SLIPKNOT is Heavier Now?!

  • Опубліковано 22 лип 2022
  • Welcome back to the channel! I see you couldn't get enough.
    F*CK YES!!! | Hip-Hop Head REACTS to "The Dying Song" by SLIPKNOT (REACTION!)
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  • Delix.
    Delix.  +1

    How does a band like SLIPKNOT with nine members can all agree on what style of music they want next. But System of a Down with only 4 members can’t agree with each other 15 years later?! 😂

  • ELITE 🇬🇧

    A round of applause to Jay Weinberg for that amazing drum work 👏 🙌

  • Capt. James Tiberius Kirk

    Slipknot is the Taco Bell of metal. It's popular to a certain crowd of people and you have to be accustomed to the taste of it. And occasionally they make you shit your pants.

  • Steve Rosati

    There are actual humans out there who claim to have “liked” slipknot but hate them now… this band just keeps growing and getting better it’s insane

  • Addicted to Deathcore

    This single reminded me why I love slipknot, I haven't listened to them in a very long time and now I just started re listening their whole discography

  • James Erickson

    As a drummer myself I can respect the drum fills Jay did here. They were unique in the build ups they pulled off. fast 16th notes that ramped up and separated the song sections really well. The last chorus having more harsh vocal was also good separation. Separation of parts is huge in music. Also a callback of the intro at the end of a song is nice closing of the storybook. Great Slipknot song.

  • Garrett Conwell

    After the last couple songs they’ve released, I think Jay has decided he’s done hearing the “Jay vs Joey” debates. He’s going insane

  • Grigeral
    Grigeral  +13

    This track is to me a perfect example of how Slipknot have evolved.

  • James Erickson

    One of your favorite bands dropping a new song is huge. It literally controls your day. When my favorite band released their's I had to wake up at 4 am to see the premiere lol

  • kimmyfreak200

    slipknot is a killer band... they still got it.. the fans, the talent, and the music... such a fantastic band

  • Shorty Gamer boy

    This band can never stop releasing a banger what song they seem to impress each time and deliver and make you hungry for more when you listen to them you like oh yes give me more because you can’t get enough of them after new albums made you want more and they keep you waiting

  • MTB CrankIt

    I am 53 years old and I have only been listening to Slipknot for a couple years (Thanks to My 18 year old )now and I am blown away at how much I enjoy listening to all of there songs, I have seen them in concert 1 time (Inkcarceration Festival 2021) and I hope I get to see them again soon Magot for life!!!! Cant wait to hear the rest of the songs to come out .

  • TheWhiskeredSmith

    Such a good track. I’ve already listened to it a number of times, and I’m really looking forward to more.

  • Tom Niz
    Tom Niz  +40

    This is how I personally feel: After hearing this new song, It blew away any expectation I could’ve possibly had. I just didn’t know what to expect really, and I was not disappointed whatsoever. Being that there are 12 tracks on this new album, I really hope none of them are 30 second filler tracks. I was not a fan of that on the last album. I loved every single song on the last album except for my pain, that one just didn’t do it for me. I really hope this is just an epic finale from the road runner contract of just pure bangers throughout.

  • SFuture
    SFuture  +35

    Let's go Alex. Excited to see what you think of this one. As someone who doesn't love Slipknot, I really enjoyed reacting to this song on my channel and I'm still jamming it <3

  • James
    James  +13

    This song has been stuck in my head since my 1st time hearing it. I literally catch myself humming it at work

  • Maggot 999

    It's impossible not to feel like a badass when listening to this song.

  • CI-FI
    CI-FI  +9

    Saw them live last year. Slipknot is incredible!

  • matthew chandler
    matthew chandler 14 днів тому

    Rip joey you'll be missed but im glad someone can uphold your legacy like this

  • Daniel Lenning

    I really like this song can’t wait for the new album to come out. I’m getting volume 3 vibes from this song but a little heavier than volume 3