marty alone is already a cinematic genius. Marty and Thelma is a cinematic match on a godly level well above that. What an incredible once in a universe pairing

  • @amgrade4862
    @amgrade4862 4 роки тому +59

    That one long take from Goodfellas through the kitchen into the restaurant.. i always thought that it would be hard to retake it as it should be as natural as possible and manage to prevent any person unintentionally look into the camera

    • @fmkhan213
      @fmkhan213 4 роки тому +1

      I saw a similar take recently in Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.. do UA-cam it.. it's in the second season.. quite an artistic take

    • @seaque.
      @seaque. 4 роки тому

      Mrs Maisel has so many long shots

  • @gastonmamy7107
    @gastonmamy7107 4 роки тому +28

    1. Raging bull
    2. Taxi driver
    3. Goodfellas
    4. The wolf of wall street.
    5. The departed.
    6. The age of innocence.
    7. Casino.
    8. The king of comedy.
    9. Mean streets.
    10. After hours.
    11. The aviator.
    12. Gangs of new york.
    13. The last themptation of Crhist.
    14. Hugo.
    15. Cape fear.
    16.Shutter island.
    Silence and The irishman i still havent seen them.

    • @MonigMedia
      @MonigMedia 3 роки тому

      And Irish?

    • @wesam6385
      @wesam6385 2 роки тому +2

      Putting Shutter island last is a crime

    • @ZMartinW
      @ZMartinW Рік тому

      Silence is incredible

  • @miromaynigo
    @miromaynigo 4 роки тому +22

    This series is heaven. I hope you do more in the future! Bong Joon-ho, Tim Burton, David Lynch, Stephen Chow and so on.

  • @michaelmaloley
    @michaelmaloley 4 роки тому +14

    I Worked background on "The Aviator" shot in Montreal. 18 days on a Scorsese picture. It was the defining film experience of my life. To see him, the actors and the production company at work was magic. There were some special moments for me, but too much to share here!

    • @introspectah
      @introspectah 4 роки тому

      Where else are you sharing your experiences?

  • @matthewstafford9080
    @matthewstafford9080 4 роки тому +33

    Cinema is the way of life, based off reality. That’s what makes it beautiful.

    • @marcobrilli8669
      @marcobrilli8669 4 роки тому +5

      A. Choucair I think that goes for art in general

  • @mr.antaeus5730
    @mr.antaeus5730 4 роки тому +14

    Silence is one of the greatest movies ever made. Thank you Mr. Scorsese for your incredible works of art. You give this world a little more substance and we could all use that in today's day and age.

  • @abdulrhman6828
    @abdulrhman6828 3 роки тому +15

    Taxi driver
    The good fellas
    The departed
    The wolf of the Wall Street
    Thank you very much Mr. Scorsese

  • @vestiario77
    @vestiario77 4 роки тому +57

    "When I was your age they would say we can become cops, or criminals. Today, what I'm saying to you is this: when you're facing a loaded gun, what's the difference?"

    • @KutWrite
      @KutWrite 4 роки тому +1

      ...and when you're extorting money from the public, what's the difference?
      Oh, you can ignore and NOT do business with the Mafia. Not the cops.

  • @vanshikha7179
    @vanshikha7179 4 роки тому +19

    I like how you silently slipped in the subscribe and notification thing, so subtle and that's the right way to do it! Also love your channel learning so much 💕

    • @dsakax
      @dsakax 4 роки тому +3

      And the edit was so perfect it didn't even need a voice over to explain nothing. Martin did it. Amazing video.

    • @KING-ri2vs
      @KING-ri2vs 4 роки тому

      Most of the channels do it that way now.

  • @Riceordie
    @Riceordie 4 роки тому +42

    "One day, some of the kids from the neighborhood carried my mother's groceries all the way home. You know why? It was outta respect."

  • @Hot18Shot
    @Hot18Shot 4 роки тому +49

    I hope he never stops making movies.

    • @StudioBinder
      @StudioBinder  4 роки тому +3


    • @AIIA94
      @AIIA94 2 роки тому +4

      Yeah, I mean Clint Eastwood managed to make decent movies at his 90s, I hope Scorsese is strong enough to make movies at his 90s like Clint

    • @Thespeedrap
      @Thespeedrap Рік тому

      Of course we need him Spielberg and Clint Eastwood to still help keep Hollywood from going back to ashes.It might need for it to be restarted again from the millennial generation next🤔

  • @Sleptking994
    @Sleptking994 4 роки тому +13

    Why does making a movie seem like an impossible thing to me, I cant even fathom the amount of creativity and dedication you need

    • @josepablitoaurar7051
      @josepablitoaurar7051 3 роки тому +1

      I had lots of it but not t'he money for it... I have 10 movies in my head with dialogue and all that stuff that fuckes up i want that on screen...

  • @abhin3698
    @abhin3698 4 роки тому +12

    Tarantino and now Martin Scorcesse...Covering up all the legends..Thank you for your efforts to educate us 🙏❤️. They don't create a FILM, they express it.

  • @Thespeedrap
    @Thespeedrap 4 роки тому +200

    I wish this guy opened up a Film School that would be great.I would go to it.

