Metal Drummer reacts to Matt Garstka (Animals as Leaders)

  • Опубліковано 2 тра 2022
  • Reacting to Matt Garstka (Animals as Leaders)
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  • 66Samus
    66Samus  Рік тому +110

    So...what do you think of Matt? :)
    and huge thanks to RAID for sponsoring the video!!
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    • James Armenti
      James Armenti Рік тому +6

      Been listening to these guys since their first album when it was basically just Tosin and drum machine. (i believe the first AAL album is a solo project). Blew my mind that they found Matt, who's able to play this ridiculousness perfectly.

    • Crymzynplague
      Crymzynplague Рік тому +2

      met the guy. very humble, quiet and down to earth :)

    • Creepypasta Adam
      Creepypasta Adam Рік тому +3

      Homie Garska is a Berklee boy 🤙 those dudes do not mess around 😂 so sick!

    • Tobee _gamer
      Tobee _gamer Рік тому +1

      @James Armenti for weightless they brought in Javier and Navaene

    • Myprivateyoutube
      Myprivateyoutube Рік тому

      He's a beast.

  • pmz1981
    pmz1981 Рік тому +1031

    Every other band inspires you to pick up an instrument. Animals as Leaders inspires you to put it down.

    • Wayne Shadforth
      Wayne Shadforth Рік тому +96

      I am a guitarist until I watched tosin&Javier
      Started to learn drums
      Till I saw animals as leaders
      Might try prostitution,,but watching these guys,,don't think I could face another pounding

    • Ben Chipi
      Ben Chipi Рік тому +2

      Hahaha so true

    • Bohemen
      Bohemen Рік тому +9

      Never heard anyone say anything like this before

    • cianciaway
      cianciaway Рік тому +4

      that's because apart from technicality there is nothing about this music.. you put down your instrument I'll keep playing music ahahahahahahah

    • Jacob Lynch
      Jacob Lynch Рік тому

      @Wayne Shadforth fucking nice bro🤌🏽

  • Spud Magnum
    Spud Magnum Рік тому +216

    Matt is on a different level man. Like he's playing a different instrument. Such an innovator. I truly believe he is the best drummer in the world, especially after this album

    • Jimmy Martinez
      Jimmy Martinez Рік тому +14

      Yeah he’s definitely up there. But damn I’ve been watching a lot of Larnell Lewis and wow! His Zildjian live performance is on another planet.

    • Myprivateyoutube
      Myprivateyoutube Рік тому +5

      @Jimmy Martinez you should dig into some Gergo Borlai stuff.
      I truly believe he's the best drummer in my lifetime. (A long, boring one)
      He might not be Mangini fast. But he's fucking fast. An makes it look like he isn't in a hurry.
      He can blast. So that would make Samus smile.
      His pocket is as deep as anyone's.
      He plays over time as well as the proggy metal types like Gartska or any of fusion jazz greats like Weckl.
      His feel is better than almost all of them.
      And he he just kinda....flows
      Steve Smith used to be THE drummer for me.
      But, I think Gergo stole my throne-shaped heart.

    • Apothecurio
      Apothecurio Рік тому +1

      The way he plays is much more evocative of lots of jazz fusion. Play along to some Alfa Mist or kamahi Washington. Your metal drumming will become completely unstoppable.

    • Jimmy Martinez
      Jimmy Martinez Рік тому +1

      @Myprivateyoutube Gergo Borlai is a freakin BEAST!!!

    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ Рік тому +5

      Matt Gartska and Danny Carey are on par for me but I give the edge to Danny

  • Josiah Wilson
    Josiah Wilson Рік тому +93

    Not many people catch this but for the fill at 15:30 he plays the high hat and the double pedal at the same time. Dude is inhuman.

    • Elmer Costa
      Elmer Costa 11 місяців тому +7

      That's my favorite drum video ever, I always get goosebumps, every single time

    • Josh G
      Josh G 5 місяців тому +1

      Dude you should check out Benny Grebs Meinl festival solo, his hi hat/bass drum pedal unison playing is amazing.

