Ice Plant

  • Опубліковано 30 бер 2022


  • 0 to 100:2

    thanks, I was really curious to see a close up after seeing the previous episode

  • Happilicious

    Woah that straight up looks like a plant from an alien planet.

  • EmmaAppleBerry

    The plant version of bubble wrap.

  • megthebeadist

    The sound is so ASMR 😍

  • N. P
    N. P 

    I love to eat it with Japanese sesame dressing!

  • Crushi Vintage

    I love your channel!

  • Stephen Liu

    Anyone know what the name os this plant is?

  • firelord9000

    it looks dank

  • Abelius
    Abelius  +4

    The coolest plant

  • Naadi Nabeel N

    Tell us what u make..........

  • hypersapien

    I really enjoyed this episode =)

  • maggot2343

    I can feel the plant screaming. I get it, plants don't experience pain, but I don't believe that. When I see stuff like this it really makes me think.

  • Yassaca Cassava

    That actually looked disgusting when you popped them. 🤢

  • manny
    manny  +1


  • Bridgette Gattyan

    Looks like weed on a microscope Lille

  • EL

    Theses are actually pretty tasty. Good for a salad

  • Sylvia Perich

    Ice plant is all over my hometown, and I think it’s considered an invasive species.

  • Bruh Bruh

    i tried this its so good

  • listedtwisted

    That looks SO good. The crunch! I have a question about the pichuberries. What texture did they have? It looked almost tomato-ish. I wonder if they would be good in a berry salad...