Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Official Teaser

  • Опубліковано 26 тра 2022
  • “What is your next move, Jedi?”
    Experience the next chapter of Cal Kestis’ journey in STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor™ - coming in 2023.
    Picking up five years after the events of STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order™, Jedi: Survivor is a third person, narrative-driven action-adventure game from Respawn Entertainment, developed in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games.
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  • Garrett Watts
    Garrett Watts 15 годин тому +4139

    YES. I hope EA continues to lean into the single player experience like this. I loved Fallen Order so much and I’m so thrilled to jump back into Cal’s story.

    • Master Yosh
      Master Yosh 12 годин тому

      Don’t give EA any credit

    • Jedi Knight
      Jedi Knight 12 годин тому

      You should praise EA? But you said they are greedy company.

    • Bajanyaoikaizer
      Bajanyaoikaizer 12 годин тому

      Garrett should do a collab with the main man himself Cameron Monaghan; dressed as Sith Lords

    • Anthony Couture-Perron
      Anthony Couture-Perron 12 годин тому

      Last one Frome ea

    • J-117
      J-117 12 годин тому

      @Kitagawa Marin Husband Focus, ma'am.

  • Max Justh
    Max Justh 14 годин тому +795

    I can't believe it's happening. I fell so in love with the first game!

    • Big Brother
      Big Brother 13 годин тому +1

      Wow! Okay! Yes! Wow!

  • Jake Booth
    Jake Booth 13 годин тому +349

    This game needs to have the same energy, if not more, than Fallen Order. No micro transactions. Just single player. Adventure. Hours of consistent fun and story telling.

    • Angga
      Angga 12 годин тому +1

      Yeaa that's what I'm talking about

  • Starc0unter
    Starc0unter 14 годин тому +53

    Likely they're saving the Oggdo Bogdo reveal for the final trailer, but DANG IT, I want it now.
    The first game was go cool and really well thought out, I hope this expands on Cal's journey and gives new fresh quality as well as several side quests. I really loved how there were a ton of them in Batman: Arkham Knight and hope this game does something similar. Cal is one of my favourite Jedi (maybe top 3), but this could change things. Nice updated hilt, more experience under his belt, and best of all, no pink poncho in sight. This game will be amazing. "Yeah, probably."

  • Condēu̯i̯os Andīlixtos
    Condēu̯i̯os Andīlixtos 13 годин тому +101

    Loved Jedi: Fallen Order! The characters, the settings, the soundtrack, the gameplay, the story. It's so good I ended up completing it in all difficulty settings, which is something I had never accomplished before. I expect great things from the sequel and have full faith in Respawn!

    • Titangamerhd
      Titangamerhd 12 годин тому +1

      oh yeah, Titanfall is my fav game of all time ever, I fully fully trust respawn

    • Sandman17
      Sandman17 12 годин тому

      Nice! I'm still working on that lol, and I started initially on Jedi Master.

  • SwanyPlaysGames
    SwanyPlaysGames 16 годин тому +5950

    Awesome! Loved the first game. Sucks it's a year away but hopefully they listened to a lot of the feedback they got from the first one.
    Hopefully we have more customization options and outfits outside of just ponchos.

    • Braden Davis
      Braden Davis 12 годин тому

      And several different lightsaber forms that Cal knows/has learned to switch on the fly (like in Ghost of Tsushima)

    • Grant Mccaskill
      Grant Mccaskill 12 годин тому

      @Yoder they don’t even listen that it has micro transactions 😂

    • Yoder
      Yoder 13 годин тому

      It’s ea, they never listen.

    • Grant Mccaskill
      Grant Mccaskill 13 годин тому +1

      @Mallow the force is stronger in this one hmm - Yoda

    • MeltedIceCream
      MeltedIceCream 13 годин тому

      @A Rodz the metroidvanian layout of the world was top tier. Why get rid of it?

  • Lokim23
    Lokim23 14 годин тому +22

    Really liked this game, played on the hardest difficulty, did a full 100% of it and the skins. Hope this is just as good, if not better!

  • DomTheBomb
    DomTheBomb 12 годин тому +17

    Star Wars fans are blessed 🙏

  • Zonexx YT
    Zonexx YT 13 годин тому +19

    Se ve la raja la gráfica, ojalá la trama le haga el peso a este gran juego!

    • Nick L
      Nick L 12 годин тому +1

      It literally says not gameplay in the first 2 seconds...

    • FOXY FROST1177
      FOXY FROST1177 12 годин тому +2

      Es una cinemática en CGI aun no es gameplay por eso se ve increíblemente bien, ya veremos posiblemente en el evento de Xbox de este Junio como se ve el gameplay

  • arikelvara
    arikelvara 14 годин тому +19

    I just hope it's longer than Fallen Order. I love that game. Worst part was when it got over. I didn't want it to end!