  • Johnathan Jeusik
    Johnathan Jeusik Рік тому +268

    Matt's dad owned the guitar store that was local to me. I grew up getting lessons there. Some amazing musicians use to teach there. Matt use to be there all the time and was always the nicest guy! I remember when he decided to move to California. Next thing I heard is he is in Animals as leaders and I was like that makes lot of sense! He made a solo CD where every track was a different style of music.

    • 66Samus
      66Samus  Рік тому +48

      That is awesome!!

    • Paul Palavecino
      Paul Palavecino Рік тому +6

      What's the CDs name?

    • Johnathan Jeusik
      Johnathan Jeusik Рік тому +17

      @Paul Palavecino it was "heavy Volume" Matthew Wolfgang Garska. He made it when he was like 16 or 17. I'm not sure if there are other copies, but they sold them at the music store as far as I know. So he's a year older than me he's around 33. So close to 17 ish years ago.

    • Paul Palavecino
      Paul Palavecino Рік тому +17

      @Johnathan Jeusik you rule man , that's the best insight info I never expected to know. Thanks for taking the time to reply

    • Johnathan Jeusik
      Johnathan Jeusik Рік тому +7

      @Paul Palavecino anytime man!!! Glad I can help!!! That way your not searching for days lol

  • Brent Cabot
    Brent Cabot Рік тому +162

    Absolutely love AAL, been a long time fan. Their range and complexity and continuous evolution of the sound is nothing short of impressive, fun fact : Tosin Abasi was recently named guitarist of the decade by Guitar World, these guys don't mess around.

    • John Brennan
      John Brennan Рік тому +18

      Yeah totally agree. If your a fan of polyrhythms & odd time sigs you NEED to know this band. How I heard about em always makes me laugh when I think back on it lol, I was at a stop light jammin out to Opeth & a random dude walked up, gave me the horns & started head banging hard. I pulled over to let him listen to the rest of the song (Wreath is not a short tune LMAO) and when it was over he said "that's kickass bro. You should check out Animals as Leaders, I think you'll really dig em." and walked away lol.

    • Brent Cabot
      Brent Cabot Рік тому +7

      @John Brennan Great story, funny the events and people who inspire us.

    • Tom Yabo
      Tom Yabo Рік тому +2

      Music awards are 100% meaningless. It is entirely subjective and most likely the award giver has an agenda.
      IMO Jason Richardson was pretty clearly the best guitarist of the 2010s - blazing speed, technical perfection, genre bending, incredible feel. Tosin would be runner-up in my ranking, but again, it's subjective.
      Sarah Longfield was dubbed by someone at Forbes (why is Forbes talking music, anyway? lol) one of the "top 10 best 7-8 string guitarists in the world". Giving her that distinction is absurd. Even if that Forbes writer was told he must include at least 1 female in his list for them to publish it, I can off the top of my head name over 10 female guitarists significantly better than Sarah. She's not amongst the top 10,000 best 7-8 string guitarists.
      So yeah, art awards are meaningless.

    • Bishal Budhathoki
      Bishal Budhathoki 11 місяців тому +5

      @Tom Yabo lol no way Jason is in any capacity better than tosin
      Speed =/= skill

    • Tom Yabo
      Tom Yabo 11 місяців тому

      Umm, ok? I just said it's subjective...thus creative awards are moot.
      But you're wrong.

  • virishmetal
    virishmetal Рік тому +47

    matt is freaking great. i think he was a jazz guy originally when he graduated from berklee so i think that's where he gets a lot of his finesse from. still been a great addition to the band after navene left

    • fubar1217
      fubar1217 Рік тому +11

      He's said in an interview that one of his biggest influences is Dave Weckl which is probably where the jazz influence comes from. He's also said that he was playing all sorts of gigs when he was in Berklee so I doubt he was "just" a jazz guy. But it's his finesse that really impresses me. You see all these other drummers that play fast, ripping fills but it's Matt's touch and dynamics that sets him apart.

