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Zhilei Zhang vs Filip Hrgovic BEST HIGHLIGHTS (4K) / Zhilei Zhang 对 Filip Hrgovic 最佳亮点

  • Опубліковано 16 кві 2023
  • Zhilei Zhang 对 Filip Hrgovic 最佳亮点
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    Najbolji trenuci Zhilei Zhang protiv Filipa Hrgovića
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  • @sarasonsalas3472
    @sarasonsalas3472 2 місяці тому +54

    Hands down one of the best heaveyweight fights i've seen in a while...fast, technical,power, brutal.🙌

    • @Prgava_Familija_ZD
      @Prgava_Familija_ZD Місяць тому +4

      Agree,i Am Croatian but both of them are now the biggest problem for Usyk,Fury, i believe that Yoshua will lose against both, they have good chin and brutal power in their Fists,

  • @jiritichy7967
    @jiritichy7967 5 місяців тому +36

    First round illeegel shot to the back of head and pushdown, no KO!.

    • @samson4415
      @samson4415 8 днів тому

      Hrgo punched his cock at the ending, what a cheat code.

  • @Wwmmgg95554
    @Wwmmgg95554 2 місяці тому +13

    I have watched this clip for several times and really enjoyed it. Both Zhang and Hergovic are truly top fighter. Hope to see their rematch soon.

  • @DonaRoss
    @DonaRoss 2 місяці тому +24

    Wow! These two should have more recognition in the heavyweight division, very close fight

    • @choonblaze
      @choonblaze 8 днів тому

      Both would mount Fury easily

  • @garyroberts1560
    @garyroberts1560 5 місяців тому +16

    Bombs were landing in there. Both these guys have great chins!

  • @Martin-lv1xw
    @Martin-lv1xw 10 місяців тому +60

    what a fight, was great than the main event 100 times

    • @TheVile184
      @TheVile184 6 місяців тому +2

      and 100 times worse technically than the main battle

    • @europljanin9080
      @europljanin9080 5 місяців тому +1

      what's worse, that jumping from diarrhea that the Ukrainian gives!? who among those who bought a ticket enjoyed that match!? nobody! whom the Ukrainian beat, two Britons, one of whom is a bum who would never have seen the fight for the title if he wasn't from Britain and the other who was mentally destroyed after the fight with Ruiz. in addition, he also defeated the third rascal from England with the pseudonym del boy. let him enter the ring with Hrgovica and we will see the result of that fight. but he will rather leave the IBF belt where Hrgovic is the first challenger, than what will he do in the ring with him, because he knows that his victory depends on the end.

  • @jamesmackenzie3262
    @jamesmackenzie3262 5 місяців тому +16

    Both great fighters. Respect

    • @Sai-bs5pv
      @Sai-bs5pv 5 місяців тому

      really really good fight.can't wait to watch game 2

  • @saulwest8254
    @saulwest8254 7 місяців тому +29

    One of these will have a belt in 2024.

    • @pasonitaafaki6999
      @pasonitaafaki6999 25 днів тому +2

      zhang will beat parker

    • @saulwest8254
      @saulwest8254 25 днів тому

      @@pasonitaafaki6999 agreed, by stoppage I think. Zhang won't be on the the back foot trying to counterpunch like wilder, he will walk Parker down from the first bell. 280lb monster.

  • @dongoldney
    @dongoldney 5 місяців тому +17

    I watched whole fight , lastv5 rounds big bang was gassed also the “ knock down”?was to back of head . Good win hergo

  • @johnbuell8035
    @johnbuell8035 2 місяці тому +8

    What a great fight. Both of these two look better than any of the guys in the so-called ‘Day of reckoning’

  • @AmazingMiracles
    @AmazingMiracles 2 місяці тому +7

    Both of them are very good fighter’s.

  • @user-sr9se6ky1l
    @user-sr9se6ky1l 6 місяців тому +9

    Хоргович.👍 силён быстрый выносливый.удар держит

  • @stevendeller3673
    @stevendeller3673 3 місяці тому +9

    Hergovic !! Tough unit

  • @blardymunggas6884
    @blardymunggas6884 5 місяців тому +40

    Zhang has a really solid technique and fight IQ. Need to work on his stamina though

    • @andia968
      @andia968 5 місяців тому +17

      need to be younger

    • @djtan3313
      @djtan3313 4 місяці тому


    • @antonwendesten7857
      @antonwendesten7857 4 місяці тому +5

      Lmao, he could work on it how much he wants, but it wont prove effective anyway as he is 1) 40 years old 2) has a weight of 290 pounds. Being so old and heavy, its close to impossible for him to have a great stamina or so called "gas tank".