  • Star Wars HQ
    Star Wars HQ 14 годин тому +1742

    Ah man, so excited for this! Looks AMAZING! The first one was one of my fav Star Wars games, so naturally I can't wait for this one!

    • Redeye
      Redeye 12 годин тому

      @SonicsJoe People can enjoy games without being a "sheep", grow up.

    • Ryan Gangadin
      Ryan Gangadin 12 годин тому

      Ay Star Wars hQ! Nice to see u over here! Love the lore vids!

    • Spiderbutt
      Spiderbutt 12 годин тому

      @E S P E R I A I feel like you haven't played it...

      THENEVERDEADIV 12 годин тому

      lol Star Wars HQ over here getting hate... i thought i would never see the day. im not here to hate but i will say this.. Dark Forces 2 will always be the best star wars game ever.. only problem is that only a few people played the best star wars game ever because nobody knew about it..

  • Cloakedsoundzz
    Cloakedsoundzz 13 годин тому +7

    I can't wait to see how much cal has grown and learned and possibly where his story leads and maybe ends

  • SliceTube
    SliceTube 14 годин тому +4

    I absolutely adored the first game even if I had a ton of trouble with it, it was a blast through and through!!!

  • Griggs133
    Griggs133 14 годин тому +3

    I'll admit, I enjoyed the first game but felt like Cal was lacking a bit of character for a Star Wars protagonist and I'm excited for this! From the trailer it looks like they're adding more layers to his story which is always a plus.

  • Zhi Yong Ng
    Zhi Yong Ng 14 годин тому +19

    Just bought the game and reached 100% achievement recently. I like the way of the game which is not so tough yet a bit challenging even on normal difficulty. I kinda like the story and the ending tbh. Really want to see what kind of story and adventure awaits the Mantis crew. I just want to say LET'S GOOOOOOOO

  • Hannah’s Edits
    Hannah’s Edits 12 годин тому +3

    I’ve been waiting for this and they did not disappoint!! I absolutely loved the first game. I love how Cal looks more like Cameron Monaghan!!

  • Nicolas Acosta
    Nicolas Acosta 13 годин тому +4

    Seriously the only new Star Wars content that I've actually enjoyed so far. If this is as good or even better than the first you got my money.

  • The Caynuck
    The Caynuck 12 годин тому +2

    These last 2-3 years has been great for the Star Wars universe. Plenty of us have gotten back into the Star Wars and it continues to grow. Fallen Order was such a great game, the fact a sequel is coming is incredibly exciting. Add that to the plethora of Star Wars TV shows that we are now being exposed to. While George Lucas doesn't own Star Wars anymore, we gotta give credit to both him and the people he has inspired to expand the Star Wars universe.

  • Revomafil Geocallo
    Revomafil Geocallo 13 годин тому +3

    The fact that it's officially announced, I am not asking for anything right now other than making this surpass its predecessor

  • TacTixHD
    TacTixHD 15 годин тому +1572

    LET'S GOOO! First game was SO good and this looks great too!

    • Amuro Ray
      Amuro Ray 13 годин тому

      @Troy Walt you sound like a teenager.
      “Agree or you’re a kid.” This some playground behavior

    • Troy Walt
      Troy Walt 14 годин тому

      @Logan McGlynn i am fan of the 2nd and 3rd star wars by georges lucas, let's just say with disney, star wars became really really lame and woke imo

    • desipher
      desipher 14 годин тому

      Let's go where???

    • Logan McGlynn
      Logan McGlynn 14 годин тому

      @Troy Walt says the starwars fan

    • Jason Sacchi
      Jason Sacchi 14 годин тому

      I’ve got a bad feeling about this video game.

  • EpicPlayz
    EpicPlayz 12 годин тому +2

    There is something so magically mysterious about this. Feels like old Star Wars. I love it. I can’t wait to find out who that character at the end is. Looks like Raiden from MGS.💖💖💖

  • Revan19
    Revan19 14 годин тому +1

    Can't wait to see more from this game, I can see that it's gonna be great just from this teaser

  • ADumbCanadian
    ADumbCanadian 14 годин тому +2

    This looks amazing! Cannot wait to continue his story!

  • StarlightKY
    StarlightKY 12 годин тому

    I’m so excited for this game. I fell in love with the first one and still play it till this day. I just hope they have more customization options outside of the poncho and some new combat mechanics but we’ll see.

  • TheOzzyJedi
    TheOzzyJedi 16 годин тому +7875

    This is where the fun begins.

  • Don Joel
    Don Joel 14 годин тому +24

    This is so cool. Ive just finished Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order again and its one of the best games I have ever played. The story is so compelling. I hope they keep building it well and build more on what they have done before.
    Slight hope for a touch of Unreal engine 5.

