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  • JustACanadianGuy

    Tobias is truly a genius. His ability to wrap deep, introspective lyrics in some of the catchiest, ear wormiest shit you've ever heard is just remarkable. Love this band

  • Djentyman
    Djentyman  +158

    When this album dropped I legit listened to it over 20 times. I’ll never get sick of it 🤘

  • KoKoKade03
    KoKoKade03  +216

    While I recommend listening to the whole Impera album I would also highly recommend watching Ghost’s Live From the Ministry album release party. They play a few of their newer songs live there

  • TheDarkPreacher

    The eyes are the windows of the soul, right? What would the spillways of the soul be? Tears. Fighting the darkness within will lead to tears eventually, either from frustration or relief. Basically, the song is about catharsis after trying to use religion to "control" the darker parts of yourself. And that is damn deep.

  • AB Sea
    AB Sea  +43

    There are not many people like Tobias Forge (Papa), who have a vision, and brilliantly execute it with the consistency that Ghost does. The quality level on all of their albums is sky-high. This one is so catchy, and still includes multiple key changes and a ripping guitar solo.

  • RxKendrick
    RxKendrick  +158

    As catchy as Spillways is, I think Griftwood is even catchier.

  • Skelliger
    Skelliger  +17

    A friend of mine is deep into psychology and after I showed him this song he just laughed and said "Dude, this is 100% Jung's integration of the Shadow in song form"

  • Matthew Gerasimos Guerrera-Kotsoros

    The whole new album is fire 🔥 Ghost is one of my favorite rock/metal bands of all time, people just hating cause they expect something else, but they're just hit makers and I love it! The live from the ministry would be cool to check out. The satanic imagery and lyrics is just their brand lol like a lot of metal and the way he does it differently every song is creative , dance to life eternal at my Wedding as my Wife and I are big fans!

  • Zack Woller

    I've discovered Ghost only in November, and now they're my favourite band. Tobias Forge is a musical genius

  • soylapantera

    I've never heard Ghost before this video, I really expected them to be way more hardcore than this. I was preparing myself for some black metal or some shit, but this surprised the hell out of me. Something about it reminds me of old Alice Cooper stuff. It's actually a catchy tune. I'm digging on it. Thanks Alex!

  • Stuntman Bob

    Ghost is one of my favorite current era bands... This sounds more Bon Jovi, than Bon Jovi has in decades... He really knows how to make earworms.

  • NmDPlm
    NmDPlm  +14

    I absolutely love the 80s rock/metal feel of this entire album. It's been on heavy rotation in my house since release day.

  • Michael Taylor

    I've been a fan of Ghost since their first album, and each album since has connected with me pretty quickly and I could pick out my favorite song(s) easily, but for some reason, Impera just wasn't the same and I've had trouble connecting with the songs, until I watched this video today. Thank you for your insight, Alex, and for helping me make a breakthrough with one of my favorite bands who's latest album I was struggling with getting into.

  • Cynthia Price

    Absolutely love Ghost. Saw them in March and gonna see them again in August. Tobias is amazing. They put on a phenomenal stage show. Impera is a great album. Thx Alex. 😁

  • Eddy Shepard

    They have been my favorite band for years. I’ve seen them live in 2019 and it was awe inspiring. Got tickets for September! Impera and Prequelle are amazing from start to finish.

  • ddavis538
    ddavis538 14 днів тому

    I love that you pulled up the lyrics to actually analyze the whole song and not just the sound. I feel like a lot of Ghost's songs have a lot of meaning that gets skipped over in a lot of other reactions because they're too busy comparing what they're hearing to other bands/songs that sound similar.

  • Jacques Martin

    I love how you're enjoying the song ahah! I've just found out your channel and I like how you comment on the lyrics, it's interesting ! I didn't knew Ghost before this video but I'll make sure to check them out now ! Thank you for your video !!

  • Andrea Heslin

    Impera is such a good album! Respite on the spitelfields is my favourite. Fun fact on spillways vid, that’s the touring band with him. Previous vids have featured others playing the instruments.

  • Marcus Giegerich

    I'm a Christian and I freely admit that I love these guys. I've been a fan since I saw them open for Maiden in 2017. Many of their lyrics are intended to provoke thought and questions about your spirituality and there has never been anything wrong with that. And even if I'm not 100% on board with some of the lyrics, it's music. It's entertaining and they (Tobias, really) do it so darned well. They have yet to let me down. Cheers!

  • Not Your Professional Walkthrough

    I think Impera as album is really great. On top if it I had chance to see them perform back in April. The show was amazing, and I enjoyed the show from start till the end. Great performance!