    • bull oozer
      bull oozer Рік тому +6

      Current 30ish year olds graduated from Berklee are at their golden age. I specifically researched for those musicians and they are all amazing. I'd like to suggest one more drummer; Yogev Gabay, who is a signature monster as well.
      They are all versatile, cutting edge on technique and talented AF.

    • Ant Kuman
      Ant Kuman Рік тому +3

      He did a lot of gospel and African style music as well.

    • Jonathan Jannasch
      Jonathan Jannasch 27 днів тому

      Yeah he comes from a jazz fusion backround👍🏻👌🏻

  • Siuleo Pouesi
    Siuleo Pouesi 8 місяців тому +7

    A lot of people can cover Matt's drumming but many are unable to capture his groove, creativity and musicality

  • Idontmind
    Idontmind Рік тому +15

    This new generation of jazz/fusion drummers are freaking amazing!!!
    It was legends like Sean Reinert(R.I.P) & Gene Hoglan who paved the way for these guys and for mixing metaldrumming with jazzbeats and fills.

  • IrrSinn Rainer
    IrrSinn Rainer Рік тому +65

    What I really love about guys like Matt Gartska, Mario Duplantier and yeah, even you Samus, is the fact that they're amazing when it comes to the heavy stuff but they're also so much finesse and groove in their playing.
    BTW: I would love to see a video where you use "real" drums. 😅

    • Jasper Gillgannon
      Jasper Gillgannon Рік тому +7

      Same goes for Matt Halpern. Who, if I am correct, was a huge influence on Matt Gartska.

    • Michael Garbett
      Michael Garbett Рік тому +1

      Well said! Ive always admired 66samus for his tasteful playing. Even when he's blast beating, he always brings life to the drums

  • Tauno Kekkonen
    Tauno Kekkonen Рік тому +19

    MG will be one of the most important and influential drummers of this era. He's to drumming what Tosin is to guitar playing. Totally a new level.

  • Mulukkis
    Mulukkis Рік тому +7

    I love when a drummer reacts to another drummer like this. RESPECT! Matt is at the top of the pile, constantly pushing the boundaries.

  • kraterkop
    kraterkop Рік тому +6

    His playing is surreal. And he just keeps getting better and better

  • Seth’s Balls
    Seth’s Balls 6 днів тому

    Matt is like Vinnie, Benny and Portnoy all in one drummer. He’s not just one of the best of his generation he’s one of the greatest alive and he’s only 33. I was shocked after listening to AAL and finding out how young this dude is. Truly otherworldly

  • Alex Frith
    Alex Frith Рік тому +62

    I firmly believe this guy is the best drummer in the world right now. He's just on a different level with his absolute mastery of time, and his fills and beats are disgustingly innovative, I don't know if he makes me want to play more or just outright give up.

    • Apothecurio
      Apothecurio Рік тому +10

      Matt Garska and Larnell Lewis. Probably the two best around right now.

    • bighouse
      bighouse Рік тому +7

      i agree technically he's insane, but creatively to me it's just starting to all sound the same. maybe this applies more to AAL's music in general rather than matt's beats specifically. all these songs just seem to have the same concepts in them

    • MasterManguku
      MasterManguku Рік тому +1

      @bighouse I feel like Matt did simplify his writing for this new album. Somehow it's all less technical than the old albums while somehow sounding way more grid like. Sounds less like hes performing music and more like he's running through exercises.
      This new stuff is still great to listen to, but I prefer the style of playing he's doing with Gem or the stuff he was doing with Josh De

    • Tommy Bone
      Tommy Bone Рік тому +1

      @Apothecurio No dude. The one and only above the rest - Thomas Lang.