    • Shelton B
      Shelton B 12 годин тому +1

      @d3arb0rns rip

    • d3arb0rns
      d3arb0rns 12 годин тому +1

      How do I get pass the level with the cliffs and grass ?? You know the stone cliffs? I couldn’t find my way back to the space ship. The level also have like a landing pad , do you know which level I’m talking about ?

  • shadowlink
    shadowlink 12 годин тому +1

    Jedi fallen order really shocked me with how great it really was so I'm really excited for this coming next year. Let's hope the force is also strong in this sequel when it arrives.

  • Viperous
    Viperous 13 годин тому

    can't wait, loved Fallen Order, I know this is going to be a blast, I'm getting the game as soon as it drops

  • Podlings Podcast
    Podlings Podcast 13 годин тому +2

    CGI is incredible as usual. And is that the grand inquisitor? If so it’s so accurate to George’s original design of them. Can’t wait for this to come out.

  • Jongo Phett
    Jongo Phett 16 годин тому +1673

    *I've been looking foward to this*

  • Lawrence A
    Lawrence A 14 годин тому +1

    I am only asking for 3 things from the new game: 1) keep the original crew (hope no tragedy befalls any of them) and hopefully link them up with other Star Wars characters from Cannon (like Kanan Jarrus), 2) new or elevated force powers (like mind trick, stronger force repulse, force heal and group force grip, or maybe something as advance as Morichro) and. 3) lastly keep the double lightsaber please!! The first story literally has Cal building his own detachable double edged light saber why drop it now?

  • J007 Gaming 🇺🇦
    J007 Gaming 🇺🇦 12 годин тому

    Wow, I had actually kind of lost faith in EA, but this definitely brings it back. Fallen Order was an amazing game, and this one looks really good!

  • Nick Kunwar
    Nick Kunwar 11 годин тому

    I’m so ready. Absolutely loved the first game!

  • Just Echo
    Just Echo 12 годин тому

    Super excited! I hope it keeps the same energy as the last game, all i hope for is more in depth lightsaber combat (even with purge troopers and stuff) but no matter what even if its the gameplay of the old game with new story and enemies it will be amazing :)

  • Samuel Kim Music
    Samuel Kim Music 15 годин тому +1746

    1:12 Jedi Fallen Order Theme is seriously so good

    • Ryan Gangadin
      Ryan Gangadin 12 годин тому

      Ay it’s sam! Great seeing u here! Can’t wait for more remixes!

    • The Masked singer
      The Masked singer 12 годин тому

      Epicness is coming

    • 88mikef88
      88mikef88 12 годин тому

      Do IT !!! hahahahahaha

    • Dr. Doctor
      Dr. Doctor 12 годин тому

      Mad lad is going to make full music from this short audio clip!

    • Gordy Haab
      Gordy Haab 12 годин тому

      Glad you like!

  • Arlene Transue
    Arlene Transue 12 годин тому

    Yes that looks amazing. I loved Carl’s story and I would like to see the story continue.

  • Deathtrooper 900
    Deathtrooper 900 12 годин тому

    You know, EA did a pretty good job with this, Thank you Respawn, so I'm glad they're going to keep the series rolling! I hope they took our requests into account, more force powers, combat abilities and such.

  • NAAH091
    NAAH091 12 годин тому

    The first game was definitely promising and I liked it but there’s A LOT of room for improvement so I’m really hoping they’ll capitalize on this opportunity to give us something truly special !

  • Enrique
    Enrique 13 годин тому

    Great timing! I just started a New Journey+ on GrandMaster a few days and had forgotten how surprisingly fun Fallen Order is.
    Hope Respawn really takes advantage of the more powerful console hardware (as a PC guy, even I have to admit for what platforms games are developed first and foremost these days) and really pushes forward the technology used here.
    Much improved draw distances, more detailed meshes, eliminate LOD popup a few feet from the player, higher res textures across the board, 60FPS and above, ray tracing support for PC, dynamic day/ night cycles and weather, more populated areas, more varied schedules and behaviors for enemy NPCs.
    Others have already spoken about improved character customization so I won't repeat that here.
    EDIT: Oh, and by the way, hope Respawn beef up Cal a little bit. LOL. For a young man that spent five years doing hard blue collar labor in a dangerous setting he was too skinny. Ha, ha.

  • Cinematic Captures
    Cinematic Captures 16 годин тому +2657

    Absolutely beautiful teaser! The Grand Inquisitor looks stunning! So excited to play this next year!
    EDIT: He's not the grand inqusitor, it's an imperial senator. Looks amazing regardless!

    • Apex Mandalorian
      Apex Mandalorian 12 годин тому

      Not the Grand Inquisitor, but at least one company knows what Pau'ans are supposed to look like.

    • AestheticYT
      AestheticYT 12 годин тому

      @Mojo Gaming 2004 just had a flashback to when starkiller dropped a statue on him

    • teddibearsworld
      teddibearsworld 13 годин тому

      @Litios Umm.. actually.. 10years after Fallen Order, and five years after Obi Wan Kenobi .

