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Orbital - Halcyon + On + On [HQ]

  • Опубліковано 12 січ 2010
  • Mortal Kombat - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


  • @enigma4430
    @enigma4430 9 років тому +1

    This was a song from the 90's that gave you a feeling of hope for the next decade and beyond...man how things have changed. The feeling that this song conjured is absent in the world right now as thing digress into bloody strife and global conflict...how do we return to this...

  • @DTownNash
    @DTownNash 8 років тому +1

    "One Day, We will be reunited but until then my spirit will always be with you. Go in peace my brother." I cry every time on that part.

  • @annakozlinska7059
    @annakozlinska7059 5 років тому +223

    Shao Kahn:You weak,pathetic fools,I've come for your souls

  • @lisardo
    @lisardo 9 років тому +471

    Mortal Kombat introduced me to techno and trance as a teenager. Thank you MK!!

  • @TheCshiz72
    @TheCshiz72 9 років тому +347

    holy shit.....everytime I hear this song or see mortal kombat the movie......I really really wish it was the 90's again.........great times was in elementary school........simple times.......and great times......sorry I could go on and on, but this song brings back a lot of memories and emotions

  • @CaptainKielbasa
    @CaptainKielbasa 7 років тому +313

    Anything that came out in the 90's is pure gold. Music and all!

  • @sosahernandez1781
    @sosahernandez1781 7 років тому +247

    let's go home

  • @craigrhoads8550
    @craigrhoads8550 2 роки тому +57

    No matter how many times I listen to this, I always think of how young I was when I turned 21, and remembering the short years before '95. Life was so awesome back then

  • @hinder_epoch4440
    @hinder_epoch4440 2 роки тому +182

    This brings back so many memories. 1995. Seeing MK in theaters. Got the soundtrack cd. Poster. And a Scorpion action figure part of promo deal. Hearing this in theaters totally floored me. Brought a sense of calm. Ease. That despite everything...all things have a funny way of working itself out. Going home. Placing this in my radio. Having this track on repeat at bed time. It would just lull me off to sleep. I even used this as therapy for certain maladies that happened throughout my existence...

  • @HEC892
    @HEC892 6 років тому +136

    This song is one of the reasons I enjoy trance and I just wish i could go back to 1996 enjoying running around with my cousin, and still being able to see my dad who is now in heaven since 1999.

  • @ChildoFNight1990
    @ChildoFNight1990 9 років тому +192

    Memories of a simpler time

  • @Mrsockpants2222
    @Mrsockpants2222 2 роки тому +77

    I want this at my funeral .... this song hits me in a spot that shakes my soul

  • @OhioRunsBoxing
    @OhioRunsBoxing 9 років тому +256

    This is my favorite part of the movie when this song comes on and Liu Kang tells everybody, ''LET'S GO HOME'' LOVE IT!! SMH..

  • @m.k.feliciano9558
    @m.k.feliciano9558 7 років тому +116

    This part of the MK movie will always fuck my life up.

  • @vii408
    @vii408 2 роки тому +53

    the most meaningful and now poignant words spoken in the film "Lets go home."

  • @louishogner7018
    @louishogner7018 3 роки тому +28

    The opening of this always brings me to tears. It makes me think of Heaven.

  • @kokomanation
    @kokomanation Рік тому +5

    90s was the greatest decade for electronic music

  • @koolkendall9204
    @koolkendall9204 5 років тому +61

    2019.....Who's still listening to this besides me?

  • @seijexsentertainment7815
    @seijexsentertainment7815 3 роки тому +176

    Whenever the Covid-19 pandemic is finally over I'm gonna play this song

  • @jjyhawk1
    @jjyhawk1 6 років тому +195

    Liu: "Chan..."