Please help me, my phone is ringing 😆😂

  • Опубліковано 8 бер 2023
  • Please help me, my phone is ringing
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  • thereal comment
    thereal comment 6 днів тому +3785

    dude lucky the girl friend never saw his facial reaction 😂😂😂

    • Guadalupe Diaz
      Guadalupe Diaz 3 години тому

      Ya lo vio
      De seguro

    • Leandra Rodrigues
      Leandra Rodrigues День тому

      Depois desse vídeo sim, kkkkk

    • Chang Uchang
      Chang Uchang День тому

      ​@Fallen Angel fallen angel lol

    • Abdulla Abdulla
      Abdulla Abdulla День тому +1

      Haha 😂she probably seen this video and now they in divorce court

    • jabsy jo
      jabsy jo День тому +4

      As far as I can see he's ashamed of that girl..

  • VeronicaM
    VeronicaM День тому +37

    She was decent enough to get her phone from inside her pants, which was already disgusting from a stranger, and then she wanted her to hold her phone for her as she speaks. ✋🏽

  • Reel Fun
    Reel Fun 5 днів тому +1964

    The girl on the bench was hotter than the girl with the phone . No doubt.

    • duane mcneese
      duane mcneese 2 години тому

      You think he cared?

    • sbtopjosh
      sbtopjosh 3 години тому

      I think one is a girl the other is a woman

    • Noemi Narciso
      Noemi Narciso 7 годин тому

      Yeah true 💯

    • Autumn Noble
      Autumn Noble 9 годин тому +1

      oh mane, here we go again. a man comparing two beauties where he doesn’t compare 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Marcelo Mitras
      Marcelo Mitras 22 години тому


  • BNJM
    BNJM 2 дні тому +412

    Girlfriend did the right thing. She helped as much as reasonable but showed her that she should do the rest herself elsewhere.

  • Gargi Payeng
    Gargi Payeng 8 днів тому +1014

    Lol. That guy definitely wanted to help

    • KiwiiCow
      KiwiiCow День тому


    • SteamedBanana
      SteamedBanana День тому +6

      She might wanna find a better bf. Surely he aint to happy with his girl touching another man like that

    • Aniket Dev
      Aniket Dev 6 днів тому +16

      Her reaction was normal because she attached an underwear with her phone which was not visible 💀

  • தமிழ் கீதங்கள்

    Boy face reactions super😂😂😂😂

  • Mike North
    Mike North 13 днів тому +1248

    She later died from disgustion, he on the other hand lived a long happy life with that thought imbedded in his mind for eternity.

    • Mike North
      Mike North 19 годин тому +2

      @BangeRang mother in law's tend to be carriers of disgustion, I don't think it can kill them, they just tend to get really sick of everything

    • BangeRang
      BangeRang 23 години тому +2

      @Mike North 😂 fine . If i use this on my mother in law will she die …

    • Mike North
      Mike North День тому +1

      @BangeRang yeah, but this one died of *disgustion* 🥺
      We shouldn't speak of the dead like that, being a woman killed her..

  • Robert Burk
    Robert Burk 2 дні тому +32

    Love how the gf didn't want to do it but rushed to do it to keep her bf away from her booty lol

  • Divyanga vlog
    Divyanga vlog 6 днів тому +294

    Bro was so sad about missing his opportunity.

    • raiza meharin
      raiza meharin 12 годин тому

      Yaa🤣 exactly right🤭

    • Benjamin B.
      Benjamin B. 5 днів тому +4

      Warum sollte er traurig sein ?Er hat ein schönes Mädchen!

  • TrueVideos
    TrueVideos 13 днів тому +617

    She explained her attitude in the right way

    • Silvana Luisa martins
      Silvana Luisa martins 4 дні тому +2


    • Melissa Ekis
      Melissa Ekis 7 днів тому +2

      @TrueVideos I'm glad. You're welcome 🙂🙏

    • TrueVideos
      TrueVideos 7 днів тому +1

      @Melissa Ekis My favourite Ice Cream... Thank you 🙏

    • Melissa Ekis
      Melissa Ekis 7 днів тому +2

      @TrueVideos ur welcome 🍰🍨

  • Larry Belitsky
    Larry Belitsky 4 дні тому +18

    Stroke of genius making sure to pull the prank with an empty box gambling that the victim wouldn't throw the phone down.