    • @TheRobloxianTacoLord
      @TheRobloxianTacoLord 4 роки тому +6

      The best school or education is what can be interacted with. His movies are there, they are treasure troves. He also recently did a Masterclass teaching how he makes movies and his education etc.

    • @NATTOP
      @NATTOP 4 роки тому

      @@TheRobloxianTacoLord link if possible

    • @LuisSierra42
      @LuisSierra42 4 роки тому +1

      He has a course on Masterclass[DOT]com

    • @NATTOP
      @NATTOP 4 роки тому

      ​@@LuisSierra42 much appreciation

    • @AIIA94
      @AIIA94 Рік тому

      In my opinion the best way to studied movies is by watching his movies. That's what Tarantino does on his way to the film industry. Analyze Scorsese's movies pieces by pieces, watch some BTS footage on a way how he makes films, that's the best way to learn movies

  • @Riceordie
    @Riceordie 4 роки тому +10

    This man is an absolute genius. We're blessed to have his films.

  • @ashwins8276
    @ashwins8276 4 роки тому +30

    Ahh man..the director's chair title sequence always gives me goosebumps 🔥😌

    • @StudioBinder
      @StudioBinder  4 роки тому +7

      Our animators do some magical things! 🎬✨👌🏻

    • @LycanVisuals
      @LycanVisuals 4 роки тому

      @@StudioBinder do you happen to know the music used?

    • @cristovaorios1322
      @cristovaorios1322 3 роки тому

      @@LycanVisuals I would love to know

  • @natechenry
    @natechenry 4 роки тому +18

    I can see the correlation between 2019s JOKER movie and Martin Scorsese inspired style of a movie. Particularly The "You talkin to me?" Scene and in the Joker when Joaquin Phoenix reenacts his stage scene on the couch.

    • @atulbhat7883
      @atulbhat7883 4 роки тому +4

      That's a callback to a scene from The King of Comedy.
      You should watch it if you haven't already

    • @amanms1999
      @amanms1999 4 роки тому +1

      Joker is an inspiration of the king of comedy and a remake of taxi driver

  • @Shunieeez
    @Shunieeez 4 роки тому +15

    Loving, watching, and idolizing Scorsese films? "Anytime, Anywhere."

  • @behindthecurtainproductions
    @behindthecurtainproductions 4 роки тому +5

    love this guy, one of the best directors out there. loved the atmosphere of the video, too.
    also, keep making these. I’d love to see Spike Jonze or Steven Spielberg.

  • @jakeames1593
    @jakeames1593 4 роки тому +8

    These videos are SO well done and put together. Please keep it up!

    • @StudioBinder
      @StudioBinder  4 роки тому +2

      Thanks Jake! Appreciate the kind words! Thank you for your support, stay tuned for more cool content!

  • @zahrinmukhriz2846
    @zahrinmukhriz2846 2 роки тому +6

    I would said his best films of all the time were Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, Shutter Island, Raging Bull, Wolf of Wall Street, Casino and The Aviator

  • @yahyabasit945
    @yahyabasit945 2 роки тому +2


  • @CaptNaptastic
    @CaptNaptastic 4 роки тому +5

    I love this. In about a month, I get to be a PA on his upcoming film. I've been watching videos on his directing style and this is the most informative and interesting.

  • @sherlock3134
    @sherlock3134 4 роки тому +17

    As far back as I can remember, I've always wanted to be a filmmaker.

  • @yanaymor
    @yanaymor 4 роки тому +7

    All his films are ranked from Great to a Masterpiece!!
    Thank you so much StudioBinder for the insight
    looking forword for more

  • @tesconstamylo
    @tesconstamylo 2 роки тому +2

    I can watch his movies again and again without getting bored.
    A master of his topic.
    A reason to watch cinema.
    An American with a taste of the old great Italian directors.

  • @moochercat
    @moochercat 4 роки тому +5

    Give this man an Academy Award! Best director, best film. He deserves to have at least two or three of both!!!

    • @StudioBinder
      @StudioBinder  4 роки тому +2

      He's definitely been nominated many times. Won Best Director in 2007 for The Departed.

    • @iam5149
      @iam5149 3 роки тому +1

      StudioBinder that’s why we hate the Academy

  • @bonjourchouquette
    @bonjourchouquette 4 роки тому +16

    Just watched The Irishman last night at Belasco, truly a masterpiece! Recommend everyone to see it in theater if you are in New York area.

    • @StudioBinder
      @StudioBinder  4 роки тому +2

      Just remember to use the restroom before watching it in theaters. It's Scorsese's longest film to date⏤a whopping 3 hrs. and 30 mins! ✌🏻

    • @KING-ri2vs
      @KING-ri2vs 4 роки тому

      @@StudioBinder there's no intermission ?

  • @capitalsteez7409
    @capitalsteez7409 3 роки тому +1

    This is by far the best movie related channel I've come across. Kudos to your team.

  • @Filmmaker809
    @Filmmaker809 4 роки тому +10

    Very inspiring, especially last section, hearing the voice in his head to keep going. :)

  • @pon7630
    @pon7630 4 роки тому +7

    Thank you deeply for everything Mr Scorsese.

  • @JoaoVictor-me6fq
    @JoaoVictor-me6fq 4 роки тому +1

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