Nothing Lasts Forever

  • Опубліковано 10 сер 2022
  • Our careers are evolving all the time, whether we know it or not. This has become much more true in my lifetime and I've recently had some realizations about how I feel about my life as a producer and how that's led to my career as a UA-camr...and where I'm going to next.
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  • Henry Hazlitt

    I can't sing, I don't play any instruments, and have no idea how to read/write music, but I do love to listen to music. Rick, you give me a deeper appreciation for the music I love, and you introduced me to music I never listened to before and enjoy now. You make the music world a better place.

  • Si Fi
    Si Fi 21 день тому +18

    Maybe 5-7 years if it's a gimmicky channel, but you're the real deal Rick. The joy for music that you radiate is still like that of a little's infectious! Never change mate, and thank you x

  • Gary Schiltz

    Rick's greatest gift is the ability to sit there and do monologues that make it seem that he's your best buddy just shooting the breeze with you. All the while teaching, challenging, playing, reacting to other music. It's a rare gift.

  • mmcleod06

    Nothing lasts forever, but some good things last longer than a person's lifetime. As long as people enjoy music enough to ask "why is this good?" you'll have reasons to continue. Keep the lessons coming!

  • bfitnessjoe

    This channel has no right to ever end ! Rick has a following that he himself doesn’t understand ! We need this channel !

  • Rob F'n Varney

    You missed one point here. The internet doesn't forget, and while you may quit in the future, there still will be other generations stumbling onto your wholesome videos. Thank you for the music lessons, and leaving a legacy for many others to enjoy!

  • Table-Top

    You're not just a music teacher, or creating music appreciation, you're a good

  • The Loyal Order of Classic TV

    Rick - you are more than a youtuber - you've brought your show on the road, so you can do what you do best here, but live and unrestricted - it's like you're part showman, part teacher - and I don't think there's anything better than that.

  • Jakub
    Jakub  +1

    NEVER feel shame of what you're doing Rick, if you do it out of passion. ESPECIALLY you, c'mon. The legacy you're leaving may not seem apparent right now but I'm sure in a few years people will start quoting you and appreciating what you're passionate about. Your content is driving and pushing me to write better songs, I love that!

  • Hunter
    Hunter  +138

    It’s been an honor going through this journey with you for the past 6 years! As a 27 year old audio engineer, does this mean I can have your compressor? :)

  • Curtis Dean

    Couldn't agree more. Many of us are here because we are fascinated by music and love to hear someone explain some of its mysteries to our uneducated ears. Your videos have made me "re-love" bands I hadn't listened to in years. Appreciation is the perfect word.

  • Life Well Written

    It's been said that success in life is not to be measured by money or personal glorification, but rather by the lasting positive impact one has on others. I'm happy you're still making videos, but I think whenever you decide to turn the lights off in the online studio, you can most assuredly rest easy and happy, knowing that you succeeded. Thank you for your work and for sharing your love of music with the rest of us.

  • Steve Roe
    Steve Roe  +499

    Here's a man with encyclopedic knowledge, tremendous talent and that has interviewed, played with and worked with music industry legends - yet speaks with absolute candor on self-doubt over his career evolution. This channel doesn't just teach you about music, it teaches you about life.

  • Daniel Straka
    Daniel Straka 21 день тому

    Thank you for your music appreciation Rick and for sharing that our paths are not always set by our first choice 🙂

  • Douglas Carducci

    Please don't ever quit.. I'm living vicariously through what you're actually doing. I've accomplished a lot musically in my life and wouldn't change anything that came with it . I met my late wife, played hundreds of paying gigs ,taught people and still discover new things through your "music appreciation" channel. Music has indeed changed in the world and you've managed to stay ahead of the curve. ...keep it up are sorely needed my friend and thanx

  • BostonBeanEater

    Professor Rick, please do not retire! We need your pearls of wisdom, anecdotes, and life lessons more than ever. All I can hear in my mind’s eye is “In My Life”… don’t do this, please. Too much is changing and your channel and community are my constant touchstone to the past.

  • ministryinsong

    Glad to hear you’re not quitting, you have a real gift for communicating and it’s obvious you love everything music. It really comes across when you interview people. Love the channel, thank you for all your work we appreciate it.

  • Miguel Afonso

    Rick, your channel is truly a music appreciation channel, and you are an amazing teacher! Your career has been one that most people can only dream of, and now you are teaching people with your videos. You sir, are amazing, and my hat is off to you!!

  • Jackson Davies

    Hey Rick, don’t know if you’ll see this but I have something awesome to share. I wanted to go into music theory because of your videos, so I did. Now I’m in college in music theory. I was talking to my professor about your videos and he said that you were his professor when he went into college. What are the odds of that?

  • M Adams

    I retired from touring and performing and went IATSE for 10 years doing electrics, backline, LED walls and outta nowhere came a gig that got me involved with IAAF (Now World Athletics) and I'm doing things I would have never considered before. I love the line from "Closing Time". "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." Love your channel Rick