    • Phil
      Phil 14 годин тому

      @Litios You completely messed up the timeline. Fallen order is 5 years after revenge of the sith, so rebels can't be 5 years after. Obi-wan is 5 years after fallen order and rebels is 4 years after Kenobi so rebels is like 9 years after fallen order.

    • As Expected of Pieck
      As Expected of Pieck 14 годин тому

      @Luke Smeby Watch episode 3

  • OnyxPhoenix
    OnyxPhoenix 14 годин тому

    This is so sick, I can’t wait to continue this series

  • Michael Scarn
    Michael Scarn 12 годин тому

    Excited to see whos in that backta tank, but overall im hoping for more general replayability, a longer game in general, bigger skill tree, and another more fun customization

  • AnimalExtremeBrother
    AnimalExtremeBrother 14 годин тому

    I'm so happy that EA is finally making another Star Wars game based on Cal Kestis, Can't wait for this to come out this is gonna be Awesome!

  • Olle Petersson-id
    Olle Petersson-id 12 годин тому

    Hope they add more clothes, like robes and hood up with mantle and stuff like that. Really enjoyed the last game. Also would be cool if you could add a cross guard variant to the lightsaber hilt

  • Jake Pearson
    Jake Pearson 12 годин тому

    If it was just a continuation of the story of the first one with barely any improvements I'd be more than happy but I'd love if they had deeper systems in this one.
    Deeper combat, more diverse abilities, more open maps, and more exploration, that would make it a shoe-in for my top 10 games of all time list.

  • Gessle3
    Gessle3 12 годин тому +1

    🥳 For being a trailer for a story based game like this, it didn't really tell more that the previous game already told us! (With that said, I love that they do these kind of games especially with Star Wars & I hope they don't mess it up when it comes to mikrotransections, but sure, one Special-Editions for collectors & Cosmetic-Fans, hopefully upgradable to Standard-Edition buyers & finally, releasing the game both on Disc & Digital... Oh, yeah, the actual story better be great too!) 😉

  • Mikaeil Adib
    Mikaeil Adib 13 годин тому

    Finally! Am i the only one who's been waiting for a fallen order sequel? That game was so fun.

  • Mario Thomas
    Mario Thomas 13 годин тому

    Definitely going to enjoy this . It was truly a long time for a great story plus game play , since the force unleashed , alot star wars content this year's alone from trailer to shows to games , this looks promising.. can't wait .

  • 212th - Tom & Taha
    212th - Tom & Taha 16 годин тому +629

    This was so freaking good! 🥰

    • Tolga supreme
      Tolga supreme 15 годин тому

      Du auch hier oo

    • Marlon Rosi
      Marlon Rosi 16 годин тому

      @Obi-Wan Kenobi ja du hast recht sieht wirklich so aus XD

    • Marlon Rosi
      Marlon Rosi 16 годин тому

      Ich bin soo hyped hoffe es kommt noch für die ps4 raus hab nämlich kein pc oder ps5 XD

    • Ein flinkes Wiesel
      Ein flinkes Wiesel 16 годин тому

      Das erste Spiel mit Cal war ja schon extrem cool und das sieht auch sehr vielversprechend aus

    • Marvin Feindt
      Marvin Feindt 16 годин тому

      Schön euch hier zu treu:)

  • Grant Kruse
    Grant Kruse 14 годин тому +1

    Adding the 5 years that fallen order took place after the clone wars, along with the 5 years this new game adds, this game is a decade after the clone wars and chronologically falls in line perfectly with when the kenobi series takes place! Both events take place within the same year, maybe cal and obi wan can meet up!

    • Bailey Spence
      Bailey Spence 14 годин тому +1

      I wouldn’t count on it for the tv show but more than likely the video game

  • Texas Gamer Kid
    Texas Gamer Kid 13 годин тому

    I remember playing the first game and it was amazing I hope they hit it out of the park with this one

  • RSpudieD
    RSpudieD 13 годин тому

    WOW! This looks like it's going to be great! I can't wait to see what's next for Cal's story with it going this dark!

  • Darren Speed
    Darren Speed 12 годин тому

    I hope this has more replay value. I collected everything and messed around in the custom battle mode but it wasn't enough for me.

  • Trenton
    Trenton 16 годин тому +1258

    No way, I was NOT expecting this. The first game was such a pleasant surprise, I have VERY high hopes for this one

    • JustNikko
      JustNikko 16 годин тому

      @Tsukasa just because you follow the games industry close enough to know when certain games come out doesn’t mean you don’t have a life 😂

    • Ceru
      Ceru 16 годин тому +1

      If I know respawn... Sequels don't disappoint.

    • Mallow
      Mallow 16 годин тому

      @L750z _ no need to be rude

    • Julian Salazar
      Julian Salazar 16 годин тому

      @Tsukasa Yeah, says the dude literally commenting in a UA-cam section.