    • @derpatriot9511
      @derpatriot9511 Місяць тому +3

      His stamina is good enough for a 40 year old. Went all the 12 rounds even if he gassed out in the 12th. I have seen 25 year old boxers gas out earlier.

    • @asdadfafafafffallslsldd8068
      @asdadfafafafffallslsldd8068 Місяць тому

      He's 280 lbs lol. He's obviously unable to get "more stamina" big guys will be slow and stationary and that's how it is. If a 300 lbs guy produces the same punch output as a cw you know they're on EPO lol

  • @ianennis1280
    @ianennis1280 6 місяців тому +25

    two proper class heavyweights,deary me,who,d want to go near these two,hrgovic another super good east european,zhang a heavy handed and brave banger,

  • @DanHunterSportsWriter
    @DanHunterSportsWriter 5 місяців тому +158

    After the way Zhang has subsequently shook up the heavyweights, this win for Hergovic now looks excellent!

    • @adamx1748
      @adamx1748 5 місяців тому +67

      I thought Zhang won this

    • @DanHunterSportsWriter
      @DanHunterSportsWriter 5 місяців тому +28

      @@adamx1748 lots of people did. Even if Zhang should have won, Hergovic proved he's a world class top five heavyweight. I think Fury, Usyk Zhang and Hergovic are the four best heavyweights in the world right now, Wilder and AJ included!!

    • @adamx1748
      @adamx1748 5 місяців тому +3

      @@DanHunterSportsWriter 👍

    • @PSAMarketing
      @PSAMarketing 5 місяців тому +26

      The win was robbery.

    • @iluvcliffrichard
      @iluvcliffrichard 5 місяців тому +12

      Apart from the bit where hrygovic lost

  • @YigaelMessiah
    @YigaelMessiah 11 днів тому +1

    Great victory from Croatian fighter El Animal Filip Hrgović ❤ !!!

  • @Sai-bs5pv
    @Sai-bs5pv 5 місяців тому +2

    shot out to great fighter Zhang.glad to know you the great guy in 2023

  • @fijianz1
    @fijianz1 2 місяці тому +7

    This is what Fury is avoiding..fighting nobodys

  • @JasonweedQ3
    @JasonweedQ3 2 місяці тому +4

    Zhang is ready for some big fights !! Good fight Zhang got exhausted

  • @seidforic8159
    @seidforic8159 10 місяців тому +10

    Well done, good fight, some decent punches were thrown by both fighters.

  • @edgar95035
    @edgar95035 Місяць тому +2

    Great Fight, from beginning to end

  • @richardholmes49
    @richardholmes49 5 місяців тому +9

    Hergovic so good I rate him propa now he can box

  • @user-vr9oz6ws8s
    @user-vr9oz6ws8s 5 місяців тому +17

    Filip got my respect😂

  • @terenceioka1710
    @terenceioka1710 2 місяці тому +3

    Real boxing. No bullshit

  • @MusicforMe123
    @MusicforMe123 5 місяців тому +73

    Zhang got some heavy punches, fast and with a snap to finish. Hrgovid got my respect for taking these punches and throwing some leather of his own in return. This was a back and forth, Zhang got the earlier rounds but Hrgovid definitely won the later rounds. Great fight from two very strong heavyweights.

    • @YigaelMessiah
      @YigaelMessiah 5 місяців тому +5

      Bravo for comment. God Bless from Croatia ♥️

    • @MusicforMe123
      @MusicforMe123 5 місяців тому +3

      @@YigaelMessiah Croatia...Land of CroCop the legend! Thank you for your comment.

    • @adriansilaghi8536
      @adriansilaghi8536 5 місяців тому +6

      Zhang got robbed of victory

    • @maximus1530
      @maximus1530 3 місяці тому +2


    • @dado-7775
      @dado-7775 3 місяці тому

      @@adriansilaghi8536 lol still crying like a...

  • @justinneill5003
    @justinneill5003 5 місяців тому +51

    I'm back here after Zhang vs Joyce 2, to take another look at Zhang and what he is all about (hard to tell from the Joyce fight because it was hardly a contest, Joe stayed in survival mode from the opening bell.) Zhang is a force to be reckoned with but Hirgovic took the fight to him and exchanged heavy blows, he threw some great combinations and those body shots took their toll. He also had to eat a lot of heavy leather in the process. If he was able to take those shots from Zhang while Joe could not, it makes me think that Joe's punch resistance has gone. And as that is a big part of his success, he should think seriously before he steps in the ring again.

    • @benthekeeshond545
      @benthekeeshond545 5 місяців тому +3

      Zhang is an amateur. He trained for 3 rounds. After 6, he is nothing but a punching bag.

    • @johnhanum669
      @johnhanum669 5 місяців тому +7

      Hrgovic is 9 years younger.