    • Apothecurio
      Apothecurio Рік тому

      @Tommy Bone he’s definitely on par with them. I still think larnell lewis is over better

  • New Dawn Life
    New Dawn Life Рік тому +78

    I dig Matt but can only take him in small doses because my brain always goes to trying to find the signatures. Brain melt! Great video!

    • Leandro F
      Leandro F Рік тому +8

      trying to figure out when his gonna hit the snare makes me phisically ill

    • officerchawles
      officerchawles Рік тому

      he thinks in small subdivisions to make it easy

    • Zeus The Drum Lord
      Zeus The Drum Lord Рік тому +3

      These songs are soooo so much better once you get to know them. Some people would say it’s not a good sign when you HAVE to listen to a song a bunch of times to enjoy it, but it’s because it forces you to learn.

    • Jrocka7x
      Jrocka7x Рік тому

      I don't even focus on it, tbh. I just let it blend in.

  • Juan Diego Oviedo Oquendo
    Juan Diego Oviedo Oquendo 7 місяців тому

    Yeah! Matt is an unbelievable drummer, out of this world! ... But can we appreciate how hilarious this reaction was? 😂

  • John Belfiglio
    John Belfiglio Рік тому +17

    I’ll definitely be listening to more Animals As Leaders. Damn he’s good!!

  • Krombopulous Michael
    Krombopulous Michael Рік тому +2

    The melding of these 3 individuals into what we know as Animals as Leaders is def what the music industry needed. I can't thank these gentlemen enough for inspiring such a vast amount of people to continue to pour their heart and soul into their craft. Love Tosin, Javier and Matt.

  • Arimus
    Arimus Рік тому +1

    I have mad respect for Matt. Animals as Leaders is so technical, I love it. Great reaction, Samus!

  • WaywardBrigand
    WaywardBrigand Рік тому

    Matt Garstka is the most chill drummer for how crazy his playing is.

  • mrtoasty
    mrtoasty Рік тому +2

    Matt is super technical and his style of drumming is so unique! Great vid Sam, awesome reaction the cotton balls lol

  • a80
    a80 Рік тому +8

    He is, without a doubt, one of the best drummers of all time.

  • Eric Gonzalo
    Eric Gonzalo Рік тому +5

    Dude your reactions are so on point, enthusiastic, and entertaining! I love the commentary and learning more nuance from Matt's drumming from your reaction too! 🤣

    • 66Samus
      66Samus  Рік тому +4

      thank you so much Eric!

  • Nick Knee
    Nick Knee Рік тому

    I love both of the Matts, Halpern and Garstka, modern day musical pioneers.

  • Clozof
    Clozof Рік тому +4

    Saw Matt and AAL perform live in Atlanta. They sound just like the album! Matt's ability to shred in complex time signatures is incredible! He graduated from Berklee!

  • Dale Kay
    Dale Kay Рік тому +4

    He's so damn calm when he's playing it's insane.

  • boogabuga
    boogabuga Рік тому

    Matt tended to add a lot more while playing the older songs, I think with the two most recent albums he's pulled it back a lot more since he's a lot more involved in the writing now.

    • boogabuga
      boogabuga Рік тому +1

      I said "a lot more" a lot more times than I should have.

  • Crowbar1115
    Crowbar1115 Рік тому +7

    Matt is soooo chill too. I was lucky enough to meet him a few times at clinics and he was so nice, so patient with students and you could tell he really enjoyed being there.

  • CJXJ220
    CJXJ220 Рік тому +2

    These are the best kind of reactions, man, where someone as talented as you are is completely dumbfounded by what they’re seeing. 🤘

  • fubar1217
    fubar1217 Рік тому +5

    You should definitely watch more of the live stuff. There are sections in a lot of the songs where they just let Matt go off. You can tell one of those parts is coming when Tosin steps back towards Matt and faces him to watch what the hell he's gonna do next. Lol You can watch the same song from 10 different performances and you'll get 10 different solos cause he's always experimenting.