    • Jags
      Jags 16 годин тому

      @Tsukasa You can have a normal life and read a few leaks bruh

  • King m3ta
    King m3ta 13 годин тому +2

    I hope they have more lightsaber customizations and more outfits

  • Barokai Rein
    Barokai Rein 13 годин тому +2

    Oh hey that's nice! The first one was very enjoyable so all they have to do is not make it worse.
    I hope that they improve upon the double sided lightsaber's moveset so it's not something you use just for big groups of enemies.

  • Andrew 888
    Andrew 888 13 годин тому +1

    We really need Cal Kestis in live action series!

  • Tyla Gratton
    Tyla Gratton 13 годин тому

    So excited for this! Loved the first game even 100% it

  • StarHawk1106
    StarHawk1106 16 годин тому +2102

    Cal Kestis is becoming one of my absolute favorite Star Wars characters, CANNOT wait to see his story continue

    • jdksdj11
      jdksdj11 12 годин тому

      @StarHawk1106 Kanan already has a backstory in A New Dawn, so it would be hard to do.

      GANZ AQELON 13 годин тому

      @TexianSilver hah, yeah

    • StarHawk1106
      StarHawk1106 13 годин тому

      @Lucapook ALT ayyyyy what's up lmao

    • Alt bot account but I'm programmed to hate disney
      Alt bot account but I'm programmed to hate disney 14 годин тому +1

      Starkiiler is a superior character just as the Force Unleashed is a better game.

    • Art Hand
      Art Hand 15 годин тому

      I absolutely loved how even though I was literally force pulling storm troopers to me by the end and impaling them on my lightsaber, I still felt like I was just some guy with a lightsaber trying to do the right thing.
      I love that Cal doesn't feel like an unstoppable beast like Starkiller and he's not some chosen one like a Skywalker. I really hope they manage to keep him feeling like that.

  • Mani Haider
    Mani Haider 13 годин тому

    I'm so happy to see the last game did well enough to do the sequel. AAA single player games are my thing, so happy that Sony doesn't have to single handedly carry that torch. EA bring it on!

  • Ulices Baeza
    Ulices Baeza 13 годин тому +1

    Very excited of this game!
    Loved Fallen order, pretty sure I´ll love Survivor!

  • Tracey Muy
    Tracey Muy 12 годин тому

    Ahh excited to see where they take Cal’s Character!!! So ready for this game ahh!! 🤩👍

  • Gotham Savior
    Gotham Savior 13 годин тому

    This looks so GOOD. I can’t even begin to explain how stoked I am for this. And look a Pau’an that actually looks Pau’an. Lol. Genuinely though this looks like it’s going to be phenomenal just like the first game.

  • Cinematic Series Gaming
    Cinematic Series Gaming 16 годин тому +817

    This looks pretty great! I hope that the success of the original game will mean that the sequel is bigger and more polished. Dual wielding lightsaber stance, stealth options, more force abilities, bigger environments, more varied levels, more planets etc. Can't wait to see the gameplay!

    • Cinematic Series Gaming
      Cinematic Series Gaming 13 годин тому

      @BagelBramble stealth would work similarly to Uncharted 4. It would be optional and it could be used to pass some enemies unnoticed or to thin them out before engaging in combat. Cal is a survivor on the run from the Empire so it makes perfect sense to include stealth. Especially that all other similar games have this option: Uncharted, The Last Of Us, Tomb Raider, Sekiro and even Elden Ring to some degree. Cal should be able to crouch, hide in tall grass, pass under obstacles and stealthily take out enemies with a taser. It doesn't need to be anything complex like Hitman but a simple system like in Uncharted games. It would definitely make the gameplay more varied and interesting. Not every enemy in the game deserves a separate lightsaber fight. Actually, I believe that lightsaber combat would become way more special if the game used it more sparingly and gave players the option to solve problems in other ways that open combat: sneaking around, unlocking alternative paths, taking enemies out silently, distracting them with mind tricks or environment etc.

    • Steve Palpatine
      Steve Palpatine 13 годин тому

      @Cinematic Series Gaming lol Disney "canon" is a joke.
      But yeah I don't think it should be as powerful as Sidious or Revan, like where it can literally vaporize people, but even if it was more of a stun-lock thing, where it like locks enemies in place for a couple of seconds, at the end of the day it's a video game, and Lightning is one of the coolest Force powers, it's a big miss if it isnt included.
      What they _do_ need are more objects in the environment you can use to grab and throw, apart from a couple of R2 Droids on Kashyyk and the homeworld there wasnt that much I found to pick up and throw around.
      Theres loads of powers Cal has yet to develop thats why I dont think theyll reset him to the beginning, it doesnt make sense when hes just starting to come into his own.

