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FAST FORWARD | Nottingham Forest vs Arsenal (1-2) | New angles, unseen footage & media reactions!

  • Опубліковано 1 лют 2024
  • Take a fresh look at our victory over Nottingham Forest in the Premier League.
    Enjoy match highlights, training and behind the scenes to get closer to the likes of Bukayo Saka, Martin Odegaard, Emile Smith Rowe, Vivianne Miedema, Gabriel Jesus, Alex Zinchenko, Leah Williamson, Takehiro Tomiyasu, Kim Little, Gabriel Martinelli, Aaron Ramsdale, Beth Mead, Ben White and more.
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  • @Princessofnyc75
    @Princessofnyc75 20 днів тому +41

    Arsenal makes me wanna chase my dreams and become the best version of my self

  • @selormafc
    @selormafc 20 днів тому +51

    0:15 I got featured 😭❤

    • @mskima001
      @mskima001 19 днів тому +4

      Damn ..... You're so famous now and you can predict the future too, like some kinda modern 'prophet' !! 😇😜👌Actually- seriously, you lucky Gooner; I wished someday I'll get fortunate and get an amazing "shout-out" too on this 'special channel' !!

    • @mondaynightmenon6009
      @mondaynightmenon6009 19 днів тому

      Black lives matter bro ...we are just useless citizens

  • @mskima001
    @mskima001 19 днів тому +8

    This new concept of video editing is so AMAZING and Cool, I LOVE IT !!! Whoever came up with the idea, just give him / her a f******g RAISE already !!! Its like watching an awesome 'Cinematic Cut Scenes' during video games or a thrilling action packed trailers for an upcoming blockbuster movie !!

  • @syoo9287
    @syoo9287 19 днів тому +3

    Great work. I love the way that their edit of video🤩 Thanks!

  • @theopratama9047
    @theopratama9047 20 днів тому +12

    God bless arsenal at sunday

  • @makhanu91
    @makhanu91 19 днів тому +2

    4:46 Bukayo Saka and Ben White celebration moment epic. Liverpool revenge next. Come on you Gunners 💪🏽

  • @Risk87
    @Risk87 19 днів тому +4

    Legend at 3:39

  • @AhmedHassan-js9jk
    @AhmedHassan-js9jk 19 днів тому +1

    Arsenal all day, everyday 🙏🏾

  • @smartmovies100
    @smartmovies100 20 днів тому +3

    Gunners 4 Life! 🎉❤

  • @Mac_Kymera
    @Mac_Kymera 20 днів тому +3

    The kids name is Saka ... quality!!! Fairplay giving the little one the shirt too

  • @zarnimaung9783
    @zarnimaung9783 19 днів тому +1

    ERS, fast and furious with the 🏀

  • @nuancesoffate
    @nuancesoffate 20 днів тому +3


  • @aryakarkera9377
    @aryakarkera9377 19 днів тому +1

    When Partey gets fit we will play on another level. Everyone just needs to make sure they notice Partey ESR and Odegaard's positioning and runs and pass to them. They'll either make best possible passes to the finishers, create space for others or score themselves.
    Due to Partey, we'll be able to transition from defence to offence much much better and ESR and Odegaard will do the rest of the link up and scoring work.

  • @gamingandfootballlive9364
    @gamingandfootballlive9364 19 днів тому

    This music is fire no cap🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • @adjoolie
    @adjoolie 19 днів тому +5

    “Had to thank Jesus 2 times” 🤣🤣🤣😭

    • @KingdomVoice_TV
      @KingdomVoice_TV 19 днів тому +2

      Thought I was the only who saw that.😂😂😂

    • @adjoolie
      @adjoolie 19 днів тому +2

      @@KingdomVoice_TV hilarious

  • @dev_kamath
    @dev_kamath 20 днів тому +1

    Gooner for LIFE! ❤ ARS

  • @robertcraig-qo6cp
    @robertcraig-qo6cp 19 днів тому


  • @petersalasia8243
    @petersalasia8243 19 днів тому +1

    the fight between white and zincheko started at 04:19😃😃

  • @andikarizki.
    @andikarizki. 20 днів тому +1

    Salam sepak bola guys 😊❤❤

  • @jesseb5076
    @jesseb5076 20 днів тому +2

    Forget Forrest, we need to have our best game of the season if we don’t want to get ran over by inform Liverpool.
    Come on you GOONAS 💪🏾❤️

    • @benjamindadzie9657
      @benjamindadzie9657 19 днів тому +1

      Forget Liverpool,every game is 3pts.. Liverpool should prepare bcx they have not beaten Arsenal when Jesus is on the field.❤

  • @alexhaynes7220
    @alexhaynes7220 19 днів тому

    Good win but we should of got new men in the squad

  • @anthonydude
    @anthonydude 19 днів тому

    Should show the zinny and Ben white at the end 😂

  • @AhmedHassan-js9jk
    @AhmedHassan-js9jk 19 днів тому

    74:23 spot that guy brown jacket and black hat 😝😎

  • @HLDN1989
    @HLDN1989 19 днів тому

    I don't think Declan has put in a single performance below 8-10 since signing for us?! What a player! Personally, I think we need to send West Ham and Moyes a couple more quid because at £105m he is a bargain!

  • @sidikalamin6271
    @sidikalamin6271 20 днів тому

    First 1

  • @fabricembida4526
    @fabricembida4526 19 днів тому

    Aren't we doing too much ? It is ust a win against Notts Forest, we are still 5 points behind the first place liverpool who by the way is paying tremendously well and they are coming to our place very confident as they beat us 2 times in a row this season... We must me worry I think...

    • @benjamindadzie9657
      @benjamindadzie9657 19 днів тому

      Honestly you are the one worrying too much..jx enjoy the win n stop complaining.. Liverpool should worry about Arsenal bcx they have not beaten Arsenal in the past 3 matches in the league.. n by the way we have only lost once not twice n that was the FA CUP. JESUS is yet to lose against Liverpool n he will be available this time

    • @vadulekars7698
      @vadulekars7698 19 днів тому +2

      We shouldn't be worried we are placed 3 and are atleast good now anyone who watched the banter era will be satisfied for atleast next year plus Liverpool will also be wary of Arsenal

  • @AudayAdmin
    @AudayAdmin 20 днів тому

    What do u think of tottenham?

  • @containedhurricane
    @containedhurricane 19 днів тому +1

    Man City's and Arsenal's systems are perfect for Jesus, because he's so skilled in tight spaces. He only lacks strength and height to play CF, but maybe he will become more productive if he plays the left-sided AM role

  • @user-od5yi3pg2e
    @user-od5yi3pg2e 20 днів тому


  • @yashthakar9441
    @yashthakar9441 20 днів тому

    Loosing the ball in final third and not taking shots has been a bad habit for the team, take 5 shots atleast on target and see one of them go inside. not that hard

    • @naomibosibori3138
      @naomibosibori3138 19 днів тому

      True.I'd love to see his offensive game evolve though esp agaist low blocks.

  • @Myrusfusion
    @Myrusfusion 19 днів тому

    Rice inver lb esr 8

  • @cullenhallbelmont
    @cullenhallbelmont 19 днів тому

    Those kits are bad

  • @ankitavalanche
    @ankitavalanche 19 днів тому +1

    At 4:20 you can see Benny and Zinny arguing.

  • @gerardohuitron8724
    @gerardohuitron8724 19 днів тому

    Me encanta el uniforme de visitante. 🤩 💛🩵🖤. No se den por vencidos chicos, porque aún podemos competir en la Liga Premier y trascender en la Champions League.