  • shikhar mehta
    shikhar mehta 2 дні тому +2

    The girl on the bench was like... oh ho what did I touch man..😂 😂

  • Alex Jones
    Alex Jones 11 днів тому +479

    The guy was disappointed as well as feeling apologetic for the behaviour of his girlfriend too . 😂😅

    • Frank&Beanz
      Frank&Beanz День тому

      That's just a sign he not gay. Nothing to worry about.

    • jayanthiya Shop
      jayanthiya Shop 4 дні тому +1

      Yeh😂😂😂😂good guy

    • kaveri jeni
      kaveri jeni 6 днів тому +6

      these men if his gf not there means sure will help n flirt her

    • G.S.S.M
      G.S.S.M 7 днів тому +2

      I estimate at least 50% of men go through these situations... Including me

  • amit kumar kerketta
    amit kumar kerketta 6 днів тому +45

    Aww the guy had a spark of smile on his face...

  • Karla Mae
    Karla Mae 3 дні тому +31

    The fact that he raised his hand to get the phone as quick as his girlfriend did without even a thought! And then he legit stares at her ass the whole time.
    Ya, I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him girlfriend!

  • Сергей Сергеев
    Сергей Сергеев 11 днів тому +45

    Уже и ручки потянул,а в конце такое сожаление на лице у парняги))

    • Prizrak
      Prizrak День тому


  • Pat White
    Pat White 5 днів тому +23

    His expressions are priceless!

  • Sachin Gupta
    Sachin Gupta 3 дні тому +1

    That duck 🦆 guy is extremely thirsty 😂

  • Nikola
    Nikola 13 днів тому +171

    Look at the guys face 😂 he was loving that box 😅

  • Puspanjali
    Puspanjali 6 днів тому +11

    Just look at her boyfriend face🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣his expression (happiness with apologize) 🤣😂

  • Abhishek Mishr
    Abhishek Mishr 2 години тому

    Boys facial reactions were hilarious 😂😂

  • Captain Idra
    Captain Idra 13 днів тому +178

    I can't stand these pranks! This is just an excuse to make women make OTHER women mad or feel insecure

    • Lucci jayr
      Lucci jayr 20 годин тому

      Or to show the true nature of these men.

    • James Jameson
      James Jameson 4 дні тому

      Go and watch balls of steel, bunny boiler, English version

    • Pasindu Navodya
      Pasindu Navodya 10 днів тому


    • Captain Idra
      Captain Idra 11 днів тому

      @Didmasela yeah but they still get to close. It's just my opinion😌

  • CHERUKURI gowtham
    CHERUKURI gowtham 3 дні тому +6

    Mean time that dude created a story line created few multimedia characters and started directing the film in his mind😂😂😂😂

  • G_Mac
    G_Mac 7 годин тому

    you go girl!

  • Vijay Dangat
    Vijay Dangat 12 днів тому +122

    लडके की मुस्कान,जैसे खजाना मिल गया 😂😂

    • SM
      SM 6 днів тому +3

      ​@Mike North wtf😂

    • Mike North
      Mike North 6 днів тому +1

      @krish Sooo... Hindian? Lol

    • Yottabyte
      Yottabyte 6 днів тому +1


    • celina perez
      celina perez 9 днів тому

      😂😛el chico

    • krish
      krish 11 днів тому +8

      ​@Calculator Hindi. Spoken mostly in India.

  • Temple Osigwe
    Temple Osigwe 2 дні тому

    Oh my world. The bae would have none of that 😉

  • SunBrother
    SunBrother 2 дні тому

    Bro was reaching to help too quickly 😂

  • Laxmi Devarapalli
    Laxmi Devarapalli 3 дні тому +4

    The way they sat on the bench is soo cute....❤

  • sudais nawaZ
    sudais nawaZ День тому +1

    I need to send this video to dude ... Setting back

  • Patricia C.
    Patricia C. 12 годин тому

    The horror on the girlfriend’s face when she saw the underwear hanging from the phone omggg I would probably do the same thing if that was me 💀

    ВДА VDA 6 днів тому +6

    Нормальная реакция, почему критикуют красавицу на лавочке, не понимаю? Девчонки каждая сама за себя, так и должно быть!