    • @johnhanum669
      @johnhanum669 5 місяців тому +7

      @@benthekeeshond545 the man is still an elite fighter. No matter what anyone says. He has a seat at the table now.

    • @MultiBadger32
      @MultiBadger32 5 місяців тому +8

      It says more about Hrgović than it does about Joyce. JJ just went the same way as all Zhang's other opponents - once the big left or right hook connects, it's game over. Hrgović therefore stands out in terms of quality - he took Zhang's best and returned it with interest.

    • @house684
      @house684 5 місяців тому

      He lost the first because his eye was mangled, nothing to do with punch resistance.

  • @KukharyshynOleh
    @KukharyshynOleh 5 місяців тому +9

    Reat fight, both fighters were active till the end

  • @tersurdogoh4623
    @tersurdogoh4623 2 місяці тому +3

    a close fight, but the decision is a good one

  • @hardin369
    @hardin369 6 місяців тому +6

    I like Zhang

  • @emmanueloffor3401
    @emmanueloffor3401 2 місяці тому +10

    Close fight. Great heavyweight contest. Fast, powerful, relentless. In light of how Zhang took Joyce apart, this win now seems a greater accomplishment for Hrgovic. These two will be serious banana skins for the more fancied chaps

    • @Prgava_Familija_ZD
      @Prgava_Familija_ZD Місяць тому

      Agree, both of them are biggest problem for Usyk and Fury, At the moment, everyone else would lose to both, Zhang and Hrgović

    • @badtrekee4348
      @badtrekee4348 Місяць тому

      Zhang won this fight

  • @QuotableLegends
    @QuotableLegends 2 місяці тому +1

    both have concrete chin.....what a fight...not easy for others to defeat both of them !!

  • @user-nx4re4jc1m
    @user-nx4re4jc1m Місяць тому +10

    After rewatching this fight, i can see why the judges gave this to hergovic. He was definatly outpointing zhang with his combos, but if im going to ve honest i think zhang looked the most dangerous. Zhang really throws with bad intentions and venum with every shot, hergovic was punching to out point, zhang was going for the knockout.

    • @kidmanaena
      @kidmanaena Місяць тому


    • @4EvarSoul
      @4EvarSoul Місяць тому +2

      Man still don't know how hrgovic took those punches, those were the same ones that staggered and knocked out Joe Joyce

    • @xblade11230
      @xblade11230 Місяць тому +2

      Any other heavyweight would get ko'd from zhang shots , I think after this fight nobody wants either of these 2 guys one has incredible accuracy speed, skill and punching power the other guy is a steel wall who tanks punches with his face and doesn't get tired

  • @rascalmatt6713
    @rascalmatt6713 5 місяців тому +12

    I really like the way Zhang follows his shots up. It's effective and very good technique. Needs to step into those uppercuts more though cause he's whiffing way too much. The straight follow up shots though... fun to watch... great technique and really good precision. He gets good umph on them and they're accurate. A lot of guy who throw follow up shots are more pawing than punching.

    • @MultiBadger32
      @MultiBadger32 5 місяців тому +3

      Agree. He gets hideous amounts of oomph without very large weight transfers or even much body rotation. Looks like he has a lot of "snap" so is stiffening his muscles exactly at the point of impact, backed up by a big body weight. He is a nightmare to fight, although Hrgović did really well - both in terms of tactics and sheer toughness. I don't think any other heavyweight would be confident fighting Zhang - maybe Fury, because his huge reach and speed means he might be able to stay away from danger completely, a bit like he did with Wladimir. Zhang might beat Wilder.

    • @rascalmatt6713
      @rascalmatt6713 5 місяців тому +2

      @@MultiBadger32 Yeah you would think Zhang's punch resistance is pretty good based on how he did against Hrgovic

    • @MultiBadger32
      @MultiBadger32 5 місяців тому +2

      @rascalmatt6713 Yep - nobody has really hurt him in the professional ranks, ever. Hrgović got closest. Joshua hurt him in the Olympics.

  • @darthvaderdarthadder6194
    @darthvaderdarthadder6194 7 місяців тому +27

    Damn Hrgovic eat those powerpunches from zhang

    • @HellBlazerMNE07
      @HellBlazerMNE07 7 місяців тому +4

      Nope, not really.
      Luckily for him Zhang couldn't really throw proper power punches as the ring was too damn wet, they fixed that not for this fight but so that next fight Usyk couldn't move vs Joshua.

    • @villamara9632
      @villamara9632 5 місяців тому +3

      ​@@HellBlazerMNE07😂🤣😂🤣, kako si ti uporno očajan.

