Do NOT fall for this...

  • Опубліковано 14 лип 2022
  • Do NOT fall for this "free drum set" scam!
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  • Dancing with the Dogs DJ

    Sir, thank you for your presence and willingness to look out for your fans and just people in general! I know you mentioned drums for obvious reasons, but make sure people know it covers basically anything that makes it seem like a legit thing because it generally seems to be related to whatever channel it's on. You are awesome, have a great day and rock on my good man! 😁

  • HeyLook ItsABirdItsAPlaneNoItsAReallyLongUsername

    To be clear to everyone/Samus, this is NOT a Samus specific issue, it happens to every big creator with a decent following on UA-cam. UA-cam has failed it's community once again to just help fix this issue, fuck UA-cam.

  • Andrew Pappas

    I remember getting one of these a few weeks ago and was immediately skeptical about it, thanks so much for bringing this issue more to the forefront, Samus, and everyone else just be careful and don't fall for this bullshit

  • Jordan Blue

    Thank you for addressing this man! Hate that it happened, but you’re a boss for handling it! 🤘🏻


    Thank you Samus for letting everyone know about it, and I’m always cautious about Scammers they’re stupid and I hate them I will do everything I can to report em.

  • CoreyTGBM

    Thanks for spreading awareness Sam appreciate it 🙏

  • Sam Holdsworth

    Bruh, you owe me a drum set

  • SuicidalGrind

    As much as it baffles me that people don't think twice to maybe look things up like, surely Samus would LINK THE PROFILE somewhere if it was one of his? This is literally how thousands of people fall for scams all the time, not using common sense when checking someone's profile, getting sent a sketchy link that you definitely should not click if you don't absolutely know who it is from.

  • Eric Draven

    Thank u Samus for this info.. I was one of those unfortunates that got a fraudulent message also.. I didn't even respond to the crooks.. I think if Samus were doing a shortlist drawing Donner Drum Set Give Away.. He would make that Announcement to us Bahee's on a video...💀🤘

  • michael robles

    Damn that's crazy man. I always make sure to claim my free drum set, it's actually how I get all of my gear. When they ask for money i just remind them the ad said free and they usually reply " oh but ofcourse" and I get my drum set in a few days.

  • metal music lover.

    Thanks samus for letting us know. I'm sure that many people ave fallen for this scam. 🙂

  • Androz
    Androz  +3

    This scam is EVERYWHERE on TouTube right now and it's crazy that UA-cam doesn't give a single shit about it. They've known about it for years and it's only in the past few months gotten to the point that creators actually need to step in and do what you're doing.

  • Charlie_Lol

    Oh my god, I kept getting these messages, thanks so much for exposing them!

  • Mike S Smith

    Dude, you rock..much love from New Jersey..these accounts are happening to everyone.

  • Corey Allgood

    Holy hell! I won a free drum set! Sorry the scammers are hitting you dude.

  • Matthew Whitaker

    Thankfully, haven't gotten anything like this so far, but will be really careful. Thanks so much for posting this video. Really important.

  • Jell King


  • acgm046
    acgm046  +2

    I think I got one of those messages once. It's so blatantly obvious that it's a scam, but it's extremely annoying and shameless, and it pains me that someone could potentially fall for it.

  • Brenda Says

    Lol.. You owe me 2 drum sets. I almost fell for it.

  • FlackoWeasel

    Hope those scammers Bleep off forever. So sorry to hear they do this to you. I share this message around!!