  • Leonardo di parma
    Leonardo di parma 12 годин тому

    Dude really tried to reach for that phone 😂😂

    NIRAJ SINGH ROHELA 6 годин тому +1

    Imagine if the dude proceeded to kiss his girlfriend's hand later 😂😂😂😂

  • Man on earth Yeep
    Man on earth Yeep 6 днів тому +10

    And that's why people nowadays don't even like to help ..cuz sadly don't know if it's reverse come to them..😌✨

    • Seethu
      Seethu 6 днів тому +1

      Yes true😭

  • ram kumar
    ram kumar 3 дні тому

    The cameraman drank his last invisibility potion

  • BTS💜💜
    BTS💜💜 4 дні тому

    The little smile on the guy's face

  • Виталий Цупров
    Виталий Цупров 6 днів тому +4

    Какая нормальная,неиспорченная и красивая пара!!!✌️🇺🇦👍

    • Надежда Сусликова
      Надежда Сусликова 3 дні тому +2

      @Alstro Emerium Просто у нее низкий интеллект. Плохо воспитана.

    • Alstro Emerium
      Alstro Emerium 3 дні тому

      Ну, девушка явно поступила некрасиво. Можно было вежливо отказать, а не с блевотным лицом бросать телефон в коробку.

    • Надежда Сусликова
      Надежда Сусликова 4 дні тому

      Пара красивая, но если бы парень был один, он бы не только с телефоном помог. Видно было по его взгляду.

  • Jayanti Jotder
    Jayanti Jotder 2 дні тому

    Helplessness is what I can see in his eyes 😂

  • Vikas Singh
    Vikas Singh 2 дні тому

    Just watch that guy’s reaction 🤣🤣

  • Sujani Herath
    Sujani Herath 11 днів тому +59

    it's not that girls problem. why that women can do it. keep your box down & answers to your📱 . why you disturb to any other. .beautiful cute girl you don't worry you are Right you throw her phone into the box it's very good.👍.

    • Mike North
      Mike North 4 дні тому


    • Harish Kiran
      Harish Kiran 6 днів тому

      So in ലങ്ക.....

  • Pordha Gabelit
    Pordha Gabelit 2 дні тому

    Budys face all lit up hahaha

  • ShroomGod
    ShroomGod 6 днів тому +2

    He went to grab the phone 😂 you could tell he clearly wasn’t thinking

  • MC Gudz Gaming
    MC Gudz Gaming 9 днів тому +21

    That guy expression 😂

    • jovita
      jovita 6 днів тому +2


  • Rod Judd
    Rod Judd День тому

    What a joy she is

  • IAmGhost
    IAmGhost День тому

    New trauma unlocked 😂

    RASCVET 7 днів тому +4

    Побрезговала и вытерла руку об волосы 🤣🤦‍♂️

  • Reya Lee
    Reya Lee 5 днів тому +1

    At first I was like, "that's kinda rude" BUT after seeing it again and again yeah, I get it. There was an underwear/ panty connected to the phone, so yeah, she has the right to react like that 😬😅 Let's not be quick to judge guys 😬😅

  • Harry Caleb
    Harry Caleb 3 години тому

    Bring these typa pranks back😭

  • david david
    david david 12 днів тому +4

    My guy liked the color😂

  • ForTheMeme
    ForTheMeme 2 дні тому

    She got annoyed real quick.

  • Rkv
    Rkv 3 дні тому

    Guy's reaction 😂

  • Jorungólogo
    Jorungólogo 11 днів тому +30

    La cara del tipo todo un poema 🤣

  • my name
    my name День тому +1

    God had blessed all the cameramans to become invisible... 🙏🙏🙏👌

  • IAmGhost
    IAmGhost День тому

    He really wanted to take that phone Outta her but his gf won and lost 😂

  • Serjii Txcolmenares
    Serjii Txcolmenares 11 днів тому +5

    DAMM Watching the second time, I noticed that the phone was attached to the panties

  • Jomas 16
    Jomas 16 День тому

    The guy looked like he was kidnapped and begging for help!

  • faith man
    faith man 3 дні тому

    the gf suddenly feel insecure, while the dude just.. grin 😊

  • Prasad Ambre
    Prasad Ambre 5 днів тому +9

    That handsome boys smile😍🔥

  • Pulkit Raturi
    Pulkit Raturi День тому

    Yea bro good move , glad you still alive bro

  • Cyrus Hawkins
    Cyrus Hawkins День тому

    Honestly bruh looked disgusted himself 😅 idek what yall mean, he was just smiling to be nice. 😅 Bruh didn't want nothing to do with that female.

