Jordan Peterson on the WORST Things About TRUMP!

  • Опубліковано 25 лип 2022
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    @Jordan B Peterson from @The Daily Wire 's thoughts about @Donald J Trump are super fascinating!
    Jordan Peterson on the WORST Things About TRUMP!
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  • Alex Hefner

    Thanks to Harry's for sponsoring! Get a Starter Set for just $3 by going to

  • Mickey Haist Sr.

    Identity politics means people thinking if you listen to a Jordan Peterson clip then you must love Trump.

  • Brian Kuczynski

    Identity politics: a political strategy to divide and conquer by separating folks into extraneous, competing interest groups where you only win if the other side loses; the making of "us" and "them," in place of one "we."

  • Aundria C Premo

    It's nice to see channels do reactions like these. I don't think every liberal is bad or every conservative is good. And if ideas are exchanged respectfully, I'll listen. ✌️

  • Mark Wilson

    "she had it in the bag"


    As a sidenote, I don't disagree with you at all! Unfortunately a lot of people in this world force everyone around them "to take sides", and if you try and see both sides of an argument and remain neutral, they'll assume you're in a position they disagree with.

  • Samantha McCloskey

    This is my favorite kind of content you post because you’re open minded and it’s nice to hear your thoughts. However, it is the kind of content that will get backlash from ❄️.

  • Josh M.
    Josh M.  +12

    This is the first time I've ever heard of "entrepreneurs leaning to the left". Business owners largely lean to the right in my experience. I know because I am one and I work with hundreds of them all over the country every day. Maybe that's not the case in extreme liberal states but even in those cases a lot of "entrepreneurs" actually lean to the right and only "lean left" to appease the mob and "cancel culture".

  • Paleolithics

    I like that the interviewer just let Jordan speak. With so many of his interviews, people just try to play “gotcha!” and get sound bites, so this was refreshing.

  • Mary C
    Mary C  +3

    keep up the videos my dude, you can react to literally anything you want. Its YOUR channel.

  • Ger
    Ger  +2

    Love your content and points of view. Superior editing too.

  • Matty_ 20th81

    I always thought that people that were small business owners/entrepreneurs tended to lean right. However, I’ve never really looked up any stats or anything. It’s just something I’ve noticed with the people I know in my own life.

  • Adam Mercer

    Identity politics is basically trying to play favorites to all the different groups, races, identities while also lying to each group that you will NOT do what other groups are wanting.

  • Colonel B
    Colonel B  +39

    Hey Alex, you asked about the liberal + entrepreneurship connection, here's some info on that:

  • Photon Jon

    Would be interested to see what he thinks now. This was a while back.

  • Tyler Warwick

    Identity politics in my mind is a way of assigning degrees of victimhood, or "value" in their eyes, to groups based on their physical characteristics. Also it eliminates the importance of the individual by making your group identifiers more important than what you personally think or say, it's literally to make it easier to put you in a box that is easy to manage in stead of dealing with you on a personal level.

  • Knoel Moreno

    "Protest Vote"

  • Liz

    The words coming out of your mouth when you're gaming or the exact same words coming out of my mouth when I'm behind the wheel. 👍

  • Mikemcsmurfy

    People listening to Jordan Peterson tend to have better lives than before. Still better listening to him than any tiktok video😂. People don't like people listening to him because he speaks truth where those people use emotions over logic and it's dangerous.