    • @HellBlazerMNE07
      @HellBlazerMNE07 5 місяців тому +1

      @@villamara9632 Placi negdje drugo.

    • @Shukke1992
      @Shukke1992 5 місяців тому +5

      @@HellBlazerMNE07 wet ring won the match for Hrgovic xD Do you guys ever stop and read what do you write?

    • @danijelhrup9715
      @danijelhrup9715 5 місяців тому +2

      @@HellBlazerMNE07 Ajde budi dijete naporno, možeš još

  • @thefilipinoviking7277
    @thefilipinoviking7277 Місяць тому +2

    Zhang is beast in heavy weight division for this new generation

  • @YigaelMessiah
    @YigaelMessiah 25 днів тому +2

    It is the best havy weight fight in last 10 years without doubt in every cause ! El Animal vs Big Bang 100% excellent box !!!

  • @JJr-ce3vv
    @JJr-ce3vv 7 днів тому +1

    Both are good, Zhan is great.

  • @castelnedd
    @castelnedd 5 місяців тому +3

    Great fight

  • @user-eb7zb4xg5q
    @user-eb7zb4xg5q 5 місяців тому +2

    Слава Богу! Здравствуйте! Качели! Красиво, парни рубили друг друга, по этажам! Хорват смотрю удар держит! Зэнг бьёт будь здоров! Спросите у Джойса! Спасибо!

  • @user-ro6qg6eg7g
    @user-ro6qg6eg7g 3 місяці тому +2

    Лутчший бой года 23 го тежеловесов.Если будут так боксировать с Фьюри,то Фьюри пролитит,как фанера над Парижем
    Хорват красава!Не ожидал,но по ходу боя видно было,отдавал сразу,что пропустил,вот это бой левши и правши,школа!

  • @HungNguyen-fu1ek
    @HungNguyen-fu1ek 5 місяців тому +2

    Tran dau đôi công that hap dan, cam on.

  • @padraicsnype2714
    @padraicsnype2714 2 місяці тому +3

    Zhang was on the run in the last round.He had nothing left

      @DHEMGHJS Місяць тому

      He needs to work on his conditioning, he has a tendency to fade late.Close fight.

    • @UruTaha-fj6dm
      @UruTaha-fj6dm Місяць тому

      Unsure if gossip but herd Zhang had reinal failure from blood and dehydration issues pre fight but still fought on possibly y body quit out late maybe dunno gas tank definitely questionable but ticks all other boxes 4 me imo az kiwi nzer hgovic mind spelling better match up for Joe Parker than Zhang at this point & I'd pick Zhang or AJ to do a number on the Croatian IBF mandatory

    • @xblade11230
      @xblade11230 Місяць тому

      I think he just has trouble going the distance because he knocks out most of his opponents in 5 rounds , and isn't used to 12 rounds
      Or he may have issues with his liver, the liver stores glycogen and its like a battery it stores up glycogen and releases it when you are in a fight or flight situation and it gives you basically instant energy
      When a fighter is gassed that means their glycogen storage has run out, but you can train to increase your glycogen storage by repeatedly using up your entire glycogen storage and this is done by endurance training
      So he needs to just keep practicing long sparring sessions

  • @user-vr9oz6ws8s
    @user-vr9oz6ws8s 5 місяців тому +3

    Well deserving

  • @josephgooding9863
    @josephgooding9863 9 місяців тому +24

    Would watch Fury against either of these guys, both big,long reach & quick & pretty fluid.Keep Fury busy & get him in with one of these

    • @frank6401
      @frank6401 7 місяців тому +18

      tina fury only fight bums, these 2 are too risky.

    • @HellBlazerMNE07
      @HellBlazerMNE07 7 місяців тому +1

      @@frank6401 Fury fights the best of the best you M0R0N.
      And after Francis beats Fury now he can fight one of these 2, already sparred with Joyce 12 years ago and this year.

    • @kimcousins1125
      @kimcousins1125 5 місяців тому

      Yes, as much as I like Tyson Fury, he would do well to beat either of these two great fighters.

    • @HellBlazerMNE07
      @HellBlazerMNE07 4 місяці тому +2

      @@kimcousins1125 Neither is great, they are both bums compared to the great Tyson Fury mate.
      No literally, that's how it is at the moment by how you wrote it. Greatness can only be talked about when it's achieved, both guys might be great but they got to prove it first.
      Fury already did.

    • @lonsdalebelt9689
      @lonsdalebelt9689 4 місяці тому

      Tyson operated and a bloody greedy mcduck .shouldn't even be allowed to fight he's turned great sport of boxing into someing pretty grimey

  • @fisher_tek
    @fisher_tek 5 місяців тому +5

    після бою з Джо Джойсом тепер взагалі дивно як Хрговіч вистояв і ше й переміг

    • @MrBri0523
      @MrBri0523 5 місяців тому +2

      Unfortunately, Joyce doesn't have the speed of Hrgović. Apparently, Hrgović's chin is better than Joyce's. Joyce was exposed, but hopefully he can redeem himself.
      It's disappointing because Joyce was one of my favorites.