  • Kamlaikeaw Kamlaikeaw
    Kamlaikeaw Kamlaikeaw 8 днів тому +8

    ถ้าเป็นคนไทย​ ทุกคนยินดีให้ช่วยเหลือ​และรอยยิ้ม🇹🇭

  • Valentine Trotskaya Zamora
    Valentine Trotskaya Zamora 4 дні тому +2

    Jaja look at the guy face!!! He looks so happy n exited to se her! 😂😂😂😂

  • Sam
    Sam День тому +1

    That guy had a dream left over

  • Юрий
    Юрий 13 днів тому +50

    Очень красивая пара на лавочке!

    • Alstro Emerium
      Alstro Emerium 3 дні тому

      ​@Igor Felker интеллект налицо)

    • Igor Felker
      Igor Felker 3 дні тому

      @Юрий на вкус и цвет все фломастеры разные!

    • Юрий
      Юрий 4 дні тому

      ​@Igor FelkerОчень красивая форма губ!Не надо ля ля!

    • Igor Felker
      Igor Felker 4 дні тому +1

      Ну мужик может и да а у бабы чета с губой верхней да и ваще глупая видно

  • No one
    No one 7 годин тому

    Why she looked disgusted or traumatized HAHAHAHAHHA can't stop laughing

  • Parveen Dhillon
    Parveen Dhillon День тому

    That guy be like :- woahh it's feast to the eyes 😂😂😂

  • T Bolton
    T Bolton 13 днів тому +84

    She looked weird! Sorta like a "Wednesday Adam" character. R.I P.

    • Mike North
      Mike North 4 дні тому +1

      ​@krizzy360 🤣🤣🤣🤣 so true. Good eye!😂 Lol

    • Kingsley Nwosu
      Kingsley Nwosu 5 днів тому +3

      You're obsessed G

  • King Aidan
    King Aidan 2 дні тому

    That man getting whipped right now

  • Ramsha Ali
    Ramsha Ali 2 дні тому

    His face 😂😂😂

  • 林聖雄
    林聖雄 7 днів тому +16

    In this case, it is a wise decision to let the girlfriend make the decision.

    • Erica Y
      Erica Y 13 годин тому +1

      ​@A Tamnganing she shouldn't have attached underwear to the phone if she didn't want the phone to get dropped.

    • A Tamnganing
      A Tamnganing 5 днів тому

      I agree but she shouldn't drop it in the box

  • Margo Taylor
    Margo Taylor 13 годин тому

    The disdain😂😂😂why thooooo

  • Gigi jose Jacob
    Gigi jose Jacob День тому

    Their expressions,😂

  • Gustavo Gonzalez
    Gustavo Gonzalez 13 днів тому +17

    She is right to throw her phone inside the box... because it’s not her the problem is. She can put the box down on floor and take phone, what a great woman is really idiots.

  • Sahitya singh Singh
    Sahitya singh Singh 3 дні тому +1

    The guy's reaction is everything 💀

  • Sylvia Sun
    Sylvia Sun 2 дні тому

    The facial reactions of the man look funny and he missed an opportunity to help that girl

  • Des
    Des 13 днів тому +7

    I had a girlfriend like that. Rude to any other female that got near me. Got old

    • HerTraumagic
      HerTraumagic 10 днів тому +1

      @Des I understand you as well. There are a number of girls (even grown women) whom are insecure (because they never viewed themselves as very pretty, think they're basic and look at other women as if they're way prettier due to doll face and "perfect" body. They just don't see themselves that way even though they could be one of prettiest women), posessive because they are insecure and want to keep you to themselves, scared to lose you (maybe due to daddy issues, being treated badly at home mentally/spiritually/physically), controlling (or try to be) because of insecurity wanting to know your every step, scared others will see all the great things they see in you as well. And scared you'll fall in love with a girl you like more. Jealousy is a normal thing and only healthy to a certain degree. It shows they really want you and keep you but if taking things too far it's very unhealthy and they should work on themselves or get therapy. These things all three together affect one another and it's like a vicious circle unfortunately. How old was she then? Young girls tend to have this due to being unexperienced. When I just got with my man (age 14. What do you know at that age and especially because you know/see that 90% is cheating), I could be jealous sometimes too but around age 18/20 that was completely gone. I'm happy for you that you don't have to deal with that anymore. Very nice/good of you that you're not dragging her through the mud. That's respect! How are you now? Hope you're happy now.

