$150 ribeye and instant ramen

  • Опубліковано 7 чер 2022
  • Jjapaguri, in the style of the movie Parasite, made by Inga.


  • Arkaye Ch.
    Arkaye Ch.  +357

    Perfect meal for when there are people living in your basement.

  • Matthew Frederick

    Man wasnt lying when he said he was taking the scrap cuts home from his Anime with Alvin video 😆

  • Tygo Bosman

    Sounds about right, 2 dollar ramen 150 dollar cubes of meat

  • Ann_Quinn
    Ann_Quinn  +43

    Yall, that’s from Inga not Alvin😅

  • Ben Wilko
    Ben Wilko  +15

    If I was rich enough to afford A5 Wagyu, this is how I'd eat lmao

  • aloof jelly

    Tasty vibes

  • Farzia Karim 30

    Please bring back Tell us what you made in the previous format, with Alvin, Inga, Andrew, and now Sean!

  • Tycho_

    I am both impressed, and slightly horrified by this.

  • Maen M.
    Maen M.  +1

    Oyster sauce and take out some of the neoguri seafood seasoning :3. I ended up liking chapaguri better this way. Green onion and some danmuji 👌😌

  • bathestyles

    Alvin watched Parasite, saw the ridiculous hanwoo jjapaguri, and decided he needed to try it for himself lol

  • JenniQ

    Yum! Looks amazing,

  • Anna Nimmous

    the amount of people in this comments section that didn't get the reference physically hurts

  • Ketoonandoff

    Who else thought this is a Lisa video !

  • Traceous
    Traceous 14 днів тому

    What brand of ramen did he use?

  • n

    ouuu is this maybe the steak chappagetti meal from parasite?

  • sherryillk

    Ramdon this late?

  • alechlfc
    alechlfc  +21

    Jajangmyeon for The rich people

  • Matt Trope

    Hey andrew

  • MythMethuselah

    Was about to leave youtube for the day.

  • Christina Matzen

    Seriously? $150 beef and were making the dish from Parasite?! Ok. Let’s go!!