    • @fartass8299
      @fartass8299 3 місяці тому

      ​@@MrBri0523it's a fact Hrgović has a steel chin and brilliant combinations but Joyce may be stronger than him, definetly has a worse chin though. If they fought in the pros, Hrgović would probably win a UD or a KO in the 10th

  • @dinkogoranov2859
    @dinkogoranov2859 2 місяці тому +2

    Chestita pobeta
    Bravo pepo 👍

  • @neivaldoduarte4576
    @neivaldoduarte4576 6 місяців тому +17

    Man... como aguenta pancadas esse chinês... wow!!! A idade dele já começa a pesar... mas foi uma boa luta!! Parabéns ao croata que fez por merecer essa vitória.

    • @raymakseranash3124
      @raymakseranash3124 5 місяців тому +1

      How he deserves the victory because he younger? The Chinese beaten hrgrovic

    • @MrBri0523
      @MrBri0523 5 місяців тому +6

      ​@@raymakseranash3124Hrgović won decisively. Accept it and move on.

    • @raymakseranash3124
      @raymakseranash3124 5 місяців тому

      @@MrBri0523 robbery

    • @cristianorosero3348
      @cristianorosero3348 5 місяців тому


    • @benroderich5058
      @benroderich5058 5 місяців тому

      @@raymakseranash3124 7 rounds for Hrgovic. Clear. At most a draw but not realy.

  • @Sai-bs5pv
    @Sai-bs5pv 5 місяців тому +1

    good fight.wanna see game 2

  • @markmamic8952
    @markmamic8952 5 місяців тому +2

    Hrgovic great head, must work on left hook, he would double his lethalness w that.

  • @mb2453
    @mb2453 26 днів тому

    One of the best HW fights in years. Zhang was in control until his gas tank let him down. But the number of thrown punches of Hrgovic in last 4 rounds was insane. Too bad there probably won't be a rematch.

  • @PusatGrosirParfumMalang
    @PusatGrosirParfumMalang 6 місяців тому

    Mantap ini, adu pukul terus sampai akhir.

  • @bonamalinoa
    @bonamalinoa 5 місяців тому +10

    Hrgović je toliko više imao čistih udaraca da sad kad pogledam meč ne mogu da vjerujem koja je to borba bila. Nije ni čudno Hrga što imaš usporen misaoni tijek.

    • @boxingredemption3856
      @boxingredemption3856 5 місяців тому +1

      He banged the Zhang

    • @ivanmilos7449
      @ivanmilos7449 4 місяці тому

      Kako mislite " imao više čistih udaraca " ? Jel zadao više čistih udaraca ili je primio više čistih udaraca ?

    • @bonamalinoa
      @bonamalinoa 4 місяці тому +4

      @@ivanmilos7449 čisti udarac je onaj koji se boduje.Ali je primio dosta teških udaraca koji su stvorili drugačiji pogled na borbu, to se odnosi na ove što komentiraju da je Zang bio bolji.

    • @ivanmilos7449
      @ivanmilos7449 4 місяці тому +6

      @@bonamalinoa ti teški udarci u 3 ili četeri runde u kojima je Hrgović primio teške udarce I jesu otišle u korist Zhanga , iz razloga što se boduje dojam. Sve druge runde Hrgovićeve potpuno zasluženo.

    • @bonamalinoa
      @bonamalinoa 4 місяці тому +7

      @@ivanmilos7449 o tome i pričam ,na svaki udarac zanga ,Hrgović je vratio dva do tri čista udarca(Glava tijelo)

  • @alyciawang2892
    @alyciawang2892 21 день тому +2

    Zhang is great,💪💪💪💪💪

  • @earlsauls2126
    @earlsauls2126 2 місяці тому +1

    Dam good fight, for heavyweights!

  • @isilelituita9911
    @isilelituita9911 Місяць тому

    They both got bone crushing punch and steel jaws p🙌👊

  • @emmanw.8173
    @emmanw.8173 Місяць тому +2

    I would like to see Zhang vs Wilder.

    • @slusajBraco
      @slusajBraco 28 днів тому

      Zhang would eat him bcz Hrgović did also in sparing match

  • @lucaschmidt8913
    @lucaschmidt8913 8 днів тому

    Hrgovic is built of absolute granite. He ate these haymakers like it's nothing.

