ZOMBIES - Cast - Exceptional Zed (From "ZOMBIES 3"/Sing-Along)

  • Опубліковано 14 вер 2022
  • There’s a new crew at Seabrook High this semester. is streaming now!
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    Music video by ZOMBIES - Cast performing Exceptional Zed (From "ZOMBIES 3"/Sing-Along). © 2022 Walt Disney Records


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    🧟Want more ZOMBIES? disneymusic.co/ZOMBIES3/youtube?IQid=pin

    • Cris Psali
      Cris Psali 2 дні тому +1

      Mariah psalidakis love singing

    • Cris Psali
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      Mariah psalidakis love your songs

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  • Colleen McNaughton
    Colleen McNaughton 11 днів тому +35

    Zed has been there for Addison, his family and friends and now it's their turn to be there for him! I love how his confidence builds with everyone telling him all the great things he did, the first group being his best and closest friends, the second being the people whom he made an imapct in their lives in some ways and the third and final one, to me, are the three most important people in his life, which are his dad, sister and true love. To me, it's perfect.

    • Allison
      Allison 6 днів тому

      @Callan MacAndie this is my fav song from z3

    • Callan MacAndie
      Callan MacAndie 11 днів тому +2

      Absolutely right

  • Lee Shwan
    Lee Shwan 11 днів тому +29

    One thing that I found to be a little funny is that at 2:11 while everyone else is smiling to show their support for Zed, Bucky's just standing there with the blankest, driest expression in history cause he knows that, as the most popular student at Seabrook High, Zed can do it but he needs to have faith in himself first and as soon as he does, Bucky's smiling and dancing and just having a good time with everyone else, which makes me think that Bucky really cares for everyone but the writers did a _terrible_ job of making Bucky a _likable_ character. I mean, per Trevor Tordjman, Bucky is a very layered character and as we already know he does have a kind heart but just doesn't always show it or is afraid people won't accept him for he truly is. Some examples:He and Zoey had a very sweet heart-to-heart during the cheer championship at the end of Z1, and despite his competitive nature, he knew Zed wasn't gonna hurt him when Addison's Moonstone necklace caused him to zombie out during the election in Z2 and in Z3 when he and the Acey's were talking about why he wasn't an alien like Addison, when the Acey's told him that if he _was_ different, he jumped to conclusions and assumed they would mock him before they said they would accept him, no matter what. So it really _stinks_ that the writers never bothered to give him an actual _redemption arc_ and his own solo. I mean, can you imagine just how much he would've been seen as a hero if he helped jumpstart Mothership at the end of Z3? Or if his stint as class president _actually_ played an important role in his character development? Like maybe, Bucky is accused of not taking enough safety measures to protect Seabrook High in case of another monster attack, despite him not knowing about the aliens just like the rest of Seabrook? And as I already pitched in the music video for "Stand" from Z1, I think it would've been cool if him, Bree, the Acey's and the Wolves had their own song in Z3 after Addison got beamed up by Mothership.
    TL;DR: Bucky should've gotten an actual redemption arc and his own solo instead of being yet another Disney antagonist with wasted talent. And also, might I say, no one rocks a fedora quite like him.

    • Callan MacAndie
      Callan MacAndie 11 днів тому +1

      @Jennifer Smith YE GOOD IDEA

    • Jennifer Smith
      Jennifer Smith 11 днів тому +2

      We've still got the show to look forward to, maybe he'll get his arc there?

    • Callan MacAndie
      Callan MacAndie 11 днів тому +1


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    🙋‍♂️🌹oi eles são incríveis Show 👍👏🌟🌟🌟🙋‍♂️🌹

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    Be positive every day, every hour, every minute, every second cause if you missed a part of your life just because of your negativity, everything may fall apart.

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    Waooo mi favorita

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    Amei 💖

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    Amo esta cansion 😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰

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    Zed Exepcional es una de las mejores canciones

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    I love this song

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    If you are reading this. Know that everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear❤️

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    Love his vocals in this

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    Love this!

    • Allison
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      who your fav

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    So catchy. Exceptional🔥🔥🔥

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  • Trevor Jaco
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    I’m so excited to watch it.