    • BagelBramble
      BagelBramble 13 годин тому

      Don't personally see stealth working and honestly, don't really want to. Doesn't feel like it needs any stealth.

    • Cinematic Series Gaming
      Cinematic Series Gaming 13 годин тому +1

      @Steve Palpatine I don't know about that. Force Lightning seems to be a super unique power in Disney canon. Reserved only for the most powerful characters like Emperor, Dooku or Rey. I doubt they would give this ability to Cal. If they do, it will probably be a weak version that produces a short burst of lightning and only stuns enemies or produces minimal damage. If developers decide to experiment with the dark side, I think force choke is more likely to appear in the game. It's a more neutral force ability that doesn't require deep knowledge of the dark side and we've even seen good characters like Luke use it before. Another option I see is force rage. The game could give the players an option to activate force rage during boss battles. This would make Cal more powerful and more resilient but could also have story implications as it would push Cal towards the dark side.

    • Steve Palpatine
      Steve Palpatine 14 годин тому

      @Cinematic Series Gaming Lightning.
      Its something that was missing from the first game, and they had a perfect opportunity to introduce it too, in the scene where Cals master is shot outside the escape pod, in that moment the anger and desperation should have opened Cal up to the Dark Side and instead of freezing the Clones he should have Force Lightninged them.

  • Matthew Roberts
    Matthew Roberts 14 годин тому +2

    I really hope they add more end-game content, the campaign was fairly short, so I spent most of my time in the simulations fighting stormtroopers over and over until it got repetitive. I think the game needs a better new game plus system, in the first game the campaign wouldn't get any more difficult after beating it, it would just carry your cosmetics over from your previous run. A dedicated endless mode would be cool too, especially with more than one player. Imagine a co-op mode where two Jedi have to defend an old temple from a siege of troopers during the purge.

    • Spartan Vidar Gaming
      Spartan Vidar Gaming 13 годин тому

      Why do i get the feeling the person in the tank is Caleb dime

  • Yitey
    Yitey 12 годин тому

    Fallen Order gave me chills.
    Can’t wait experience this one.

  • Dreamer of the Hidden mist
    Dreamer of the Hidden mist 13 годин тому +1

    We all know how amazing the first game was. Thankyou EA and Resapwn for continuing this beautiful story you created!

  • Bloodshot-Nova
    Bloodshot-Nova 12 годин тому

    Ironic how I just finally finished the game after having it for a year and now a new one comes out 😭🙏🏾

  • Sam P
    Sam P 16 годин тому +525

    Cals story was a best original Jedis story I’ve witnessed for so long. Him and BD are a very strong partnership. Up there with Anakin and R2 for me. I just know the productions going to be insane aswell. This is a big win for Star Wars fans

    • Steve Palpatine
      Steve Palpatine 14 годин тому +1

      Its quite honestly the best Star Wars game since KotOR

    • Sam P
      Sam P 15 годин тому

      @Bruce Wayne thank you 😂

    • Strangermoon
      Strangermoon 15 годин тому

      its weak compared to kyle kataran.

    • Major Brix
      Major Brix 15 годин тому

      Let’s goooo!!

    REZMERCS🔱 13 годин тому

    I was hoping for second game the first one was so great can’t wait to play this when it come out

  • Project Milzock
    Project Milzock 13 годин тому

    Cannot wait to see more of this!

  • RuhGuhDuh
    RuhGuhDuh 14 годин тому +4

    YES! This is what we want, EA! Not half baked live services. Good games, that have love put in them.

    • Apom Taylor
      Apom Taylor 12 годин тому

      I hope you're not talking about battlefront 2

  • ketchup016
    ketchup016 13 годин тому

    I hope all the characters are back. My favourite thing about Fallen Order was the story.

  • Hawkeye Trickshot
    Hawkeye Trickshot 16 годин тому +1431

    There is something so magically mysterious about this. Feels like old Star Wars. I love it. I can’t wait to find out who that character at the end is. Looks like Raiden from MGS.

    • BagelBramble
      BagelBramble 13 годин тому

      @Paracytes Vyrus mans really just said "water tank"

    • AJediReaction
      AJediReaction 14 годин тому

      @Diamonddotzip in all honesty i would love that

    • Barberro
      Barberro 15 годин тому

      @snugs was here yeah you can

    • AJediReaction
      AJediReaction 15 годин тому

      @burger cat ive looked into it further both this person and the darkside character who cal is fighting both have one arm

    • Brett Packard
      Brett Packard 15 годин тому

      @TheHighGround I don't think so. Fallen Order takes place around 14 BBY, while Starkiller was taken as a child less than 5 years earlier and the events of Force Unleashed take place around 2 BBY. Starkiller would still be pretty young, I don't think that's him.
      Edit: Digging around, I see that Jedi Survivor takes place 5 years after Fallen Order, placing this game around 9 BBY. That's still several years before Force Unleashed, but I suppose 10 years after Starkiller is taken could be reasonable. I still don't think it will be him.

