Juice - Under

  • Опубліковано 1 гру 2015
  • From the '97 Demo!!


  • YamiPrincess
    YamiPrincess 7 років тому +9

    Thanks for reuploading this bro

    • MediaFreak
      MediaFreak  7 років тому +6

      I was really pissed when I noticed it was removed

  • JustAnother(s¡c)K¡d
    JustAnother(s¡c)K¡d Рік тому +2

    This is my favorite Juice song easily

  • Sofia Moreno
    Sofia Moreno Місяць тому

    Esto es una genialidad por diossss

  • ZabuAaron Metal03
    ZabuAaron Metal03 Рік тому +4

    Soon will understand
    Where you are coming from
    It's not a matter of choice
    Just a matter of circumstance
    mutha fuuucka x3
    Soon will come that precious moment
    That we created last night
    Once again just a process of sin
    Depends whos eyes your looking through
    mutha fuucckka x3
    What you see, what you need,
    Time to bleed this red wine
    What you see, what you need
    Time to bleed this red blood!
    This one was raped and
    This one was under god and
    This one was raped
    Pain carved on my skin
    Begin, begin, begin
    This sonnet that will scar my
    Cause this one was raped and
    This one was under god and
    This one was fuckin raped

  • lordpeachy
    lordpeachy 11 місяців тому +1

    Korn in the 1994 days! Love it.

  • alexaggro
    alexaggro 3 роки тому +3

    Justo en el clavo con lo que buscaba maldito MediaFreak Dios

  • Yoosantana_
    Yoosantana_ Рік тому +1

    What ever happened to this band

    • JustAnother(s¡c)K¡d
      JustAnother(s¡c)K¡d Рік тому +3

      They had a successful European Tour but when they returned from the tour the broke over problems they held against each other, creative differences, and fights they had during the tour.