  • Evan Duffin
    Evan Duffin Рік тому +1

    Got to see them near Detroit and they blew every concert ive ever been too out of the water. With each decade the gods overthrow those before them, and i think these guys will be on the throne for lifetimes

      IM-ON-RUMBLE 9 місяців тому

      Not without a vocalist they won't.

  • Daniel Scott
    Daniel Scott Рік тому +2

    Matt has evolved so much in his time with AaL and some other projects here and there. He is certainly at a pinnacle in his career and I honestly miss the straight forward jamming from the Joy of Motion era. Progressive music is hard to succeed in, and they do it well.

  • Stephen Cooper
    Stephen Cooper Рік тому

    To say he's amazing is an understatement. I saw them only one time at summer slaughter tour. The whole band blew me away. Masters of their craft. 💪💯🤘🤯🔥

  • Connor Hammond
    Connor Hammond 10 місяців тому +1

    Fav drummer ever. His power, rhythm, tone, speed, ghost notes + drum, cymbal and genre choices all equate to peak drumming for me.

  • Archie Cocke
    Archie Cocke Рік тому +2

    Well, that was a hell of an introduction to a band/drummer!

  • andyboi9000
    andyboi9000 Рік тому +1

    AAL dude… absolutely insane group, loved your reaction

  • Richard DeJoode
    Richard DeJoode Рік тому +1

    A perfect combination of sheer technical mastery and musicianship.

  • Ant Holler
    Ant Holler 10 місяців тому +1

    I have full confidence that you can replicate Matt's playing

  • Eric Hodges
    Eric Hodges 9 місяців тому

    This was amazing!!! You should react to Travis Orbin. Crazy technical drummer … and has a unique stick grip style for how fast he plays

  • David Culross
    David Culross Рік тому +2

    Matt is like the God of Time and flow when it comes to music, he can control everything and makes it look so simple. Such a killer drummer!!!

  • Gravity Floats
    Gravity Floats Рік тому

    Matt can make every drummer feel like they suck. This dude is beyond good. It's next level drumming.

  • vanntooot
    vanntooot Рік тому +3

    I love how you're just speechless half the time because that's the most appropriate way to react to Matt Garstka's drumming 😂
    I think you should have snuck The Brain Dance in there too because that shit was the first time I had my face melted by a (predominantly) jazz song. Holy shit.

  • Carlosss
    Carlosss Рік тому +8

    This guy must be practicing drums in the hyperbolic time chamber from DBZ cuz I don't think anyone could become this technically proficient in one lifetime.

  • Sebastian Freitag
    Sebastian Freitag 11 місяців тому +1

    Wish there was YT and guys like you 25 years earlier to learn with all these great stuff. Thumbs up 🔥

  • Marmar Covers
    Marmar Covers Рік тому

    I'm sure we would all LOVE to hear what your actual kit really sounds like!

  • Ben Chipi
    Ben Chipi Рік тому

    Damn, i was waiting for this review! Matt is my favourite drummer (alive, rip Neil Peart) and i lóve it!! You made my day! Thanks 66samus, you are amazing!!

  • Lt. Bran Wulfram
    Lt. Bran Wulfram Рік тому +3

    He's up there with Alex Bent as one of the best metal drummers of the modern day. Fuggin' beast.

    • Matt Watson
      Matt Watson Рік тому +1

      Bent is insane. Transformed Trivium and is such a unique player.

  • Andre Carvalho
    Andre Carvalho Рік тому

    I’m yet to see a drummer as amazing as him, I’ve seen him and them live and it’s just out of world .

  • Ross Woodland
    Ross Woodland Рік тому +1

    Matt is just insane. I remember when Animals as Leaders first came out when their drums were programmed on the album (before Matt was in the group) and I would always think "who's gonna be able to play that live" Matt said "Hold my beer".

  • Small Guy in a Big Coat
    Small Guy in a Big Coat 2 місяці тому

    He's grown a ton as a player in dynamics and control since 2015. Not to mention has hit the gym pretty hard. Haha.