    • Des
      Des 10 днів тому

      @HerTraumagic I understand what you are saying. I think in my case she was just very possessive, jealous, and a little insecure. She had some other traits though, that were wonderful ;)

    • HerTraumagic
      HerTraumagic 10 днів тому +1

      I'm sorry she was like that to every woman but I'm sure her intuition was right on about most women trying to get in between the two of you or just trying to fuck with your girlfriend. Intuition of a woman is mostly right. Just like you men know when other men try to get with your girl if that makes sense. I'm in a 20 year relationship but only had about 6 girls that I felt like ohhh helll no, as they were rude, toxic and just wanted to mess things up for the fun of it. I ignored them though, did not gave them satisfaction.

  • mo mo
    mo mo 3 дні тому


  • Nanyonjo V2
    Nanyonjo V2 День тому

    The best attitude I've seen for this prank 👍👍

  • Антоха с теплотрассы

    Там труханы были с пятнами✊🏻😅😅😅😅

  • insaners
    insaners 2 дні тому

    He even thought to take if first by himself.. Then when his gf proceeded he was embarassed

  • Нургуль Ерназарова
    Нургуль Ерназарова 9 днів тому +2

    Прекрасные молодые люди

  • J Palmen
    J Palmen 3 дні тому +16

    When a person's behaviour can make all their physical beauty turn to ugliness in a heartbeat

  • Mik m
    Mik m 9 днів тому +1

    At this point the guy mind just vanished and his eyes could not see straight ever again ,also he would never look at his girlfriend the same way ever poor chappy

  • navya
    navya 3 дні тому +1

    Ladke ki smile 😂🤣😂🤣🥰

  • Александр Багроа
    Александр Багроа 13 днів тому +18

    Она просто в ахере,мысли спутались в клубок,по глазам видно как охеревает!

  • Tjandra Widjaja
    Tjandra Widjaja 3 дні тому

    Kerennya Prank orang luar negri, selalu enak dan segar dilihat bahkan kadang enak didengar ....tidak seperti di negara..

  • Ady Chhangte
    Ady Chhangte 3 дні тому

    at least she calmly dropped on the percel. if its happen to me, i would scream for sure.

  • Rich Rich
    Rich Rich 5 днів тому +5

    That was the moment Pedro realised, she ain't worth it

  • Sameen Rehman
    Sameen Rehman День тому

    His face😂😂😂😂

  • Regina George - Chanel no. 7
    Regina George - Chanel no. 7 3 дні тому

    How insecure and rude that sitting gurl was lol

    • Jay Hubby
      Jay Hubby 3 дні тому

      What happened to dropping the phone in the box and dropping box and picking up the phone I mean she did the best thing but common sense is nt common

  • sayf Akramov
    sayf Akramov 12 днів тому +6

    какая красивая пара👍👍👍♥️

  • TeamCALI
    TeamCALI 16 годин тому

    🤣🤣🤣 She should've thrown the phone in the air so everyone can see the thong tied to it

  • Рамиль Салихов
    Рамиль Салихов 11 днів тому +5


    • Cat Cat & Friends
      Cat Cat & Friends 2 дні тому +1

      ​@А Д in reality, you just need to put down the need to disturb others..

    • А Д
      А Д 6 днів тому +2

      И вам желаем, чтобы в случае нужды вам никто не помог и с призрением отвернулись)

  • Rifa Khan
    Rifa Khan 3 дні тому

    😂😂😂oh god

  • Rk
    Rk 7 днів тому

    Bro is still wondering how that happened 💀

  • miguel balderas
    miguel balderas 13 днів тому +4

    Ella muy enojada y vato muy felis porque le miro su bikini.....JAJAJA

  • Kayrat King of Avalon
    Kayrat King of Avalon 3 дні тому

    Это ещё раз доказывает что мужики добрее))в других видео этого пранка мужики дают ей говорить по телефону 😂

  • Yadukumar U R
    Yadukumar U R 5 днів тому

    Fan of her facial reaction

  • Feel Good
    Feel Good 13 днів тому +4


  • King Shiro
    King Shiro 4 дні тому

    show this vid to her😂😂