  • Moki
    Moki 12 годин тому

    Haven't even started the trailer yet, my heart just stopped... Please let this be a worthy sequel

  • Kayto W
    Kayto W 13 годин тому

    Can’t wait! Hope they made the lightsaber cuts more realistic. I would live to watch stormtroopers get cut up

  • T F
    T F 12 годин тому

    4 Hours and it's touching a million views, shows how much the first game is loved

  • Jasparactic
    Jasparactic 13 годин тому

    I hope we get some Cal dancing with the dark side in this one, I’ve always found Sith a lot more appealing than Jedi. Regardless, cannot WAIT to play.

  • Khezo
    Khezo 15 годин тому +407

    You know, i played through the first game, and the thing that amazed me was the world building it did without needing too much of a word, and all the history you can learn using Cal's force echo sense ability was a nice addition to it.

    • Mistress of Dreams
      Mistress of Dreams 13 годин тому

      @Matt S Retcons? Do you have proof they are retcons or just using cinemasins logic?

    • Amuro Ray
      Amuro Ray 13 годин тому

      @Matt S Zeffo lore was worldbuilding by itself.

    • Matt S
      Matt S 13 годин тому

      it didn't have any worldbuilding tho. A ton of retcons, yes. Aside from the Zeffo lore it was entirely empty though.

    • Amuro Ray
      Amuro Ray 13 годин тому

      @HArv you’ve never touched a puzzle in your life. RIP

    • Mistress of Dreams
      Mistress of Dreams 13 годин тому

      @cat garfield you failed at noticing the joke, they made a star wars quote

  • Trey Phillips
    Trey Phillips 12 годин тому

    Yo I was screaming with joy the entire video!!! I love the first game and have been a Star Wars fan since I was little. Yes!!! Im so happy EA is continuing this series. Hopefully no micro transaction again 🤞

  • DarthKnightUchiha141
    DarthKnightUchiha141 14 годин тому

    so excited Cal looks like he has become stronger, smarter, wiser and humble I hope there is a possibility that he will run into Obi Wan since the game also takes place 10 years after Order 66 like Kenobi

  • Fernando José Escamilla Reyes
    Fernando José Escamilla Reyes 12 годин тому

    Yesterday I finished Jedi fallen order and now I receive this trailer , I'm so excited about it🤩🤩🤩

  • Gamaliel Turcios
    Gamaliel Turcios 12 годин тому

    Hope you can use two sabers in the sequel to not just one or the double bladed saber. There needs to be 3 options to choose from. Because my favorite combat style is with two blades. Actually that's always been my combat style. If I were a Jedi that's the combat style I would go for. It just goes with me.

  • I wanna grOW
    I wanna grOW 14 годин тому +672

    Fallen Order was the best single-player Star Wars experience I'd had in almost a decade when it came out. Survivor looks to do that and SO much more. The future of Star Wars games is in Respawn's careful hands, and I can't wait to see where they take us

    • Wilhuff Tarkin
      Wilhuff Tarkin 12 годин тому

      @Matt S JFO was actually a knockoff of the Coruscant Nights novels. Cal Cestis is basically Jax Pavan.

    • Eddy Earle
      Eddy Earle 12 годин тому

      @noah sp all I can really say is you won't regret playing it👍

    • Amuro Ray
      Amuro Ray 12 годин тому

      @Matt S I have no clue why you’re telling me this but it made no 0 sense.
      It’s made very clearly why Merrin goes with Cal. Her people were wiped out during the Clone Wars and she wants to help his cause. She’s connected to the planet through the Force. Do you know anything about The Nightsisters?? It sounds like things like “Dathomir” are unfamiliar to you.
      There wasn’t even romance between Cal and Merrin so I have 0 clue what you’re even on about with that “sexual interest” mess.
      Everything you wrote sounds like someone who honestly didn’t pay attention even though the story was very easy to follow and make sense of. VERY easy to follow.
      JFO is nothing like TFU. They basically made Starkiller an OP self insert for the player so that you could do nonsensical stuff like beat Vader, (Chosen One) which is illogical and goes the against the entire Star Wars story. A random boy found on Kasshykk who has greater power than Vader (Anakin Skywalker): TFU was entirely a fanfic but with fun gameplay.
      Which is why Starkiller’s character was never considered canon even within the EU.
      The entire story is a plothole which is why it was never canon to any continuity

    • Murilo Xavier
      Murilo Xavier 12 годин тому

      @Reign kotor isnt that good, the lore is cool but the gameplay is boring as fuck

    • Matt S
      Matt S 12 годин тому

      @Amuro Ray jfo was a knockoff of tfu and kyle katarn with a tomb raider/uncharted mcguffin. sadly the plot(and holes) was all over the place and character actions made ZERO sense. why did the witch just go with him? Why did she fall in love with him or whatever? how did she not know that he killed the bat until he told her...he entire character was a mess and just a self insert/fanfic of whoever wrote her. They desperately wanted a stupid counter part for him that didn't fit the plot. Typical adventure game trope that the hero needs a sexual interest to complete his journey.
      Tbh the Zeffo tombs and lore was the only truly interesting and redeeming thing about the game.