  • greghampton71
    greghampton71 Рік тому

    First of all incredible SICK drumming. Second, I say this jokingly but I love the mouth expressions. He can taste what he's playing. Lol.

  • Satan T. Muffin
    Satan T. Muffin Рік тому

    If you want something really brain melting there is a video of him playing ‘weightless’ live where he improvises some really cool stuff. First video I saw of him. I’ve been sold on AAL ever since.

  • Elijah
    Elijah Рік тому

    Matt is by far one of the greatest percussionists of our time. Hands down.

  • Zach Scherpa
    Zach Scherpa Рік тому +3

    I worked at his dad’s music store before Matt was in high school. He was an absolute beast then. We all knew he was going places. Oh and Berkeley didn’t hurt him either .

  • Jesse Nicoletta
    Jesse Nicoletta Рік тому +1

    as awesome a drummer as matt is, he will always be the king of "musician's face"

  • Will Graham
    Will Graham Рік тому +9

    I've been internally debating whether I've been playing wrong my whole drumming career by "burying the beater" instead of resting it just off of the batter head. but god damn it, if Garstka does it, I'm convinced it ain't wrong!

    • Ian Gillies
      Ian Gillies Рік тому

      What I've heard is it depends on the style and the type of kick drum. For jazzier stuff or with an open kick, don't bury, but for heavier stuff or with a dryer kick, bury.
      That's what I've heard, at least. Hope this helps!

    • Will Graham
      Will Graham Рік тому +1

      @Ian Gillies i agree. It wasn't even on my radar until i bought a small kit with a 14" kick drum w/ sealed reso head. my technique of burying on that drum resulted in the beater literally bouncing like a trampoline, hitting the head 2 or 3 more times through rebound alone.

    • D D
      D D Рік тому

      I think it's a lot of playstyle, but I think If you can do it as little as possible it will help your stamina, as all of that shock goes to the drum and not back into your legs.

  • OddoRocket
    OddoRocket Рік тому

    You definitely should react to matt halpern. He is so good. Both him and garstka are huge influences on me. Listening to halpern and periphery helping me get better at playing ghost notes

    • G
      G Рік тому +1

      There is a video of Gartska and Halpern playing jazz kits and having a drum battle. It's brilliant.

  • J.D.
    J.D. 9 місяців тому

    Man in the second clip the drums literally fuse with the tonal music, like a leading instrument in an entire orchestra.

  • TheMossyWang
    TheMossyWang Рік тому

    Man, you should've reacted to Ectogenesis! My mind was totally blown away by that kick pattern :O Matt is a wizard

  • Q's Views RPGs
    Q's Views RPGs Рік тому

    Kick-ass reaction! Matt's skills are otherworldly to be sure. Thanks for taking the time.

  • Z S
    Z S Рік тому

    One of my favorite drummers of the last 10 years. AAL is amazing. They continue to innovate.

  • Arthur Gonzales
    Arthur Gonzales Місяць тому +1

    My brain melted in all sorts of ways trying to keep up with this. 🤘🤘

  • CadeMan Drums
    CadeMan Drums Рік тому

    Saw Animals As Leaders live in ATL couple months ago! They rule! Great live band and man Matt just dominates on the drums🔥🤘🏼

  • This n that
    This n that Рік тому

    Having watched a few of these Posts I am now thinking what an absolute art drumming is

  • Lubat
    Lubat Рік тому

    Matt is my favorite drummer. Dude is a beast. I love watching other drummers reactions to his playing.

  • RatBones
    RatBones Рік тому

    Matt is a total beast! He was just blowing me away the entire time.

  • Eric Borges
    Eric Borges Рік тому

    So glad this vid was uploaded! Matt is one of my absolute favorite drummers. The time he plays in hurt my brain so good. Samus if you haven’t already I’d check out Alex Rudinger too he’s a nutty drummer as well!

  • Jackson Westbrook
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