Day In The Life of A Michelin Star Chef

  • Опубліковано 2 кві 2021
  • Go behind the scenes with Alvin as he spends a day with Chef Jane of Jeju Noodle Bar, the first michelin-starred noodle bar in America. From meticulously preparing fish to preparing endless bowls of noodles, being a chef might be harder than it seem.
    Jeju Noodle Bar: jejunoodlebar
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  • susana rivera

    I love how Douglas keeps feeding Alvin. Both he and the head chef really care about their employees, and to see how they treated Alvin it really feels like a great environment to work

  • N i a b i

    I seriously have so much respect for the head chef, she makes sure to feed her staff before, during, after the shifts and as someone who has worked in food service for a good portion of my life, all i would want is just a little bit of food. I would work 13 hours without a single break or bite to eat (knowing now, obviously illegal, worked for mom and pop restaurants that only cared about the customers and not the staff (and it showed)) but these people are eating michelin star food every day they work. Food and sustenance is so important, it’s what literally keeps you going. She makes sure they are rewarded and refueled for their hard work. Everything she said makes so much sense and shows how much she cares for her employees. If i had the money I would go here and tip 2x my bill lmao, i seriously cannot explain how nice it would be to even go there but also work there. She seems like a great person who works hard and deserves all that she has. I can’t even imagine getting a Michelin star let alone MAINTAINING it!!

  • NeapolitanFoot

    I love how Alvin sounded surprised every time he realized he was being fed a treat. Such a sweet man, and sweet staff! :)

  • OhPxpi
    OhPxpi  +4

    Jane is driven. She literally doesn’t have time for a life outside of the restaurant. That’s next level dedication, she lives, eats, and breathes the restaurant. Don’t burn yourself out Jane, you rock!

  • Zachafinackus

    I looked up their menu and it's a lot cheaper than I thought for a place of this kind of quality. I was expecting 80-100 per plate, but it's a nice sight seeing it as only 40-50 max. Love to go here some day.

  • BabySin
    BabySin  +1

    As a wife to a chef in the industry, it just makes me heart beam seeing her put that effort into family meal (aka a meal for the chefs and BOH staff) family meal truly makes them feel apart of the “family”, Some nights, family meal also FEEDS ME.

  • OnTheRocks
    OnTheRocks Рік тому +25

    The way they treat a stranger in their kitchen really says a lot about the staff and the culture behind the scenes.

  • Jay Hackett

    "What's this?"

  • Alastair
    Alastair  +380

    It's nice seeing a chill kitchen where the chefs are just going about their job without shouting at people XD

  • ken d
    ken d  +632

    dude. this is one of the most beautiful things i've had the pleasure of seeing. especially the bit where chef Jane explains the gracefulness and "dance" they have in the kitchen and the overall chemistry they all share during service.. beautiful. these ppl are artists. and that Michelin star looks damn good on them too 👏🏻👏🏻

  • Veronica Lakatos

    i work in a very casual, VERY small (5 employees including me + the owner), local restaurant/cafe and i’m so happy to see that the constant snacking, sharing of food, making each other treats, and goofing off is transcendent in all food service <3

  • C Dubs
    C Dubs  +306

    So… we went here last month and saw Jane!! She asked us how was the dinner… we told her that the food was so good, it kinda ruined food for us. 😂 Thanks to your video, Jeju became a wishlist item, to a “OMG WE CAN GET IT LETS DO IT!!” Item, to one of the best parts of our trip!!

  • Allen Inovejas
    Allen Inovejas Рік тому +20

    It's like Chef Jane brought her child Alvin on work and her co-workers just adores him and feed him. 😂

  • Skating Canuck

    I love that they have a daily family meal and a meeting. I've worked at many restaurants and family meals are very rare. I think they are generous and great for employee morale and team building. Chef Jane is a calm, communicative, and very organized leader who has lead her team to success! The fact that she is the first person there and even helping with garbage shows she not only leads, but is an active member of the team. I see now why she calls her employees "family" while they are "staff" at other establishments.

  • DailyDankDabs

    This documentary was absolutely fantastic. I was locked in every single second of this video which is extremely uncommon for me as I have very severe ADHD. Jeju restaurant deserves all the praise for how well they treat everyone including their staff. This made my day honestly so much better. Thank you for this video.

  • QuietStorm
    QuietStorm Рік тому +40

    Wow. This video really makes me want to eat at Jeju. I looked up their website and examined their menu. TBH, I was surprised how affordable their menu is considering the location and the creativity, skill, and level of effort they put into their food. I am happy to see their success.

  • Adam Bock
    Adam Bock  +18

    I love this video. As a young cook I come back to it every year to remind myself what I should aspire to be in this industry. Jane is an inspiration and the food that they pump out while having a good dynamic in the kitchen is incredible. Thank you Alvin for shedding a bit of light onto the part of the restaurant industry that is often looked over.

  • Cee Gee
    Cee Gee  +48

    I live for Alvin's unobtrusive, genuine gratitude and wonder. He's my favorite documentarian.

  • EW
    EW Рік тому +2

    I like how Doug was feeding everyone like a mama bird and Jane was watching each dish like a true boss

  • dogboyified

    i’m sincerely endeared, not only by jane’s commitment and leadership, but with her compassion !! my heart was warmed anytime she fed alvin/her team, or when the other chefs fed alvin as well. clearly she has cultivated a space of passion, of love not only for food, but for caring for others, and for sharing the magic of cuisine. i think cooking should be considered its own love language :)