  • @patmark3059
    @patmark3059 7 місяців тому

    Pray an act of perfect contrition everyday

  • @user-ph4yl6fe8b
    @user-ph4yl6fe8b 4 місяці тому

    Скиньте это видео Джо Джойсу. Куда он полез. Если бил одной левой. И то вяло. Особенно в реванше. 😅 Чтобы одолеть такого монстра нужна серийная работа , все 12 раундов и держак лютый.

  • @n.santos4590
    @n.santos4590 2 місяці тому +1

    They're both heavy punchers and accurate but the Chinese guy doesn't have much gas on his lungs..Great for the Croat

  • @wentaofan5089
    @wentaofan5089 5 місяців тому


  • @opancar007
    @opancar007 10 місяців тому +31

    Beautiful boxing by Hrgovic

    • @boxennews4998
      @boxennews4998 5 місяців тому +1

      Haha is a joke 😅

    • @iluvcliffrichard
      @iluvcliffrichard 5 місяців тому +2

      Apart from hrgovic lost

    • @kimcousins1125
      @kimcousins1125 5 місяців тому


    • @MrBri0523
      @MrBri0523 2 місяці тому

      @@boxennews4998 How?

    • @MrBri0523
      @MrBri0523 2 місяці тому

      @@iluvcliffrichard Explain.

  • @hardin369
    @hardin369 5 місяців тому +5

    I think hrgovic was here on 60%...

  • @marksmanw8756
    @marksmanw8756 Місяць тому

    Those genius who promote events still don't get that the same colour of gloves make the spectacle significantly worse for the viewers. I am put of words. Especially for someone versatile and keen to details of the art of fencing with fists.

  • @StratosMelitis
    @StratosMelitis 6 місяців тому +26

    they both have the ability to defeat Fury - Usyk

    • @Nazes
      @Nazes 6 місяців тому +6

      Fuck no 😂

    • @mikeymoo1291
      @mikeymoo1291 6 місяців тому +2

      no they don't

    • @user-wb5nn2om9h
      @user-wb5nn2om9h 5 місяців тому +1

      Без шансов. Усик и Фьюри - другой уровень. Ты в боксе дубовый))

    • @dongoldney
      @dongoldney 5 місяців тому +2

      Not a chance zhang gassed after 6 hergo a slight chance

    • @mikeymoo1291
      @mikeymoo1291 5 місяців тому +1

      he's over 40 and only started doing 12 round fights a year ago.@@dongoldney

  • @bruceleeroythatswho
    @bruceleeroythatswho 5 місяців тому +4

    Hurgavich was concust zhang is a rough fighter even if he doesnt ko u he will hurt u 😢

  • @bankhead832
    @bankhead832 5 місяців тому

    wilder deserves 1 of these guys

  • @willpine7343
    @willpine7343 4 місяці тому +1

    Why is there no rematch?

  • @MokhtarAfshar-ij6jj
    @MokhtarAfshar-ij6jj 6 місяців тому +27

    It wasn't realy a knock down in the first round. It was more a push down, but a great purformance from bothe fighter. Mabey Hrgovic wasn't in best shape, because of his father.

    • @kennethtemew8409
      @kennethtemew8409 5 місяців тому +1

      zhang actually has kidney n liver ailments ... how he still has his boxing license is certainly ... ??? ... but he certainly is a very good puncher but that explains zhang will always have trouble in his stamina ... his fight with jerry forest shows it ...

    • @dennishumphries5610
      @dennishumphries5610 3 місяці тому


    • @spinxy989
      @spinxy989 3 місяці тому +1

      His father died two weeks before this fight...

  • @Wwmmgg95554
    @Wwmmgg95554 3 місяці тому +2

    Zhang vs hergovic rematch will have more viewers.

  • @Psalm51-ql2cn
    @Psalm51-ql2cn 8 днів тому

    They move like middleweights nice

  • @marandymbamara9099
    @marandymbamara9099 9 місяців тому +21

    As experienced as Fury is he will struggle against Zhang! He is similar to Otto Wallin

    • @josephgooding9863
      @josephgooding9863 9 місяців тому +1

      Would struggle against either dude

    • @josephgooding9863
      @josephgooding9863 9 місяців тому

      Think Zhang only lost because of the slip

    • @richardmurphy8350
      @richardmurphy8350 7 місяців тому +5

      @@josephgooding9863it wasn’t ruled a knockdown was it? I thought it was unfair, but Zhang did close to nothing in the championship rounds, judges don’t like that.

    • @HellBlazerMNE07
      @HellBlazerMNE07 7 місяців тому +1

      @@josephgooding9863 Nope, not true.
      Zhang only lost because of the in place robbery in effect.

