"What's This?" by Danny Elfman (Nightmare Before Christmas Live @ The Hollywood Bowl 10-28-16)

  • Опубліковано 28 жов 2016


  • Jules Thompson
    Jules Thompson 3 роки тому +1

    He actual has stage fright, this is incredible

  • RayRay Risin
    RayRay Risin 3 роки тому +916

    I still wonder why he didn't just voice Jack himself. For the longest time I had no clue that Jack had two separate voice actors (speaking and singing), which proves that Mr. Elfman sounds just like Chris.

  • Rebecca Tingle
    Rebecca Tingle 4 роки тому +910

    He looks like he's having a delightful amount of fun. I love it! And all those gestures he does, which he clearly can't help but do. Fantastic.

  • Erica S
    Erica S 3 роки тому +307

    I had no idea his voice and Chris Sarandon's voice were not the same person. The flow between talking and singing is incredible!

  • MonsterHuntressRoon
    MonsterHuntressRoon 2 роки тому +545

    That movie that you can watch on Halloween and Christmas too.

  • gabriella berman
    gabriella berman 2 роки тому +166

    This man has to be one of the most talented men in Hollywood. He did the soundtracks to most of the things I loved growing up

  • JeeHyun
    JeeHyun 4 роки тому +1

    I like how he’s dressed like Jack. :D

  • Morgan Brown
    Morgan Brown 5 років тому +500

    elfmans a legend

  • Kater Lee
    Kater Lee 5 років тому +262

    this is gold!! He's the best!!

    MOVED 4 роки тому +1

    I would be the dude in the back jiggling bells

  • Dylan Cole
    Dylan Cole 2 роки тому +14

    Danny has amazing stage presence, I often wonder why he didn't just voice Jack himself..but then I remember he was also in charge of all the other music in the film and that's a lot on his plate for one movie. Best to just stick with singing, it sounds no different from the movie, and this was fantastic.

  • Chris Schlee
    Chris Schlee 4 роки тому +37

    Damn i just LOVE Elfman´s music and creatice input. Very inspiring. Great guy!

  • Amanda Croft
    Amanda Croft 2 роки тому +662

    Dude looks like he's cosplaying as Elton John

  • manano06
    manano06 4 роки тому +233

    What's this? WHAT'S THIS ?!?!? I think this song's on point! What's this? WHAT'S THIS ?!?!? I need to smoke a joint!

  • NoGoodNerd
    NoGoodNerd 4 роки тому +331

    When the composer plays the best parts...

    XXLSSBBW Рік тому +5

    It's amazing how Jack Skellington is voiced by both Chris Sarandon (talking) and Danny Elfman. (singing) They sound the same.

  • brian crowley


  • Krall Space
    Krall Space Рік тому +12

    Danny Elfman SINGS!? WHAT!? This is goin' STRAIGHT INTO MY BASKET!

  • TheFxyO
    TheFxyO 4 роки тому +67

    this would be gold if his "inspired" was as epic as it is in the movie.

  • MaryAnn Sarkady
    MaryAnn Sarkady Рік тому +3

    He’s an incredibly talented man