Two Different Soloing Concepts

  • Опубліковано 14 сер 2022


  • Jason Watlington

    I like your funny words magic man

  • Daniel Horton

    When you have been playing guitar for a few years and have no idea what any of this means 😂😂😂

  • Jerry A
    Jerry A  +220

    I literally had this exact convo with my dog. Amazing.

  • Dan Djurdjevic

    I’m glad you cleared that up Rick.

  • David Holt

    🤯 can you do smoke on the water?

  • Timothy Mossholder

    Too much intervalic soloing can result in wrist sprain and premature blindness.

  • D M
    D M  +16

    When he says 'Like that," I instantaneously understand the lesson ....

  • Lambert Drive Studios

    🤯 this is so far over my head 😂

  • André Silva

    Could you explain those two concepts in a future video?

  • Just Me
    Just Me  +10

    Great. I wish I could tell the difference xd

  • Dana Mendes

    Sounds pretty Holdsworthian

  • Jean-Luc DeCoster

    I can barely even play a Jason mraz song why am I watching this

  • Carla Dean

    Off topic : I just rewatched the Brian May interview. Mr Beato really has a talent for getting his guests to open up.

  • McCarney 420

    I think I get this one. Intervalically kinda sounds like he’s playing arpeggios so it’s like he’s playing the same intervals but over new chords. Linearly just sounds like a more common type of solo to me

  • Louiebee67

    The Larry Carlton vibe is strong with Master Beato. (Switch out the SG for the 335!)👍👍

  • Conor McSweeny
    Conor McSweeny 28 днів тому

    Sometimes I think, 'oh ya, Rick is just a super music nerd,' and then he reminds you he's also a fantastic musician

  • H A
    H A  +1

    You're an amazing jazz musician. If i practice enough maybe in 20 years i'll be that good lol

  • B-Regs Productions

    How do I play like this? very Allan Holdsworth. Rick casually puts some of the most beautiful guitar playing I’ve heard!

  • Leo Boulevardier

    Ah so i just need to play like friggin Allan Holdsworth.

  • theploeg
    theploeg 28 днів тому

    Love the graphic overlays!!!