    • @HellBlazerMNE07
      @HellBlazerMNE07 7 місяців тому +2

      @@richardmurphy8350 And Filip did $hit all now didn't he?
      Zhang lost because the robbery was fully in effect, well Filip is part of Rematchroom Boxing and this was on their home turn in Saudi Arabia, what I mean is Saudi's paid for the fights but Rematchroom boxing was organizing and in charge of them.

  • @user-fg8bp7nq5s
    @user-fg8bp7nq5s 10 місяців тому +23

    Sve Pohvale za Hrgovića 🇷🇸💪

    • @YigaelMessiah
      @YigaelMessiah 7 місяців тому +4

      Hvala ♥️🇭🇷 susjedi !!!

  • @snoopythedog3266
    @snoopythedog3266 2 місяці тому +1

    Joyce is SO SLOW he was so easy to read, Hergovic great speed and skilland heart.

  • @christianklobucar
    @christianklobucar 2 місяці тому +1

    Hrgovic wurde ein Kampf gegen Joshua bereits mehrfach in Aussicht gestellt.. Seit dem Kampf gegen Zhang sehe Ich Hrgovic als kommenden Weltmeister. Technisch gut und Schlagkraft, wenn auch etwas statisch boxend wie einst Vitali Klitschko, aber sehr gute Nehmerqualitäten. Hat allerdings gegen schwache Gegner nicht immer überzeugend ausgesehen.>

  • @user-eg3ie5ft7f
    @user-eg3ie5ft7f Місяць тому

    Близкий бой

  • @user-qw1tr1bn3h
    @user-qw1tr1bn3h 2 місяці тому

    Zhang should have been on day of reckoning card instead of miller , zhang is a dangerous man and top 4 fighters will not want to fight him , definitely world champ in next few years

  • @TwinTonfa
    @TwinTonfa Місяць тому

    Even Hergovic was suprised he won 😂 Close fight tho.

  • @user-tq4jb6sg4c
    @user-tq4jb6sg4c Місяць тому +3

    My respect for Zeng has increased damn ❤❤

  • @payperviewacoustic
    @payperviewacoustic Місяць тому

    Here you highlited only Zhang good shots

  • @dion6635
    @dion6635 Місяць тому

    This is a cool way to watch boxing... it helps heaps trying to score rounds

  • @mosespev4325
    @mosespev4325 6 місяців тому +12

    Hrgovic was rock on more than two occasions

    • @danijelhrup9715
      @danijelhrup9715 6 місяців тому +5

      Yea He was rocked in the begining of the third round, cuz Zhang's intentional jumping headbut broke Filip's head, judges seen that and didn't forgot, even that didn't stop Filip to trow 700 punches, destroyed Zhangs body

  • @exocet8834
    @exocet8834 Місяць тому

    Hrgovic has a head of stone, I dont think any other HW wouldve been able to sustain the punishment he took from Zhang. I hope this wont backfire on him later in life.

  • @kenzhegaliev_68
    @kenzhegaliev_68 5 місяців тому +4

    Да бой ровный.но Хргович был активнее в чемпионских раундах

  • @phatnguyen424
    @phatnguyen424 6 місяців тому +1

    Hai võ sĩ này, có thể hình trương ứng nhau phong cách ra nhanh chóng gọn gàng

  • @dinovuckovic8222
    @dinovuckovic8222 4 місяці тому +1


  • @danijelsostarec2310
    @danijelsostarec2310 9 місяців тому +20

    Ok, now i can see why judgdes gave hrgovic the win

    • @allexne
      @allexne 9 місяців тому +13

      Watch the full fight before saying allat

    • @HellBlazerMNE07
      @HellBlazerMNE07 7 місяців тому +1

      Because the judges were invited by Rematchroom Boxing under who Hrgovic fights, that's why.

    • @danijelhrup9715
      @danijelhrup9715 7 місяців тому +6

      @@HellBlazerMNE07 Zhang was under the Matchroom promotion, Hrgovic is co. promoted... Zhang was having a bigger promotion behind him!!! You muppet... Why are you even talking
      Referres saw what happend In the third round, when Zhang headbutted Hrgovich and cracked his head open
      After all that Hrgovich still took that round!!! After all talking, Hrgovich took him easy on the rounds, He punished Zhang's body

    • @HellBlazerMNE07
      @HellBlazerMNE07 7 місяців тому +6

      @@danijelhrup9715 Yeah he punished Zhang body so hard Zhang nearly slipped on that water in the ring.......
      Dude stop coping, watched the entire fight live, Hrgovic lost.

