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Deion "Coach Prime" Sanders Press Conference

  • Опубліковано 25 вер 2023
  • HC Deion "Coach Prime" Sanders speaks to the media for his weekly press conference on September 26, 2023, before playing No. 8 USC on Saturday September 30 at 10am.


  • @Williambill12

    I'm favored only God knows how much I praise Him, $30k every weeks! I now have a big mansion and can now afford anything and also support God's work and the church.

  • @vuville514

    How can you not like this guy after this type of Press Conference. He's honest. He's not scripted. He's funny. He's Prime.

  • @KizersozaDamien

    Dude loses the game and is still the most amazing person of the game.

  • @JM-qi9vw
    @JM-qi9vw  +221

    1st time watching college football in 25 years, because of Coach Prime.

  • @trueempire8948

    I still believe in coach Prime and this CU team. One bad loss aint gonna change that. This train just getting started.

  • @jamesmason270

    86 new players all new coaches , and a team with one win last year to be 3-1 is great,let’s get it Prime.

  • @BJonesreactz

    Not a fan of Colorado, but a fan of this man who cares about raising his players to become men. He ran off 3 straight wins with one off-season as a new coach. This is just the tip of the iceberg. He will be taking great players from all over the United States from powerhouse teams. Greatest is on the way for this team.

  • @tracybinol6708

    I just love Coach Prime! He cares about his kids, players, staff and everyone he comes in contact with!

  • @acenewb1e

    IDC how many losses coach has, he is still better than last year and has the world as his audience. He is fathering millions with his ministry at CU, and example of being a man. Thank you Coach!

  • @horacedavis1485

    Colorado is young. They don't have depth. They don't have a massive offense or defensive line. Coach Sanders already knows this. Don't nobody go into the game saying there going to lose. Coach Sanders is 💯. They will finish the season with a winning record and they will build off all trials and tribulations for next year. I wish I had a Coach like him when I was in college. He in Colorado making men. Much respect from me

  • @thatguybill34

    Coaches love when players show up early to meetings, workouts, & practice. Coaches also love players who watch film on their own and are prepared to play. Keep grinding young Buffs!

  • @DJBroNeal

    The beginning of the pres conference says it all! Students' character, life goals, and praising coaches and player achievement. He is showing the academic sports world that life is bigger than sports! Coach Prime you are in my prayers.

  • @BornGiftedMusicGroup

    How could u hate this man 🤦🏾‍♂️legend

  • @darcyflewellen4496

    I have always had partners who are into football; but I could never really get into it because I didn't understand it and they didn't take the time to really explain it to me. When Coach Prime came on the scene at Colorado, like so many others, he peaked my curiosity about the game and I've been watching ever since he has been with Colorado. I love the way he uplifts his team, his coaches and others and that speaks to his character, which one must have to be successful in any endeavor. I am becoming a football fan!

  • @DealwiththeReal

    Not only was he a great athlete he’s a prim example of what a man, Coach, mentor should be! The GOAT will win, just give home time.

  • @jscott5847

    You don't have to be a football fan to appreciate that Coach Prime is shepherding these young men through challenges and lessons that are so much bigger than the game they play.

  • @jpmultimedia7207

    What Prime is doing for these young men transcends football. Deion has always been a star and always will be.

  • @Moormores

    I want to see this team do great things.

  • @luisannalisasotelo7201

    I was born in Denver and lived in vegas all my life, for the first time i’ve seen a bunch of people at the bar watching this Colorado play. It was incredible how much Deon impacted this team world wide.

  • @jimsmith5939

    What an amazing guy this is. Such a winner.