KSI Loses Another $5,000,000

  • Опубліковано 23 січ 2022
  • Influenced by Dexerto - After recently revealing he lost $5 million on NFT's - the UA-cam superstar as dropped another bombshell! An eye-watering $5.1 million loss on cryptocurrency.
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    How i Lost $5,100,000 ua-cam.com/video/3uSzNKJFw88/v-deo.html


  • Rajkumar S D



    Ksi loses 5 million

  • Avery
    Avery  +258

    Crypto took a huge dip, but it'll probably rebound. If he didn't sell he hasn't taken a loss yet.

  • Legothing
    Legothing  +18

    God I love ksis laugh 😂

  • Asubtlenoise

    Jesus I haven’t even had 20 bucks

  • alejandroV

    “You can see the pain in my laugh”

  • K3N
    K3N  +1

    "i always win"

  • Icy_Bird 🇺🇦

    Crypto is in a dip atm and is a great time to buy in it usually goes down this time of year between post Christmas and pre tax season

  • Budinga
    Budinga  +3

    Then it goes back up and he's a billionaire

  • XxQuick2ilverxX

    Now is vik richer then ksi i think. Only Sidemen watchers know what i am saying

  • Salman Ali

    He is a legend by laughing after losing 10 million dollars

  • Nat Rawnsley

    Guess akinfenwa beast videos are coming back

  • Allard Ubak

    Hes laughing that he has lost 5 mil while I'm crying if I lose 10 dollars😭

  • Endless Amount
    Endless Amount 2 години тому

    Another 3 million on lupa lol

  • Mr_Cam
    Mr_Cam  +6

    Still he can make that in like 2 months plus he is a Co owner if prime now

  • slickgogo

    How is he laughing about losing 5.1 million😂😂

  • Grayson Gaming

    999th like epic

  • ohioboy

    Bro everyone of your videos I see is usually you hating or just negative content in general. Try a positive approach. All love God bless you.

  • Mysti Drizzle

    God bless everyone who sees this I hope you have a great rest of your day and a great day tomorrow God loves you ❤️🙏🏽🤍🕊🤍

  • real ass flims

    That’s what happens when you buy nfts