    • @josipfantov2653
      @josipfantov2653 7 місяців тому

      ​@@HellBlazerMNE07Zhang was running away like little bitch in the end of the fight 😅

  • @migueljamalmartinez10
    @migueljamalmartinez10 12 днів тому +2

    Siento que la debio de ganar zhang

  • @tadijaloso262
    @tadijaloso262 5 місяців тому +5

    Every professional fighter no matter what martial art can start a fight strong, the most important thing is how you finish it. Not just the opinion of the judges, but also the fans (who have knowledge) actually. Or does someone want to tell me that Zhang fought better in the last quarter of the fight or would have won if it continued? ridiculous

    • @rascalmatt6713
      @rascalmatt6713 5 місяців тому

      They're fighting 12 rounds and they know that going in. Not 13, 15 or 20. TWELVE. Don't be ridiculous.

  • @johnhanum669
    @johnhanum669 5 місяців тому +28

    Stunning display by Hrgovic. Well deserved win. Big Bang was formidable no doubt.

    • @A-Kaila
      @A-Kaila 5 місяців тому +11

      Could've gone either way, it was a very close fight

    • @johnhanum669
      @johnhanum669 5 місяців тому

      @@A-Kaila Agreed. Big Bang would have won if the fight took place in China.

    • @bonamalinoa
      @bonamalinoa 5 місяців тому +2

      Bing Bang je dao više teških udaraca. Ali je Hrgović dao više udaraca

    • @Martin-lv1xw
      @Martin-lv1xw 5 місяців тому +3

      What a fight. So tough to judge. A split-decision draw could've been the best.

    • @user-wc7zp3fo4z
      @user-wc7zp3fo4z 5 місяців тому

      Жаль китаец не наказал фашиста, но это только по мнению судей, на самом деле наказал. Ограбление

  • @paoloalcantara2465
    @paoloalcantara2465 8 місяців тому +7

    Hrgovic > Joyce

  • @user-qw1tr1bn3h
    @user-qw1tr1bn3h 2 місяці тому +3

    Love zhang , definitely be world heavyweight champion soon !

  • @rearadmiralbenny9834
    @rearadmiralbenny9834 4 місяці тому

    張志磊,我不是在說一嘴的好拳但我必須要給你這建議,你以打拳來說年紀偏大再來你的拳不夠力,這場拳你本來就會贏結果打到輸?你既然在這年紀還要投入這運動我支持你,但我希望你在下場拳賽我能看到你的[ 拳 ]是力量很硬的。

  • @AdrianDavis360
    @AdrianDavis360 21 день тому +1

    Seams like an unfair result … Good battle nonetheless

  • @DrNDJas
    @DrNDJas 6 місяців тому +7

    Love the slow-mo .... Hergovic tattoos Zhang the whole round and the "highlights" show Zhang's two or three "moments"... propaganda, anyone?

    • @michaellong3150
      @michaellong3150 5 місяців тому +1

      wtf you on about 🤣zhang easy won what where you watching kid hahaha

  • @ugkbaby213
    @ugkbaby213 2 місяці тому

    Hw division is FLAWED big time

  • @msway751
    @msway751 2 місяці тому +8

    Hrgovic won this fight ... Fans love Zhang , hence the bias ... Zhang was literally running away at the end of the 12th round , he won the earlier rounds and scored a kd that was an illegal shot .

    • @AbarthSimca2000
      @AbarthSimca2000 2 місяці тому

      You are wrong where are you from Zang won this fight at the very worst he got a draw

    • @MrBri0523
      @MrBri0523 2 місяці тому

      @@AbarthSimca2000 He's correct. Hrgović clearly won. Watch the entire fight, not just the highlights. Accept the official results and move on.

    • @blouh2o744
      @blouh2o744 Місяць тому

      Yes,Hrgović winn for sure.....he is best boxer in world in my opinion

  • @clarencewarren2447
    @clarencewarren2447 Місяць тому

    Hergo made him run good job

  • @onirobertmatusina4779
    @onirobertmatusina4779 10 місяців тому +40

    What performans from hrgovic!!!
    Very tehnical fighter with nice conected serias punches.
    Zhang with joyce was diferent story...
    Hrgovic with that boxing skills can beat averyone

    • @istenfia2800
      @istenfia2800 7 місяців тому +2

      Hrgovic have the big Problem!
      Have nő power!

    • @nicholaswoodward8191
      @nicholaswoodward8191 6 місяців тому +4

      Hrgovic did better than joyce...and should have still lost this fight.

    • @user-ur1fx2wr8u
      @user-ur1fx2wr8u 6 місяців тому

      more power than Usyk for sure@@istenfia2800

    • @hrvojeknezovic
      @hrvojeknezovic 5 місяців тому

      ​@@istenfia2800you have power and you should drill Hrgovic

    • @omotayofatai8367
      @omotayofatai8367 5 місяців тому +4

      Zhang won