NICKELBACK just dropped a "metal" song....

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    @Nickelback just dropped
    Here is my to the new song


  • Christian Golden
    Christian Golden 21 день тому +239

    I have to say: I went to a Nickelback concert a few years back for my wife. I was extremely pleasantly surprised. They did some metal covers during their show and they absolutely nailed them. Much respect.

  • Eric Burleson
    Eric Burleson 21 день тому +276

    This one hurt me honestly. I love the song and I personally don't think Nickelback deserves the hate. I respect your opinion and right to dislike what you don't like though

  • Scott Alden
    Scott Alden 21 день тому +174

    God I’m over the hate for this band that almost no one actually listens to them. They were cool on college radio. Then they were cool when they broke out. Then they wrote two songs that broke over in the main stream and Comedy Central made fun of them one day and suddenly the entire world decided that Nickelback sucked. And I’m getting really tired of people criticizing them for the song not being heavy enough. They never said it was. Nobody said it was. They just put out a new song. Why do the gatekeepers have to act so much smarter than everyone. They sell out arenas.

  • MrWorfy99
    MrWorfy99 14 днів тому +52

    What a miserable life your friend must lead if he needs to analyse and pull apart every song he knows he’s already going to hate because it’s fashionable.

  • zane c
    zane c 21 день тому +95

    Hi, your friend wasn't reacting to the song, he had his opinion before listening, so nothing could change that. i just want you to know not every song needs to be deep or something new, sometimes bands make tracks that just sound as a party song and i am one of the harshest critics of the band, because i am a fan of them and i always want them not to say evolve but to reach higher grounds than before. This band can make any type of song and this one is one of those bangers to rock on, nothing new but still something refreshing to hear, especially in the declining rock genre as we all just wanna hear some guitars on the radio!

  • Farrell Stillman
    Farrell Stillman 21 день тому +146

    I definitely prefer when you do reactions alone. It felt like you were scared to like this because he was such a hater. I’ve seen Nickelback in concert and they’re great! They’re awesome showmen too and absolutely hilarious! They know they’re a meme and they’re laughing all the way to the bank. Lol

  • Rickster Drummer
    Rickster Drummer 21 день тому +241

    Not even close to being Nickelbacks most metal song. Feed the Machine, Flat on the floor, Animals, SEX (mostly the breakdown/solo). Those are bangers!

  • Mike Kerr
    Mike Kerr 14 днів тому +19

    They did a song in memory of dimebag Darrell called 'side of a bullet', it was more metal and had a killer groove and story to it. Check it out.

  • rooster
    rooster 14 днів тому +9

    Side of a Bullet is one of their heaviest songs that ive heard and very good..ROCKS

  • Steven Johnson
    Steven Johnson 21 день тому +147

    I appreciate your reactions, but disagree totally on this. I'm actually a nickleback fan - I played drums professionally for 15 years and really enjoy Adair's drums. The guitar licks I really enjoy - I know Chad gets a lot of shit thrown at him, but I've met the guy a few times and really down to earth and good guy. Different strokes, different folks - I dont get the hate for them. I think they are a great rock band... /shrug.

  • Christopher Bingham
    Christopher Bingham 14 днів тому +20

    I think this kicks ass!

  • Yoav Stauber
    Yoav Stauber 21 день тому +17

    Alex,for a Metallica fan,you should know what San Quentin is. The song St Anger was filmed at San Quentin State Prison.

  • Kevin Vance
    Kevin Vance 21 день тому +48

    Damn, dude is such a hater. Nothing they do would ever please him.

  • Björn Johansson
    Björn Johansson 21 день тому +58

    I have never seen Nickelback live but i have listened to them since i was a child. This song rocked! 😁

  • D3M0N1C J3ST3R
    D3M0N1C J3ST3R 14 днів тому +10

    My opinion is Nickleback is a amazing band. They've made all kinds of great songs that people still rock to. Happy and depressed. But same time, if you've been bashed for so long to where you start giving up and losing the vibe, its common to lose the feel for it due to several people's criticism. But, I don't see the same things everyone else sees so I just give my opinion and people may take it for what it's worth or give their own. The song could have been better I agree completely though.

  • Zach Cromwell
    Zach Cromwell 14 днів тому +6

    Once u know Nickelback's original sound, its really difficult to make it work with another genre. Corey Taylor is the 1 who sticks out in my head who makes it work.

  • Brick Trooper
    Brick Trooper 21 день тому +6

    Nickel back is the band everyone listens to in the car by yourself but never tell anyone about.

  • Tobydobo
    Tobydobo 14 днів тому +8

    Note to self, never write a chorus hook that ends with San Quentin

  • beastdude
    beastdude 21 день тому +20

    Sounds less metal and more hard rock, which is typically what nickleback is. Need more hard rock in general these days though, it's kinda getting forgotten it seems. I recently found a band called Dynazty, whose first 2 albums are pure hard rock, then they changed to a more melodic metal sound, both good but they were good as hard rock. Also for your friend, he's your typical nickleback 'hater', well, 'disliker'. Once they've made up their mind of disliking a band, especially the band wagon of hating on nickelback, then they'll never like anything that band releases. So yeah, probably a bad choice of person to do a reaction to.

    LAITSU 14 днів тому +15

    I swear if this was a metallica song, everybody would love it