How Russians tortured people in Kherson: "They they got more violent when the resistance started"

  • Опубліковано 17 лис 2022
  • "They tortured us. It was frightening even to hear it. You're trying to take a nap, but you hear everything happening in the neighboring cells," says Maksym Negrov, who was held captive by the Russians in Kherson for two months.
    The occupiers made a torture chamber for Kherson residents in the local temporary detention center. People's screams could be heard from the building at night. In the store next to the torture chamber, the saleswoman saw the hearses coming to the detention center. A pungent stench was wafting through the city.
    During these months in captivity, Maxim lost 15 kilograms and "celebrated" his birthday. Maksym says that thoughts about his future grandchildren helped him endure all this. How Maksym Negrov survived being captured by the Russians - in the hromadske's video.
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      Thankyou.. very much appreciated!
      Victory, Peace, Ukraine!

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      it is a great and informative channel, could you please start to add also ENG titles to Ukrainian title? It would really help foreigners to browse trhough your channel, as you added subtitles to your videos, which increased the reach a lot ):) great work !!

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    thank you very much. all effords for english CC are very aprecciated. no matter what language we are from, we all learn english and love to understand all you are going through. much respect to all ukrainians. horrible hell you all go through
    support will not stop
    anyone is welcome to germany,
    any medical healing free, special helpers anywhere help with formalities while lifes are saved.
    all prayers for you to stay strong🙏
    do not give up
    slava ukraini
    slava ukraini

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    Hromadske thank you. Your reporting is always top quality (reporting, editing, content). Thank you for the English sub-titles.

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      Thank you for your attention to the situation in Ukraine!

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    Your reporting is so vital to documenting these war crimes. Thank you so much!

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    Thank you for the wonderful new English subtitles! Really appreciate that. By far the most authentic reporting on the war be seen anywhere. Keep up the great work!

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      Thanks so much for your feedback!
      We will try to keep up

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    This channel continues it's incredible and ground breaking coverage of the war. So many dedicated staff and new journalists are producing world class segments.
    Have been with you since Feb!!
    So glad I found you early on.
    This is a plea to all your front line staff: Stay safe !!
    For new subscribers, I recommend looking at the main page and viewing some earlier footage, you will not see this anywhere, on any channel or tv station.
    Slava Ukraine !!
    from Canada

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      Thank you so much!
      It's pleasant to see our long-time viewers in comments

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    What a hero! God Bless you and all that were tortured!

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    Incredible testimony. Brave people of Kherson. Slava Ukraini!

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    Glory to Ukraine! Ukrainian army best in the world! 🙏🇺🇦❤️

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    Emotional stuff. Pray peace on Ukraine.

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    Crying... This hit me hard!
    In Europe, we really _don't understand this reality,_ but seeing this man and listening to him, at least, I caught a glimpse of the cruelty in your country.
    That's why I love this channel! *Slava Ukraïni!*

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    Thanks for adding subtitles in English greatly appreciated. This update shows again why russia has to lose.

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    ❤💙💛💙💛💙💛❤My love and prayers to ALL Ukrainians xxx Scotland xxx

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    May Maksym Nehrov live to see his grandchildren in a free Ukraine.

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    There is no lower form of human behaviour of that of the Russian Army, their Security Services and the apparatchiks they employed. I do hope that these reptiles and animals can be traced and subsequently face trial when the war is over. The descent into this depravity is unacceptable. 😡

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    Such inner strength and resilience.
    The will to survive. To resist, even in a small way, by writing how many days captive. Aware of the danger of being caught with the pencil.
    The Russians may have physically occupied the city but it was never theirs.
    Undaunted Unbroken Unstoppable
    🇺🇦 UKRAINE 🇺🇦

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    Боже, люди, навіть страшно подумати, що ви пережили, і після всього такого хтось буде говорити про братство? Та хай вони всі повиздихають, дякую, що витримали, рідненькі наші!

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    They were oblivious to the fact that for every one tortured, murdered or missing they give oxygen to resistance and revenge.

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    tx from berlin

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      @Світлана полукраины приехали в РОССИЮ в 2014 году и осталися жить и работаь постояяно -прописалися и получили граждансво-пускай народ живет в мире.. сегодня кто получил ПУТИнСКИЕ сертификаты на жилье покупают квартиры и дачи в крснодарском крае- уже и работают в магнитах-зарлата-1 800 в день почему ваши граждане уехали ??? РЕЖИМ САЛОРЭЙХА окупировал всю украину

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      @Мария Просто а ты, видать, из их числа, отрабатываешь свои 30 сребреников.
      Бот, ты подумай о своих детях и о своей старости.
      Ложью мир обойдете да вот назад не вернетесь.

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      @Мария Просто уже показывали как вода пойдет. Вода затопит левый берег.

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    waiting for translation but pictures speak for themselves

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      We've added English subtitles.
      Please check them out

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    The anchor girl suddently has flames in her eyes listening to torture stories , she looks ready to pick up a rifle and hunt the russians at any moment when that flames comes in her eyes .
    I completely understand her .

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      Done. Please check the button once again
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      @hromadske thank you 🙂

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    Glory to Ukraine and her hero's!
    Victory, Peace, Ukraine!

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    Українці то є Великі люди.

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    Such a brave and honourable man, in stark contrast to the scum who imprisoned and tortured him. Ukraine and it's people will prevail over this cancer of Russian occupation, Slava Ukraïni!

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    Incredible resilience - a true legend. So glad that he survived to see his daughter.

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    Translation suggestions:
    2:43 'raged'-> 'enraged'
    7:52 'kneeled' -> 'cowed' probably, or maybe 'repressed'? Kneeled is not valid English here.

    • dom davito
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      conquer. he said the occupants tried to bring all these people to their knees but that would never work..

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      @dom davito Ah yes. Perfect. 'The city can not be conquered'. I felt that there was a better word last night, but it was late, and my increasingly flaky brain failed to produce it when requested :-)

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    І можна, як московит - мародер і гвалтівник. В чужiй країнi. За своє рабство та шобли путiна багатство...»

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    Here, the whole video is designed to put pressure on pity. It's not the winners who do this, but those who lose

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    Ukrainians tortured people in Kherson

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      We've added them, please check

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      Расследования уже идут

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