Metal Drummer reacts to Aric Improta

  • Опубліковано 16 сер 2022
  • Reacting to Aric Improta, one of the most creative and energetic drummers I've ever seen!
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  • 66Samus
    66Samus   +45


  • Daniel Sumner

    The guy has put more energy into one drum solo than my entire 38 year existence. Holy shit balls

  • skaruts
    skaruts  +28

    His teacher:

  • Brandon Adams

    Animal was only a drummer on The Muppets..........this guy is the real life version .............

  • Chonsu247
    Chonsu247  +15

    Aric is an animal. That said... there are so mayn great drummers now visible for us all to see from all kind of directions. Aric. Alex Rüdinger, El Estepario Siberiano etc. It's just awesome.

  • Titi Lbr

    I am one of the lucky 150 drummers who played with Aric (at

  • -_EvilSkittles_-

    Aric Improta is personally my favorite drummer of all-time, like hands down. He's just a complete package on what you want in a drummer. I just can't put into good words how insanely innovative he is as a drummer. He will come down as a modern great not just a drummer but as a musician in general. I made up my mind on this completely seeing a nearly 40 minute solo Aric did on the Meinl Cymbals channel. Genuinely one of the greatest things I've seen on UA-cam. 🤘

  • Paul Davis

    Aric is a true artist. He obviously likes to wail on the drums, but he’s bursting with so much creativity. There’s no box that this man is trapped inside of. Always inspiring.

  • acgm046
    acgm046  +9

    Both his levels of stamina and innovative technical prowess are off the charts. Just mind blowing.

  • Dameon Wilson
    Dameon Wilson 14 днів тому +2

    The backflip over the drums is crazy.👍

  • iPhail
    iPhail  +1

    Feel like he is the most creative drummer of our age

  • KornKnoT

    Don't know if this'll make sense or not but when I see Aric Importa play, I want to pick up my drumsticks. He gives me that same energy Joey Jordison and Dave Lombardo do.

  • Eric Frank

    LOL!! Great video, love your humbleness and great respect for other drummers. That is were you shine as a person, which is more important than anything else in this world. Also, you’re also a fucking phenomenal drummer.

  • Luigi Zanellato

    Amazing drummer! Never heard of him until now. What I really like about his playing more than the energy and technique, is the groove feel he incorporates with his approach!

  • The Music Graveyard

    There is no way you're just catching this performance for the first time, it's been circulating the net for years!!

  • shig
    shig  +1


  • RanterInShades

    Night Verses is such a criminally underrated band.

  • Mike Cateley

    His energy is unmatched 🤯

  • Tom B
    Tom B  +3

    Imagine Samus and Aric doing a song together. would be sick

  • Emanuel Marcos Costa

    This is nothing he has a 40 minute drum solo called "Aric Improta - "Blur-Lights in the Videodrome", if you read the description of that video, he practiced for 100 hours to account for every mistake that could happen and be prepared and that equivalets to 66 and a half hours... He also did "ZHURMË (A Noise Experiment) by Aric Improta Feat. Munky & Ra Díaz" that is so nuts... He is impressive to say the least...