    WRETCH 13 годин тому +5

    The way the Sith put an emphasis whenever they say *Jedi* always gives me goosebumps

  • Mandow257
    Mandow257 14 годин тому

    I was caught of guard! Can't wait to get it!

  • The Darkness Within
    The Darkness Within 13 годин тому +1

    I can't wait to see where the story of Cal Kestus goes now

  • hi im justin
    hi im justin 12 годин тому

    Fallen Order is one of the few games I've beaten twice. Such a fun game and such a compelling story. Crazy that an EA game somehow felt more experimental than the films or movies

    RLYAHR 16 годин тому +296

    this Star Wars content going crazy, I’m so glad cal is getting a sequel ( he definitely deserves it after such an amazing first game! )

    • Brian Orozco
      Brian Orozco 15 годин тому

      @RLYAHR I thought that was Merrin in the bacta tank or whatever that thing we saw Cal looking at was

    • Dead Spaced Out
      Dead Spaced Out 16 годин тому +3

      @RLYAHR oh yeah, no doubt.

    • RLYAHR
      RLYAHR 16 годин тому +3

      @Dead Spaced Out I’m sure somethings gotta be going on with cal and Merrin

    • Dead Spaced Out
      Dead Spaced Out 16 годин тому +6

      Hopefully he'll get a Trilogy and i hope in the full game we see Greez, Cere and Merrin, definitely need the comic relief, the mentor or... second mentor i guess and the... love interest, question mark? we all think it, let's be honest.

  • Ardronious Kath
    Ardronious Kath 14 годин тому

    I absolutely CANNOT wait! This is so epic!

  • Oakshield
    Oakshield 13 годин тому

    I'd love a soulslike SW game. As in, one lightsaber hit and you lose your hand or just downright dies. That'd be intense as heck.

  • Isai Brusewitz
    Isai Brusewitz 14 годин тому

    Excellent! Nice one, EA. More of this actual, y'know, video game stuff, instead of loot box casinos and NFT gambling simulators. I'll buy it and support it if it's actually a real, full- length and complete actual real life finished video game that you can play and finish and feel satisfied saying 'wow, that was a fun few hours' like we had once upon a time. Remember those?

  • Elianne vd Linden
    Elianne vd Linden 12 годин тому

    I loved Fallen Order! I can’t wait!!

  • Jdog6704 Plays
    Jdog6704 Plays 16 годин тому +76

    So glad this came out because Jedi Fallen Order was such a good game, can't wait to see this come out. I can't wait to see where Cal's Story goes and what new obstacles he has to overcome! 😷👍

    • I steal NFT's
      I steal NFT's 15 годин тому

      Bro I'm praying to God that we can cut stormtroopers in half that shit is will be so sweet even if we can't still can't wait to play banger gameplay and story

  • Xibal
    Xibal 13 годин тому

    Fallen Order is a fantastic game. I have high expectations for this.

  • AnEpicSquareDorito
    AnEpicSquareDorito 13 годин тому +1

    this looks really exciting, weird how its 5 years later tho

  • Bradford Johnston
    Bradford Johnston 13 годин тому +1

    With Respawn at the helm I am much more excited than if it were just EA.

  • Marcus Anderson
    Marcus Anderson 13 годин тому

    Man that Last game was Really Good. I can't wait to see what they do with this. I'm Pumped

  • Gavra Zefanda
    Gavra Zefanda 16 годин тому +732

    Man they really don't give us a break. First Obi - Wan series, and the the other series announcement, and now this? Can't wait for this, and really glad to see Cal back 🔥🔥

    • Brian Orozco
      Brian Orozco 15 годин тому

      @LittleCaeser We literally JUST got the first two episodes today and you’re already talking hating on it so much just because it’s by Disney

    • MyApologies
      MyApologies 15 годин тому

      @Gavra Zefanda
      Possibly, it seems likely. There's a panel for The Bad Batch on Sunday the 29th, this month, which will most likely announce a date for Bad Batch season 2, or at least some news about it.

    • MyApologies
      MyApologies 15 годин тому

      @kisame hoshikagi
      This weekend, 29th May. Last day of Star Wars celebration.

    • MyApologies
      MyApologies 15 годин тому

      @Elias Hernandez
      This month, Sunday coming. 29th May.

    • andreasaa2000
      andreasaa2000 15 годин тому

      @LittleCaeser The two first eps are out?

  • Ike Greil
    Ike Greil 14 годин тому

    I'm just hoping we have a lot more abilities this time around.