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  • Talha Adil
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    Everyone is Exceptional, you just have to be POSITIVE & THINK POSITIVE.😇😇😊

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    ZOMBIES - Cast - Exceptional Zed (From "ZOMBIES 3"/Sing-Along)
    I'm kind of freaking out
    And not in the best way
    More like a heart beating out my chest
    'cause I'm stressed way
    You're the best football player that I've ever seen
    You'll be fine, you're a charismatic green machine
    What if you're wrong, and I bomb this interview
    Zog zig zrog ziggy ziggy zog
    True, but what if that's not enough
    You've united these creatures
    You have the heart of a wolf
    You're a leader
    I hate to say, but I'm nervous
    How do I prove I deserve this
    I'm trying to be a perfect zombie
    And everybody's counting on me
    I'm Exceptional Zed
    To all my family and friends
    So I just gotta forget the doubts
    And get up out of my head
    'Cause I'm Exceptional Zed
    I'm out here doing my best
    Today I gotta be good to go
    So I'll say it over again
    I'm Exceptional Zed
    I guess
    Time to live up to the hype
    The world's yours, you can change it
    Thanks to you, I moved out
    Now I live in his basement
    I've had so many failures
    You've had more successes
    I'm Mayor Wells and I approve this message
    Am I really that great
    In case you forgot
    You've changed the whole school
    Whether I like it or not
    You're smart, you work hard
    You can make it all happen
    You speak Zombie, and that's a dead language like Latin
    Yeah, you're right
    I know
    I hate to say, but I'm nervous
    How do I prove I deserve this
    I'm trying to be a perfect zombie
    And everybody's counting on me
    I'm Exceptional Zed
    Uh huh
    To all my family and friends
    That's right
    So I just gotta forget the doubts
    And get up out of my head
    Oh yeah
    'Cause I'm Exceptional Zed
    Uh huh
    I'm out here doing my best
    That's right
    Today I gotta be good to go
    So I'll say it over again
    Oh yeah
    I'm Exceptional Zed
    Zed is brave and kind
    He lights up our town
    He's the kind of guy
    That you want to have around
    I believe in you
    You're exceptional
    And I know you can do this
    I can do this
    You can do this
    I can do this
    You can do this
    I'm Exceptional Zed
    Uh huh
    To all my family and friends
    That's right
    So I just gotta forget the doubts
    And get up out of my head
    Oh yeah
    'Cause I'm Exceptional Zed
    Uh huh
    I'm out here doing my best
    That's right
    Today I gotta be good to go
    So I'll say it over again
    Oh yeah
    I'm Exceptional Zed
    Access ZOMBIES 3 playlist on my channel, and watch other music videos
    [ZOMBIES 3]
    Fired Up
    Alien Invasion
    Ain’t No Doubt About It
    Come On Out
    Exceptional Zed
    Exceptional Zed (Reprise)
    I'm Finally Me
    Nothing But Love
    What Is This Feeling
    (2022/09/16 15:12(JST))

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    ¡Qué buen cuadro!✨

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    Next DisneyVideoVEVO Idea: Part of Your World Perform By Halle Bailey.

  • Ozi Swag
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    I have respect for Zed because like him I was popular in high school but in a different way

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    Lak los que creen que debé ser la canción del año

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    Nice Zombie mv perfect song 😍😉💘17亿

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    Best Song Ever!

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    i love zed

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    All say I if you love The Zombies 3 movie

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    Nice dance moves

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    i like this Song bc its a Lovers story maybe but i like this fav song about zed and addison and he friends

  • Kacie McCarthy
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    I am your biggest fan of yours

    TAYLOR EVANS День тому

    I wish Madison and zed or a couple❤😊

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    Exceptional? More like ACCEPT tional or ExZEDtional

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    Zed and Addison siting in a tree they will get marred ok

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    Ok I’m being serious this is cringy not this song the movie it is my second favorite song but like cringe and why are you posting so late someone said I got first comment oh no one else commented and go Bucky whether I like it or not wow even though I look like Willa and Bree Addison and zoey are like my favorite characters cause there kind and they encourage zed and help him Addison believes in zed and zoey is kind and helps zed

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    Ahloa I’m shanebearddj my favorite of the movie

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    Zed you are garat

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